Brother (1997 film)

1997 film directed by Aleksei Balabanov

Brother is a 1997 Russian crime film directed by Aleksei Balabanov and starring Sergei Bodrov, Jr. The film's sequel Brother 2 was released in 2000.

Danila's conversations

  • — I really broke his arm?
    — No. Just dislocated it.
    — And that guy who was screaming? Who's he?
    — The director.
    — And what was that song?
    — "Wings" - by Nautilus.
  • — What's your name?
    — Hoffman.
    — What are you, a Jew?
    — I'm German.
    — Oh... I'm not wild about Jews.
    — And Germans?
    — Germans? They're okay.
    — What's the difference?
    — Why are you badgering me about it?
  • — Pay the fine.
    — Brother, don't kill me, brother. The money... take it all, take it... Listen, don't kill me, brother. Here.
    — You're not my brother, you blackassed worm.
  • — Your Walkman's fine, but you're dressed like a pig. You got any acid? Or dough? Got any dough?
    — No.
  • — Your American music is a piece of shit.
— Musique? Ah, la musique, oui, très bien, excellente.
— Well, what are you arguing? I tell you - music is a piece of shit, but you argue.
— Musique!
— Yes, and you yourself... Your whole America will kaput soon. We'll arrange goat faces for all of you, got it?
— Why did you pester him, he is a Frenchman in general! Come on!
— Who cares?
  • — Mom wrote that you were in the war?
— I sat things out at HQ. I was a clerk.
— Can you shoot?
— Yeah, they took us out to the shooting range.
  • — You're a smart man, German. Tell me, what do we live for?
— Well, everyone decides himself. There's this saying, "what's good for the Russian is death for the German". Well, I live to disprove this.
  • — You did a fine job, brother. You saved my ass and helped people. Now only Russians will sell there.
    — And Germans?
    — What do you mean by "Germans"??
    — Will there be Germans?
    — What kind of Germans?
    — You know, Germans.
    — Why Germans?
  • It's the Nautilus anniversary concert. A rare find. I got it. There's Shevchuk, Kinchev, Nastya, everybody.
  • Those assholes, they slipped me a pirated copy.
  • — What are they singing about?
    — What the hell do you care?! They sing great.
    — I don't like it.
    — He gets off on Nautilus, the dickhead.
  • — Grandfather, sell me your shotgun.
— A million!
— Carry it.



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