Bringing Down the House (film)

2003 film by Adam Shankman

Bringing Down the House is a 2003 American romantic comedy film, written by Jason Filardi and directed by Adam Shankman. The film stars Steve Martin and Queen Latifah.

Peter SandersonEdit

  • You are such an ass... (drinks water) ... set to this company.
  • Ashley! Who are you doing here?

Charlene MortonEdit

  • You lock me out, no money, no place to go, a sister got to get her cheese on.

Mrs. ArnessEdit

  • I do believe I'm stoned.
  • [guns fired] Pussies


  • [to Charlene] You messed with the wrong W.A.S.P., bitch.
  • Oh, I can't talk about it 'cause gangsta people will come to my house and cut me.


  • [Reading an article from an adult magazine] The girl had double D cups. I put my mouth on her nipple.


Georgey: [reading an article from an adult magazine] Dad, what's a rack?
Peter: It's a country.

Howie: I'd like to dip you in Cheez Wiz and spread you all over a Ritz cracker, if I'm not being too stuble.
Charlene: Boy, you some kind of freaky!
Howie: Oh, you have no idea. You got me straight trippin' boo!

Mrs. Kline: We have to brush your hair differently. You look like a fag.

Peter: I message for you. Howie says, "The cool points out the window and you got him all twisted up in the game."
Charlene: That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me.

Charlene: I kicked it off the heezy and bounced... for real, though!
Peter: What did you just say?

Ashley: [to Peter, about Charlene] What is she doing here?
Charlene: Oh. Get used to it, twiggy; you're going to be seeing a lot more of me around here!
Ashley: [to Peter, about Charlene] Not without a broom in your hand.
Charlene: If I HAVE a broom, it's only because I'm here to sweep up the white trash!
Ashley: Save it for the Y.M.C.A, Jemimah.
Charlene: Bitch! I will kick the bulimia out of your ass!

Mrs. Arness: [to Charlene] Oh, just one moment... you know, there's a lovely, sad, Negro spiritual...
[Sarah chokes on her food]
Mrs. Arness: Ivy's brother used to... uh, are you all right?
[Sarah nods weakly and takes a sip of her drink]
Mrs. Arness: Anyway, Ivy's brother used to sing this when he came in from the tobbaco fields...
[beings to sing]
Mrs. Arness: Mmmm... "Mama, is master going to sell us tomorrow? Yes, yes, yes! Mama, is master going to sell us tomorrow? Yes, yes, yes! Mama... is master going to sell ME to-mor-or-or-row..."

Howie: Do me a favor, precious: don't ever scare me like that again, or I'm going to give you a nasty spanking... if I'm not being too subtle!
Charlene: [smiles] He's such a damn freak!

Peter: Charlene, what is this particular taste? It's familiar, yet... what is it, some sort of an herb, like sage?
Charlene: Naw... it's more like a milk of mint.
Peter: Well, whatever it is, the taste is explosive!
Charlene: Well, good then! Enjoy!

Mike: (Charlene's hanging Mike by his feet off the top of a house after finding out he got rough with Sarah to have sex with her) Please don't kill me! Oh God! Pull me up!
Charlene: Yo Sarah! Mike has something he wants to say,
Charlene: Say sorry!
Mike: I'm sorry!
Charlene: Say sorry!
Mike: (louder) I'm sorry!
Charlene: Say no means no!
Mike: No means no!

(Ashley is beating up Charlene)
Ashley: Compliments of Tae-Bo: 2 hours a day 5 days a week.
(Charlene beats up Ashley then shoves her face in a toilet)
Charlene: Compliments of the hood: 24 hours a day all my life!

Charlene: Pretend I'm your wife. Talk dirty to me.
Peter: Um, okay... I wanna kiss you A LOT!
Charlene: No no no! Dirtier...
Peter: I wanna give you - an aromatherapy massage!
Charlene: Try harder!
Peter: I wanna have SEXUAL INTERCOURSE with you!
Charlene: I give up!


  • Everything he needed to know about life, she learned in prison.
  • Bring It.


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