Chach of Aror

maharaja of Sindh

Chach was a Hindu Brahmin king of Sindh region of the Indian subcontinent in the mid-7th century AD. Chach expanded the kingdom of Sindh, and his successful efforts to subjugate surrounding monarchies and ethnic groups into an empire covering the entire Indus valley and beyond were recorded in the Chach Nama.


  • It happens one day that the queen, normally secluded in the private apartments of the palace, sees the handsome Brahmin prime minister. She falls in love with him and makes a declaration to him. He is nervous. He tells the queen that there are four things men should never trust or take for granted—a king, fire, wind, and water. But the queen pleads; she asks only to be allowed to look at Chach once a day. And in the end she has her way. Chach, the Brahmin ascetic, becomes the queen’s lover, and his power in the kingdom of Sind is second only to that of the king.
    • Naipaul, V.S. - Among the Believers (Vintage, 1982)
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