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UDScott this is not a common practice, and I already added the links to the Wikipedia's articles, if someone want to see the encyclopedic content it's there, this contet it's out of the scope of Wikiquote, especially in a category. WQ:NOT Rupert loup (talk) 20:49, 26 June 2018 (UTC)

Rupert, I completely disagree and do not see the harm in having such introductory text on a category page. In this case, people might be pretty aware of what the Democratic Party is, but the intent of placing such information on a category page is to ensure that people understand what a category is. It appears elsewhere (for example Category:Film noir - where I absolutely believe it is essential so that people understand the category and it relation to other film categories). If text beyond just a simple introduction were add, I would agree that it is too much, but that is not the case here. I also do not believe that WQ:NOT even applies in this situation. I will raise the issue in a larger forum to gather other opinions on this, but I don't understand your aversion to the practice. And I do not understand why you feel it is a negative. ~ UDScott (talk) 13:08, 29 June 2018 (UTC)
Category:Film noir is a category that you created not long ago, can you give other examples on how is common practice? Also this category is for Democrats, not for the party in general and if there should be an introuduction it should state something very briefly. I don't have feelings about it but it seems against the consensus established in WQ:NOT. We still don't have an official manual of style on categories, and I would like to have a consensus on that, the close with have is WQ:CAT. Rupert loup (talk) 22:16, 29 June 2018 (UTC)
But I don't really care about this issue to be honest, so I will not interfere if you want to re add the content. ~
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