Brother 2

2000 film by Aleksei Balabanov

Brother 2 is the sequel to the groundbreaking 1997 post-Soviet crime film Brother. The story takes place about a year after the events that occurred in the first film.

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  • 'A brother to your own, for better or for worse.'
  • — I'm Fascist.
— Danila. Are you a German?
— Russian.
— Actually my Granddad was killed in the war.
— It happens. Well, what can I offer to you, gentlemen? Five submachine guns: four MP-40, one MP-38. Everything are tested. All with full ammunition. Grenades: anti-personnel fragmentation. They misfires, fifty-fifty. Faustpatrones, two ones. Sorry, I didn't check it. There are pistols: four Walthers, one parabellum. This is what about imported goods. And now the domestic manufacturer: Degtyarev light machine gun, mint condition. Four PPSh — heavy, reliable, lethal device. Tula Tokarev, aka TT, today only one, sorry, very quickly dismantled. There is Nagant revolver, but completely unreliable. Time destroyed the percussion mechanism. Mosin rifles will not interest you, I think.
— Listen, where did all this come from?
— The echoes of the war...
  • Keep your hands on the table. That's good... There is sound supressor. I pull on the trigger, any twitches — and your balls will be fallen down to the floor. Frightened? Were you frightened when you killed Kostya?
All right, live on, scum. Thank your son. It'd a really sorry to leave that guy without a father. Sit quiet and let your pants dry out.
  • What an ugly mug! They've got all kinds of people in Moscow (in ukrainian).
  • — What does 'how are you' mean?
— It means 'как поживаешь' (how are you).
— Do they really mean it?
— No, they do not.
— Then why do they ask?
— They just ask. They are dead serious only when it comes to money.
  • Think less, use your brains more. You're not in Russia anymore.
  • — Come along then, young fellows. Don't pay attention to the exterior. It's got an engine that goes like my Sonya! It could take you to Kiev.
— Will it make it to Chicago?
— Even to San Francisco and back! We Russians don't rip off one another.
  • — American dream would take you.
— You're wrong. I love my Homeland.
— A patriot! The Russian ldea!Dostoyevsky! The Homeland! Where's your homeland, son? Gorbachov sold it out to the Americans to have some party.Your homeland screwed up two wars and the Crimea.Sold out Russians in the Baltics and the Serbs.Your homeland is wherever your backside is warm! You know it. That's why you are here.
— Have you got a brother in Moscow?
  • — Come home with us.
— It's OK there.
— And what will I do there?
— What are you doing here?
— I like it here. America is the world's driving power!
— What is its power, brother?
— It's the money, brother. Money rules the world. Whoever has the most is the strongest.
— Suppose, you've got a lot of money. What would you do?
— I'd buy everyone.
— Even me?
  • So just tell me, American, what's the power is? Is it really money? That's what my brother says. Well, you got lots of money, so what? I think the power is in the truth, Whoever is right is strong. Say, you've screwed someone out of money, made money of that - Did it make you stronger?? No, it did not. Because there is no truth on you! And the guy who got screwed is right... That means he's stronger, right?
  • — Give up, Russian!
— Russians never give up!
  • Free Angela Davis!!!
  • — Are you gangsters?
— No, we are Russians.
  • A Russian. Doesn't speak English. He's armed.
  • Ben? Ben, eto Danila. Ay nid khelp.
  • I discovered that I've got
Relatives, and they're my lot.
They are woods that are so dear.
Fields of corn and every ear
  • Boy, you don't understand. Bring us some vodka. We're going home.