Christopher Logue

Poet, screenwriter, actor (1926-2011)

Christopher Logue CBE (23 November 19262 December 2011) was an English writer, best known as a poet, though he was also a journalist, translator, lyricist, screenwriter, playwright and actor.


  • I, Christopher Logue, was baptized the year
    Many thousands of Englishmen,
    Fists clenched, their bellies empty,
    Walked day and night on the capital city.
    • "The Song of Autobiography", from Songs (London: Hutchinson, 1959) p. 12.
  • Come to the edge.
    We might fall.
    Come to the edge.
    It's too high!
    And they came
    And he pushed
    And they flew.
    • "Come to the Edge", from New Numbers (London: Jonathan Cape, 1969) pp. 65-66.
    • Originally written for a poster advertising an Apollinaire exhibition at the ICA in 1961 or 1962, and there titled "Apollinaire Said". The poem is therefore often misattributed to Guillaume Apollinaire. (Source: Quote…Unquote Newsletter, July 1995, p. 2).
  • Said Marx, "Don't be snobbish, we seek to abolish
    The 3rd class, not the 1st."
    • "M", from Logue's A. B. C. (London: Scorpion Press, 1966)

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