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Bunheads (2012–2013) was an American television comedy-drama series, airing on ABC Family, created by Amy Sherman-Palladino and Lamar Damon. It centers on a Las Vegas showgirl who gets married on a whim and winds up teaching alongside her new mother-in-law at her ballet school.

Season 1


Pilot [1.01]

Hooker: Jeez, who died?
Michelle: Your fashion sense.
Hooker: Yeah, well, take that tragic face back inside. I got guests coming over and that is gonna spoil the party.
Michelle: As long as my face doesn't look like Chris Hansen, your guests will be fine.

Hubble: You're not over the hill.
Michelle: If a director can just look at you and say "no" after three seconds, it's not "no" cause you're so young and hot. It's "no" cause you're starting to look like an IHOP cashier.

Michelle: Hey, seriously, dude, keep 'em comin' was not a euphemism!

Fanny: What was it in my house you wanted to get rid of?
Michelle: Your house? Her house?
Hubble: Our house actually.
Michelle: Our house, like our house?
Fanny: No, our house like our house.
Michelle: But- wait. You live with your mother like a serial killer?

For Fanny [1.02]

Michelle: [after telling Talia that Hubble is dead] Talia...
Talia: Mhm.
Michelle: Say it.
Talia: Nope.
Michelle: Say it.
Talia: Nope!
Michelle: Talia.
Talia: You have the worst luck with men!
Michelle: Yep, there you go.
Talia: I've never seen anything like it!
Michelle: Let it out.
Talia: It's like you're cursed or jinxed or built your house on an ancient Indian burial ground!
Michelle: Okay, gotta go...

Ginny: When my grandmother died, her spirit haunted our car. Suddenly, the day after the funeral, you couldn't start it if someone was sitting in the passenger seat, Grandma really liked her passenger seat.
Girls: What did you do?
Ginny: We sold the car.
Girls: You sold your grandmother?
Ginny: And bought a Ski-Doo.

Fanny: [On phone] I don't understand. No, literally I don't understand. Could you put the interpreter back on? Oh, thank God, yes. As I was trying to tell the Lama while I'm very grateful he agreed to pray for Hubbell, I was actually hoping he would do it here. At the memorial on Monday. Or Tuesday. We're flexible about the day. Could you ask him again? Because I already have a monk in Ireland who said he'd pray from there. But I was really looking for someone to represent, as the kids say. What if I throw in a trip to Disneyland? Does he have a friend who's not busy chanting for the Japanese people? All right.

Thanks anyway.

Fanny: [To Michelle] What is it about these monks? How hard is it to get on a plane? Well, at least he said he'd pray for him.
Michelle: That's nice.
Fanny: He can say anything he wants. He's on another continent. How do I know he's really doing it? - Well, he is a monk.
Michelle: So? So he's a monk. Their to-do list basically consists of "pray" and you know, "pray."
Fanny: I take my spirituality very seriously. If I don't see it with my own eyes, I don't believe it.

Rico: [pointing at the corgie] That a service dog?
Michelle: Like a Marine?
Rico: Like a seeing-Eye dog, that kind of thing?
Michelle: Yeah. He is my service dog. When I get really drunk and pass out in the gutter, he is my pillow.

Michelle: This your place?
Rico: 20 years. Used to be a nice respectable surf bar, but with this freakin' economy, you wanna make ends meet, now you gotta serve brunch!
Michelle: Bleh! I hate brunch! Pick a meal.

Rico: Nice dog.
Michelle: Thanks.
Rico: What's his name?
Michelle: Don't know.
Rico: Is he dead?
Michelle: Don't know.
Rico: Right on.

Michelle: There's no crying in baseball! Or ballet!

Inherit the Wind [1.03]

Ginny: Everybody has your number.
Michelle: Really?!
Ginny: Yep.
Michelle: Thornton Wilder should've mentioned the creepy side of small town life.
Melanie: Who?
Michelle: No one. He was in Menudo.
Ginny: Who?
Michelle: I'm gonna go be old now.
Boo: Okay, bye!

Charlie: [trying to convince Melanie to leave Ballet early] Just duck out early.
Dez: Yeah, before the swan dies. [Melanie looks surprised] What? I'm not a barbarian.

Grant: [answers the door] Hello.
Michelle: Why? Why, why does anyone have to live so far away from civilization?
Grant: Pardon me?
Michelle: I mean, this private road of yours is really misleading. You go up a straight-away, you think you're almost at the house, you round a bend, more straight-away. So you go up that, you round a bend, more straight-away. And on and on. You get some kind of deal with straight-aways? You had a coupon or something?
Grant: May I ask who you are?
Michelle: Have I not introduced myself?!
Grant: No.
Michelle: You had no sign. You have no private-road sign, and my car died, and I got arrested, and I must sound like a loon. It's all a big misunderstanding- Do you have any water?
Grant: Sure. I'm Grant.
Michelle: Oh, have I still not introduced myself?
Grant: No.
Michelle: Oh, it's those straight-aways. They suck the politeness right out of your head, I'm Michelle.

Michelle: You have a very large door.
Grant: That's what all the ladies say.

Better Luck Next Year! [1.04]

Michelle: It is not possible that all of this stuff is mine. It's a physical impossibility.
Mover: I'm pretty sure it's all yours.
Michelle: A-ha! "Pretty sure." That's not absolutely sure.
Mover: I'm pretty absolutely sure. It's all on the manifest.

Fanny: [sees all the stuff from the movers] What's going on here?
Michelle: I'm being robbed in reverse.
Fanny: What?
Michelle: Things are being brought to me that I do not own or want.

Fanny: You're grimacing. Why are you grimacing?
Rico: You know what's weird?
Fanny: What?
Rico: I get hungover after nights I don't drink.
Truly: That is weird.
Rico: I mean I got Jon Bonham banging around up there. I haven't had a drink since Thursday.
Truly: Maybe it's a sugar thing. Did you eat too much sugar?
Rico: I don't eat sugar. Wait. I did drink last night.
Fanny: Good grief.
Rico: And I had a candy bar.
Truly: So it was a combo.

Fanny: They just lopped my head off.
Truly: Game of Thrones.
Fanny: With no warning.
Truly: Ned Starked her.
Michelle: I'm rereading. I see nothing about a a head, a guillotine, an evil boy king with mommy issues. I'm behind here!

Michelle: Oh, by the way, I think I figured out why Sylvia Plath killed herself. She was trying to hang a curtain rod. She was probably trying to hang herself on the curtain rod, so it was onto Plan B.

Money For Nothing [1.05]

Michelle: [talking about Godot] So what's your angle with this guy? What are your moves?
Melanie: We don't really have any.
Michelle: Oh, so you need me to help? Cool. Okay, first thing to know about guys like that is keep your sentences short. Don't mention Tolstoy or math, it will just make you sad. Oh, and it really helps if you have a car and an income, 'cause that guy's got nothin'.
Sasha: Thanks.
Michelle: And he never will. No money, no car, no thoughts of money or a car. Trust me, if there's a second set of shorts at home, you've hit the jackpot.
Sasha: Got it.
Michelle: Good. Oh, and he won't start showering till he's thirty. Or he's been skunked. Don't know why. It's a thing. Young pretty guys like that will do anything to get out of bathing. Johnny Depp moved to France.
Sasha: Could you please just go?

Godot: [Boo is jumping on the trash] What are you doing?
Boo: Dumpster jumping.
Godot: For, like, a contest?
Boo: No. It's part of my job.
Godot: What job?
Boo: My job.
Godot: So you're like the trash-compactor girl or something?
Boo: Waitress.
Godot: Are there customers in there?
Boo: No, just trash.
Godot: Okay, I'm sorry, I'm just trying to grasp the whole concept here. Why are you doing that?
Boo: Well, Jeff said- [Godot makes a buzzer sound]
Godot: I'm sorry. Jeff made you do that? Douche.
Boo: No, no douche.
Godot: Douchebag. Out.
Boo: But-
Godot: Get out of the trash, senorita.
Boo: But Jeff's the senior manager.
Godot: There is no senior manager or junior manager or manager. The parents aren't really into labels. Out. Relax, I'll handle Jeff- Tell him Harvard burned down and watch him cry.
Boo: He'd cry really hard.

Movie Truck [1.06]

Michelle: Maybe she's testing to see how dedicated you are to ballet.
Ginny: What?
Michelle: How bad you want it.
Sasha: What are you talking about?
Michelle: Well, the door is locked and the only way to get more ballet is to find another way in. Are you willing to dig a tunnel under the studio with nothing but a plastic spoon, and then cut a giant hole in the floor with the chain saw you dragged along, and then once inside, repair the floor with nothing more than a glue gun, some bobby pins and your wits? [the girls just stare at her] Well, I see she has her answer.
Sasha: Please don't wait with us anymore.

Michelle: What book are you talking about?
Sam: "Fifty Shades of Grey."
Michelle: Great. Sorry to interrupt the end of literature as we know it, but has anyone seen Fanny?

Talia: [taking a tour of Paradise] What's that?
Michelle: That is the surf wax store.
Talia: What do they sell?
Michelle: Surf wax.
Talia: And...?
Michelle: Surf wax.
Talia: And?
Michelle: Surf wax.
Talia: And?
Michelle: [gives her a look] Surf wax. I can keep this up as long as you can.
Talia: Weird!
Michelle: What's weird is it used to be a flip-flop store, where they sold flip-flops.
Talia: And?
Michelle: Really?

Michelle: [when Talia wants to go into Sparkles] Whoa Tex, we can't go in there!
Talia: Why not?!
Michelle: Uh, you know how in a fairytale there's a bridge that leads to a castle with a beautiful princess that's locked in a tower, but there's a crazy little troll that lives under the bridge and in order to rescue the princess you have to deal with the troll?
Talia: Yeah?
Michelle: Well, welcome to Sparkles where the motto is "If you're a princess, you're screwed".

What's Your Damage, Heather? [1.07]

Michelle: Please tell me this is my last class of the day.
Boo: Nope. You still have-
Michelle: Roomba! I just remembered.
Boo: It's 'Zumba.' Tomorrow's a big day too. You have Jazzercise at 9:00...
Michelle: Ugh, skinny people.
Boo: You teach the Weitzman couple their wedding dance at 10:00...
Michelle: Ugh, happy people.
Boo: Then it's a sold-out swing class.
Michelle: Ugh, people.

Boo: Fanny extended her trip. She's not coming back 'til next week.
Michelle: What? Why didn't she tell me?!
Boo: She posted it on Facebook.
Michelle: That doesn't count as telling me. Why do people think they can just share news on Facebook and automatically everyone will know?
Boo: Because everyone's on Facebook.

Nanette: [seeing the stripper pole in the ballet studio] Are you teaching my daughter to strip?! No judgement. I always tell her she should have something to fall back on. I figured typing, but this could be good too.
Michelle: We're adding some new classes. Cardio-striptease will now be offered Fridays at 10:00. Right between "I wish I was still in bed" and "where did I go wrong". [Nanette laughs]

Boo: [the girls are drying the wet carpet with blow-driers] How long have we been doing this?
Melanie: Three hours.
Sasha: Last semester we read "No Exit." I didn't get it, but I do now.
Boo: How do we know when we're done?!
Michelle: When the carpet's dry and doesn't smell like mildew.
Melanie: What does mildew smell like?
Ginny: It smells like it sounds.

Michelle: Hey, did you break your legs?
Sasha: What?
Michelle: Are those prosthetics you had to carve yourself out of an old dining-room set? That's why you're late?
Sasha: No.
Michelle: Then what's your damage, Heather?
Sasha: What?
Michelle: Boy, if anyone should know that reference it's you. Stream it, download it, Wikipedia it, Google "people who steal for no reason whatsoever." Get to know the real you.
Sasha: Why are you freaking out?
Michelle: Because, Winona, you know you can't even be a minute late for class. Fanny's rule, not mine.
Sasha: Fanny's not here.
Michelle: Madame Fanny to you. And no, she's not here, but her class is, her studio is, and her rules sure as hell are. But you know all this, don't you? You know that this kind of behavior will not fly. I mean, forget whatever beef you think you have with me, but there are kids here who want to dance, friends of yours.
Sasha: I don't have a beef with you.
Michelle: Why are you doing this? Why are you forcing me into this role? I don't want to be this person, this authority figure. It's not me. And now you've got me talking about rules and your behavior, and I look stern and I think I wagged my finger. Did I wag my finger? You made me wag my finger! I'm not a disciplinarian. I'm not a grown-up! Well, I don't want to be! I'm not here to teach you anything. Except ballet. I am here to teach you ballet. So you have two minutes to get that hair in a bun and get your butt back to the barre or don't bother coming back to class. Period! [sotto voce as she leaves the room] Made me say period. Punk ass kid.

Blank Up, It's Time [1.08]

Conor: [watching a play from the back and making notes] Oh God, shoot me now.
Michelle: What was wrong with that?
Conor: She's carrying the book in her downstage hand. She does that every time. I correct her every time.
Michelle: It looks okay to me.
Conor: It's not, okay? It's not.
Michelle: Director, right?
Conor: And imminent suicide victim. Conor.
Michelle: Michelle. Hi.
Conor: I wish I was.

Michelle: Hey, can I ask you a question?
Conor: Sure.
Michelle: What is this about?
Conor: I have no idea.
Michelle: No, really.
Conor: No, really. I have no idea. The playwright thinks he's Eugene O'Neill. This is Ed O'Neill.

No One Takes Khaleesi's Dragons [1.09]

Bash: I don't really subscribe to the customer-gets-to-choose thing.
Michelle: Really?
Bash: No.
Michelle: It's a popular subscription.
Bash: How many coffee-brewing awards do you have?
Michelle: Twelve.
Bash: I beat the Italians and the French.
Michelle: I see.
Bash: No one beats the Italians and the French. They have roasts named after them.
Michelle: Well I'm sure your mother is very proud.
Bash: I have two dads. Don't assume.

Fanny: [handing Michelle her phone] Here, you're driving me crazy. Use it to call your phone.
Michelle: It's on vibrate. We won't hear it.
Fanny: Oh please, vibrate still makes that annoying buzzing sound everyone hears even though we're all supposed to pretend it's silent.

Michelle: I'll never have coffee again.
Godot: Nah.
Michelle: I'll miss coffee. It smells good. It makes you talk fast. It goes nicely with cake and pie and all your basic baked goods.
Godot: Yeah, I'm not really much of a coffee person myself.
Michelle: So why'd you come to the meeting?
Godot: I had a feeling that you might not get much of a turnout, though you could use some back up.
Michelle: Oh, a boy scout, huh? Helping an old lady across the street?
Godot: I like your shirt. [points to her 'Dance Your Ass Off' shirt]
Michelle: Thanks.
Godot: What's it mean?
Michelle: That you're even younger than I realized.

A Nutcracker in Paradise [1.10]

Michelle: You need to keep an open mind.
Fanny: I always have an open mind.
Michelle: Right. But you need to keep an open mind like other people keep an open mind. With a mind that's actually, you know, open.
Fanny: Michelle, how many times have I told you my production of "The Nutcracker" is the highlight of my year?
Michelle: 842.
Fanny: And how many times have I told you that these two weeks of shows make up the bulk of my money for the year?
Michelle: 12,064.

Michelle: [after Fanny talks about her plans for Montana with Michael] So romantic. I'd be happy to take over while you hang in the mountains with your boyfriend.
Fanny: Thank you.
Michelle: Which one of you is going to be Heath Ledger?
Fanny: You always end the conversation one sentence too late.

Sasha: [all the girls are ignoring each other] Great. Very mature.
Michelle: Hey, what is the what? I'm starving. Where do you guys stash the candy bars?
Sasha: Dancers don't eat candy bars.
Michelle: Yeah right. Suzanne Farrell was sixty percent caramel.
Sasha: Can we help you with something?
Michelle: I just came up to check the state of the room, make sure it's still pink. It is. What's going on here?
Sasha: Apparently while I was off making with the pom-poms some sort of blood feud happened and no one seems ready to let it go no matter how BORING IT"S GETTING!

Michelle: Okay, you four, front and center.
Sasha: Why me? I'm not in a fight.
Michelle: You need a fourth. Watch "The Craft". Move. Okay, as the new sort-of-promoted-kind-of-equal-not-quite-a-partner-but-definitely-someone-with-more-authority-than-she-had-yesterday, I am ordering you to spill. [all the girls look away]
Sasha: Boo likes Charlie, Charlie likes Ginny, Melanie says Ginny can't date Charlie because Boo liked him first, but Ginny thinks since Boo likes Carl she relinquishes Charlie, who should revert back to the open market. And me, I wish we were all lesbians.

Sasha: Stop following me! I'm not Justin Beiber.
The Ringer: Who?
Sasha: Seriously?!

Godot: "In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida"?
Michelle: "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go".
Godot: Oh, so close.
Michelle: Same shorts. New shirt?
Godot: Same shirt. Inside out.
Michelle: Wow, very Kate Middleton.
Godot: She is my primary role model.

Michelle: It's my zombie apocalypse vegas slut bag. I take it with me to every performance with me always. It has everything you would need in any sort of situation- Money, power bars, water, flaxseed oil, bobby pins, hair spray, ponytail holders, boob tape so your- on your boobs, don't look so hello.
Fanny: I know what boob tape does.
Michelle: ...Condoms, handcuffs, handcuff keys.
Fanny: You're like an X-rated Mary Poppins.
Michelle: Then of course band-Aids, ace bandage, rape whistle, disposable cellphone, lipstick case you can hide some cyanide in, pretty mace...
Fanny: Pretty mace?
Michelle: Yep, mace that comes in a pretty little shiny bottle that if I pulled it out would say to the zombie apocalypse mugger, "don't be afraid of my pretty shiny bottle. It won't do anything but blind you!"
Fanny: Good lord.
Michelle: Oh and here, eyelash glue. And junior mints. 'Cause seriously, why not?

Sasha: You're on the basketball team.
Roman: Was on the basketball team.
Sasha: What happened?
Roman: You dribble right, you dribble left, you dribble right, you dribble left- That's a lot of dribbling without having some sort of stroke.
Sasha: I hear you.
Roman: I'm Roman.
Sasha: I thought your name was Tyler.
Roman: Roman's my middle name.
Sasha: It works better with the hair.
Roman: That's the thought process.
Sasha: So what are you in for?
Roman: Mosh pit got a little too intense. What about you?
Sasha: My ballet teacher maced us during a production of The Nutcracker.
Roman: Wow!

You Wanna See Something? [1.11]

Michelle: Henderson is Rob Schneider to Vegas' Daniel Day Lewis.
Fanny: Well, I have to tell you I haven't driven to a place this charming since the city gave us curbside recycling bins!
Fanny: You wired a cardboard box for electricity.

Channing Tatum Is a Fine Actor [1.12]

Michelle: So is he outside or still on his way?
Sasha: Who?
Michelle: Dude.
Sasha: Outside.
Michelle: [shouts] Yo, Roman! [Roman walks in] Hello, Roman.
Roman: Hello, Michelle.
Michelle: You getting taller?
Roman: Maybe.
Michelle: You're getting taller.
Sasha: How did you know?
Michelle: Oh, little one, I have done all that you have done or shall do, thought of all you've thought or shall think. I am all-knowing. I am Michelle.
Roman: Can I go?
Michelle: Yes.

Michelle: Does he have teeth?
Talia: Rick's friends have teeth. Maybe not the ones they were born with...

Melanie: [Reading] I'm halfway through this thing and the stupid whale hasn't even shown up yet.
Sasha: There's no whale in The Great Gatsby.
Melanie: Are you joking? Where's this stinker going if there's no whale?
Sasha: Many is the night that F. Scott pondered that very same question.

Michelle: [Showing Boo a photo of her potential blind date] I'm not going to say any more about it, just give me your thoughts.
Boo: Well, it's a car.
Michelle: It's a human.
Boo: Those aren't headlights?
Michelle: Those are eyeballs.
Boo: She's cute.
Michelle: It's a man.
Boo: Is something eating his face?
Michelle: That is happening, yeah.

Michelle: So you don't need the talk.
Sasha: The talk?
Michelle: The talk. The taaaalk.
Sasha: No, but you can give it anyway. I'd love to hear your version.
Michelle: Well, it's a good one. You'll never use a public toilet seat again.

I'll Be Your Meyer Lansky [1.13]

Michelle: I found it: the perfect place for the amphitheater. Okay, so this morning, a squirrel stole my toothbrush. Actually, I chucked it at him to get him off my windowsill 'cause he was staring at me, and then he took it. So I chased after him and I cornered him against this tree. And it was by the lake that's only sometimes a lake, but then it dries up. But right now it's a lake again. You know?
Fanny: You can't just buy another toothbrush? What? Squirrels have rabies. A toothbrush costs $3.
Michelle: It was pink.
Fanny: Oh, well, if it was pink

The Astronaut and the Ballerina [1.14]

Ginny: I drove you off. I drove her off just like my mother drives everyone off. "We mock the things we are to be." You know who said that? Mel Brooks. He was talking about how we make fun of our parents and then we grow up and turn into our parents. And that line popped into my head yesterday so I started looking through old photo albums of my mother trying to figure out exactly when her crazy set in so I can be prepared. I think it started around college. That's the first time I saw her do that really wild-eyed thing she does. So I guess I've got about three to four years before I go barking mad which is good. Now I'm ready for it. I can plan ahead. You know, have a lot of rounded corners in my house. Wear soft, bouncy clothing.

Stock up on tissue, ice cream, - voodoo dolls.

Take the Vicuna [1.15]

Michelle: Raincoat?
Scotty: Bring it.
Michelle: Bikini?
Scotty: Bring it.
Michelle: Pajama jeans?
Scotty: Bring them.
Michelle: Handcuffs?
Scotty: Toss them in.
Michelle: Hard hat, waffle iron, Bananarama box set?
Scotty: What the hell are you gonna do with a waffle iron?
Michelle: Scotty, come on. Tell me what this thing is.
Scotty: Hey, it's my last night. And the rules are whoever has the last night gets to choose the last night blowout activity. Don't flout the rules.
Michelle: But I need details.
Scotty: I told you, it's in the desert. It's like Burning Man.
Michelle: Which means nothing.
Scotty: You've heard if Burning Man.
Michelle: Yes, I've heard of Burning Man, but since I've never been to Burning Man, I can only guess what takes place. Like do they really burn a man? And who is this man? Is he annoying? Does he have it coming?

Scotty: Come on, it'll be like all those cool road trips we took as kids.
Michelle: What cool road trips?
Scotty: What do you mean? The Grand Canyon, New Orleans, Sun Studios, The Smoky Mountains.
Michelle: Fake.
Scotty: The Smoky Mountains are fake?
Michelle: The trips were fake.
Scotty: What are you talking about??
Michelle: Mom used to take us on fake trips. You didn't know that?
Scotty: No.
Michelle: She'd put us in the car really late at night and then drive us around for hours until we fell asleep. And then when we woke up, she'd convince us that we just had a really fun adventure.
Scotty: No. That's impossible. I remember that thing with the balloons.
Michelle: Never happened.
Scotty: Yes. There were like these huge red balloons with ribbons hanging down.
Michelle: I'm afraid not.
Scotty: The wind kicked up and we held the ribbons and we rode on them? No balloons?
Michelle: She gaslighted us, dude.
Scotty: That was my second favorite childhood memory.
Michelle: Don Mclean didn't play your fifth birthday party. I'll give you some space.

Scotty: [Michelle and Scotty are walking into Sasha's new apartment] This is a 16 year-old's apartment?
Michelle: Or Oz. It could be Oz.
Scotty: She's got a fireplace.
Michelle: And wood. There's wood burning in the fireplace.
Scotty: I had a fireplace when I lived in Oregon. The rats nested in it.

Michelle: So, hey, do you have your home invasion escape plan set yet?
Sasha: What's that?
Michelle: Ah, it's the first thing I do anytime I move in someplace new. It's a total single girl must. See? I look around a room and I think the home invader is coming in through the front door, so where do I go? You don't want to hide in the closet 'cause he will check the closet and then you're trapped so obviously, you're- you know, see ya. Now you're on the first floor which means you can jump out the window which is awesome except it also means the home invader can come in through the window. Which means you need a second escape route. Plus you hope it's not a group of home invaders like in "Taken," so... [Scotty giving Michelle the kill gesture] And nobody ever attacked me and I was safe and I got a kitten.

Michelle: One more piece of advice. Don't bond with the old lady next door.
Sasha: Mrs. Weidemeyer?
Michelle: You see her door open, dive for cover. And whatever you do, do not tell her you have a car. Old ladies are giant con artists.
Sasha: Con artists?
Michelle: They start small. Trips to the market and the yarn shop, but before you know it you're picking up their prescriptions at 11:00 at night and driving them to the hospital when their hips break. And you think- They only have two hips how many can they break? Eighteen. 'Cause they break the same hips over and over.

Scotty: [Talking about Sasha] That girl is not normal.
Michelle: I'm not disagreeing.
Scotty: There wasn't a bong in the entire place. When I was her age, everything in my room was either a bong or something I could make into a bong.
Michelle: I was twenty-five before I owned an appliance. It was a used microwave that had permanent soup stains and I'm pretty sure radiated my ovaries.

There's Nothing Worse Than a Pantsuit [1.16]

Roman: [no one is talking at lunch] I swear it doesn't have to be like this.
Sasha: What, your sandwich?
Roman: No, this. Talk. Please talk. About whatever you want. I beg you.
Melanie: But we don't know basketball.
Roman: I don't care about basketball.
Ginny: Okay, fine. Let's talk. You know, I was re-watching "The Notebook" the other day, and I came up with a whole new theory.
Roman: Anything but "The Notebook."
Melanie: Well, I watched "The Vow" the other night, and I couldn't figure out why-
Roman: All Rachel McAdams movies are off the table. [Carl walks by]
Carl: Boo.
Boo: Carl. What's wrong?
Carl: I thought your lunches were an all girl thing.
Boo: They were. Sasha changed it.
Sasha: I didn't change it. Roman changed it.
Roman: [to Carl] Hey, I'm Roman.
Carl: Carl [they shake hands]. I didn't know you could just change the rules.
Boo: I didn't know you could just change them either.
Sasha: There were never rules.
Carl: Well, if there are no rules, I'm sitting here. Don't mind me. Just keep doing what you're doing.
Roman: Good luck with that. [Dez sits down next to Melanie]
Melanie: What the hell?!
Dez: Whatever. Just saw these guys here so I figured "hey."
Sasha: Impeccable logic.

Michelle: We got the community board to sign off on the amphitheater, so we're good to go.
Talia: Well, congratulations.
Michelle: My first pantsuit victory. And I have to say, at first, I was all against the whole concept, but now I get it. It's binding, so it keeps all your powers in. Plus, there's no potential "Basic Instinct" moment. So suddenly you're not thinking about how you're sitting and you'd be surprised how much brain space that frees up. Plus, the pockets. Dance clothes never have any pockets, but this suit has pockets everywhere.
Michelle: [Holding champagne bottle between her thighs as she uncorks it.] And You can do that.
Talia: I have always wanted to do that.
Michelle: To Hillary Clinton!
Talia: Hear hear!
Michelle: Drink up. I want to take my new pantsuit out for a spin. See if guys can pick up on my new polyester super powers.

It's Not a Mint [1.17]

Talia: Ah, girls, you know what marrying a lovely man of means means? No more performing. I can hang up the tights, hang up the headdresses. Do you know I have worked every new year's Eve since I was 17? I have never celebrated new year's. Now Rick and I can celebrate new year's.
Michelle: If he makes it to new year's.
Sasha: So obvious.
Michelle: Getting sloppy.
Sasha: And I can craft. I've always wanted to craft.
Michelle: You have never wanted to craft.
Sasha: Well, I do now. It'll be dirty crafting, but it'll be crafting. And I don't have to go to the gym six days a week. I can even gain three pounds. Think about that!
Michelle: I'd still love you if you gained five.
Sasha: And I can get a pack of Pekingese to greet me at the door when I come home from not working or working out. And I can feed them from my giant bowl of bonbons.

Sasha: [thinking someone is in her apartment and checking with Roman] Listen, there's a baseball bat under the couch.
Roman: I don't need a baseball bat.
Sasha: And there's an umbrella in the linen closet. It's got pretty pony on it, but the end's really pointy. You can poke his eyes out.
Roman: [loudly] Hello?
Sasha: There's a tennis racket by the fireplace and there's ammonia under the sink.
Roman: So we can disinfect him?
Sasha: Blind him. Then we'll overtake him.
Roman: Unless he found the pretty pony umbrella, in which case we're done for. Was this door closed when you left?
Sasha: Yes. No. I don't remember.
Roman: [looks seriously at the door] Get the pretty pony.

Roman: [coming out of the bathroom] There is a very large spider in that bathroom.
Sasha: A spider?
Roman: I mean, we're talking paleolithic horror movie type stuff here.
Sasha: Where's my umbrella?
Roman: He took it from me. This is a very serious spider.

Bash: Everybody, may I have your attention please? I really need a young boy. Or girl to volunteer for some heavy lifting. I include both sexes because in the past, my saying I need a young boy led to a lot of misunderstandings. So I'm including you ladies as well. You just need strong backs and toned thighs. If you fit the bill, please come see me. To be clear, I like men and women equally. Both sexes work for me.

Michelle: [Inspecting a costume] What was this for?
Melanie: Fanny choreographed a whole ballet about "Billy Elliot" a couple years ago.
Michelle: Billy Elliot is already a show.
Ginny: Ours wasn't about Billy. It was about Billy's coal miner father.
Melanie: We all got black lung at the end.

Cozette: Let me tell you a story. Last year, my family went on this private safari: my parents, Frankie. It's sunset, and we're walking down this trail, golden skies, beautiful vistas, and we see this little baby antelope on the horizon.
Ginny: Yeah?
Cozette: We get closer, and it turns its head to look at us. And the guide says, "Turn away. A lion's had at it."
Ginny: I don't get it.
Cozette: It had been half eaten by a lion.
Ginny: Oh my God.
Cozette: It was horrible. Everybody froze, and I thought "it's wrong to turn my back" and let this poor little thing just sit there and bleed out, like Judi Dench in that James Bond movie. So I grabbed a gun and shot it in the head.
Ginny: You blew a baby antelope's head off?
Cozette: Put it right out of its misery. And you, my dear, are a half-eaten baby antelope.
Ginny: you're gonna shoot my head off?

Dez: So I guess Ginny and your brother's not happening, huh?
Melanie: Not for like years.
Dez: What happened?
Melanie: She's into someone else.
Dez: Why? Charlie's cool.
Melanie: It wasn't so much why, it was the why nots. And she likes this other guy.
Dez: Huh. Kinda thought for a while there'd be a double-date thing or something.
Melanie: You mean you and me?
Dez: Yeah.
Melanie: No.
Dez: Why not?
Melanie: Because.
Dez: My mom says because is a word, not a reason.
Melanie: Well, that's the reason. Because, okay? Because.
Dez: So you can't think of a reason why?
Melanie: I don't know.
Dez: If you can't think of a reason why, can you think of a reason why not?
Melanie: Not offhand.
Dez: Then why not?

Boo: I don't need to buy condoms. I'm on the pill.
Ginny: What?
Melanie: Since when?
Boo: As soon as my mother heard about Carl, she marched me down to the doctor's and put me on the pill.
Sasha: You and Carl are having sex?
Boo: What? No.
Ginny: Then why are you on the pill?
Boo: I just told you.
Melanie: I'm gobsmacked.
Ginny: What does it taste like?
Boo: I don't know. I stick it in a Peppermint Patty.
Rajahnae: Hey, what's going on?
Sasha: Boo is on the pill.
Rajahnae: You're having sex with Carl?
Boo: Why does everybody hear I'm on the pill and automatically think I'm having sex?
Sasha: You are absurd, Boo. You know that? Absurd.
Boo: Why?
Sasha: Because you're on the pill but not having sex. It's like having a superpower and not using it.

Next! [1.18]

Fanny: [aftering finding Scotty asleep on her couch] You told him where I kept my key?! [now seeing Godot in Michelle's bed] Oh, you're kidding.
Michelle: Fanny, you're back.
Fanny: I'm gone two weeks, I come back and you're in bed with a child who wears flip-flops in public.
Godot: Hey, Fanny.
Fanny: Hello, Godot.
Michelle: I didn't know you were coming back today.
Fanny: How many men do you have stashed around here, huh?
Michelle: You were supposed to come back next week.
Godot: [seeing the photo on Michelle's phone she took of him while he was sleeping] Oh, is that me?
Fanny: There's a man in my living room, a man in your bed.
Michelle: I wrote it down. [getting out of bed in her underwear]
Fanny: Is there one in the garage? Three in the potting shed?
Michelle: [showing Fanny her phone] See? Next week. The 20th.
Fanny: Today is the 20th.
Michelle: [looking at her phone again] Crap, I missed my dentist appointment.
Fanny: Who was the man in my house?
Michelle: I don't know.
Fanny: You told him to stay there. You showed him my key.
Michelle: I did?
Scotty: [running in] I'm sorry. I thought she was out of town.
Michelle: Scotty?
Fanny: Who's Scotty?
Scotty: I'm Scotty.
Michelle: Scotty's my brother.
Godot: [still in bed] Excuse me.
Michelle: [to Scotty] I thought you left.
Scotty: I did leave, but I needed a place to stay for a few days, and I didn't want to bother you.
Fanny: So you broke into my house like Robert Downey Jr.?
Michelle: You can't just come in and out like this. [to Godot] You should get up.
Godot: I'm kind of-
Scotty: I know. I'm sorry.
Michelle: You have to call.
Scotty: I lost my phone.
Michelle: Who loses their phone?
Scotty: Lots of people lose their phones.
Godot: Can someone hand me a towel or a throw blanket?
Fanny: My house is not a hostel. It is where I live and sleep.
Michelle: I didn't know he was coming.
Godot': A dishcloth maybe?
Scotty: I think I left it in Monterey.
Michelle: Then go back and get it.
Scotty: Oh, I'm not going back to Monterey.
Michelle: Why? What's her name?
Fanny: Whose name?
Godot: A tea kettle?
Michelle: Whoever it is that chased him out of Monterey.
Godot: Baking sheet?
Scotty: You are jumping to conclusions again.
Godot: A skillet.
Fanny: [finally to Godot] How about some pants? Before the baking sheet and the skillet, how about we find you your pants?
Godot: Pants would work.
Fanny: Find his pants.
Michelle: [looking around] Pants, pants, pants.
Scotty: Maybe I don't like aquariums. Or Monterey Jack cheese. Maybe cheese and aquariums are why I won't go back to Monterey. Did you ever think of that?
'Fanny: I don't see any pants.
Michelle: [pointing to Godot] Last night, you sure you had pants?
Godot: Pretty sure.
Fanny: Retrace your steps. You started this whole thing where?
Michelle: Car. We started in the car.
Fanny: How classy. Come on. Out there. [pulls her outside]
Michelle: [from outside] Oh, got a belt!
Scotty: [to Godot] So, how's oceanography going?

Sasha: This is your relationship, Boo. Don't you care?
Boo: About what?
Sasha: About the things Carl's done.
Boo: No, not really.
Sasha: But what he's done affects you.
Boo: How?
Sasha: What if you're not experienced enough, huh? That can ruin some relationships.
Boo: I'm not experienced enough. It seems to be fine so far.
Ginny: Yeah, how experienced you are doesn't matter to a lot of guys.
Sasha: What if he's got a kid?
Boo: Carl doesn't have a kid. He doesn't even have a bike.

Sasha: Boo, I think we need to step it up.
Boo: Step what up?
Sasha: I think we need to consider having sex now.
Boo: With each other?
Sasha: No, with Roman and Carl. Me with Roman, you with Carl.
Boo: But Carl and I are waiting.
Sasha: A year and a half is a long time. Time that includes dances, parties. Friday night parties that he can go to and you can't because you have class in the morning. And there's girls at these parties.
Boo: Party girls.
Sasha: That time also includes camp. Six weeks where you're apart. And he'll be a junior counselor this year. He'll wear the gray shorts. He'll be doing bed checks. He'll have privileges, power. That's a big turn-on to a lot of girls.
Boo: I know.
Sasha: Plus, in a year and a half you're not the new girlfriend anymore. You're just the old girlfriend who made him wait a year and a half. You're planning on doing it with him anyhow, so what's the difference if you just move it up a bit?
Boo: You're ready? With Roman?
Sasha: I think timing is important. We should strike while the iron is hot.
Boo: But what do we do? How do we work this? I need to shave my legs.
Ginny': Hey. What are you guys doing?

We're going to have sex.

Ginny: How long were we asleep?


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