Clifford the Big Red Dog (2000 TV series)

American animated television series

Clifford the Big Red Dog (2000-2002) is a Pubic Broadcasting Service, Universal Pictures, Right Enterainment, Cataland Productions and MacroVision Qulity Protection in American/British animated children's television series based upon the book series of the same name centering on an extremely large dog and his owner.

Season 1 (2000-2001)Edit

My Best Friend / Cleo's Fair Share [1.1]Edit

Miss. Carrington: Now, remember, class. Monday, we'll have show-and-tell. You may each bring in something you'd like to share with the rest of the class.
Charley: I'm gonna bring in from Jamaica.
Emily-Elizabeth: Great idea, Charley.
Jetta: [smugly] Hmm! I'm gonna bring in something really amazing.
Miss. Carrington: Good for you, Jetta. We're all looking forward to that, I'm sure. [the ground starts rumbling as Clifford races to the school]
Miss. Carrington: Well, then, I guess it must be time to go home.
Kids: [laugh as Clifford peeks out the window]
Miss. Carrington: I know it must be time to go home.

Special Delivery / A Ferry Tale [1.2]Edit

Emily-Elizabeth: Look out, Jetta!

And Birdy Makes Three / Home Is Where the Fun Is [1.3]Edit

Clifford: I know how you feel. When I was a little, tiny puppy, I couldn't even jump up on the couch.

Clifford's Carnival / Clifford's Doggy Reunion [1.4]Edit

The Great Race / Tummy Trouble [1.5]Edit

[Cleo and Clifford recite a jump rope rhyme as Cleo jumps]
Cleo and Clifford: Bowser Bites, what a treat! That is what I like to eat! Tummy Yummies taste so great! You eat one, and I'll eat eight!

Cleo Comes to Town / False Friends [1.6]Edit

Clifford and the Beanstalk / An Itchy Patch [1.7]Edit

Emily-Elizabeth: Oh, cow. Mother says I must sell you. I shall miss you so.

A New Friend / Stormy Weather [1.8]Edit

Mr. Howard: It feels good knowing the library is safe.

Circus Stars / Limelight Fright [1.9]Edit

To Catch a Bird / The Best Party Ever [1.10]Edit

Clifford: Emily-Elizabeth would NEVER take her medal!
Emily-Elizabeth: [to Jetta who accuses her for stealing her metal] I'd never take your medal.
Jetta: You were jealous because I won the spelling contest, so you stole it.

Come Back, Mac / Boo! [1.11]Edit

T-Bone: You should go home, Mac. Jetta is worried about you.
Mac: I can't go home. Look.
[Mac shows T-Bone, Cleo and Clifford the sweater he accidentally ruined]

Little Clifford / Welcome to Birdwell Island [1.12]Edit

Mr. Bradley: Why, hello, Emily-Elizabeth! Come on in and meet all the puppies.

Mr. Howard: [finds Clifford in his shoe; laughs] Here he is!
Emily-Elizabeth: Thanks, dad.
Mr. Howard: This little guy can fit just about anywhere. [tickles Clifford's belly] I hope he doesn't get himself into trouble.

Mrs. Howard: Thanks for the bread, Mr. Thompson. How much do I owe you? [opens her purse and Clifford pops out; gasps] Oh, my!

Emily-Elizabeth: Clifford, I think you've grown!

[Emily-Elizabeth shows her parents how large Clifford's grown]
Mr. Howard: Wow! I've never seen anything like it, Emily. That dog is.... huge!

Violet Bleakman: T-T-T-That dog is HUGE!
Horace Bleakman: And a huge dog means huge trouble!

Mr. Howard: There it is, Caroline. The Sea Shell!
Mrs. Howard: Oh, isn't it exciting, Mark? Our very own store.
Jetta: [walks up with Mac, meeting them for the first time] Hello, I'm Jetta Handover.
Mrs. Howard: Pleased to meet you, Jetta.

Oscar Owens: Ruff!
T-Bone: Ruff!
Oscar Owens: ARRR! Oh, hello!
Mac: [keeping his mouth smiled] Welcome to Birdwell Island.
Clifford the Big Red Dog: [in deeper voice] I'll show around the big places around the island.
Oscar Owens: W-W-Well that's great! We did.

Doing the Right Thing / The Dog Who Cried Woof [1.13]Edit

T-Bone: We were really worried about you, Cleo. That wasn't nice.
Cleo: It was just a joke.

Clifford: She is trying to trick us, T-Bone. And after she promised to stop!
T-Bone: What should we do?
Cleo: CLIFFORD! Hurry! The stinky skunk's got me!

Clifford: Swimming's a lot more fun than playing tricks any day.

Leaf of Absence / Nobody's Perfect [1.14]Edit

Charley: [groans in frustration after failing to do "jingly juggling"] I need a shower.

Teacher's Pet / Islander of the Year [1.15]Edit

Emily-Elizabeth: My nomine for Birdwell Island of the year is Birdwell's vet, Dr. Din.

Clifford's Big Surprise / The Ears Have It [1.16]Edit

Clifford: What a boring day! Nothing to do. Emily busy, no one else is around. Boring, boring, boring.
T-Bone: I-I don't like this very much! It's so noisy!

Clifford the Big Red Dog: I know. I don't like it either.

Cleo: Well I don't either. So I'm gonna DO something about it.
T-Bone: What are you gonna do, Cleo?
Cleo: I'm gonna make noise right back it. Like This! Arooooooooooooooo!
T-Bone: [shocked] Whoa!
Clifford the Big Red Dog: When something scares you, you can try to scare it right back. Go on, T-Bone, Try it.
T-Bone: [using a small howl] Arooo.
Cleo: Come on! Let it rip! Aroooooooooooooooooooooo!
T-Bone: [Howls back to Cleo] Aroooooooooooooooo!
Cleo:, T-Bone: Arooooooooooooooooo! Arooooooooooooooooo!
Cleo: Come on, Clifford. Join in!
Clifford the Big Red Dog: Okay.
[Howling loud]
Builder: Whoa, Whoa!
[as the builders had been shaking with a the nails fall down]

Tough Enough / Stars in Your Eyes [1.17]Edit

Vaz: Wow, the stars look even better from down here!

Mac's Secret Dog Club / The Dog Park [1.18]Edit

Mac: [while he, Cleo and T-Bone play tug-of-war] Go, Cleo! Go, T-Bone! Go... Cleo!
Cleo: Hey, whose side are you on, anyway?
Mac: On the winner's side, of course.

Fluffed Up Cleo / Team Spirit [1.19]Edit

Clifford on Parade / Follow the Leader [1.20]Edit

Cleo: I think the rules say I get to do 47 things as leader and I've only done eight so far.
[T-Bone whines]
Clifford: I don't remember that rule.
Cleo: Well, that's the way the professionals play it.

Good-Bye T-Bone / The Truth About Dogs and Cats [1.21]Edit

The Big Sleepover / Dog for a Day [1.22]Edit

Sheriff Lewis: Clifford really missed you last night, Emily-Elizabeth. So we all came down to try to help him get to sleep.
Charley: Sometimes, I wish I were a dog.

T-Bone, Dog About Town / Clifford's Big Heart [1.23]Edit

Who Me, Jealous? / A Bunny in a Haystack [1.24]Edit

Cleo: How come I'm outside, and Susie gets to stay inside with Mrs. Diller?

Mrs. Diller: I hope Suzy grows up to be just like you someday, Cleo. [Cleo licks her; laughs] 'Cause I think you're a wonderful girl. And I love you.
Cleo: [barks]

Clothes Don't Make the Dog / Short-Changed [1.25]Edit

The Kibble Crook / Screaming for Ice Cream [1.26]Edit

New Dog in Town / Get Well [1.27]Edit

Clifford: Emily-Elizabeth is sick.

Babysitter Blues / Saturday Morning [1.28]Edit

Best Paw Forward / Then Came Bob [1.29]Edit

Bob: I found a lunch bag. [sniffs] I wonder what's in it!

Friends, Morning, Noon, and Night / Mr. Bleakman's Special Day [1.30]Edit

Emily-Elizabeth: Hi, Cleo! [pets Cleo] Hello, you sweet little girl.

Doggie Garden / Captain Birdwell's Treasure [1.31]Edit

Welcome To The Doghouse / Promises, Promises [1.32]Edit

Emily-Elizabeth: What's everyone doing?
Mrs. Howard: They're building Clifford a doghouse.
Emily-Elizabeth: They are?

Mrs. Handover: Jetta! Jenny just called.

Clifford's Hiccups / It's My Party [1.33]Edit

Cleo: [crying] It's gonna work real soon.
Clifford: Hic! Hic! Hic!
Cleo: I don't this this is gonna work.

Emily-Elizabeth: I can't find Vaz's camera. This is awful.
Mrs. Howard: Ha ha. I'm surprised you can find anything in here, Emily-Elizabeth.

Clifford Cleans His Room / Baby Makes Four [1.34]Edit

Clifford: Emily's mom gave that to me when I was a little puppy.
[flashback of Clifford playing with Mrs. Howard's mob]
Mrs. Howard: Clifford, are you playing with my mob?
Clifford: [barks]

Jetta's Tall Tale / The Big Fetch [1.35]Edit

Jetta: Lulu is as big as Clifford!
Kids: Who?
Jetta: Um, Lulu.

Potluck Party Pooper / The Best Gift [1.36]Edit

Two's Company / Fair Weather Friend [1.37]Edit

Topsy Turvy Day / Clifford's Charm School [1.38]Edit

Ms. Lee: Excuse me, Violet, but when Clifford sits in that spot, he completely blocks the sun!

Forgive and Forget / Mimi's Back in Town [1.39]Edit

Blanket Blues / Dino Clifford [1.40]Edit

Emily-Elizabeth: [answers the door with Vaz and his big sister's Teresa's shadows on it] Hi, Vaz.
Vaz: Hi, Emily-Elizabeth. Do you remember my sister, Teresa?

Season 2 (2002)Edit

That's Snow Lie / A Friend in Need [2.1]Edit

Emily-Elizabeth: A-Are you okay, Jetta?
Jetta: Do I look okay?

Fan Mail / Hooray for Cleo [2.2]Edit

Courtney: Hi, Jetta. Nice to meet you.
Jetta: C-C-C-C-C-C-C-Courtney Amber? [faints]

Nothing to Fur But Fur Itself / Jetta's Project [2.3]Edit

Sheriff Lewis: Is this monster movie a little to scary for you, T-Bone?

Stinky Friends / He's Wonderful Mr. Bleakman [2.4]Edit

Charley: You guys smell like you've been rolling in stinkweed or something.

Magic in the Air / Everyone Loves Clifford [2.5]Edit

Ms. Lee: Oh! Oh, dear. Oh, no!

Clifford Grows Up / Jetta's Sweater [2.6]Edit


Big Hearted T-Bone / Cleo's Valentine Surprise [2.7]Edit

Embarrassing Moments / Lucky Charm [2.8]Edit

Jetta: Your pants ripped, Vaz! [laughs]

Princess Cleo / Basketball Stories [2.9]Edit

Doggie Detectives / Camping it Up [2.10]Edit

K.C.: The first thing Detective Mike usually does is a stakeout.
T-Bone: Stakeout? Mmm... I love steak.

Cleo Gets a Cone / A Job Well Read [2.11]Edit

When I Grow Up / Not Now, I'm Busy [2.12]Edit

Special T-Bone / Jetta's Sneak Peek [2.13]Edit

Vaz Goes Down the Tubes / Cyber Puppy Problems [2.14]Edit

Another Fine Mess / King Mac [2.15]Edit

Emily-Elizabeth: Everyone smile and say, "Clean your room"!
Jetta, Vaz, & Charley: Huh?

Who Moved My Bone? / Clifford the Pirate King [2.16]Edit

Charley: Everyone's here now, dad.
Samuel: Aye-aye, captain.

Clifford's Cookie Craving / Jetta's Friend [2.17]Edit

Monique: Jetta!
Jetta: Monique!
Both: It's so good to see you!

Fishing Lessons / No Baths For Cleo [2.18]Edit

Cleo: The super-duper submarine. The S.S. Icky Dirty Muddy Dog.

Clifford's Big Heart / Cleo's Valentine Surprise [2.19]Edit

Clifford: Wow! This Valentine thing sound great. I've got to find Emily Elizabeth on Birdwell Island.

Flood of Imagination / Lights Out! [2.20]Edit

A Big Help / The Trouble With Kittens [2.21]Edit

Clifford: They sure are cute, but Mr. Bleakman doesn't like anyone to play in his backyard. I'd better tell them to leave.

Led Astray / Wedding Bell Blues [2.22]Edit

Food For Thought / Friends Forever [2.23]Edit

Tie-Dye Clifford / Stage Struck [2.24]Edit

Cleo: I'm sure it'll disappear as soon as we put on the fruity, stinky, smelly stuff.
Emily-Elizabeth: That's great, Mary.
Clifford: [barks]
Mary: Oh, mmm, thanks.
Dan: Oh, waiter!
Charley: Yes?
Dan: What's this fly doing in my soup?
Charley: Looks like the back stroke!
[audience laugh at their comedy]
Emily-Elizabeth: That is such a bad joke.
Dan: This soup tastes like glue.
Charley: Then that must be tomato, RSP tastes like paint.
[audience laugh again]
Dan: I demand you take this soup back to the cook!
Charley: Why? He won't eat it either!
[audience laugh some more]

Doghouse Rock / Guess Who's Coming to Birdwell [2.25]Edit


Little Big Pup / Getting To Know You [2.26]Edit


Clifford: [pacing left and right] I wonder if T's found anything. I wonder if he's okay. I wonder if we should go in and check on him.

Clifford: [to T-Bone] Remember, T-Bone: "I can do it."

Clifford: [chuckles] She'll never find me here.

T-Bone: You're me? How could you be me when I'm me?

T-Bone: Right. Come back, you're still half dirty!

T-Bone: Come on, Clifford, last one in is an even more rotten dog biscuit.

Cleo: I wonder if you could stand still for a minute. You're making a hole in the ground!

Cleo: Yeah...but now I'm over it.

Cleo: I was just showing you how not to do a head bop... You see, what happens when you take your eye off the ball.

Cleo: Steak and stew, I see you!

Cleo: Ahem hem. What am I? Chopped kibble?

Cleo: Have I ever steered you wrong?
Clifford the Big Red Dog: No, we just met! We never went to Rocky Point for a long time!
Cleo: Then, let's go!

Cleo: I guess I was kind of afraid.
T-Bone: You were afraid?! Of what?

Sheriff Lewis: Good boy, T-Bone. Emily-Elizabeth, you're under arrest and going to jail.
T-Bone: Uh-oh, Sheriff Lewis got Emily-Elizabeth.

Emily-Elizabeth: Do you know any shapes, Clifford?
Clifford the Big Red Dog: Uh-uh.
Emily-Elizabeth: Are you sure? Can you make a square?
[Clifford takes several deep cleansing breaths of air slowly and deeply until his chest gets very big, and then shapes himself into a giant square]

Clifford: Hey, guys. Just remember our people-food rule. If it drops on the ground or it's headed that way.
Cleo and T-Bone: It belongs to the dogs and that's okay.

Cleo: You know that shampoo and stuff we found?
Clifford the Big Red Dog: Uh-huh.
Cleo: Well, I don't think it was shampoo and stuff.

Mrs. Bleakman: A big dog can be a big help.
Mr. Bleakman: Humph. I'm just glad we didn't have to ride on his back.

[Cleo and T-Bone climb on Clifford's head]
Cleo: I call front!
T-Bone: That's my spot!
Cleo: You were there last time.
T-Bone: Was not!
Cleo: Was too!
T-Bone: Was not!
Cleo: Was too!
T-Bone: Was not!
Cleo: Okay, we'll take turns. My turn first!

Jetta: You can help me hook up my VCR.
Emily-Elizabeth and Mary: VCR?


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