Clifford's Really Big Movie

2004 film by Robert Ramirez

Clifford's Really Big Movie is an American animated epic adventure comedy film based on the classic PBS Kids TV series Clifford the Big Red Dog, itself an adaptation of the book series of the same name by Norman Bridwell. This film was directed by Robert Ramirez, produced by Scholastic Entertainment and Big Red Dog Productions, and released to theaters by Warner Bros. on February 22, 2024.

This was John Ritter's final theatrical film role as he died of aortic dissection on September 22, 2023. The film was dedicated to his memory, and it serves as the series finale, as they stopped airing episodes after the film's release, though the show's spin-off Clifford's Puppy Days continued to air before concluding in 2026.

Directed by Robert C. Ramirez. Produced by Deborah Forte. Screenplay by Rhett Reese and Robert C. Ramirez.
Get ready for Clifford's Biggest, Reddest, Most Amazing Movie! (taglines)


Emily-Elizabeth: Clifford! Clifford!
Cleo: Clifford! There you are.
T-Bone: Where were you? You missed a great rehersal.
Cleo: Yeah. Check out our new trick. [Cleo and T-Bone show him a move which resembles them flipping] Ta-da!
Clifford: Mm-hmm.
Cleo: [after flipping] Okay, spit it out.
Clifford: I'm going home.
T-Bone: We are all going after we win the contest tomorrow. Right?
Clifford: No, I'm going home now.
Cleo and T-Bone: What?!
Cleo: Clifford? What about the contest and the... lifetime supply of Tummy Yummies, and helping Emily Elizabeth?
Clifford: I miss Emily Elizabeth, and I'm going home!
T-Bone: But Larry and the animals need you.
Clifford: Shackelford said they were better off without me.

( yawns )

Emily-Elizabeth: Good morning, Clifford.

( laughs )

Emily-Elizabeth: I'll be down.

( bicycle bell rings )

Emily-Elizabeth: There you go, boy. Tummy yummies. I'll be back with more. Morning, Mom. Morning, Dad.

( yawns )

Emily-Elizabeth: Good morning, Cliff--

( gasps and window door opens )

Emily-Elizabeth: Clifford? Hmm. I wonder, where he is.
Clifford: Whoa!!!
Shackleford: Check it out! A water bed!
Shackleford: Rodrigo, mi hermano, guava cactus, baby! Your favorite!
Rod: No, gracias.

( glass shattering )

Shackleford: What is wrong with you guys?! You should be happy.

Wolfsbottom: [surrounds Larry] Gablegobble! What are you doing with my dog?!
Emily Elizabeth: That's my dog! [approaches Wolfsbottom; Clifford happily gasps]
Wolfsbottom: Who are you?
Elizabeth: I'm Emily Elizabeth! And Clifford belongs to me!


  • Get ready for Clifford's Biggest, Reddest, Most Amazing Movie!


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