Bunnytown (2007-2008) is an American television show on Playhouse Disney that follows the adventures of puppet rabbits who sing songs and have fun.


Narrator: Cave Bunniiieeees!
[Now a cave bunny struggles to push a boulder]
Green Cave Bunny: [grunting] Ugh. Me try to push rock, but it's so heavy.

[The green cave bunny continues pushing and straining but to no avail. On the other side, an orange cave bunny with one sharp tooth pushes towards the green cave bunny in the opposite direction]

Orange Cave Bunny: Ugh. Me trying to push rock. But it's so heavy!
[Both cave bunnies strain and grunt as they try to push the rock but they are pushing in opposite directions, causing the rock to not move.]
[They push again, but they hunch over. They look at each other]
Green Cave Bunny: Oh.
Both: Hey!
Orange Cave Bunny: What you doing here?
Green Cave Bunny: Me try to push rock.
Orange Cave Bunny: Me too!
Both: Hey! Push rock!

[They both return to pushing the red colored rock at different sides. It doesn't budge. They heave a sigh]

Green Cave Bunny: This not working.
Orange Cave Bunny: Wait. Me have idea.
Green Cave Bunny: What's that?
Orange Cave Bunny: Switch sides.

[The green cave bunny sniffs around while the orange one stands. The green bunny sniffs at him]
Green Cave Bunny: Ugh. You stinky!
Orange Cave Bunny: Me no stinky. [sniffs] You stinky!
Green Cave Bunny: Me no stinky!
[As the bunnies sniff the air, heavy footsteps can be heard approaching]
Green Cave Bunny: Who stinky?
[Their pet brontosaurus arrives. Her pink and yellow fur covered in filth. She looks down with black beady eyes]
Both: Oh! Pet Dino stinky.

Another Episode [resonant.m+1]

Character: In this episode, my first appearance again calls for a Wikipedia link.



Theme Song

[Flowers give way to more flowers]
[Woman's Chorus]: Let's go everyone, we're gonna go down.
[A police bunny blows on his whistle]
To a dookie little place called Bunnytown.
[Text Bunnytown]
Follow us down, we'll show you around.
We know you're gonna like it in Bunnytown!


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