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CSI: Miami (2002–2012) is a dramatic television series about the Forensics Crime Lab in Miami. It is a spin-off of the popular series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Countermeasures (10.01)Edit

Austin: My dad's gone now, and...my mom...I thought maybe... we could stay with you for a while. Before that.
Calleigh: Oh, Austin...
Austin: Pretty stupid, isn't it?
Calleigh: No. That's not stupid. I would love to be able to say...that I could take you and your sister. But I have this job. And it's a big one. And it takes a lot of my time. And it... it asks a lot of me. Sometimes too much.

Natalia: We bent over backwards for you. I stood in that court and I stood up for you, and I told that judge that you were a changed man, and you tried to kill us?
Randy: You know what you got me? You got me nothing. Nothing!
Natalia: No, now you've got nothing! If you come at me one more time, I will put a bullet in your brain. Do you understand me?

Stiff (10.02)Edit

Ryan: (after Walter has startled him by coming up behind him) What are you, eight years old?
Walter: (chuckling) Seven.
Ryan: What is wrong with you?

Hotel Manager: (after Ryan has asked where the body is for a second time without keeping quiet for the guests) It's in the cabana, but the door is locked. My security chief is on his way down with the master key. It's the last cabana on the left.
Ryan: (whispering) Okay. Have a nice day.

Blown Away (10.03)Edit

Look Who's Taunting (10.04)Edit

Eric: So Elizabeth, huh?
Elizabeth: What were you expecting? Angel? Trixie, maybe?

Diego: Lieutenant, all that I need in this life is my family. There must be something that you need.
Horatio: You know, Diego, offering a police officer a bribe is a crime.
Diego: So is allowing these girls to be murdered.
Horatio: Diego, I'm gonna take your son off the street one way or another.
Diego: Unless I take you off first.
Horatio: Hey, Diego. It might not be that easy.

Killer Regrets (10.05)Edit

Memmo: You know, I've been thinking... grace. It's like forgiveness, right?
Horatio: It can be.
Memmo: So what I did today might have earned me a little?
Horatio: That's up to you.

By the Book (10.06)Edit

Calleigh: Repeated line I hate Halloween

Sinner Takes all (10.07)Edit

Walter: Suspect description, same as the Bal Harbor robbery, H - devil mask, a TEC-9 automatic.
Horatio: So it's him again, isn't, Walter?
Walter: Yup. Makes it what, ten big games that he's hit so far? Wonder how much he got away with this time. One, maybe two million? Huh... All right, so the chandelier must have gotten hit when the robber opened fire. Dropped on this poor bastard who picked the wrong seat, crushing him to death.
Horatio: Maybe not, Walter. That's a bullet hole.
Walter: Look at that. Sure is. Glass from the broken chandelier bulbs inside the wound means that he was shot before the chandelier fell on him.
Horatio: Collateral damage from the shooting.
Walter: Guy's never shot anybody before, H. He's making mistakes.
Horatio: Yes, he is, Walter. And we all pay for our mistakes.

Dead Ringer (10.08)Edit

Dr. Tom Loman: [about their victim] I'm afraid I have bad news. Liver temp's eighteen degrees below normal.
Horatio: She died within the last twelve hours.
Natalia: We've been following Esteban for twenty-four.
Frank: So he couldn't have done this.
Horatio: We just became his alibi.

A Few Dead Men (10.09)Edit

Dr. Tom Loman: Multiple sharp-force injuries, ten in total. One puncture wound on his upper back, eight more puncture wounds on the front of his torso... and a single wound in his upper thigh. Combined, the puncture wounds caused extensive internal bleeding. This man died a brutal death.

Bruce: Man to man...what would you do if your son was murdered, and the killer set free?
Horatio: I wouldn't have got caught.

Victor: Will God forgive me... for what we did to that boy?
Horatio: Not a chance.

Long Gone (10.10)Edit

Ryan: [After Delko pointed out that Ryan lifted an old shoeprint] What is it with you? You can't let me have two minutes of enjoyment here? [Delko chuckles]

Frank: [after he, Calleigh, and a patrol officer walk into an ambush] Calleigh's in there pulling rounds out of the wall. I'm glad they're not pulling 'em out of me.

Crowned (10.11)Edit

Edwin: I'm sorry, okay? I can change, I know I can.
Horatio: None of us changes that much. I think you're going to fall.
Edwin: Then you gotta help me!
Horatio: Do I?

Calleigh: Listen, do you know where Melrose Gramercy is?
Delko: She's here in MDPD with her father.
Calleigh: Keep an eye on her for me, would you? You know what I say when it comes to kids?
Delko: Yeah. Trust no one. I know.
Walter: Sam O., I got something.

Samantha: (cheery) Oh, way to go, Simmons.
Walter: Was that supposed to be funny?
Samantha: Well, seeing that you're holding biological evidence in the trace lab, I figured you came in here for an ego boost.

Friendly Fire (10.12)Edit

Matthew: I bet you're wondering why it had to be like this. It was my last resort, the only way I could get people to believe me. No one knew what i'd put in motion, but I knew that the officers from Miami Dade Police Department could decipher my message. I needed people with no agenda, people who would follow an investigation no matter where it went. we make choices ever day, some we're conscious of, others we're not. These choices affect others, not just ourselves and not always in good ways. For that I'm truly sorry. But we all must follow our own path, no matter where it leads. And I hope I can be forgiven for my mistakes. I'm not perfect, but then again, none of us are. These choices, they're up to all of you now and I pray you make them with the same ethic I've tried to live by; in the end, I guess that all that matters is that you try to leave this place a little better than when you got here. The time is now.

Terminal Velocity (10.13)Edit

Natalia: Okay, if the kids don't show up, then fine. But what if your kids show up at your door? How can you just walk away from your own flesh and blood?
Ryan: If the kid had my nose, I'd be able to.
Natalia: (laughs) I think it's cute.

Ryan Wolfe: (Talking about skydiving, which Walter refuses to do) You're being such a baby. You know, statistically it's quite safe.
Walter: (Referring to the victim) Let's ask Kevin how safe it is. Kevin! Ke- that's right, Kevin's dead.
Ryan: Walter too soon, too-too soon, too soon.

Last Straw (10.14)Edit

Elle: Yeah, I-I'm sorry. Um... I... I've been through a lot lately. I-I lost my job, I had to move home. It's just been really hard. I'm... I'm pathetic.
Horatio: I don't agree with that.

[Elle is being accused of murdering the sorority sisters who tormented her in college]

Joanna: If my daughter did this, it's because she was driven to it.

Horatio: Mr. Toring, attempting to lie to me is an unwise practice.

No Good Deed (10.15)Edit

Rest in Pieces (10.16)Edit

Dr. Tom Loman: Horatio, I've been doing this work a long time. I've seen my share, but... Esteban... he needs to be stopped.

Horatio: I'm gonna find you, Vina. I'm not gonna rest until I put you down a dark hole.
Vina: Ah... I can't wait.

At Risk (10.17)Edit

Law and Disorder (Part 1) (10.18)Edit

Frank: Well, the driver's sober. He said he didn't see the victim in the alleyway.
Horatio: We got a cause of death?
Dr. Tom Loman: Her cervical vertebrae and lateral malleoli are crushed.
Horatio: So she's got a broken neck.
Dr. Tom Loman: Not exactly. These injuries suggest she was already on the ground when run over. And look... frothing. And... ocular miosis.
Horatio: Which tells you what?
Dr. Tom Loman: These are all symptoms of being poisoned by a nerve agent. Odds are, she was already dead when the car hit her.
Horatio: So what you're saying is the car was unrelated to her death.
Dr. Tom Loman: She's cyanotic. I'd say she was poisoned minutes ago at most.
Frank: Maybe the killer's still inside, Horatio.
Horatio: Frank, lock it down. Nobody leaves.

Habeas Corpse (Part 2) (10.19)Edit

Horatio: I want you to remove yourself from the case.
Owens: What?!
Horatio: You're put the lab in jeopardy, and I want you off the case.

Walter: Hey, man, next time you decide to go rogue, give a brother a call for backup.
Ryan: Walter...thanks for having my back, man. Good looking out.