Carlo Biotti

Judge of Supreme Court of Cassation, President of the Milan Court, board member of the football team AC Milan

Carlo Biotti (born 1901) is an Italian judge, the President of the Court of Milan, a Magistrate of the Supreme Court and board member of AC Milan soccer team.

Quotes of Carlo Biotti edit

  • Possono pure trasferirmi a Siracusa, ma io tornerò a Milano, voglio guardare in faccia il giudice che potrà negare la riesumazione della salma di Pinelli.
    • They can also transfer me to Syracuse, but I will return to Milan, I want to face the judge who will be able to deny the exhumation of the body of Pinelli.
      • Quoted in [1] Luigi Bianchi d’Espinosa, 12 dicembre 1969 Piazza Fontana Strage di Stato,, 20 april 2013.
  • E allora cada Sansone con tutti i Filistei.
    • And then Samson falls with all the Philistines.
      • President Biotti does not allow himself to be intimidated and does not want to give up asking for the exhumation and autopsy on Pinelli's body. Camilla Cederna, "Pinelli Una finestra sulla strage" Milano, Feltrinelli, 1971
  • You have broken my soul (addressing lawyer of the Calabresi Defense Avv. Michele Lener) the court will do what it has to do; if he has to do an appraisal he will.
      • Camilla Cederna, "Pinelli Una finestra sulla strage" Milano, Feltrinelli, 1971
  • Excuse me, but I don't understand why you always laugh when you talk about the window, and at a certain point you explode: "You talk too much, sergeant, answer"...Once even Judge Biotti snaps, who usually slows down the tension of the hearing with his good-natured mediation.
      • Camilla Cederna, "Pinelli Una finestra sulla strage", Milano, Feltrinelli, 1971
  • Stringerò sempre e comunque la mano ad un uomo che me la porge.
    • I will always shake hands with a man who offers it to me.
      • 7 June 1971, at the Court of Milan. The reference is to the defendant Baldelli who, once the hearing is over, approaches President Biotti, warning that he would be absent at the next hearing, and Biotti usually shakes hands with anyone offering it to him. Camilla Cederna, "Pinelli Una finestra sulla strage" Milano, Feltrinelli, 1971

Quotes about Carlo Biotti edit

  • Poco dopo, il 15 dicembre 1969, sapete tutti cosa accadde, o forse meglio, ciò che accadde nessuno di noi lo ha mai veramente saputo, testimoni oculari esclusi. Pinelli cade da quella finestra del commissariato e si apre una delle mille pagine vergognose della giustizia italiana. Una pagina che contiene anche il racconto della storia dimenticata di Carlo Biotti. Una altro di quei romanzi che andrebbero riletti.
    • Shortly after, on December 15, 1969, you all know what happened, or perhaps better, what happened none of us has ever really known, except eyewitnesses. Pinelli falls from that police station window and one of the thousand shameful pages of Italian justice opens up. A page that also contains the story of the forgotten story of Carlo Biotti. Another one of those novels that should be re-read.

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