Chicago Fire (TV series)

American drama television series

Chicago Fire is an American television series which aired from 2012 onwards.



Season 1


Pilot [1.1]

Andy Darden: [wears his gas mask sideways] Guys, how do I look?
Casey: As usual, like the class clown. [into radio] Yo Severide, how soon can you take Darden off my hand?
Severide: [over radio] Andy makes squad the day I'm no longer in charge..

Casey: Rumors floating around you're gonna box in the "Drop a Cop". Fight that guy who slept with your first wife.
Boden: It was my second wife and she's his problem now, not mine, so no I'm not boxing.

Boden: This animosity, it's gotta stop. You're both supposed to be leaders here. Lead by example.

Casey: [to Mills] Last to show, first to go, ask the rescue squad.
Severide: You truck guys do such a good job getting everything ready for us, why would we want to take that away from you?
Casey: Kids, you should know they make the rescue helmets extra big to fit their head size.
Severide: There are two types of firefighters: those who are on squad and those who wish they are on squad. [points at Mills] I bet I can get an application from him by the end of the month.
Casey: He wants you? You can have him.

Dawson: Yo Peter Mills. My partner Shay, she's been asking about you, been talking about you all morning.
Otis: She's a monster. A dude I know over at 19, he walked with a hitch for a week.
Mills: You guys are busting my balls.
Herrmann: Listen to me, kid. I just lost my house to foreclosure because I took a bath in the market. We're now living with my in-laws, which is two bedrooms shy of unpleasant. My wife won't take birth control pills because the pope said if she did God would cry, so I'm not having any sex. So if there's any chance that I could live vicariously through you, it's literally all I got.
Mills: All right.
[Mills walks over to Shay]
Mills: Hey.
Shay: Hey.
Mills: I'm Peter Mills. Uh Pete.
Shay: [chuckles] Uh-huh. Peter Mills. Can you hand me that box right there?
Mills: Uh, yeah.
Shay: Thanks.
Mills: So the little girl from the bridge accident, she okay?
Shay: You really are new, aren't you? Listen. We get 'em to the doctor best we can, and then we move on. It's the only way to make it here.
Mills: Uh, yeah Yeah. So, um I was thinking I mean, I was wondering do you maybe wanna hook up for a beer or dinner or something?
Shay: Peter Mills, are you gay?
Mills: Me? No.
Shay: Because I am.
[The rest of the guys are heard laughing behind Mills]

Mills: How long were you the Candidate here?
Otis: Not long. Four years.

Mon Amour [1.2]

[Vargas, Cruz and Otis run into the kitchen, only to find a small grease fire on the stove]
Cruz: That's it?!
Otis: Anything to piss off the engine.

Severide: [yelling at Mills] Hey! Candidate! One hand on the beam, Candidate! I don't care if you're carrying a damn cow! Men die when they relax!
Casey: Okay, Kelly. He gets it.
Severide: Yeah, he better.
[Mills climbs down the ladder]
Casey: He’s right. One hand on the beam, no matter what.
Mills: Yeah, okay.

Otis: What's with the goat?
Cruz: What?
Otis: The Truck 81 seal, or symbol..or whatever it's called. It's a goat.
Cruz: It's a fighting goat.
Otis: Yeah. [looks at Squad 3's table] They've got Cerberus, the three-headed dog that guards the gates of hell and we got a freakin' goat.

Cruz: [sees Mills behind the kitchen counter] Hey, you know about "fire fans", Peter Mills?
Otis: They're chicks who follow firemen like flies to honey.
Cruz: Bees, Otis. "Bees to honey."
Otis: Whatever, we're still the honey.

Otis: Hey, lieutenant, why do we have a goat on our truck?
Casey: Years ago, truck 81's first fire was at a goat farm in Little Italy.
Otis: Really?
Casey: Mm-hmm.
Mouch: They used to have a goat at the station so they didn't have to mow the grass.
Otis: Huh. I thought that's what candidates are for.

Otis: All I'm just saying is, I'm more than happy to design a new seal more reflective of the truck we are. Anything besides a goat!
Herrmann: [to Casey] What's he on about?
Casey: He doesn't like our crest.
Herrmann: [to Otis] I love that goat. That goat's all about reversing the curse.
Mills: What curse?
Herrmann: The Cubs. A goat owner cursed 'em once, which is why they always suck. Everyone knows that.
Otis: So we have a cursed crest?
Herrmann: How the hell should I know? Leave it alone. The goat rocks.

[Herrmann is sitting with Vargas, Mouch, Cruz and Otis when he catches his son Lee Henry misbehaving.]
Herrmann: Lee Henry! I'm not gonna tell you again! Put the stick down before I beat you with it!
The guys: Whoa, whoa! Take it easy.
Herrmann: You gotta be fair, but firm.

[During a debriefing session]
Otis: I was wondering what the proper protocol would be for designing a new crest for the truck. It's just, sir, engine's got a camel, which I get. And squad has got a badass three-headed dog, which I get. And we have a goat, sir.
Boden: Named after Billy "Goat" Bukanski. First chief of firehouse 51 and a mentor to me.
Otis: Just forget I said anything.
Boden: That's it?
Otis: Yes sir.
Boden: Then y'all do good work out there.
[The men disperse and Boden walks away with Casey]
Casey: That true about the crest?
[Boden smirks]

Professional Courtesy [1.3]

Mills: Two hours left in the shift and no calls yet. That happen very often?
[Herrmann and Mouch look up at him]
Herrmann: [to Mouch] He did not just say that.
Dispatcher on the intercom: Accident, truck 81, squad 3.
[In the truck]
Casey: Hey Mills. Pitcher's got a no-hitter going in the eighth inning. Do you go up to him and say, "looks like you got a no-hitter going"?
Mills: No, but––
Casey: Don't do it at the damn firehouse either.
Mills: Yeah I got it. [Otis turns and glares at him]

Herrmann: Oh! Good afternoon, candidate.
Mills: Sorry.
Otis: First he blows a no-hitter. Now he's coming in five minutes late. So much for employee of the week.
Cruz: You know, you were the candidate up until two weeks ago. Why are you riding him so hard?
Otis: The abused abuse, Cruz.

Casey: [to Shay and Dawson] Good morning.
Shay: Uh-oh. We're either in trouble or he wants something.

Casey: Is your brother still working in vice?
Dawson: Yeah.
Casey: Could you see if he can swing by here real quick?
Dawson: Sure. All your hookers get locked up last night?
Casey: Yeah. My whole stable.

Casey: What we got in the treasury box?
Herrmann: Dick. We spent it all on the elliptical machine so Shay could keep her ass toned.
Shay: Oh, Herrmann, please. Everyone benefits from me having a toned ass.
Casey: Mills, you're in charge of a fundraiser for a new TV.
Mills: [hopefully] Instead of cooking?
Casey: In conjunction with cooking.
Otis: I believe it's called multitasking.

Antonio: [about Voight] Your boy's messing with a stick of dynamite.

Mills: Okay, about a t-shirt booth in the driveway?
Cruz: We already sell t-shirts.
Mills: Yeah, but I mean, no one can ever find the key to the cabinet, Herrmann never has change in the treasury box. It's a pain in the ass, so we put the shirts out front and display 'em properly.
Mouch: I don't know how that's gonna generate enough money––
Mills: And, we get Nicki to man the booth.
Herrmann: Ding. Done.
Cruz: That is called putting it over the goal line, Peter Mills. [fist-bumps Mills]
Shay: Why don't you put her in a bikini while you're at it?
Otis: Before I respond, are you joking, or are you serious?
Shay: About as serious as putting you in a bikini.

Otis: What about truck shirts?
Nicki: Those are just kinda sitting there. I think it's because of the goat emblem. It's not a big seller. Why a goat?
Otis: That's what I'm saying. The goats are freakin' killing us, guys!

Boden: Leaders lead from the front.

One Minute [1.4]

Leslie: Really?
Severide: No offense, but I'm taking advice from you right now.
Leslie: This is a new low.

Hanging On [1.5]

Dawson: On behalf of the Paramedics Association of America, I offer my sincerest apologies for the forceful actions I exhibited here today.

Rear View Mirror [1.6]

Herrmann: [about the graffiti artist Severide is rescuing] This clown is in a museum?!
Otis: What a country, right?

Boden: This is a firehouse, not some of the time, not for some of the calls. Any man who walks through that door, he's got to be ready. If he isn't, he's going to be walking in the other direction.

Otis: We should eat, huh.
Mills: Make a sandwich.

Casey: I'm a firefighter, station 51. My fiancée is a doctor at Lakeshore. Do we really look like cocaine users to you?

Mouch: There's a reason why skydivers pack two parachutes.

Two Families [1.7]

Mouch: Look at these chumps.
Cruz: Are you kidding, man? Parade detail is great.
Mouch: [to Mills who is behind him] Peter Mills, hold your arm up. Now keep it there for five hours. [to Cruz] That's what being the parade is.
Cruz: Mills, the Shriners, they throw out candy. You clean up man.

Otis: Now listen, I know you guys are gonna give me crap for this...
Herrmann: Go on.
Otis: I want to start a podcast.
Herrmann: What the hell is that?
Otis: Well, when I record myself being equal parts charming and brilliant, and then I put it up on iTunes, and people subscribe, and they follow me.
Herrmann: A mute would be better at that than you.

Herrmann: [to Ernie, jokingly] Don't let Mills here make you do all the work. He's what we call a candidate. You know how there's all those rungs on the ladder? He's the bottom one.

Jenkins: [hands Cruz a cup for the drug test] Fill 'er up.
Cruz: Hey, uh, does it matter if I had a ton of pancakes this morning?
Jenkins: It matters if they were made of crack.

Cruz: [sees Otis digging the bullets out of the truck's frontmost door] Dude!
Otis: I's a goat, but it's our goat.

Jenkins: You've got food and football. Could be worse.

Boden: This is the best-lookin' bird that we've had in years. [looks at his crew] Okay, what are we gonna name it?
Herrmann: Aw, jeesh.
Elise Mills: Name it?
Boden: Yeah. Always name the bird before you eat it. Usually after an old girlfriend or boyfriend or something.

Herrmann: Turkey fire, guaranteed.
Casey: Uh, what happened?
Woman: Uncle Brad is what happened.
Man: I know how to deep-fry a goddam turkey, Sharon. You put in too much grease.
Woman: You can't fry a beer can turkey!

Otis: A lot of people out there are probably wondering why we do this job. Um, and it's true. Some days are bad. We grope around in zero visibility, hoping we grab onto an arm or a leg, and we pull someone to safety. Sometimes you can search through an entire room, come up empty. And you hear about the kid you missed under the bed. I don't care who you are. I don't care how many years you've had on the job. You think to yourself, "How did I miss it? How come I didn't reach just a few feet further?" No doubt, there are days you want to pick up your helmet, and you wanna chuck it in the lake. Some days, you get to see things that no one gets to see. A wife grateful you dragged her husband to safety, a grown man dripping like a faucet 'cause you saved his son. And every once in a while, you get to see a baby take its first breath in the middle of a ten-car pileup with lights and sirens and a whole group of firemen standing around just clapping till it hurts. Those are good days. You want to know what I'm thankful for? I'm thankful because I have two families. And not too many people can say that.

Leaving the Station [1.8]

Casey: Why the hell are you studying Japanese?
Mouch: I..went online...once you turn fifty, your brain starts to atrophy unless you keep it in shape.
Shay: I think that train's already left the station, Mouch.
Cruz: Say something in Japanese.
Mouch: I just started.
Otis: I bet twenty bucks that in two weeks you won't be able to string along a sentence.
Mouch: Easiest money I ever made!

Otis: [at Mouch's rambling] Mouch, could you keep your tonsils out?!

Cruz: I can tell this soup really smells like socks, Otis.
Otis: Just wait till it hits your taste buds!

It Ain't Easy [1.9]

Dawson: You want greater Chicago to know your business, make sure you tell Leslie Shay.

Dawson: A friend comes over to your house to help out with something do you repay your friend with your phenomenal arroz con pollo picante, or a six pack of his favorite beer?
Casey: Hypothetically, your friend can bring his own beer. However, he can barely con po pi--...let alone cook it.

Merry Christmas, Etc. [1.10]

Mills: So what's the deal with the Lieutenant and the guy from IAD.
Herrmann: Bad history. They went through the academy together and there was an incident...
Mills: What kind of incident?
Mouch: The kind that ends with Griffin getting his face punched in.
Mills: Why did the Lieutenant hit him?
Mouch: He was talking trash about Casey's family. [Herrmann looks at him in surprise] Um, but...see, we don't talk about that.

Dawson: My cousin, the poster child for Better Homes and Gardens throws this really super fancy Christmas party every year. There's a string quartet, plum pudding, nutmeg sprinkled over the eggnog, so perfect you wanna vomit.
Casey: Sounds awesome.

Herrmann: Chief, are you just gonna let these pretend-cops violate our civil rights?
Otis: Yeah, don't they need to show us a warrant or something?

Herrmann: I'm gonna crack one of those punks inside their head!

[After internal affairs leaves the men's locker room]
Herrmann: So what'd you do?
Casey: Nothing. I just told her we recorded the whole thing on our thermal cameras.
Mills: Wait, thermal cameras don't record. [Casey and Herrmann glare at him] [realizes] Oh! That's good.

God Has Spoken [1.11]

Shay: You're working?
Dawson: Well, with you faking it somebody's gotta step up.

Shay: Listen, it's not too late to switch teams.
Dawson: You already moved in, let's take it slow.

Under the Knife [1.12]

Mouch: How's the noodle?
Shay: Hard as ever.
Mouch: That's what-
Shay: That what he said.

Warm and Dead [1.13]

Dawson: [sees Casey standing on the truck fixing the garage door] What's up?
Otis: The door's jammed.
Herrmann: I told Chief we needed to grease this puppy before the weather turned.
Otis: He ignored you?
Herrmann: No! He told me to do it but I forgot. I've been preoccupied.
Mouch: Weren't you and Cindy using protection?
Herrmann: We've got four kids Mouch. I was counting on my sperm being too tired to make the swim. [Casey looks down at him in amusement]
Shay: [awkwardly] Well, I'm gonna head inside and check the levels on the hot chocolate. [leaves]
Dawson: Yeah, I'm gonna provide back-up. [leaves with Shay]
Otis: [to Mills] You know, my grandmother had this garage door that was always stuck two feet off the ground so one time I tell my brother...
[Mouch, Casey and Herrmann raise their hands]
Mills: [notices them raising their hands] What?
Herrmann: We've got a rule. You tell a story we've all heard a million times, we raise our hand, you gotta shut up, no questions asked.
Otis: That's actually impolite and insulting.
Herrmann: [scoffs] Like that's on us.

Dawson: [facetiously] Aw, dad, can we keep it? Huh, can we? Can we? Can we?
Boden: Keep what?
Shay: The dog.

Dawson: [points to a man on the floor] Baby here cold-clocked his mom and then tripped and bumped his head.
[Casey, Otis and Mills look down at a burly man lying on the floor]
Casey: "Baby"?

Parole board: In four years, you've never spoken before, Mr. Casey. Why now? What's changed?
Casey: Well, uh, when I was seven, I, uh, I stole a baseball mitt from a sporting goods store. I got caught, and the owner wanted to call the cops, teach me a lesson. But my mom came down there and, uh, got him to agree to let me work off the cost of the mitt by sweeping his floor. And when my sister crashed the family car, my dad wanted to kick her out of the house. But my mom talked to him, worked it out where Christie could work off the repairs by cleaning dad's office. What I'm trying to say is that my mom understood punishment, but she also understood forgiveness. She did a horrible thing that she regrets terribly, and she's paid the price with fifteen years of her life. But now it's time for forgiveness, from all of us. We lost both our father and our mother that day. So, what's changed? Well, I have.

Herrmann: It's weird without Otis here. Who am I supposed to jag?
Cruz: Don't look at me.
Herrmann: And Severide's gone too. I mean, he's as cocky as they come, but if you were lying in the street, he'd give you the shirt off his back.
Mouch: If you're lying in the street, why do you need his shirt?
Herrmann: You know what I mean.

Casey: [sees Mouch "stealing" marshmallows] How many times I gotta tell you to stay out of the first watch crate, Mouch?
Mouch: They tempt me with these marshmallows, lieutenant. What am I supposed to do?
Casey: Give me one.

A Little Taste [1.14]

Otis: Board-up crews.
Mills: Why do they always look like gangsters?
Otis: Because they are.

Mouch: Lieutenant, I gotta talk to you about Cruz.
Casey: What about him?
Mouch: He's been acting a little off.
Casey: You notice that as well? I figured it was a private matter.
Mouch: Yeah, and I keep asking him to tell me what it is, but he won't open up.
Casey: Then stop asking him about it, Mouch.

Nazdarovya! [1.15]

Herrmann: Shay, this is that baby book I was telling you about. Lots of good stuff. Swaddling, soothing...
Shay: Thanks, Herrmann. Hey do you know if it says anything about sleep schedules?
Herrmann: [sheepishly] I didn't read it.

Herrmann: You're our guy for construction on the new bar right?
Casey: I believe the offer was "free consultation".

Mouch: There's a Japanese proverb, don't let your daughter-in-law each your autumn eggplants.
Herrmann: What the hell does that mean?
Mouch: Don't let yourself be taken advantage of.

Viral [1.16]

Boden: Did you happen to notice if Cruz's gear had a cape sewn to it?
Casey: No, Chief. It definitely does not.
Boden: Then please dissuade your man of the notion that he is invincible.

[Dawson, Herrmann and Otis discover a safe hidden inside a dry wall of their bar.]
Dawson: What do you think is inside?
Herrmann: Nothing good. My luck don't run that way.
Otis: [excitedly] Let's open it and find out. Worst case scenario it's empty.
Herrmann: What if it contains a decomposed head of some gangster that went missing in the 20's? Next thing you know, this bar gets wrapped in crime scene tape and we can't get back in here!
Otis: If there's a mobster's head in there, my "Mustache Pete's" is gonna be famous.
Dawson: We're not calling it Mustache Pete's.
Otis: Yes we are.

Mills: So, what exactly is our role in bomb squad assist?
Herrmann: Nothing. Not unless the bomb tech snips a wrong wire.

Better to Lie [1.17]

Mouch: Shoulda never opened the safe.
Herrmann: Shut it, Mouch.

Herrmann: Dawson, don't. It is a gateway to hell, I'm telling you. Besides, it's not even rightfully ours.
Mouch: Possession is nine-tenths of the law.
Herrmann: Shut it, Mouch.

Otis: [outside Herrmann's toilet stall] Herrmannnnn. [knocks] Herrmannnnn.
Herrmann: Are you kidding me?! Right now?

Shay: [after Severide refuses to give her a glass of wine] You suck!
Severide: You gotta get your oven ready for that bun, baby.

Boden: When I look around this room, I think of the importance of this institution has had on each and every firefighter here. The discipline, the tradition. It's what ties us all together, the young and the well-seasoned alike.

Fireworks [1.18]


A Coffin That Small [1.19]


Ambition [1.20]


Retaliation Hit [1.21]

Boden: In light of recent events recent allegations, rather personnel division has flagged this house for sexual harassment sensitivity training.
Cruz: Uh, Chief? I think actually it's sexual harassment and sensitivity training. 'Cause the way that you just said it, it makes it sound like we have to be sensitive toward sexual har–– [notices Boden's glare and stops rambling]

Dawson: It reminds me of this joke my dad once told me. Why is Chicago style pizza so thick?
Shay: Why?
Dawson: Don't worry about it.

Man teaching the sensitivity to sexual harassment class: Look, I know all this new political correctness-type deal is a head-spinner, 'cause it was a little more loosey-goosey back in the day. I mean, hell, when I first started working for the city you'd walk into some locker rooms, they'd have hustler centerfolds taped up. You do that nowadays, ninjas drop from the ceiling and will airlift your ass right out of there.

Mills: Who put dog food in there? [sees Hadley chuckling] That's funny to you?
Hadley: Relax, mutt.
Mills: What did you say to me?!
[The men step between Mills and Hadley to stop them from fighting.]
Severide: Mutt? You out of your mind?
Hadley: When I was a candidate over at 38, they put menthol in my underwear. What is the––
Boden: No, no, no, what you did was so far beyond that, that if you can't tell the difference you are dumber than you look. What I mean, this house was already under a microscope. You really couldn't put that together?

Hadley: You know, if I had known that kissing ass was the way to move up in this house, I would have bought some lip balm.

Leaders Lead [1.22]

Cruz: Guys, guys, I have an announcement to make. Please, I need everybody's attention. Today, I came across something so upsetting that it literally shook me to the core. I was in the laundry room. I was pulling my stuff from the washer to the dryer, and I discovered these left inside. [holds up a pair of red underwear]
Herrmann: Don't look at me. I've been a Fruit of the Loom man since 1975.
Mouch: Twenty bucks to whoever finds the owner.
Casey: [takes the underwear from Cruz] Hey, first, they ain't mine. Second, these don't come down until the owner steps forward. I can't unsee this. Someone has to pay.
[Casey pins the underwear onto the bulletin board.]
Otis: He who smelt it hath dealt it.
Cruz: [looks pointedly at Otis] You're nuts. Those look like something that a Russian would wear on his wedding night.
Otis: They're not mine. But, I will put my money on Capp.
Mouch: [sarcastically] Keep deflecting, Otis. It's a good strategy.

Dawson: My dad used to tell me, "You have a choice. You can either choose to be in a bad mood, or you can decide to be happy."

Herrmann: What's that you always say? "Leaders lead from the front"?
Boden: Yeah. Sounds like me.
Herrmann: Up front can be lonely, that's for sure. But it goes with the territory, don't it?

Let Her Go [1.23]

Voight: Did she mention anyone she felt uncomfortable around, was afraid of?
Casey: Yeah. You.

Mouch: Gotta go White Sox.
Herrmann: No. I don't want to alienate half the neighborhood who are Cubs fans. We gotta go with teams that we can all agree on: the Bears, the Bulls and the Blackhawks.
Mouch: And the Fire.
Herrmann: The who?
Mouch: Soccer team. Chicago Fire.

Severide: When Andy died, without even realizing it, I found myself needing to be around people acting normal just to get my frame of reference back, pull myself out of the hole I was in.

A Hell of a Ride [1.24]

Herrmann: You got a video camera I can use?
Otis: Herrmann, you got a hi-def camera on your phone. Why don't you just take some footage, I'll edit it for you.
Herrmann: Aww. Thank you, Otis.

[Otis and Herrmann unveil a banner: "Ladies' Night Specials - Every Weeknight"]
Dawson: "Ladies' night specials". You're kidding me.
Otis: [looks at Herrmann] See, I told you she'd be pissed. You know why? 'Cause it's sexist.
Herrmann: Yeah, sexist against men.
Dawson: It just feels...a little desperate.

[Cruz and Shay are walking through the locker room]
Cruz: You messing with me?
Shay: No! Women love it. You would not believe how many nerve endings are–– [sees a stunned Casey staring at them]
Cruz: Good morning, Lieutenant.
Casey: Don't stop with the sex advice on my account.

Herrmann: [recording video for his newborn son] It was kind of a rough morning, at least until you came along. Most of us took some knocks today but that's the way it goes sometimes, might as well hear it now. You came along and you made a lot of people really happy, not just your old man. You're a lucky guy, you were born into a really big family. A lot of people are gonna have your back no matter what. Like I said, not gonna be all sunshine and roses but I can promise it's gonna be a hell of a ride.

Season 2


A Problem House [2.1]

Herrmann: [after Mouch announces he and Mari were making lunch] I'm not eating any raw fish.

Herrmann: I'm telling you, we're gonna get crushed.
Otis: Your optimism is always inspiring.

Mouch: Do I have narrow eyes?
Boden: [stares at Mouch and chuckles] What is it do you want to hear?

Prove It [2.2]

Boden: [seething at his computer] This "Wizard" program is the most...convoluted––
Mouch: Yeah, we should record this. Use it to show how ineffective McLeod's systems are. This crazy budget type who has nothing to do with saving lives.
Herrmann: [grins at Mouch] Now you're talkin' like a union president!
Boden: [looks at Herrmann] You will not record this.

Shay: You think that woman knew her husband was a total scumbag before or after she married him
Dawson: He could've pretended to be Prince Charming for years and she wakes up too late next to a monster under a bridge.

Defcon 1 [2.3]

Otis: Was just talking to Shay and she told me the good news.
Severide: Good news?
Otis: Your new apartment. Sounds tight.
Severide: Oh yeah, thanks.
Otis: No problem. She did say it was a three-bedroom and you guys might be looking for a third roommate to, uh, defray the costs.
Severide: She said that?
Cruz: [he and Mouch rush over to Otis and Severide] Hey! Yo, Otis! We agreed we were gonna come to him together.
Otis: Why do you even need a new place, Cruz? Your apartment isn't bad.
Cruz: You spend a night in my neighborhood lulled to sleep by gunfire.
Otis: You try living two doors down from my mother.
Mouch: Severide, this is exactly the kind of drama you won't have to deal with if you choose a mellow mature roommate.
Severide: Guys, it's just an apartment. You haven't even seen the place.
Otis: I can come by right after shift.
Mouch: Me too.
Severide: Listen, this isn't cheerleader tryouts. You guys need to work this out amongst yourselves. [sees Boden] Chief! You got a minute? [quickly walks away]

Benny Severide: [to Boden about the arsonist] You told him he wasn't worthy of this house so he's trying to prove you wrong, show you that he's smarter than you are and he isn't gonna stop until someone's dead.

Mouch: Why are you two so eager to move in with Shay and Severide anyway?
Cruz: The "residual" tale, Mouch.
Mouch: The what now?
Otis: Ok, between Severide and Shay, think about how many beautiful women are gonna be parading through the apartment.
Cruz: Imagine it. Severide is at the bar chatting up some babe, she's got a friend. Friend doesn't have to stop there. He'll say, oh let's take this back to my place where we can hang out with my awesome roommate Joe.
Otis: Brian.
Mouch: Pathetic.

Dawson: If you're gonna engage in a battle of wills with an eleven-year-old, you're gonna loose.

Isabella: [shaking Mouch's hand] Nice. Firm grip. Nobody ever won an election with clammy hands.
Mouch: The secret is, I wiped my palm on my pants.

Herrmann: You wanna go to Defcon 5, game day? I can go to Defcon 5.
Otis: Defcon 5 is actually the lowest level.
Herrmann: Shut up, Otis.

Dawson: Go home, Herrmann, you've been on your feet all day. I'll finish cleaning up.
Herrmann: Thanks Dawson. Maybe I'll go pour myself a nice big tall glass of antifreeze.

Nuisance Call [2.4]

Severide: What's vodka in Russian?
Zoya: Vodka.

Benny Severide: I know the guys in that house. They're good firefighters in a community that depends on them. My question to you is, is it a problem house or is there a problem chief?

A Power Move [2.5]

Jay Halstead: We got to be really careful going forward. Okay?
Dawson: Oh, yeah. I'm, like, a hostile witness now? Or what's the deal?
Halstead: [laughs] I'm just saying, don't tell anyone, all right, until we make the pinch, because if Arthur finds out I'm a cop, then I'm a dead cop.

Clarke: There aren't many things I hate more than unsolicited advice.

Spellman: Aren't you in the middle of an election, Randall? You really think this is a good idea?
Herrmann: Beat it. [hands Spellman a pink slip]
Spellman: [looks to Severide and Casey] Lieutenants, this how you lead your men?
[Severide and Casey produce pink slips, Spellman storms out of the lounge to Chief Boden's office.]

[Mills is handing out wellness test results to the men.]
Mouch: Greg Sullivan can kiss my able-bodied ass.
Casey: Hold up, this can't be right. Herrmann has 1% less body fat than me?
Herrmann: Why are you so mystified? 'Cause I got a couple years on you?
Casey: [scoffs jokingly] A couple?
Herrmann: You know what? [takes off his shirt] Suck on this!

Joyriding [2.6]

Griffin Darden: Is someone else wearing my dad's coat now?
Casey: Uh, no. Nobody else is wearing it. It was, um it was damaged in the fire.
Griffin: That's what I figured.
Casey: He's still a very big part of this house.
Griffin: Yeah, everyone keeps saying that.

Clarke: In Iraq we were under-equipped most of the time, so we had to make do with what we had.
Mills: Yeah, I read about some of the "MacGyvering" you guys did to upgrade gear.
Clarke: Last thing you want is to get caught with your pants down. I guess that's the reason why I like what we do. Firefighting needs three things to survive: water, common sense and balls.

Otis: Uh, Mr. Sullivan, um, if you could be any kind of animal, any kind at all, what would you be?
Greg Sullivan: Well, I know what I wouldn't want to be. I wouldn't want to be a Mouch.
Otis: I'm...I'm sorry?
Sullivan: Oh, a Mouch. You know, half man, half couch. It's Mr. McHolland's nickname at this firehouse, am I right?
Mouch: I don't see how that's remotely––
Sullivan: I mean, you must admit that nickname does not inspire leadership. In fact, it implies the opposite laziness, slovenliness.
Otis: Do you care to respond to that, Mouch? Uh, Mr. McHolland?
Mouch: I don't feel the need to dignify Mr. Sullivan's remarks except to say that the nickname that he's referring to is a term of endearment given to me by my coworkers out of friendship and respect.
Sullivan: Well, I guess that's to be expected from Firehouse 51.

Antonio Dawson: I got to say, this didn't turn out the way I thought it would, but you got the job done.
Halstead: [pouts] Yeah, and I caught a bullet in the process.
Dawson: [deadpan] You say that like it's a bad thing. You know, since you were shot on a job, that pretty much means you get to choose your next detail.
Halstead: Intelligence. I want Intelligence.
Dawson: Yeah, well, we'll see what we can do about that.

Casey: There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for another. This badge case stands as a memorial to our fallen firefighters and paramedics, who gave their lives in service to the citizens of Chicago.

No Regrets [2.7]

Westin: What about you, marine? When did they cut you loose? [Clarke looks at him in surprise] Hey, come on, man, I can smell jarhead a mile away.
Clarke: 1st Recon.
Westin: So basically you're working on your golf game? [chuckles] Brought my handicap down five strokes.

Boden: There isn't a single man I've served with who hasn't been brought to his knees because of what he's seen on the job. Different endeavors in life change people. Only the strongest are up for that. What makes them exceptional? No matter how hard they fall, they never give up when there's something worth fighting for. When I was buried under two tons of rubble, my men risked their lives to pull me out. Even an extinct old dinosaur like me. So to think about saddling them with a broken system that strips away the essentials so they can barely do their job, a broken system that might keep one of my men and women from going home to their families, I will not allow that. And I don't give a damn. I will have no regrets. You are not taking my house. Not without a fight.

Rhymes With Shout [2.8]

Otis: [to Severide as Devin walks in] Kind of unfair that I have to pay rent and she doesn't.
Devin: Life is unfair, Otis.
Severide: [to Otis] There you go.

Chout: I do a lot of spelunking, so I'm good with diving into small spaces, but I wasn't wearing my fire protective gear.

Casey: When you're in charge of people, you can't always be best friends.

Mouch: [after being put through drills by Casey] What the hell is goin' on?
Herrmann: [smirks] Ahh, looks like Casey's got some serious steam to blow off.
[Later, in the lounge at lunch time.]
Mouch: Extreme physical exertion, food deprivation. Are we in some kind of CIA training program I'm unaware of?

Zoya: You say this because you are sad. In Russian, this is koleno reaktsii ryvokl.
Cruz: I have no idea what those words mean.

You Will Hurt Him [2.9]

McAuley: [spills coffee on his pants] Great, this is great. One minute into my shift and I'm already covered in gag. It's never gonna come out. My wife is gonna freak out on me.
Dawson: You're gonna have a good day today, McAuley. Think positive. Don't catastrophize everything.

[Dawson opens the back of her ambulance and finds Casey on the gurney.]
Dawson: [giggles] Oh my god, you're crazy!
Casey: A little.

Female police officer: [to Casey] Lady called us because her cat got stuck on the roof.
Herrmann: [looks up and sees a male police officer on the roof] Eh, funny looking cat.
Police officer: He climbed up there to get the cat but it ran back inside, now he's stuck!
Dawson: [looks at the police officer on the roof] This is a new one.
McAuley: Get ready for the splat.
Herrmann: Take a look guys! We gotta rescue Reno 911! up there!

Otis: [holds up a djembe] Hey guys, look what I got.
Casey: A magical talisman to keep women away?

Not Like This [2.10]

Casey: What did they say at the academy? One shift can change someone's life.

Herrmann: This is a sign from above, a course correction. This is a chance to fly up to Phoenix and spread your wings!
Otis: It's "like a phoenix", not "to Phoenix".
Herrmann: Whatever! The difference between winners and losers is not who's the strongest, but who can recognize the strongest opportunity.

Dawson: Arranging a rendezvous with one of your babes?
Casey: How many do you think I have?
Dawson: It had better be one.
Casey: It is. I'll introduce you to her sometime. She's hot.
Casey: [as Dawson is kissing him] Dangerous... [looks at the open blinds]
Dawson: Well, it's a dangerous job. [pulls the blinds down]

Boden: It's my fault. I let this woman get under my skin. I thought I could outmuscle her. I keep playing it back in my mind, if I'd just kept my mouth shut
Casey: Chief, the only thing you did was stand up for your firefighters and your house, the same thing you've been doing since you put on those bugles. This isn't over.

Mouch: [addressing the CFD Union administration] It's time we rise, ladies and gentlemen, like a phoenix! We're getting run over! And we should be the ones doing the running!

Shay: We need women who kick ass on these trucks, you know, and Dawson if there's anything I know about you, is that you kick ass.

Dawson: Would you mind putting some clothes on?
Nude man: [scoffs] We're not ashamed of our bodies.

Cruz: I know we won't be as cool as Shayveride but if you think about it, "Crotis" could be epic.

Severide: Tell me something. Is closing firehouses a dream of yours when you were a kid?
McLeod: [sarcastically] Always at the top of my bucket list.

Shoved in My Face [2.11]

Herrmann: Yeahhhh!!! I called it! I called it! Didn't I not call it?!
Otis: No!
Herrmann: Oh yeah, I told Cindy but hey, I called it! [looks at Dawson and Casey] I knew you two were meant for each other.

Signboard in the CFD Academy: Thru these doors pass the best damn firefighters in the country.

Shay: Ok, it's official. I've seen everything. I mean, don't get me wrong. I like a big caboose as much as the next guy but how do you pay a charlatan $1500 to pump construction adhesive into your ass?

Severide: I don't have a whole lot of construction experience.
Casey: [deadpan] Can you swing a hammer?
Severide: [grins] I get it. This is your chance to be my boss and yell at me at a job site.

Severide: [to a candidate with acrophobia] Listen to me. It's ok to be afraid. Anyone with any sense is afraid to run into a burning building. What we're doing here is training you to do the thing that scares you. It's against human nature but it saves lives.

Shay: You happen to see Ellen yesterday?
Rafferty: Dang I missed it.
Shay: It was a great episode. They had the cast of Glee on.
Rafferty: Wow, you must've crapped a rainbow.
Shay: Yeah, it made me at least 5% gay-er.

Rafferty: You wanna break balls with me, you better be damn sure. 'Cause I wrote the book.
Shay: You wrote a book, which is two pages long and self-published.

Herrmann: [raising a glass to Mills] To Peter Mills! A real smoke eater even though he couldn't hack it at truck.

Mouch: A firefighter brother recently asked me, what makes a good squad guy. He said, "Hey, Randy McHolland, what makes––"
Severide: [interrupts Mouch] Hold up, hold up. Mouch, why do you keep referring to yourself in the third person?
Mouch: Ok, look, I'm trying to subtly reinforce my real name so you guys start calling me that. 'Cause now that I'm interim president, I don't think a nickname that means "half man and half couch" is appropriate anymore.
Severide: Then why don't you just say, hey guys quit calling me Mouch.
Mouch: You're right. I should've.

Out With a Bang [2.12]

Shay: [to Otis] You and Katie hanging out, having fun gettin' all hetero on each other. And then like most relationships, it ends badly. And Katie goes to Severide and she's like, [feigns sobbing] Otis broke my heart, Kelly, he broke my heart! [mimicks knife-slashing the throat] That's how that'll end, all right?

Dawson: [wearing a firefighter's oxygen mask] I feel like I'm trapped in a fishbowl!

Otis: Lieutenant, do you have a second?
Severide: Yeah, what's up.
Otis: I would like to ask Katie out on a date and I was hoping for your blessing.
[Severide takes out the chainsaw and tests it out, holding the blade in front of Otis.]
Severide: Just checking the spark arrestor. Wanna make sure the motor is running good.
Otis: [timidly] That makes sense.
Severide: Um. [feigns a cough] What were we talkin' about?
Otis: Nah, uh, let me go check and see if lunch is ready.
[Otis starts to walk away in fear, stops and turns back to Severide.]
Otis: I wanna ask your sister out, ok? I have nothing but the best of intentions. Do I have your permission?
Severide: [stares at Otis] Sure. [pats him on the shoulder]
Otis: Awesome! 'Cause I'm telling I am the ultimate––
Severide: [interrupts] Take "yes" as an answer, Otis.

Mills: [about Donna] Nice lady.
Boden: You're right.
Mills: And you just let her walk right out of here?
Boden: What was I supposed to do?
Mills: Ask her out.
Boden: What?
Mills: Chief, you didn't notice that she was flirting with you??

Tonight's the Night [2.13]

Dawson: [walks into lounge] Oh my god. What is that smell?
Mouch: [deadpan] Impending gastric distress.
[Cruz appears behind the counter in the kitchen area.]
Cruz: [sarcastically] Haha, very funny.
Dawson: [raises eyebrows] Cruz is cooking??? Since when?
Herrmann: Since Mills jumped to squad and we haven't got a replacement candidate. We all drew straws.
Otis: We all lost.
Cruz: Hey! This is authentic Dominican cuisine, all right? Just because you can't appreciate the aroma doesn't mean that the taste isn't gonna blow your hair back, huh? You just gotta broaden your horizons a little.
Herrmann: Yeah, broaden them all the way to Manny's for a Reuben sandwich.

Severide: You ok?
Casey: Yeah. Used up another one of my nine lives.
Severide: Pretty sure you're in double digits, man.

Virgin Skin [2.14]

Candidate: Why would anybody target a firefighter's sister? I mean, we're the good guys.
Dawson: Sometimes the world is upside down and there's no reason why.

Shay: Okay, but there are better ways than getting your ass suspended, you know?
Rafferty: [deadpan] Yeah. But you and me would have eventually gotten into a huge fight sooner or later, you know, ending in an ugly divorce, and the whole thing.

Keep Your Mouth Shut [2.15]

Casey: What's the prognosis? Did he take you off the injured list?
Dawson: Yeah, just don't expect me to break any pass receiving records.

Cruz: I'm sure that this chick is awesome and all, but having a woman around is really gonna change things.
Shay: Oh, gee, thanks.
Cruz: You know what I mean. Having a woman in the truck, you don't know what goes on in there, the jokes we crack.
Otis: The smells we produce.
Shay: I can imagine.
Mouch: Nope. No, you can't.

Jones: Just to show you I can be one of the guys, I brought donuts this morning.
Mouch: Fantastic! [opens the box to find all the donuts gone]
Jones: They were delicious.
[Cruz, Otis and Herrmann laugh.]
Mouch: So there are no donuts?

Casey: [to Jones] As a Candidate, you're here to learn. That means keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth shut.

Casey: What am I dealing with here?
Severide: Jones?
Casey: Yeah.
Severide: She's smart, she's aggressive, she's talented. But she also has a truly massive chip on her shoulder. She might make a great firefighter someday but it'll take more patience than I have. I tried to bounce her from the academy but her big-shot daddy put the kibosh on that one.
Casey: You're telling me this now??
Severide: You just asked now.
[Casey glares at Severide and throws a peanut at him in mock anger.]

Mouch: [to Jones] Oh hey, Jonesy, just a heads up. If lunch isn't on the table at twelve sharp, the natives start to get restless.
Cruz: And by "natives", he means himself.

Severide: There's only two things you need to know in order to succeed here: do your job, keep your mouth shut.

Casey: When I woke up in the hospital and saw what a close call I had, I started to realize how much of my life I'd wasted fretting over all the stupid little stuff. You can't see beyond the horizon. You don't know how much you still got laying ahead of you.

A Rocket Blasting Off [2.16]

Jones: To commemorate Herrmann's last day producing sperm.
Herrmann: It'll keep producing sperm. It's just not gonna make it like–– [Jones uncovers a cake box] Oh boy.
[Everyone looks into the "cake box" in bemusement and laughs.]
Capp: Is that a rocket blasting off?
Casey: So I'm guessing the twentieth anniversary gift is wood?

Boden: A formal complaint has been lodged against you.
Jones: What did I do?
Boden: Three guesses.
Jones: The cake?
Boden: There you go.
Jones: That was a joke. A joke that I paid for with my own money by the way. And Herrmann loved it.
Casey: We love a good prank, believe me, but that's not the issue.
Jones: So what's the issue?
Casey: It's about what's appropriate in the workplace.
Jones: You thought it was funny, Lieutenant. You're the one who made the wood comment.
Casey: [pauses] Good point. [looks at Boden] All yours, Chief.

Benny Severide: Never go out alone. Bad things can happen if you get caught out in the wild alone.

Dawson: Herrmann, I'm asking you nicely, please let me have Molly's. Please.
Herrmann: I'm telling you. Unexpected combo party. You bring the peanut butter, I got the chocolate. Boom, peanut butter cups.
Dawson: What am I in for, exactly? For the urologist to report the procedure and you're gonna like put it up on the flat screens?
Herrmann: I got it all worked out. Gonna be fine.
Mouch: [shakes head] Bad idea.
Herrmann: Shut it, Mouch.

Casey: Are we really gonna do this?
Boden: Her father is Deputy District Chief. He could make work in PR if he wanted to.
Casey: It's gonna be like killing Bambi.
Boden: You have his office number. You are welcome to give him a call if you like.

When Things Got Rough [2.17]

Jones: I spent my whole life watching my dad, dreaming about what it would be like fighting fires, saving people. I don't mean to wallow. I hate wallowers.
Mills: But Jones, I've been there. Those first few calls, when it hits you that you're not gonna save everyone, that someone's gonna die on your watch no matter what you do, I didn't take it easy either. Trust me.

Severide: A fellow firefighter is a brother, no matter what the city.

Herrmann: Does anybody mind if I use one of these lawyers as a latrine? 'Cause that's what they deserve.
Shay: Herrmann, I'm eating.
Herrmann: All right, sorry.

Casey: Hey, apartment's ours.
Dawson: That's fantastic!
Casey: Yeah. We just have to meet the landlord tomorrow at 3:00. Show him we're not serial killers.

Herrmann: [watching Dawson and Casey argue] This is when Lee Henry starts shouting, "Are you getting divorced? Can I live with Mom?"

Shay: [to a victim who keeps yelling at her] Ok, we're here to help you. That is our job and we're just thrilled to be doing it. We will be doing everything we can to treat your injury.
Dawson: [smiles, sarcastically] Yes. And while we do so, we hope that you'll refrain from yelling at us.
Shay: Or suing us.
Dawson: Oh yeah. Yeah, that would be good.

Casey: I'm lucky enough to work with some of the best, bravest firefighters in the world. What your husband did to save his family, that was the bravest thing I've ever seen.

Herrmann: Forget gratitude, appreciation. Maybe not getting sued is as good as it gets these days.
Jones: I just don't understand any of it.
Casey: People need to find meaning when someone they love dies.

Until Your Feet Leave the Ground [2.18]

Herrmann: Oatmeal?! If I wanted to be healthy and miserable, I would've stayed home!

Mouch: I asked Shay and she said women like a bad boy.
Otis: So you basically asked a lesbian what she looks for in men?

McAuley: [about the oatmeal] Is it gluten free?
Herrmann: I don't even know what that means.

Jones: It's the one thing I've wanted my whole life and he's taking it away from me.
Casey: Jones, if you don't want him transferring you to PR, then don't go. Put your foot down. Or go, and make your dad happy. You gotta figure it out.

Severide: I owe you one.
Trudy: Dinner? [Severide stares at her] Oh, I'm just messing with you. You wouldn't be able to handle me anyway. Snap you right in half.
Severide: Umm...
Trudy: [deadpan] So, beat it. I've got work to do.

Severide: How's everything with you and Dawson? [Casey looks at him and scoffs] What?
Casey: I was about to ask you for relationship advice, but that'd be like fitness tips from Mouch.
Severide: I have been in a lot of meaningful relationships.
Casey: Oh, yeah? What was meaningful about them?
Severide: Chivalry prevents me from going any further into it.

Casey: You know, I would come to poker night, but it sounds so fun, I'm afraid it would ruin me from ever wanting to do anything else other than hanging out with the guys.
Otis, Mouch and Cruz: Awwww.

Cruz: Why do I have to be the girl?
Herrmann: Just do it, Cruz, and stop your whining.

[Mouch is "rehearsing" for his upcoming date and Cruz is playing the girl while Casey, Herrmann, Mills and Severide look on.]
Mouch: Name five things you're scared of.
Cruz: [deadpan] Uh...being here with you on this date just became number one for me right now.
[The guys laugh.]
Mouch: [confused] She...she wouldn't say that.

Mouch: So what drew you to Golden Oldeez?
Nancy: Well, I'm very happy by myself, but I just moved here from Pittsburgh. And I was reading this article about prisons, and the author made a point that the most severe punishment in any culture is solitary confinement. And if it doesn't come easily, well, then, gosh, darn it, just get on a website and make an effort. So that's what I did.

Cruz: That's your wife? You, McAuley, Dr. Doom and Gloom snagged that earth angel over there?
McAuley: That's correct.

A Heavy Weight [2.19]

Boden: We work a dangerous job. We all knew that when we signed up. A firefighter dies in the line of duty, we are shocked. Our hearts are broken. But in some dark corner of our mind, we are bracing ourselves for that possibility. But a firefighter takes her own life? That is not a contingency that we can prepare for. We can't change what happened. But we can learn from it. We all missed the signs here. And we can never let it happen again. So you reach out to each other. You be there for each other. Not just for today, or this week always. I never want to see another member of this family slip through the cracks.

Herrmann: [to a man inside the car] Get out of there, numbnuts!
Casey: [disapprovingly] Herrmann!
Herrmann: Sir, please step out of the vehicle, if you'd be so kind.

Dawson: I don't know what's going to happen, Matt.
Casey: Yeah, that's why they call it the future.

A Dark Day [2.20]

Voight: Hey friends. I'm aware of your sidearms. I have one of my own.
Syrian: We're diplomatic protection with a legal right to bear arms in this country.
Voight: Not today. I'm going to take your weapons from you. This isn't a question. If you do anything that makes me the least bit uncomfortable, I will end you. Do you understand?

Severide: Damn Dawson, you look like hell!
Dawson: (laughs) I'm not 100% sure I'm not dreaming.

One More Shot [2.21]

Herrmann: [after Newhouse is introduced to the men] Do we tell him the new guy at 51 job is jinxed?
Otis: Maybe he'll be the one to break the streak.

[Dawson and Casey are in the coatroom]
Dawson: [takes Casey's jacket off] Um Is there any chance you might want to lie still and let me drag you across the apparatus floor? I think you're, like, just about dummy weight.
Casey: Nope, I'd rather not. Wouldn't be good for my "tough lieutenant" rep.
Dawson: [chuckles] Is that your rep?
Casey: [smugly] Mm-hmm.
Dawson: I thought it was "hot lieutenant".

Dawson: Hey, we've been working with guys since we started in CFD. Yeah, we had to prove ourselves every day and let plenty of stuff roll off our backs, but I can handle that.
Shay: This place is different. I know you felt it too. It's stone age.

Real Never Waits [2.22]


Season 3


Always [3.1]

Casey: So. You comin' back to 51?
Severide: The house is cursed, Casey. There's nothing but misery and heartbreak there.

Call It Paradise [3.2]

[Dawson sees the ring and Casey joins her on the roof]
Casey: Gabby, will you marry me?
Dawson: Yes, yes, yes, yes.

Just Drive the Truck [3.3]

Dawson: You'd be willing to put me in harm's way?
Casey: I'd assign you any task I think you're capable of.
Dawson: And if I stepped out of line, you'd discipline me?
Casey: With great enthusiasm.

Apologies Are Dangerous [3.4]

Mouch: Thought I'd make a plate for Trudy. Her appetite for all things is insatiable.

Sylvie: I owe you an apology, about my wedding.
Dawson: Oh, hey, woman to woman? You gotta do what you gotta do to survive. I get it.
Sylvie: Thanks.
Dawson: So what are you gonna do, huh?
Sylvie: Well, I have to see him, because I...I kinda stole his car.
Dawson: Stole?
Sylvie: As in full-on grand theft auto. Mine was in the shop and I needed to get out, so...
Dawson: Wow.

Casey: You know, how you spend your time off shift, that's your business. But people in this house count on you.
Severide: You know what I can count on? Nothing. No one. So why don't you and everyone else in this house just leave me alone.

Casey: Kelly. Can I talk to you for a second? You made me listen to you when Hallie died. Now it's your turn. I loved Hallie. I thought we'd be together forever. I still think I'm gonna bump into her in a store, or she's gonna call me out of the blue or something. Truthfully, as screwed up as that is, I love that feeling. [looks at Severide] Listen. This house needs you. And whether you like it or not, you need this house.

Nobody Touches Anything [3.7]

Cruz: [takes a pot of stew to Otis] Ok, I need a volunteer.
Otis: No way. Ugh!
Sylvie: I'll try it.
Cruz: [grins] Sylvie! [hands her a spoon]
Herrmann: No, no!
Sylvie: [takes a sip and gags] Tangy.
Cruz: Dominican sausage and peppers.
Dawson: Dude, if you keep calling your food "Dominican", I am going to have to kick your ass on behalf of an entire country.
Cruz: Who's gonna be the cook?
Otis: Hey, listen, I've got a cousin... [Cruz glares at him] ....really nice Russian girl––
Cruz: No more cousins from you.

Otis: Psst, Lieutenant. How long you got?
Casey: How long I got till what?
Otis: Till Severide's marriage flames out
Casey: Otis, don't be a dick. [starts to walk away]
Otis: Ok, if you don't want in on the action.
Casey: [stops walking and turns around] All right. Just give me five bucks and six weeks.

Woman: The only injury he has is the brain cells he killed with whatever he drank.

Brittany: I'm guessing you guys heard, Vegas wedding, met at the craps table and thought––
Capp: Stripper!
Dawson: [smacks Capp] Capp! Not cool!

Chopper [3.8]

Herman: I guess what I’m trying to say is, dark skies don’t always mean rain.

Arrest in Transit [3.9]

Herrmann: [grins at Casey and Dawson] Mornin', lovebirds.

Otis: Nothing succeeds like success.
Cruz: Oh, so nothing fails like failure, is that what you're saying?

[Severide is showing Brittany around the CFD museum]
Severide: And this is where I learned all about firefighting. I learned as much about protecting people from Shay as I did from any instructor at the academy.
Brittany: Yeah?
Severide: Yeah. That's her badge. Shay was intense. She'd do anything to protect the people she loved.
Brittany: I wish I had known her.

Boden: Mouch, you have got to cancel. Trudy is not the type of woman who can be trifled with.
Mouch: I know. You're right.
Herrmann: Wait, hold on a sec. Mouch is a grown man. Trudy's got no right to tell him who he can and cannot break bread with.
Mouch: There's a certain amount of logic to that.
Herrmann: [to Mouch] I told you not to get Chief involved. You don't need to add this to your plate of concerns, just forget the whole thing happened––
Boden: Mouch, I outrank him. When I say that you have to cancel, you have to cancel, and that is an order.
Mouch: When you're right, you're right.
Boden: You know what? The two of you, get out of my office.

Mills: Guy must have lost his mind, running in like that.
Herrmann: Ah, that's marriage, brother. I'd do anything for Cindy, no matter what might happen to me.

Santa Bites [3.10]

Severide: You ready to be a dad?
Boden: Nope, not at all.
Casey: You tell your father yet?
Boden: Yeah. He cried so hard, I nearly sent the Orlando fire department over to check on him.

Herrmann: [passes a boot around to collect donations] Don't be crying poor on me, Capp. I know what your side job pulls in, come on.
Capp: You don't even know what my side job is.
Herrmann: Sure I do. You're a–– [Capp grins at him] Come on, just throw a 20 in.

Ambush Predator [3.12]


Three Bells [3.13]

Otis: [introduces his grandmother] This is my grandma!
Cruz: This is your grandma?
Otis: Yes, man. She's staying with us. I texted you this.
Cruz: You did not text me this.
Otis: A month ago. I texted you.
Cruz: A month requires an email. [groans] Does she even speak English?
Otis: Not a word.
Cruz: [grumbles to himself] I can't believe it.

Otis: [explains to Cruz why his grandmother is moving in] Joe, you know what? When I wanted to be a firefighter, my parents flipped out. They wanted me to become a doctor like Vlad and Dimitri. Now, my grandmother calls me from Russia and she says to me, "Your mother moved to America to follow her dreams. Now you follow yours." I'm here because of my grandma, so if I have to share a room with her, I will.

Mouch: I don't even understand where Baba's sleeping.
Otis: I have bunk beds.
Herrmann: You put the babushka on a bunk?
Otis: She grew up sleeping in a barn. And it's not like I make her sleep on the top bunk most nights.
Cruz: Look, I'll admit that Baba has her certain charms, but you gotta take her out to dinner or something tomorrow night, all right? [looks at Otis sternly] Sylvie's coming at 9:00 p.m., and you will not ruin this for me.
Otis: I'm telling you, it's zero problem, man. Baba goes to sleep at 8:00 p.m. You won't even know she's there.

Captain Cunningham: I've pulled a bunch of photos of arsonists we've suspected over the years but haven't been able to prosecute. Do you mind if I borrow Kelly for an hour?
Boden: What for?
Cunningham: [shrugs] Intimidation.

Boden: I have a love-hate relationship with these ceremonies. Each one is a reminder that we've lost a member of our family. Leslie Shay was a great paramedic. There are no words that can fill the hole that she left. The woman who rode alongside her from her first day to her last, Gabriela Dawson, would like to say some words.
Dawson: A lot's changed at 51 since losing Shay. We've welcomed in new friends, we got a new rig and, uh and a dream of mine came true. But here's what hasn't changed: this house, this family. It's all as strong as it ever was stronger even, because I think, um I think that deep down in the quiet moments we think to ourselves: Shay would want us to be better. She'd want us to lean on each other. And she'd want us to represent her, every time we go out.

Casey: [to Dawson] You're a hell of a firefighter and I'm not sorry I'm the one who gets to lead you. And I get to look out for you too, if I'm being honest.

Call It Paradise [3.14]


Headlong Towards Disaster [3.15]

Beth: We are both fresh out of serious relationships, looking to have some fun. Fool around, go on a cross-country crime spree.

Boden: Battalion Chief Pat Pridgen will fill in the void. Treat him right. His own house, 17, was closed last year by our old friend Ms. McLeod.
[The men all boo and hiss.]
Chief Pridgen: Aw, come on. McLeod wasn't all bad. As soulless assassins go.

Welch: I'm not here for the conversation. I'm here to do a job. I don't have to like you.

Severide: [sits down in Pridgen's office] What can I do for you, Chief?
Pridgen: Ahh, I wanted to get your take on Lieutenant Casey.
Severide: You mean my roommate and good friend, that Lieutenant Casey?
Pridgen: This would of course be an entirely confidential discussion.
Severide: Ok, well, Matt Casey is about one of the finest firefighters I've had the opportunity to work with in the entire CFD.
Pridgen: He runs a sloppy company and he lacks respect for his superiors.
Severide: I disagree. But, you know, you're entitled to your opinion. [gets up] If there's nothing else...
Pridgen: Help me keep an eye on him.
Severide: Keep an eye on Casey?
Pridgen: I'll make it worth your while.
Severide: Chief, this kind of stuff, this scheming behind closed doors and "keeping an eye" on other officers, that's not how we do things here at 51.

Pridgen: Folks, I think we all learned a lesson here today about why we don't freelance. Isn't that right, Gutter Ball? [looks at Otis, who is covered in smoke]
Casey: Don't talk to my guy like that.
Pridgen: What'd you say?
Casey: He made a great save today. That old man would be dead if not for him. And if he got a little too eager out there, it's only 'cause he was trying to prove himself to you.
Pridgen: I don't like your tone, Lieutenant.
Casey: I don't like yours. Otis and everyone here at 51 have already proven themselves. You ought to treat 'em with respect Chief.
Pridgen: [furious] I want you in my office in five minutes, Lieutenant! You too, Severide! [leaves]
Otis: [to Casey] That was really stupid of you. But thanks.

I Am the Apocalypse [3.19]

Dr. Halstead: When I took this job I didn't know we did our own maintenance work.
Dr. Hannah Tramble: We've a theory. No one likes broken appliances because we have to spend more money at the vending machine.
Dr. Will Halstead: Great vending machine conspiracy. You could get published in JAMA with that.

Casey: We do our jobs. We help these people. Don't let the rest of it mess with your heads.

Herrmann: You need anything, lady?
Dr. Diane Clayman: Time machine.
Herrmann: You and me both.

Boden: The good people of Chicago Med, you made us proud today. [motions to himself and the other firefighters] We are very grateful for the service that you do for us and for the city. It's not said enough.
Sharon Goodwin: Thank you, Chief. We want you all to know that everytime those doors crash open, there are good people, strong people, people at the top of their game ready on the other side.
Boden: [raises his beer bottle] Hear, hear.
Everyone: Hear hear.

You Know Where To Find Me [3.20]

Dawson: [hands Casey his t-shirt] Your shirt that you lent me to, you know, wear home. Um, I washed it.
Casey: You didn't have to do that.
Dawson: Common courtesy. We agreed that what happened wasn't gonna change anything between us, that we were still just friends. And if a friend lent me a shirt, I would wash it.
Casey: Fair enough.
Dawson: No special treatment, right?
Casey: [smiles] Right. Hey, um...great night, though.
Dawson: [smiles] Yeah, it really was.

Brett: Hey, what do you guys know about Erik McAuley? [everyone groans in response]
Herrmann: [chuckles] McAuley the paramedic. He's the worst. Mr. Doom-and-Gloom.
Cruz: Total bummer. Why?
Brett: Since Mills is working Squad, McAuley's gonna relieve him on ambo.
Cruz: Oh, God!
Dawson: No. No, he's not. [notices Boden] Chief, are you bringing McAuley in?
Boden: Yes, I'm short a medic.
Dawson: No! No way. I'll go work on ambo before McAuley comes back here and brings the whole house down with his Eeyore routine.
Boden: Okay, good. Casey. You willing to give up your candidate for a few shifts till I find myself somebody permanent?
Dawson: Wait, what?
Casey: Sure.
Boden: Thank you, Dawson.
[Dawson looks at Casey in dismay]
Brett: Yay! Hey, great. Help me with inventory.
[Cruz, Otis and Mouch grin at her and wave]
Dawson: [glares back] Yeah, okay. Great.

Dawson: [looks at the papers Casey is filing] What's..."Stilettos"? It sounds like a strip club. [Cruz and Otis turn to look] Oh, God. It is a strip club, isn't it?
Casey: Yes...I landed a construction contract expanding a club called Stilettos. Permits just came through.
Cruz: [clears throat] Lieutenant. I've been meaning to ask you, do you, by any chance, need any strong backs for your side business? 'Cause I could use a little scratch.
Casey: [deadpan] You don't say.
Otis: Oh, are you looking for guys, Casey? Because I know my way around a toolbox.
Casey: [glares at them] Fine.

Otis: Where are the girls?
Casey: They're in the other room, working, which is what you're supposed to be doing. Hand me that rafter square, huh? [Otis looks at the toolbox] Sure, you know your way around a toolbox. It's the blue triangle.
Otis: Then why'd you call it a square?
[Later, a stripper Katya walks in and Otis, Cruz and Capp all look at her.]
Katya: Do you guys want something to drink? Jack asked me to take good care of you.
Casey: We're good, thanks.
Katya: You're the boss?
Casey: More like wrangler.
Katya: Well, I'm Katya.
Casey: Hi.
Katya: Jack asked if you could come by the club on Saturday around 8:00 pm.
Casey: Sure, I'll swing by.
Katya: Great. I'll see you then.
Casey: Okay.
[Otis, Cruz and Capp watch Katya walk out, much to Casey's annoyance]
Capp: [grins] This job rocks!

We Called Her Jellybean [3.21]

Boden: Okay, everybody, listen up. Here at 51, we are together 24 hours of the day, and we are indeed a family, and we have been very fortunate not to have much turnover. So I'm gonna say this with the utmost respect. [looks at the crew] Get over it.
Otis: Mills was here for three years, Chief. You can't expect us to just flip a switch and get over it.
Boden: [glares at everyone in the room] And I have been here for 22 years, Otis. Now, my orders are, welcome in the new PIC. Any one of you, you have a problem with that, you come in my office. If you have a legitimate reason, we will discuss it. Other than that, you stop looking like somebody just pissed in your coffee!

Casey: Saturday, which one of you two is helping me install the mirrored glass at Stilettos?
Otis: Um day date. [Cruz gives him the "seriously??" look] I'm taking Barbara to brunch, what?
Casey: Cruz?
Cruz: I can't, Lieutenant.
Casey: [looks at them] You guys get born again, or what?
Dawson: I'll help. So how's this work, Lieutenant? You get paid in singles, or you get checks?
Casey: Very funny.
Dawson: I bet you need a hand getting those poles up, huh?
Casey: [looks at Dawson] Yeah, well Nesbitt's building a whole chain of them. And guess who's gonna be buying their lake house from doing all the work?
Otis: Eh, careful who you get in bed with, Lieutenant.
Casey: What's that mean?
Otis: Seven years in the fire department, guy suddenly quits. Just saying.
Casey: If I only wanted to work with saints, I'd be out of business pretty quick.
Otis: Your call.
Casey: [facetiously] Is it? Well ha. Thank you for letting me make my own decisions, Otis, 'cause I was gonna run everything by you.

Otis: [looks at the picture Mills sent 51] Still can't believe he did it.
Chili: [to Brett] Is that your partner? Yeah. Actually, he worked Squad too.
Cruz: And Truck.
Rice: And he's an unbelievable cook. Mind-blowing.

Category 5 [3.22]


Spartacus [3.23]


Season 4


Let It Burn [4.1]

Patterson: I'd like you to remain with the company. Your reputation as a firefighter is not in question.
Severide: No, just my ability to lead.

Otis: Candidate's late on his first day?
Mouch: Now that takes gumption.

A Taste of Panama City [4.2]

Casey: How's it going with Patterson?
Severide: Ah. I don't know... Maybe they're right. Maybe I'm better off as a smoke eater than a boss. I'll tell you one thing, I don't miss the paperwork.
Casey: Forget that, man. It's all politics. [mutters] I'm getting sucked into this riddled BS.

Duffy: [to Dawson] You need to understand the reality working here. Ninety-nine out of a hundred cases get stamped suspicious/unknown for a reason. Because arson is damn near impossible to prove. Even if you catch a guy pulled on a can full of gas and a box full of matches, it's tough to make it stick.

[Candidate Jimmy Borelli and Otis, Cruz, Mouch and Sergeant Platt are having a drink at Molly's]
Otis: So, first shift. What do you have to say for yourself, Candidate?
Borelli: Best job in the world.
Everyone: Hear, hear.
Borelli: And Herrmann was right. To Molly's, best refuge in all of Chicago.
Platt: [smirks, deadpan] Aww. There's no need to suck up, Borelli. They're gonna bust your balls no matter what. You're the Candidate, son.

Herrmann: When the U.S. Marines stormed Panama to run that crook Noriega out on a rail, he was holed up in the "Holy City". So, how do we smoke him out? A little piece of somethin' special. Psyops, called "noise warfare". These apartment pinheads are about to get a little taste of Panama City circa 1989.

I Walk Away [4.3]

Casey: [to Herrmann, about Borelli] He's got potential. The best Candidate I've seen come through here.
Otis: Uh, former Candidate here.

Cruz: [to Severide] Hold up, you let her borrow your car?? You don't even let me look at your car.

Casey: Machines fail, men don't.

Mouch: [sees Herrmann scratching the numbers of a lucky draw slip] Damn, you know you have a better chance of getting hit by a truck, right?
Herrmann: People get hit by trucks everyday. Otherwise, we'd be out of the job.

[At Molly's, Dawson is behind the counter while Casey and Severide are sitting at the bar.]
Dawson: Can I get you a beer?
Casey: Club soda. [Dawson looks at him] Solidarity!
Dawson: [grins] We'll see how long that lasts.
Severide: [teasing] Club soda, huh? What's next, dad jeans?

Your Day Is Coming [4.4]

Casey: Will, do everything you can for the baby. If it comes down to a choice, you save my girl.
Will: Matt, truth time, when I'm in there she's the only one I'm trying to save.

Hermann: You're amazing, you know that?
Cindy: I think it's more the power of the church phone tree.
Hermann: No, it's you.

Regarding This Wedding [4.5]

Herrmann: [about a deceased retired firefighter] Guy crawls hallways for thirty years, barely makes it six months into his retirement. Anyway your slice it, it's a raw deal.

Borelli: You got something against marriage?
Chili: I mean, I'm sure for plenty of people it's all sunshine and roses.
Otis: Why so down on it?
Chili: After they got married, my parents pretty much tried to kill each other everyday. Then my mom got hooked on heroin and abandoned the family. And so, not a big believer.

Chaplain Orlovsky: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today for a truly special union. A reminder that life's hardships and uncertainties are no match for the love between two people with open hearts and undaunted dedication to one another.

Borelli: Nothing can prepare you for that real thing. You walk into a real fire, it's chaos. That heat, smoke, you can't see anything, your mask feels like it's too tight. Then there's Lieutenant Casey and he's calm and in control and that makes me feel calm.

2112 [4.6]

Cruz: Honesty, it goes both ways, right Captain?
Patterson: Of course.
Cruz: Then honestly tell me what are you doing to this house?
Patterson: Sometimes chain of command comes before everything else, Cruz. You're gonna have to get used to that.

Otis: What if there's an ear in there? Or a single bullet?
Cruz: What is wrong with you?
Otis: I'm talking about gang stuff. Ooh, a rattlesnake.
Cruz: What do you know about gangs, Otis?
Otis: I watched the Wire.

Sharp Elbows [4.7]

Severide: I tried calling you. A few times.
Patterson: Maybe we can talk.

Otis: Are you asking me out?
Brett: Uh, yeah. I talked to Cruz and he said it was cool.

When Tortoises Fly [4.8]

Jimmy: Hey guys, the tortoise is getting away.
Dawson: Mouch, you gonna stop it?
Mouch: What's the rush?

Short and Fat [4.9]

Hermann: Hey, any word on the Chief?
Mouch: I left him three messages that we were buying.
Hermann: Free drinks are usually catnip to him.

The Beating Heart [4.10]

Freddie: You want me dead for what I did.
Cruz: Freddie, I am mad as hell, yeah, but I do not want you dead.

Freddie: What happened to Herrmann bro, I didn't mean to man, it just happened.
Cruz: You let it happen Freddie. Don't ever forget that. You let it happen.

The Path of Destruction [4.11]

Dawson: [sees Capp finishing the bag of chips] Hey! Is that the last bag of chips?
Severide: You can thank your boy Jimmy for that.
Borelli: What am I supposed to do? Psychically predict when we're gonna be on lockdown?
Dawson: [smacks Borelli on the head] I swear, if we run out of food I'm eating you first.

Herrmann: It's a funny thing about tornadoes ain't it? They just drop out of the sky like some random act you've got no control over.
Casey: A lot of things do that to us.

Not Everyone Makes It [4.12]

Mouch: Monogamy. Ever consider it?
Severide: [pauses] Not really...

Connie: Christopher Herrmann, collect call from Pinckneyville State Prison.
Herrmann: Regarding what???
Connie: [glares at Herrmann] Probably something prison related.

The Sky is Falling [4.13]

Dawson: Four dead, seven wounded, families torn apart. For what?
Boden: Hate, ignorance. There's no explanation for it.

Mouch: Fifty bucks a head for a good cause.
Cruz: Oh, what's the cause?
Mouch: It's to be determined at this time.

Casey: You think Antonio would be willing to-
Dawson: Investigate a city alderman?
Casey: Who is skimming money off a charity.

All Hard Parts [4.14]

Casey: Herrmann, did you try and rig it by making Jimmy look like a bum so we'd all get fleeced?
Herrmann: Yes.
Brett: See this is why I don't bet on sports.
Dawson: Also, you don't understand them.

Dawson: You sure I can't talk you out of this?
Jimmy: Forfeit? No way you trained me, I'm ready.
Dawson: Well, I trained you for Roman.
Roman: Hey, I hurt my wrist, not my ears

Bad for the Soul [4.15]

Cruz: Look Lieutenant, I don't feel right about putting you in the middle of this. The position of the aerial, it wasn't part of our rescue, so maybe we don't put it in, you know?
Severide: You sure about what you saw?
Cruz: One hundred percent
Severide: Then that's how we file it.

Herrmann: I'll post a copy over at Molly's. Ten percent off all drinks for anybody who signs the petition.
Mouch: Pretty sure that's illegal.
Herrmann: Five percent then.
Mouch: Still illegal.

Two T's [4.16]

Kidd: And don't tell me that you and Casey have never gotten busy in the firehouse.
Dawson': That's besides the point.
Kidd: Mm-hmm.

Brett: Luckily, there's a police officer who owes me a favor. Not like that. I mean -- it's, it's not what you think.
Jimmy: I have no idea what you're talking about.

What Happened to Courtney? [4.17]

Otis: Why can't we vote online yet? They do in Canada. Some parts, anyway.
Casey: They do a lot of strange things in some parts of Canada.

Herrmann: Stella, I can't hire your broken-down ex for my only daughter's birthday.
Kidd: He'll do it for free as long as he gets to record it.
Herrmann: Deal.

On the Warpath [4.18]

Kidd: Oh Oh, Alderman Casey!
Cruz: Alderman Casey, Alderman Casey.
Mouch: Electrical pole in my backyard blocks my view. Anything you can do?
Kidd: Alderman Casey, I have a pothole the size of Lake Michigan on my street.
Otis: Uh, some guy keeps pissing in the elevator in my and Cruz's building.
Casey: Okay. All right. You guys feel free to write all that down and leave it on my desk.
Cruz: Oh, hey, check it out. "New alderman for the 52nd ward, Matthew Casey."
Brett: Oh, "Casey with his wife by his side."
Dawson: Ha! It Actually says wife. Damn, did I miss my own wedding?
Casey: Well, I would have invited you, but you get so rowdy at parties.
Kidd: Ooh, Alderman speaks the truth.
Mouch: I'd kill to miss my wedding. Speaking of, anybody want to write some vows?
Dawson: Hey, I got a smokin' dress for that wedding. You better make it good.

I Will Be Walking [4.19]

Casey: I'm going to walk you to school.
Victor: I don't need a babysitter.
Casey: I know you don't. But I'm still walking you to school.

Casey: I've been going about this trying to solve it like an alderman. Now, I'm going to handle it like a man.
Boden: What're you going to do?
Casey: I'm going to walk him to school.

The Last One for Mom [4.20]

JJ: She likes you.
Severide: Your mom?
JJ: She calls you Kelly. Ever since my dad died, she calls almost every guy "nitwit", but you're just Kelly.

Nelson: Al Nelson, I'm with the Board of Ethics. I'm here to discuss the bribe you received.
Casey: I didn't realize the Board of Ethics would be involved.
Nelson: No? Do you know what the Board of Ethics does?

Kind of a crazy idea [4.21]

Kidd: I figured you were just paying me back for pulling your ass out of that fire.
Severide: Is that what happened?
Kidd: Hell yeah. I saved your life. Don't forget it.

Kidd: What I am talking about is artisanal ice cubes. Look, Severide knows. Severide, you ever order a Scotch on the rocks and they bring you one, giant, perfectly clear ice cube?
Severide: Yeah.
Kidd: So, it's pretty awesome right?
Severide: Yeah, it keeps the drink cold, if that's what you mean.

Where the Collapse Started [4.22]

Antonio: You either go get her and make this right for good, or you leave her the hell alone.
Casey: You want to intimidate someone, Antonio, take it back to the 21st. If you're just giving advice then I can tell you, I don't want it.

Mouch: See what I heard when they said medical leave was four weeks paid vacation.
Kidd: Yeah shouldn't you be on a single's tour of Middle Earth or something?

Superhero [4.23]

[Dawson writes a letter to Louie in case she dies on duty]
Dawson: Dear Louie, Chief Boden asked us to write letters to our loved one in case something ever went wrong on a call. I had the hardest time writing this letter until you came into my life. I've given up a lot to get to where I am but, when I look at you, I know it was all worth it. I want you to know that the life I've lived, the sacrifices I've made, it was in the service of helping others. Sacrifice is the hardest of all human actions, but anyone who puts on a uniform to help others knows it's also the most important. We pay a price for our service and sometimes that price is beyond our limits. I've made mistakes and bad choices, but life has a way of giving all of us second chances. Never doubt the power of goodness in one's heart. Or, for a single second, that together we make an incredible family. And you will be loved, always.

Season 5


The Hose or the Animal [5.1]

Brett: The main firefighter's nickname is "Manimal" because he's half-man, half-animal in the sack
Mouch: Not that's not...that...That, that's ridiculous.
Brett: "Mouch", Man-couch.
Mouch: First of all, I'm pretty sure "Manimal" is a copyright violation. Second of all, he's married to a police sergeant.

Mouch: The union's between a rock and a rock here. There's what happened and then there's the perception of what happened. Jimmy filed a grievance against you, as is his right, and then you suspended him.
Boden: For insubordination.
Mouch: Yes, but you can see where it might not come across that way.

A Real Wake-Up Call [5.2]

[Dawson and Casey have been interviewing babysitters for Louie but have yet to decide on one.]
Dawson: You don't think Louie deserves the best?
Casey: I just think we should find him a sitter before he turns 18.

Kidd: This whole thing has been a wake-up call Grant! You have to do this. You can't do it solo. I couldn't when I went through it. Remember? I probably wouldn't have made it out of my teens if it weren't for your help. Don't think I don't know that. I wish that I was the one Who could help you. But I have tried everything that I know how to do, and it and it only makes things worse. I didn't press charges because I'm not making decisions for you anymore.

Scorched Earth [5.3]


Nobody Else is Dying Today [5.4]


I Held Her Hand [5.5]

Herrmann: This guy defaced our house. That's a middle finger to everyone of us.

Mouch: Hitting us twice in two shifts takes balls.
Herrmann: First thing I'm going to cut off when we catch him.

That Day [5.6]

Casey: Truth always comes out for the innocent.

Lift Each Other [5.7]


One Hundred [5.8]

Victim's father: What's that smell?
Dawson: He was cooking hash.
Victim's mother: Hash browns?
Victim's father: No, honey, hash. Drugs.

[In Casey's office]
Severide: What am I doing?
Casey: [confused] What?
Severide: What's the purpose?
Casey: Okay, you're gonna have to help me out here.
Severide: This morning, the girl I had a very nice time with is in the bathroom, and I realize I can't remember her name. It is Jessica? Is it Jennifer? And so I slyly look in her purse, and see if I can find her driver's license.
Casey: [chuckles] She caught you.
Severide: She thought I was ripping her off.
Casey: Noooo. Oh, so what was it? Jennifer? Jessica?
Severide: I don't know. I don't know! I'm serious, man. What am I doing?
Casey: Uh, everything that everyone else wishes they could do.
Severide: You know what I felt today as I got blasted in the head by a fireball? Nothing.
Casey: Let's get away. Boys' fishing trip someplace warm. Beers, cigars, and a boat. Get the hell out of Chicago and recharge our batteries.

[Brett freaks out at a patient dressed up as a clown]
Dawson: You okay?
Brett: It's a clown.
Dawson: It's an idiot with makeup on. Some internet fad scaring people.
Brett: Well, it works.

Some Make It, Some Don't [5.9]

Otis: [after getting drenched in India pale ale during a call, annoyed] Taking a beer shower sounds great. 'till you actually do it.

Dawson: Wait, we're actually married.
Casey: So said the judge.
Dawson: That makes me so happy.
Casey: Me too.
Dawson: Makes me think we can get through anything.
Casey: Good, because we can.

The People We Meet [5.10]

[Severide celebrates he's allowed to go through the donation without anesthesia]
Sharon Goodwin: You can't take the fight out of a soldier.

[Jeff, after the donation took place, to Severide]
Clarke: What you did for Anna... It's the bravest thing I ever saw.

[Dawson and Casey are saying goodbye to Louie]
Louie: Can I take my monkey with me?
Dawson: Of course you can. Here, You can take everything with you. Your new room... It's so big and sunny, and all your toys can fit in there. You remember when you first came to live with us? How brave and strong you were? And everything turned out okay, didn't it? [Trying to pretend she's not crying] Well, I think that if you are really brave and strong today, that this new home, everything's gonna turn out even better, okay? And we're not going anywhere, I will always be there for you, anytime you want, for the rest of your life. I love you, I will always love you, you hear me?

Boden: Our family are not all here, I get that, and several of them are hurt. They may be suffering but they are not weak, they are among the strongest mean and women that I know. That is what it is to be one of us, to be a firefighter, to be able to change the fate of the people that we meet. That means when we turn up at a call, we don't see strangers, we see mothers and fathers, sons and daughters. It means that when we see others running out of that fire, we run in. The job we've taken on is to make a difference. What some in this house have done this week, sacrificing their own health, their own happiness for that of another, that is the true meaning of what we do.

Who Lives and Who Dies [5.11]

Brett: [sees Otis trying to get Herrmann unstuck from a mousetrap] Hm, couldn't resist the cheese, huh?
Herrmann: You try setting that medieval contraption!

Dawson: I'm lucky enough to know how it feels to hug my own child and tell him that everything's gonna be okay. And how I remember it It's the best feeling in the world. So do that for your daughter, for your granddaughter, for yourself. Because, these moments you don't get a whole lot of time before they're over, you know.

Herrmann: [to Dawson and Casey] Sometimes, it is better to live with the pain for a little while. Process it, you know? Losing Louie was a real blow. There is no harm in admitting that to yourselves.

An Agent of the Machine [5.12]

Cruz: [about Severide] Behind his back we call him FILO. First in, last out.
Dennis Mack: Ok, so he's tough but can he lead?
Cruz: Is he a cheerleader? No. Would any of us follow him anywhere? Damn right we would.

Boden: Sitting and waiting, not really in the firefighter's skillset.
Jay Halstead: I work for Hank Voight so I can handle a little attitude, Chief.

Trading in Scuttlebutt [5.13]

Mouch: It is better to give than to receive.
Cruz: Said every sucker in the history of the world.

[Mouch and Herrmann are called to Boden's office]
Mouch: You wanted to see us?
Boden: Yeah. I have three questions. [reads off notepad] Are you going to Kenny Fallwell's cocktail party? If so, are your wives going? And what are they wearing?
Mouch: You wrote those down.
Boden: I just hung up with Donna. She wanted me to ask.
Herrmann: Well, yes, yes, and we will have Cindy and Trudy text her.

Severide: Hey, I know you got the Alderman thing, and that pretty much keeps your hands full, but you ever wanna be a chief?
Casey: Not gunning for it, but down the road, sure. You?
Severide: I don't know. Lot of responsibility.

Dawson: Brett, what's going on?
Brett: Okay, look. I am batting about a zero with men lately. Good men, bad men, all men. I'm either pushing them away, or they're pushing me, and then I look at you, and I think, "Wow, what she has is perfect."
Dawson: You know how many guys I had to date before I met Casey? There was Jake, who cheated on me with his high school girlfriend, and Logan, whose parents could not approve of a Latino. And finally Dr. Mike. He was about as romantic as a German teacher. Look, the point is there were a lot of really bad breakups before Casey. Your Casey is out there, but you don't have to change who you are to find him.

Boden: Sometimes when you're a chief, you just got to suck it up and nod yes.
Casey: [smirks] Doesn't sound much different than when you're a lieutenant.

Herrmann: [speaking to his son's class] This is the thing about false alarms: as firefighters, we don't know whether or not it is false, so we need to assume that it's real, and we have to go help the people even though those people may be just playing some big, dumb joke. See, we always help people, whether they deserve it or not.

Cast and Characters



  • Jesse Spencer as Lieutenant Matthew Casey: Truck Company 81 (Season 1 — present)
  • Taylor Kinney as Lieutenant Kelly Severide: Rescue Squad 3 (Season 1 — present)
  • Monica Raymund as Paramedic in Charge / Firefighter Gabriela Dawson (Season 1 — 6 Guest: 7-8)
  • Eamonn Walker as Chief Wallace Boden: Battalion 25 (Season 1 — present)
  • David Eigenberg as Christopher Herrmann: Truck Co. 81 (Season 1 — present)
  • Charlie Barnett as Firefighter / Paramedic in Charge Peter Mills: Ambulance 61 (Season 1 — Season 3)
  • Joe Minoso as Joe Cruz: chauffeur of Truck Co. 81 Season 1-Season 3), Rescue Squad 3 (Season 3 — present)
  • Yuri Sardarov as Brian "Otis" Zvonecek: Truck Co. 81 (Season 1 recurring, Season 2 — present)
  • Christian Stolte as Randy "Mouch" McHolland: Truck Co. 81 (Season 1 — present)
  • Teri Reeves as Dr. Hallie Thomas (Season 1 only)
  • Lauren German as Paramedic Leslie Shay: Ambulance 61 (Seasons 1 — 2)
  • Kara Killmer as Paramedic Sylvie Brett: Ambulance 61 (Season 3 — present)
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  • Miranda Rae Mayo as Firefighter Stella Kidd (Season 4 — present)


  • Randy Flagler as Capp: Rescue Squad 3
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  • Jeff Hephner as Firefighter now Lieutenant Jeff Clarke: Rescue Squad 3 (Season 2)
  • Edwin Hodge as Rick Newhouse: Rescue Squad 3 (Season 2 — present)
  • Warren Christie as Scott Rice: Rescue Squad 3


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