Christmas with the Kranks

2004 film directed by Joe Roth

Christmas with the Kranks is a 2004 American comedy film in which, with their daughter away, Luther and Nora Krank decide to skip Christmas all together until she decides to come home, causing an uproar when they have to celebrate it at the last minute.

Directed by Joe Roth. Written by Chris Columbus, based on the 2001 novel Skipping Christmas by John Grisham.
Their Christmas will turn the town upside down!taglines

Luther KrankEdit

  • [dressed in black to hide his tan] I look like a Mafia Lieutenant.

Nora KrankEdit

  • We skip Christmas?!
  • What are you doing? It's not even Saturday night.

Vic FrohmeyerEdit

  • Nora Krank, we're here for Frosty!

Spike FrohmeyerEdit

  • You're skipping Christmas?! Isn't that against the law?


Spike: [watching Luther steal a Christmas tree] Are you sure this isn't illegal?
Luther: Are you a cop?

Blair: I'm bringing home Enriqué!
Luther: What's a reeké?

Nora: You forgot the white chocolate!
Luther: They didn't have any.
Nora: Did you talk to Rex?
Luther: Who's Rex?
Nora: The butcher.
Luther: ...As odd as it sounds, I didn't think to ask the butcher where the chocolate was!

Nora: [Luther explains his idea for the cruise] How much is this going to cost?
Luther: $3,000.00.
Nora: We SAVE money?
Luther: Absolutely.
Nora: We can still give a donation to the Childrens Hospital and the Church?
Luther: No this is a total boycott honey.
Nora: It's $600.
Luther: It is a total boycott.
Nora: Well then no. [leaves] What a stupid idea.
[Later they are in bed]
Luther: You are going to let a lousy $600 stand between us and a Caribbean cruise?
Nora: No. You are.
Luther: Okay fine. Look. I'll match last year's contribution to the church and the hospital but not a penny more.
Nora: When do we leave?
Luther: High noon Christmas day.

Luther: Smoked trout?
Nora: It's better than frozen pizza.
Luther: What happened to the hickory honey ham?
Nora: [stops dead in her tracks and turns around with a livid look on her face] NEVER say hickory honey ham again.
Luther: [Sarcastically] Ooooh.

Nora: Why would we want to get tans before the cruise? I thought the idea was to get them DURING the cruise.
Luther: Look at us, we kind of look like uncooked chicken.
Daisy: You look like a corpse. [to Nora] And you could use some help too.

Walt Scheel: Does this mean we have start being nice to each other?
Luther Krank: Of course not.
Walt Scheel: Good, cause I still don't like you that much.
Luther Krank: Well, that's great. I'm not fond of you either.

Walt Scheel: Well, if it isn't old Scrooge himself.
Luther Krank: How do you think this photographer got this shot?
Walt Scheel: What photographer?
Luther Krank: The one who took this photograph.
Walt Scheel: Oh, that one.
Luther Krank: Yeah, that one.
Walt Scheel: Well, he climbed up.
Luther Krank: On your roof?
Walt Scheel: Yeah.
Luther Krank: Well, why did you do that?
Walt Scheel: I don't know. He said he wanted to get a shot of the whole street.
Luther Krank: At least you're consistent.
Walt Scheel: I try to be, old man.
Luther Krank: Stop that!
Walt Scheel: Stop what?
Luther Krank: Stop calling me old man! You're like 10 years older than me!
Walt Scheel: Am I?
Luther Krank: Yeah!
Walt Scheel: Well, prove it!


  • Their Christmas will turn the town upside down!
  • No! Ho! Ho!


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