Chinweizu Ibekwe

Nigerian critic, essayist, poet, and journalist

Chinweizu (born 26 March 1943) is a Nigerian critic, essayist, poet, and journalist.

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Anatomy of Female Power (1990) edit

  • Men may rule the world, but women rule the men who rule the world.
    • cover page
  • Female power exists; it hangs over every man like a ubiquitous shadow. Indeed, the life cycle of man, from cradle to grave, may be divided into three phases, each of which is defined by the form of female power which dominates him: motherpower, bridepower, or wifepower.
    • p. 14
  • Once we remind ourselves that a woman's principal occupation is the winning and holding of at least one male slave; and that her looks are among her primary assets for this business, we must realize that man's condescending attitude to her obsession with her looks is obtuse. Not just obtuse; it is a sign of men's own folly.
    • p. 39

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