Christine O'Donnell

American Tea Party politician and former Republican Party candidate

Christine Therese O'Donnell (born August 27, 1969) is an American conservative activist in the Tea Party movement best known for her 2010 campaign for the United States Senate seat from Delaware vacated by Joe Biden.

Christine O'Donnell in 2011


  • The school system should be used purely for academia and not for social experiments.
  • The U.S. Supreme Court does not recognize the homosexual community as a minority group. We believe homosexuality is a chosen lifestyle, and it is reversible.
    • St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 1995 
    • "Christine O'Donnell Does Not Like Gays.", Instaputz, 15 September 2010, retrieved on 2010-10-20 
    • as press secretary of Concerned Women for America, on Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual History Month
  • Well, creationism, in essence, is believing that the world began as the Bible in Genesis says, that God created the Earth in six days, six 24-hour periods. And there is just as much, if not more, evidence supporting that.
    • interview with Miles O'Brien, CNN, 1996-03-30
    • Schwarz, Gabriella (16 September 2010), "O'Donnell questioned evolution", Political Ticker (CNN), retrieved on 2010-10-24 
    • "GOP's Delaware Senate Nominee Christine O'Donnell Not a Big Fan of Evolution", New York Magazine, 15 September 2010, retrieved on 2010-10-24 
    • Posed question: There's a lot of people who would suggest that creationism and evolution are not mutually exclusive. That the big bang— after all, something had to create the big bangs, perhaps some higher being, and there's a tremendous amount of scientific evidence that there was a big bang which started this whole process underway. You can't go along with that?
  • Satanism has re-emerged among Generation X with an arrogance that mocks its members as it blatantly destroys them.
  • The generation of young people that questioned the establishment in the '60s is now middle-aged, and has become the establishment itself. Moral absolutes have been eliminated, "feel-good" religions created, and free sex legitimized, paving the way for disposable marriages. The results of these tailor-made values are new strains of sexually transmitted diseases, more potent drugs, more broken families and out-of-wedlock pregnancy rates and worrisome suicide rates.
  • The Ryan White Care Act provides money for community-based counseling centers. While that may sound noble and compassionate, we know from experience that "AIDS education" becomes a platform for the homosexual community to recruit adolescents and lure teens into a self-destructive sexual lifestyle.
  • We're doing a great disservice to our young people because the only protection is abstinence, as condoms have been proven fallible....The federal government should not be telling young people to use condoms....It's also an insult to teenagers, reducing them to the level of a dog that can't control its hormones.
  • God may choose to heal someone from cancer, yet that person still has a great deal of medical bills. The outstanding bills do not determine whether or not the patient has been healed by God.
  • When a married person uses pornography, or is unfaithful, it compromises not just his (or her) purity, but also compromises the spouse's purity. As a church, we need to teach a higher standard than abstinence. We need to preach a righteous lifestyle.
    • O'Donnell, Christine (9 November 1998), "The Case for Chastity", The Cultural Dissident, retrieved on 2010-10-20 
  • What's next? Orgy rooms? Menage a trois rooms? All this coedness is outside normal life. Most average American adults don't use coed bathrooms — if they had the option of a coed bathroom at a public restaurant, they wouldn't choose it.
  • There's only truth and not truth. You're either very good or evil. I went back to my dorm and asked myself what I was. If your principles aren't grounded in absolute truth, you don't know what to think.
    • Wilmington News-Journal, 12 November 2006 
  • Absolutely, but let me qualify that— I consider myself an authentic feminist. Not as defined by the modern movement. And, let me clarify that a little bit more. I was an English major, so break it down: -ist means one who celebrates. As a feminist, I celebrate my femininity.
  • Since anonymous sources are being taken seriously, please allow me to share some tips I've received and keep the tipsters' identities anonymous. We've been warned by multiple high-ranking Democrat insiders that the Delaware Democrat and Republican political establishment is jointly planning to pull out all the stops to ensure I would never again upset the apple cart. Specifically they told me the plan was to crush me with investigations, lawsuits and false accusations so that my political reputation would become so toxic no one would ever get behind me. I was warned by numerous sources that the DE political establishment is going to use every resource available to them. So given that the king of the Delaware political establishment just so happens to be the vice president of the most liberal presidential administration in U.S. history, it is no surprise that misuse and abuse of the FBI would not be off the table. And further connecting the dots, do you think it is just a coincidence that Melanie Sloan was a senior Biden staffer just before she joined CREW and filed her complaint against me?!
    • Press statement, 2010-12-29, quoted in "Is There a Case Against Christine O'Donnell?", Slate, 29 December 2010, retrieved on 2011-06-07 
    • regarding an FBI criminal investigation into allegations she misused campaign funds for personal expenses

TV appearances

  • Christine O'Donnell: I dabbled in witchcraft, but I never joined a coven; I did. I did.
    Jaime Kennedy: How were you a witch?
    Christine O'Donnell: Because I dabbled into witchcraft, because I hung around people who were, who were doing these things. I'm not making this stuff up, I know what they told me they did.
  • One of my first dates with a witch was on a satanic altar and I didn't know it. I mean there was a little blood there, and something like that.
  • I don't celebrate Halloween because of what it means. Because it is a Satanic holiday, it is a pagan holiday, and while people are going around getting free candy, people are falling victims to human sacrifices and things like that. That's the reality of what's going on on Halloween.
  • Christine O'Donnell: But let me tell you something! They — homosexuals' special rights groups can get away with so much more than nobody else can!
    Alan Colmes: Well, what are they getting away with here, Christine? Tell me what you’re seeing…
    Christine O'Donnell: They're getting away with nudity!
    Fay: Oh, right.
    Christine O'Donnell: They're getting away with nudity! They're getting away with lasciviousness! They're getting away with perversion!
    Fay: Oh, Christine…
    Christine O'Donnell: They're getting away with blasphemy!
  • I believe psychics are either kooks or they're tapping into a real power. But it is not, it's not a holy power, it's an evil power. No offense to James [Van Praagh], because I think that he has a good heart and he really believes that what he is doing is good, and perhaps you are deceived…
  • Psychics exploit the human being's natural desire that longs for something higher than themselves.
  • The same way a pimp exploits the natural desire to be with the opposite sex… Psychics put people in spiritual harm, the same way pimps put people in physical harm.
  • Look at what Bush has done. The economy took an incredible hit after September 11. That was a huge shock to the economy. And we've recovered a lot quicker than we thought, thanks to Bush and his economic policy.
    • Donahue, 22 November 2002 
  • The thing that attracts people to “The Sopranos” is the family element. It shows that America still has a longing for that traditional upbringing.
    • Hardball, 20 June 2003 
  • They are doing that here in the United States. American scientific companies are crossbreeding humans and animals and are coming up with, with mice with fully functioning human brains.
  • Eric Nies: You're going to stop the whole country from having sex?
    Christine O'Donnell: Yeah. Yeah!
    Eric Nies: You're living on a prayer if you think that's going to happen.
    Christine O'Donnell: That's not true. I'm a young woman in my thirties and I remain chaste.
  • Christine O'Donnell: I think especially in such an unstable economic environment, what people criticized him for in 2008 — his consistency, the fact that he was so strong, and — I think people will find that appealing going into the 2012.
    Carol Costello: Well, some people say Mitt Romney isn't the most consistent candidate, because he's changed his minds about big, important issues over the years.
    Christine O'Donnell: You know, that's one of the things that I like about him — because he's been consistent since he changed his mind.

Radio appearances

  • In the guise of so-called freedom of separation of church and state, they're trying to institute a communist country and that sounds radical but that's the truth. I mean, why aren't they trying to take out, you know, "thou shall not kill"? That's a religious concept. That's a commandment. Why are they not taking that out of our legal system?
  • Dan Gaffney
    When you were speaking at an out-of-state group recently and you told them that you won two out of three counties in Delaware, what did you mean?
    Christine O'Donnell
    I don’t think I ever said I won two out of three counties…
    Dan Gaffney
    Well let's listen to the audio. Hold on one second, because I have the audio right here.
    (clip) Christine O'Donnell
    I was the 2008 endorsed candidate against Joe Biden and I won in two counties. We didn't have the support of our liberal Republicans then.
    Dan Gaffney
    You said you won in two counties.
    Christine O'Donnell
    Alright, you know what that probably was, you're on the campaign trail a lot, I meant tied.
    Dan Gaffney
    Well you didn't tie…
  • Dan Gaffney
    I'm just simply saying you did not tie Joe Biden in Sussex County.
    Christine O'Donnell
    Look at the results! Look at the results.
    Dan Gaffney
    I did. He beat you. It was close.
    Christine O'Donnell
    And what did they say? 49-49? I call that a tie. Hahahaha.
    Dan Gaffney
    No Christine, he won in votes. You know that.
  • Rick Jensen
    But what would you cut?
    Christine O'Donnell
    I don't have the budget in front of me.
    Rick Jensen
    Okay, well that's the question.
    Christine O'Donnell
    And nor should I because I'm not running for county executive, I'm running for US Senate.
    Rick Jensen
    But you're criticizing him on running for county executive.
    Christine O'Donnell
    (snaps fingers, an aide comes and stands beside her) I want to talk about what matters to the Delaware voters. I want to talk about how we're gonna get jobs. I'm not going to debate you, Rick, on whether or not I'm running for county council.
  • Rick Jensen
    How would you make us actually economically feasible in 2014? (O'Donnell pushes aide's back, whispers, gestures at Jensen) What?
    Christine O'Donnell
    I'm not running for county council, Rick.
  • I think that making a statement whether China is friend or foe we have to be careful not to label all Chinese but in terms of the government I think that there is a very carefully thought out and strategic plan to take over America. I think that China, the Chinese government is definitely a foe and one example is that China is taking American soil right now.
  • Christine O'Donnell
    There's much that I want to say, that I, uh, I wish I wasn't privy to some of the classified information that I am privy to because I think that, um—
    Jan C. Ting
    Can I interrupt and say, how are you privy to classified information?
    Christine O'Donnell
    Because I've been working with various non-profit groups—
    Jan C. Ting
    (talking under O'Donnell) Do you have a security clearance? Do you have a security clearance to handle classified information?
    Christine O'Donnell
    —for over 15 years. And we've been sending missionaries to China for a very long time. And these missionaries go to China, risking their lives because you are not allowed to be a Christian over there. So a country that forces women to have abortions and mandates that you can only have one child and will not allow you the freedom to read the Bible. You think they can be our friend? We have to look at our history and realize if they pretend to be our friend, they have got something up their sleeve.
  • During the primary, I heard the audible voice of God. He said, 'Credibility.' It wasn't a thought in my head. I thought it meant I was going to win. But after the primary, I got credibility.
  • America is now a socialist economy. The definition of a socialist economy is when 50% or more of your economy is dependent on the federal government.

2010 Delaware US Senate race debates

  • Christine O'Donnell
    Where in the Constitution is separation of church and state?
    Christine O'Donnell
    Let me just clarify. You're telling me that the separation of church and state is found in the First Amendment?
    Chris Coons
    Government shall make no establishment of religion.
    Christine O'Donnell
    That's in the First Amendment?
  • Moderator
    So what opinions of late, from that high court, do you most object to?
    Christine O'Donnell
    Oh gosh, give me a specific one, I'm sorry.
    Actually I can't, I need you to tell me which ones you object to.
    Christine O'Donnell
    Um, I'm very sorry, off the top of my head, I know that there are a lot, but, uh, I'll put it up on my website. I promise you.

2010 Delaware US Senate race press conferences

  • That witchcraft comment on Bill Maher? I was in high school! How many of you didn't hang out with questionable folks in high school? But no, there's been no witchcraft since. If there was, Karl Rove would be a supporter now.

2010 political advertisements

  • I am not a witch. I'm nothing you've heard. I'm you.
    • first 2010 US Senate race general election TV advertisement by the Christine O'Donnell senate campaign
    • "Christine O'Donnell: I'm You", Christine4Senate's YouTube channel (YouTube), 4 October 2010, retrieved on 2010-10-20 

Quotes about O'Donnell

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  • Then she needs to also be able to answer these questions about her personal background. Explain how she got behind in her taxes, her mortgage, why she didn't take care of that college bill, and do so in a way that's frank and honest. Look everybody in their life, sometimes has difficulties and honesty and candor is going to be the best remedy here. She can't get away with by simply saying, "My answer is on my website" or "It's puzzling to me why the IRS would file a lien for me when I didn't pay my taxes in 2005".
    • Karl Rove on Happening Now (Fox News), 15 September 2010 
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