Chicago Fire/Season 5

season of television series

Chicago Fire is an American television series which aired from 2012 onwards.

The Hose or the Animal [5.1]Edit

Brett: The main firefighter's nickname is "Manimal" because he's half-man, half-animal in the sack
Mouch: Not that's not...that...That, that's ridiculous.
Brett: "Mouch", Man-couch.
Mouch: First of all, I'm pretty sure "Manimal" is a copyright violation. Second of all, he's married to a police sergeant.

Mouch: The union's between a rock and a rock here. There's what happened and then there's the perception of what happened. Jimmy filed a grievance against you, as is his right, and then you suspended him.
Boden: For insubordination.
Mouch: Yes, but you can see where it might not come across that way.

A Real Wake-Up Call [5.2]Edit

[Dawson and Casey have been interviewing babysitters for Louie but have yet to decide on one.]
Dawson: You don't think Louie deserves the best?
Casey: I just think we should find him a sitter before he turns 18.

Stella Kidd: This whole thing has been a wake-up call Grant! You have to do this. You can't do it solo. I couldn't when I went through it. Remember? I probably wouldn't have made it out of my teens if it weren't for your help. Don't think I don't know that. I wish that I was the one Who could help you. But I have tried everything that I know how to do, and it and it only makes things worse. I didn't press charges because I'm not making decisions for you anymore.

Scorched Earth [5.3]Edit

Nobody Else is Dying Today [5.4]Edit

I Held Her Hand [5.5]Edit

Herrmann: This guy defaced our house. That's a middle finger to everyone of us.

Mouch: Hitting us twice in two shifts takes balls.
Herrmann: First thing I'm going to cut off when we catch him.

That Day [5.6]Edit

Casey: Truth always comes out for the innocent.

Lift Each Other [5.7]Edit

One Hundred [5.8]Edit

Victim's father: What's that smell?
Dawson: He was cooking hash.
Victim's mother: Hash browns?
Victim's father: No, honey, hash. Drugs.

[In Casey's office]
Severide: What am I doing?
Casey: [confused] What?
Severide: What's the purpose?
Casey: Okay, you're gonna have to help me out here.
Severide: This morning, the girl I had a very nice time with is in the bathroom, and I realize I can't remember her name. It is Jessica? Is it Jennifer? And so I slyly look in her purse, and see if I can find her driver's license.
Casey: [chuckles] She caught you.
Severide: She thought I was ripping her off.
Casey: Noooo. Oh, so what was it? Jennifer? Jessica?
Severide: I don't know. I don't know! I'm serious, man. What am I doing?
Casey: Uh, everything that everyone else wishes they could do.
Severide: You know what I felt today as I got blasted in the head by a fireball? Nothing.
Casey: Let's get away. Boys' fishing trip someplace warm. Beers, cigars, and a boat. Get the hell out of Chicago and recharge our batteries.

[Brett freaks out at a patient dressed up as a clown]
Dawson: You okay?
Brett: It's a clown.
Dawson: It's an idiot with makeup on. Some internet fad scaring people.
Brett: Well, it works.

Some Make It, Some Don't [5.9]Edit

Otis: [after getting drenched in India pale ale during a call, annoyed] Taking a beer shower sounds great. 'till you actually do it.

Dawson: Wait, we're actually married.
Casey: So said the judge.
Dawson: That makes me so happy.
Casey: Me too.
Dawson: Makes me think we can get through anything.
Casey: Good, because we can.

The People We Meet [5.10]Edit

[Severide celebrates he's allowed to go through the donation without anesthesia]
Sharon Goodwin: You can't take the fight out of a soldier.

[Jeff, after the donation took place, to Severide]
Clarke: What you did for Anna... It's the bravest thing I ever saw.

[Dawson and Casey are saying goodbye to Louie]
Louie: Can I take my monkey with me?
Dawson: Of course you can. Here, You can take everything with you. Your new room... It's so big and sunny, and all your toys can fit in there. You remember when you first came to live with us? How brave and strong you were? And everything turned out okay, didn't it? [Trying to pretend she's not crying] Well, I think that if you are really brave and strong today, that this new home, everything's gonna turn out even better, okay? And we're not going anywhere, I will always be there for you, anytime you want, for the rest of your life. I love you, I will always love you, you hear me?

Boden: Our family are not all here, I get that, and several of them are hurt. They may be suffering but they are not weak, they are among the strongest mean and women that I know. That is what it is to be one of us, to be a firefighter, to be able to change the fate of the people that we meet. That means when we turn up at a call, we don't see strangers, we see mothers and fathers, sons and daughters. It means that when we see others running out of that fire, we run in. The job we've taken on is to make a difference. What some in this house have done this week, sacrificing their own health, their own happiness for that of another, that is the true meaning of what we do.

Who Lives and Who Dies [5.11]Edit

Brett: [sees Otis trying to get Herrmann unstuck from a mousetrap] Hm, couldn't resist the cheese, huh?
Herrmann: You try setting that medieval contraption!

Dawson: I'm lucky enough to know how it feels to hug my own child and tell him that everything's gonna be okay. And how I remember it It's the best feeling in the world. So do that for your daughter, for your granddaughter, for yourself. Because, these moments you don't get a whole lot of time before they're over, you know.

Herrmann: [to Dawson and Casey] Sometimes, it is better to live with the pain for a little while. Process it, you know? Losing Louie was a real blow. There is no harm in admitting that to yourselves.

An Agent of the Machine [5.12]Edit

Cruz: [about Severide] Behind his back we call him FILO. First in, last out.
Dennis Mack: Ok, so he's tough but can he lead?
Cruz: Is he a cheerleader? No. Would any of us follow him anywhere? Damn right we would.

Boden: Sitting and waiting, not really in the firefighter's skillset.
Jay Halstead: I work for Hank Voight so I can handle a little attitude, Chief.

Trading in Scuttlebutt [5.13]Edit

Mouch: It is better to give than to receive.
Cruz: Said every sucker in the history of the world.

[Mouch and Herrmann are called to Boden's office]
Mouch: You wanted to see us?
Boden: Yeah. I have three questions. [reads off notepad] Are you going to Kenny Fallwell's cocktail party? If so, are your wives going? And what are they wearing?
Mouch: You wrote those down.
Boden: I just hung up with Donna. She wanted me to ask.
Herrmann: Well, yes, yes, and we will have Cindy and Trudy text her.

Severide: Hey, I know you got the Alderman thing, and that pretty much keeps your hands full, but you ever wanna be a chief?
Casey: Not gunning for it, but down the road, sure. You?
Severide: I don't know. Lot of responsibility.

Dawson: Brett, what's going on?
Brett: Okay, look. I am batting about a zero with men lately. Good men, bad men, all men. I'm either pushing them away, or they're pushing me, and then I look at you, and I think, "Wow, what she has is perfect."
Dawson: You know how many guys I had to date before I met Casey? There was Jake, who cheated on me with his high school girlfriend, and Logan, whose parents could not approve of a Latino. And finally Dr. Mike. He was about as romantic as a German teacher. Look, the point is there were a lot of really bad breakups before Casey. Your Casey is out there, but you don't have to change who you are to find him.

Boden: Sometimes when you're a chief, you just got to suck it up and nod yes.
Casey: [smirks] Doesn't sound much different than when you're a lieutenant.

Herrmann: [speaking to his son's class] This is the thing about false alarms: as firefighters, we don't know whether or not it is false, so we need to assume that it's real, and we have to go help the people even though those people may be just playing some big, dumb joke. See, we always help people, whether they deserve it or not.

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