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Camp Lazlo: Where's Lazlo?

2007 film directed by Joe Murray

Where's Lazlo is a television special based on the animated series Camp Lazlo. Sequentially, this movie was released during the third season of Camp Lazlo, but chronologically the events occur at the start of the series. The plot centers on how the Jelly Cabin trio met, and Lazlo's struggle to fit into the strict atmosphere of Camp Kidney.

By season 3, when this special was released, the personalities of the characters had evolved beyond the personalities of the earlier episodes, but these evolved traits were incorporated into this hour-long movie.


Raj: Lazlo! I can't believe he's gohohone! how could he leave us?
Clam: Our pal! he was our little monkey!
Raj: We were a trio. It seemed like only yesterday when we first met.
Clam: Yes, tell story.

Lumpus: [to Slinkman] It's a miracle! Lazlo has returned! [opens door]
Slinkman: That's not Lazlo, that's just camper Samson scratching his armpit and eating a banana.
Lumpus: Don't be ridiculous Slinkman!
Samson: [shouting] He made me do it! [hits Lumpus] Bad moose!

Weasel: How would you know what it's like to be chased by that cursed monkey? Over and over again, all around that cursed mulberry bush! And do you know what the worst thing is?
Raj: What?
Weasel: I am allergic to mulberry bushes!

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