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Clifford's Really Big Movie

Clifford's Really Big Movie is an animated film released in 2004 by Warner Bros.

Directed by Robert C. Ramirez. Produced by Deborah Forte. Screenplay by Rhett Reese and Robert C. Ramirez. Starring John Ritter, Wayne Brady, Grey DeLisle, Jenna Elfman, John Goodman, Jess Harnell, Kel Mitchell, Judge Reinhold, Kath Soucie, Cree Summer and Wilmer Valderrama.
Get ready for Clifford's Biggest, Reddest, Most Amazing Movie! (taglines)


Clifford the Big Red DogEdit

  • [beforing going on his adventure] Good-bye, Emily Elizabeth. I'll come back to you soon. I promise.
  • [at the carnival] Hey, Cleo. Where's T-Bone?
  • Hop on!
  • (to Shackleford) Hello there!
  • Wow. All the people.
  • What's the matter with those guys? They look scared.

Emily ElizabethEdit

  • [George Wolfsbottom: Who are you?!] I'm Emily Elizabeth. And Clifford belongs to me!
  • Full speed, ahead!
  • Come on! I'll race ya!
  • That's MY dog!
  • You're the best, Clifford!


  • Hiya, Clifford!
  • I think they're scared. (Clifford: Of what?) [she points at his head; meaning they're scared of Clifford] (Clifford: Of me?) I'm afraid so, big guy.
  • [to Clifford and T-Bone] Have I ever steered you wrong? Don't answer that.
  • Stay close, and follow me. Ready, guys?
  • Woo-whee! Look at all the cars.
  • Check out our new trick! [she and T-Bone do a trick resembling a flip] TADA! [Clifford nods sadly] Okay, spit it out.
  • Hey, not so fast, big guy! We're not going to leave you to go on a great big adventure without us!
  • [getting angry and growling; as Shackelford is talking about Clifford] HE SAID IT FOR EMILY E--! [T-Bone covers her mouth. Her voice saying "Elizabeth" is heard muffled]


  • Maybe they saw a shark in the water.
  • Double A?
  • What was the plan again?


  • I'm here to spring you out of this political prison! [Rodrigo groans in anger] Uh, I mean... We came in to rescue you. [Rodrigo groans louder] And, well because I really want you to see how really sorry I am.
  • [to Dorothy] Listen, very carefully: Don't... look... down.
  • [repeated line; screaming] AAH!!
  • It's time for Plan Double A: Amazing Animals.
  • Alright, team. This is it. This is not a contest, this is the real thing. We're gonna do this thing to save our friend Clifford. Are you with me? (Everyone: Yay!) Hah, then let's get ready to rumble!
  • Hang on, guys!
  • [seeing the paper for the Tummy Yummies contest] Fame, fortune? Lifetime's supply of Tummy Yummies...?
  • Who's Emily (imitating Cleo's muffle)?


  • Oh, hey there, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Larry Gablegobble, and I'm proud to present to you the most amazing animals you'll ever seen under one roof!
  • [about Rodrigo] Don't let the size fool you, folks. He may be small, but this pup packs a punch.
  • (after Dirk lands and a cat sound is heard) Come on, people. Let's give it up for that daredevil Dirk!
  • It's alright, everybody. It's all under-control, folks. (Shackelford is seen screaming and falling in the air) No need to... (Shackelford lands on his head) ...panic.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, it's Big Red to the rescue!
  • (to Cleo and T-Bone) You need a home, guys? (Cleo sighs happily) Oh, hey! Uh... welcome to the family. (Clifford licks him. Seeing his arms covered in Clifford's saliva; to Shackelford) And Shackelford, good job, pal. You always come true for us.
  • [seeing Cliford pushing his vehicle] WOO-HOO! Big Red to the rescue!
  • (seeing how big Clifford is; laughs) I can't believe it. He's huge! We could sure use a big red dog in our show. Eh, Shack?
  • [after the Amazing Animals rescue Clifford] Good goin', gang! [drives away with Clifford in his trailer] WOO-HOOOO!

George WolfsbottomEdit

  • That must be the biggest dog I've ever seen.
  • (stops Larry from rescuing Clifford) Gablegobble! What are you doing with my dog?!


  • [at the carnival, Mrs. Diller and Cleo meets with Sheriff Lewis and T-Bone]
  • Sheriff Lewis: Hello, Mrs. Diller. How are you [patting Cleo's head] and your little puff Cleo tonight?
  • Mrs. Diller: Oh, you know us. [holding Cleo] We just love the rides and the excitement of the carnival. And you?
  • Sheriff Lewis: You know us guys. We just love the food. [to T-Bone] Right, T-Bone? [T-Bone jumps to take the food from his hand and swallows it whole]
  • Mrs. Diller: No kiddin'. [Sheriff Lewis pats T-Bone's head; T-Bone burps]
  • Emily Elizabeth: [running with Charley and Jetta] Come on. I'll race ya! [cuts to them riding on a spinning top type of ride. As Clifford watches, he eyes are going around in circles]
  • Cleo: [off-screen] Hiya, Clifford! [Clifford turns and sees three Cleos, because his eyes are still spinning. He shakes his head so that he can see her better]
  • Clifford: Hi, Cleo. Where's T-Bone?
  • Cleo: Well, he was right behind me. [T-Bone walks up to Cleo holding his sandwich. He swallows it whole and burps] Whew!
  • T-Bone: Hiya, Clifford!
  • Clifford: Hey, T! You havin' a good time?
  • T-Bone: This place is the best!
  • Clifford: I know! [the ride stops]

  • Cleo: Hey, not so fast, big guy! We're not going to leave you to go on a great big adventure without us. [Cleo jumps over a fence; T-Bone jumps but breaks through]
  • Clifford: You guys would do that, for me?
  • Cleo: Are you kiddin'? We'd do anything for you, Clifford.
  • T-Bone: Yeah. And anyway, we'll be back soon, right?
  • Cleo: That's when you can say Tummy Yummies!
  • Clifford: Are you sure you want to do this?
  • Cleo: Absolutely.
  • T-Bone: Positively.
  • Cleo: C'mon, let's get a move on! [a little quieter] My fans are wiggling. [she hops onto Clifford's head and does a dance type of move. then Clifford lowers so T-Bone can get on his ear and onto his head] I call front!
  • T-Bone: Hey! This is MY spot.
  • Cleo: [as Clifford starts to walk into the waters] You weren't in front the last time!
  • T-Bone: Was not.
  • Cleo: Was too.
  • T-Bone: Was not!
  • Cleo: Was too!
  • T-Bone: Was NOT!
  • Cleo: Was too!
  • T-Bone: WAS NOT!!
  • Cleo: [as they go farther into the distance] Okay, okay, we'll take turns. [screaming] MY TURN, FIRST!

  • Emily Elizabeth:[calling] Clifford! Clifford!
  • Cleo: Clifford! There you are.
  • T-Bone: Where were you? You missed a great rehersal.
  • Cleo: Yeah. Check out our new trick! [Cleo and T-Bone show him a move which resembles them flipping] Ta-Da!!!
  • Clifford: Mm-hmm.
  • Cleo: [after flipping] Okay. Spit it out.
  • Clifford: I'm going home.
  • T-Bone: We are all going after we win the contest tommorow. Right?
  • Clifford: No, I'm going home now.
  • Cleo,T-Bone: WHAT!?
  • Cleo: Clifford? What about the contest and time supply of Tummy Yummies, and helping Emily Elizabeth?

  • Mr. Bleakman: [on a telephone] Hello, I'm calling to report three lost dogs. The first one is extremely friendly, red, and as big as a house. No, I am not crazy! [holds up] [to Emily Elizabeth] Don't worry, we'll find them.
  • Emily Elizabeth: I know we will. [hugs Mr. Bleakman] Thanks, Mr. B. [they both smile]

  • Dorothy: [after Larry tells them a bedtime story; goes in his vehicle] [crying happily] I'm such a softie for that story. [blows her nose very loudly with her tissue]
  • Rodrigo: [in a bored tone] No-one knew he's craft like Banji; he's a resident out of business. [goes back to sleep]
  • Cleo: [yawns] Isn't show this great?
  • Clifford: Huh? Oh, yeah. Really great.
  • T-Bone: Uh, best. It's-it's-it's a good thing we're having such a good time, and we're not homesick, or anything.
  • Clifford: Yeah, right! Right. [looks at the Moon]

  • T-Bone: Well, I just got my last...
  • Cleo: Zip it!

  • Fisherman #1: [seeing Clifford walking towards them in the water] What in the world...?
  • Fisherman #2: Oh, my. [Clifford jumps over them onto the docks and water splashes over the fishermen. One screams and the other holds him; they fall into the water]
  • Weatherman: [on the radio; as Clifford's shadow is shown on two people at the beach] Today's weather calls for another sunny day, not a cloud in the sky.
  • [beachgoers scream and run away in fear when they see... a big red dog hovering over them]
  • Clifford: What's the matter with those guys? They look scared.
  • T-Bone: Maybe, they saw a shark in the water.
  • Cleo: [gasps] And just think we were just out there? [as Clifford walks into the town; hearing car noises] Woo-whee! Look at all the cars.
  • Clifford: Wow. All the people. [sees people walking and cars passing by. A policeman is whistling until he hears big thumps and looks to see Clifford walking by. Town folks are heard saying "That's the biggest dog I've ever seen!", "A dog?!, and "Is it a dog?". They run away as the policeman holds his walkie talkie]
  • Policeman: Uh, Mary. Would you give me the chief?
  • Cleo: [as a car holds the brakes and people seeing Clifford] These guys are acting really strange. [seeing people closing their window curtains] What's up with them?
  • T-Bone: I think it's us that's up with them.
  • Cleo: Huh? [as people are seeing Clifford below] I think they're scared.
  • Clifford: Of what? [Cleo points at his head; meaning they're scared of him] Of... of me?
  • Cleo: I'm afraid so, big guy. [Clifford walks up to three windows. Three people scream when they see him and they shut their window curtains]
  • Clifford: The people're supposed to get to know me. [people continue to scream and run]
  • Cleo: No time for that now. Come on! [Clifford runs between two buildings to hide. A cat eating a skeleton fish, meows with fright and runs away as Clifford leans down to let Cleo and T-Bone hop off]
  • Clifford: ...Now what?
  • Cleo: We need a plan.
  • T-Bone: OK, who has a plan?
  • Cleo: Hello? I do, of course.
  • Clifford: Are you sure?
  • Cleo: Have I ever steered you wrong?
  • T-Bone: Well...
  • Cleo: Don't answer that. [she runs up and holds her paws up against the building wall like a spy] Stay close, and follow me. Ready, guys?
  • Clifford, T-Bone: Ready! [they follow Cleo to the right. After some people scream and cars are crashing in the background, they run away to the left. Cut to sunset where they're out of the town and stop to rest their breath]
  • Cleo: Whoo! Well, that went well. Don't ya think?
  • [slight pause]
  • T-Bone: What was the plan again?

  • [last lines]
  • Emily Elizabeth: [riding on Clifford] Hi, Mr. Bleakman!!! [Clifford splashes into a mud puddle which it falls over Mr. Bleakman and his clean car]
  • Mr. Bleakman: [groans angrily, then yells] CLIFFORD! [suddenly, he starts to smile calmly] It's good to have you... back.
  • Emily Elizabeth: [riding away on Clifford; waving] Bye!!!


  • Get ready for Clifford's Biggest, Reddest, Most Amazing Movie!


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