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Breaking Bad

American television series (2008-2013)
Talkin' 'bout some "Heisenberg"
Who owns the market now.
No one knows the man since
They've never seen his face.
The fury of the cartel
Ain't no one escaped it yet.

Breaking Bad (2008–2013) was a critically acclaimed American AMC drama about a 50-year-old high school chemistry teacher, Walter White, (played by Bryan Cranston) who discovers that he has terminal lung cancer. Walter decides to use his extensive knowledge of chemistry to enter the drug trade and produce crystal methamphetamine, using the profits to provide for his family after his death. The term to "break bad" is American Southeast slang meaning to turn against one's previously lawful lifestyle for one of criminal acts, usually at the cost of someone else's life or well-being.


Season 1Edit

Pilot [1.01]Edit

Walter: My name is Walter Hartwell White. I live at 308 Negra Arroyo Lane, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87104. To all law enforcement entitles, this is not an admission of guilt. I am speaking to my family now. Skyler, you are the love of my life. I hope you know that. Walter Junior, you're my big man. There are...there are going to be some things that you'll come to learn about me in the next few days. I just want you to know that no-no matter how it may look, I only had you in my heart. Goodbye.

Walt Jr.: So, how's it feel to be old?
Walter: How does it feel to be a smart ass?

Jesse: Why are you here?
Walter: I was curious. Honestly, I never expected you to amount to much, but methamphetamine? I didn't picture that. There's a lot of money in it, huh?
Jesse: I don't know what you're talking about.
Walter No?
Jesse: Not a clue.
Walter: "Cap'n Cook?" That's not you? Like I said, no one is looking for you.
Jesse: Look, I don't know what you think you're doing here, Mr. White. I mean, if you're planning on giving me some bullshit about getting right with Jesus by turning myself in...
Walter: Not really.
Jesse: High school was a long time ago. You ain't Welcome Back, Kotter, so step off. No speeches.
Walter: Short speech. You lost your partner today. What's his name – Emilio? Emilio is going to prison. The DEA took all your money, your lab. You got nothing. Square one. But you know the business. And I know the chemistry. I'm thinking...maybe you and I could partner up.
Jesse: You, want to cook crystal meth? You. You and, uh...and me?
Walter: That's right. Either that...or I turn you in.

Walter: Did you learn nothing from my chemistry class?
Jesse: No. You flunked me, remember?
Walter: No wonder.
Jesse: Prick! And let me tell you something else. This ain't chemistry – this is art. Cooking is art. And the shit I cook is the bomb, so don't be telling me.
Walter: The shit you cook is shit. I saw your set-up. Ridiculous. You and I will not make garbage. We will produce a chemically pure and stable product that performs as advertised. No adulterants. No baby formula. No chili powder.
Jesse: No, no, chili P is my signature!
Walter: Not anymore.

Jesse: Man, some straight like you, giant stick up his ass, all of a sudden at age what, sixty, he's just gonna break bad?
Walter: I'm fifty.
Jesse: It's weird is all, okay? It doesn't compute. Listen, if you've gone crazy or something I mean, if you've gone crazy or depressed, I'm just saying that's something I need to know about. Okay? I mean, that affects me.
Walter: I am awake.

Cat's in the Bag [1.02]Edit

Walter: After we finish cleaning up this mess, we will go our separate ways. Our paths will never cross and we will tell this to no one. Understood?
Jesse: Oh what, I can talk now? [pause] Fine! That goes double for me!
[Walter and Jesse hear a moan. They turn around and notice Krazy-8 is still barely alive]
Jesse: Oh shit.

Jesse: Mr. White? Are you smoking weed? Oh my God! Wait a minute, is that my weed? What the hell, man? Make yourself at home, why don't you?
Walter: So what did you end up buying?
Jesse: Nothing. No store in town sells a plastic bin big enough for a body.
Walter: I don't suppose you could buy two bins... [makes a sawing motion] Legs in one, torso in the other?
Jesse: God. I don't suppose you could kiss my ass?

Skyler: Who's this Jesse Pinkman to you?
Walter: He...sells me pot.
Skyler: He sells you pot?
Walter: Marijuana, yeah. Not a lot. I mean, I don't know. I kind of like it.
Skyler: Are you out of your mind? What are you, like sixteen years old? Your brother-in-law is a DEA agent! What is wrong with you?
Walter: Skyler, I just...haven't quite been myself lately.
Skyler: Yeah, no shit. Thanks for noticing.
Walter: I haven't been myself lately, but I love you. Nothing about that has changed, nothing ever will. So right now, what I need is for you to climb down out of my ass. Can you do that? Will you do that for me, honey? Will you please, just once, get off my ass, you know? I'd appreciate it, I really would.

Jesse: You got a brother in the goddamned DEA?!
Walt: What?
Jesse: You said you were just doing some ride-along! Yes or no, do you have a brother in the DEA?
Walt: Brother-in-law.
Jesse: Oh, now there's a load off my mind.
Walt: Where did you hear that?
Jesse: Your freaking wife told me when she was here all up on my shit! Yeah, that's right. She almost caught me moving Emilio! Good job wearing the pants in the family! And why did you go telling her I was selling you weed?
Walt: Because somehow it seemed preferable to admitting that I cook crystal meth and killed a man.

Walt: [after Jesse's ceiling caves in, dumping bloody offal onto the floor] I'm sorry, what were you asking me? Oh, yes, that stupid plastic container I asked you to buy. You see, hydrofluoric acid won't eat through plastic; it will however dissolve metal, rock, glass, ceramic... so there's that.

...And the Bag's in the River [1.03]Edit

Jesse: I didn't ask for any of this! How am I supposed to live here now, huh? My whole house smells like toe cheese and dry cleaning.
Walter: Because you didn't follow my instructions!
Jesse: Oh well, heil Hitler, bitch! And let me tell you something else. We flipped a coin, okay? You and me. You and me! Coin flip is sacred! Your job is waiting for you in that basement, as per the coin!

Walter Jr.: So why are you telling me this?
Hank: 'Cause I love you, you little bastard.

Krazy-8: Walter, you getting to know me is not gonna make it any easier for you to kill me. Not that I mind, you understand.
Walter: You know, you keep telling me that I don't have it in me. Well, maybe, maybe not. I sure as hell am looking for any reason not to. I mean, any good reason at all. Sell me. Tell me what it is.
Krazy-8: I guess I'd start off by promising that if you let me go, I won't come after you. That you'd be safe. I guess I'd say what happened between us never happened. And what's best for both parties is we forget all about it. But you know that anybody in my situation would make promises like that, and though in my case they happen to be true, you'd never know for sure. So what else can I tell you?
Walter: I don't know. But you gotta convince me and you're going nowhere until you do.

[Walter approaches Krazy-8, now aware he is hiding a shattered plate piece to stab Walter once released]
Krazy-8: You're doing the right thing, Walter.
Walter: Do you want to... [motions for Krazy-8 to turn around so he can unlock the chain. Krazy-8 turns around] So you're not angry?
Krazy-8: How do you mean? Angry? No. Live and let live, man.
Walter: That's very understanding.
Krazy-8: Whatever, man. I just want to go home.
Walter: Me too.
Krazy-8: Unlock me, Walter.
Walter: The moment I do, are you gonna stick me with that broken piece of plate?
[Walter pulls back on the lock, choking Krazy-8. Krazy-8 attempts to swing the plate piece behind him but can only stab Walter's leg a few times. Krazy-8 slowly dies]
Walter: I'm sorry...I'm sorry...I'm so sorry...

[in a flashback to Walter's younger days]
Walter: I don't know. Just...doesn't it seem like...something's missing?
Gretchen: What about the soul?
Walter: The soul? There's nothing but chemistry here.

Cancer Man [1.04]Edit

Hank: So be on notice. We got new players in town. We don't know who they are, where they come from, but they possess an extremely high skill-set. Me personally? I'm thinking Albuquerque just might have a new kingpin.

Walter: I have cancer. Lung cancer. It's bad.

[Walter sees Jesse sneak into his backyard]
Walter: You can't be serious. What the hell are you doing here?
Jesse: Yo, I waited 'til the ball buster left. I mean, no offense.
Walter: Who sent you? You wearing a wire? You setting me up?
Jesse: A wire? You want a wire? I got a wire. [grabs crotch] Speak into the mic, bitch! What the hell's wrong with you? A wire.
Walter: So who did you tell about–
Jesse: Nobody! What are you, nuts?
Walter: Then why are you here?
Jesse: I don't know. To like...touch base.
Walter: Touch base?
Jesse: Yeah, you know...what you call...a debrief? Maybe we could like...I thought we could debrief.
Walter: Wow, that's...that's what you think we need, to debrief?
Jesse: Yeah, after what happened, it just seems like the thing to do. Kind of, you know, talk about it. We can't talk to anybody else. Anyway, that and I wanted to...I wanted to tell you how much everybody digs that meth we cooked.
Walter: Everybody digs...the meth we cooked.
Jesse: Seriously, I got dudes that would give their left nut for a little more.
Walter: Great.
Jesse: I'm just saying, if you ever...saw your way clear know, you and a little more.
Walter: Get the hell off my property.
Jesse: What? I'm just saying.
Walter: Go and don't come back. Now!
Jesse: Alright. You know what? [Jesse takes out a wad of cash] Four grand. Your share from selling that batch. That's why I'm here. Yeah, that's right. I didn't smoke it all. [Jesse tosses the money into Walter's pool and leaves]

Jesse: Right on, little bro! Making mad in-roads with the business community.

Skyler: Can I call them and tell them you'll start next week?
Walter: I just think that we need to...discuss it a little more, that's all.
Skyler: What is there to discuss? You're going to get the best treatment and he's the best.
Walter: Well, there's the money discussion. $90,000 out of pocket. Maybe more.
Skyler: There's a way, Walt. There's financing, there's installment plans. I could always go back to work. Walt, there's always a way.
Walter: Alright. Skyler, say that there is a way, and we spend all that money, I supposed to leave you with all that debt? I just don't want emotions ruling us. Maybe treatment isn't the way to go.
Walter Jr.: Then why don't you just fucking die already? Just give up and die.

Gray Matter [1.05]Edit

Jesse: Yo, why would you want this lame-ass job anyway? I mean, no offense.
Badger: Because I'm on probation, yo. Gotta prove to the man I'm rehabilitated. [smokes a joint]

Walter: Well, back when Elliott and I were in grad school, we came up with the name. Schwartz: black. Walter White. So together, they became Gray Matter Technologies.
Farley: Cute, huh?
Man: So you run the company with Elliott?
Walter: Well, no. No, that's Gretchen and Elliott. I gravitated toward education.
Man: What university?
[Walter clears his throat and takes a drink]

Walter: Alright, I've got the Talking Pillow now. Okay? We all, in this room, love each other. We want what's best for each other and I know that. I am very thankful for that. But...what I want...what I want, what I need, is a choice.
Skyler: What does that...mean?
Walter: Sometimes I feel like I never actually make any of my own. Choices, I mean. My entire life, it just seems I know, had a real say about any of it. Now this last one, cancer...all I have left is how I choose to approach this.
Skyler: Then make the right choice, Walt. You're not the only one it affects. What about your son? Don't you wanna see your daughter grow up? I just...
Walter: Of course I do. Skyler, you've read the statistics. These doctors...talking about surviving. One year, two years, like it's the only thing that matters. But what good is it, to just survive if I am too sick to work, to enjoy a meal, to make love? For what time I have left, I want to live in my own house. I want to sleep in my own bed. I don't wanna choke down 30 or 40 pills every single day, lose my hair, and lie around too tired to get up...and so nauseated that I can't even move my head. And you cleaning up after me?[1] Me...some dead man, some artificially alive...just marking time? No. No. And that's how you would remember me. That's the worst part. So...that is my thought process, Skyler. I'm sorry. I just...I choose not to do it.

Jesse: Yo.
Walter: Wanna cook?

Crazy Handful of Nothin' [1.06]Edit

Walter: Let's get something straight. This – the chemistry – is my realm. I am in charge of the cooking. Out there on the street, you deal with that. As far as our customers go, I don't want to know anything about them. I don't need to see them. I don't want to hear from them. I want no interaction with them whatsoever. This operation is you and me, and I'm the silent partner. You got any issues with that?
Jesse: Whatever, man.
Walter: No matter what happens, no more bloodshed. No violence.
[cut to a brief flash forward of Walter, with a shaved head and bloody nose, walking away from a chaotic scene with a smoking building in the background. He is holding a bag with blood on it]

Jesse: When were you going to tell me?
Walter: Tell you what?
Jesse: Cancer. You got it, right?
Walter: How did you know?
Jesse: [pointing to Walter's chemo mark on his chest] My aunt had one of those...dots on her to target the radiation. What is it, in your lung? I'm your partner, man. You should have told me. That's not cool, okay? Not at all. What stage are you?
Walter: 3-A.
Jesse: Gone to your lymph nodes.
Walter: Your aunt...How bad was she when they caught it?
Jesse: Bad enough. She didn't last long.
Walter: How long?
Jesse: Seven months. I get it now. That's why you're doing all this. You want to make some cash for your people before you check out.
Walter: You got a problem with that?
Jesse: You tell me. You're the one that looks like you just crawled out of a microwave.

Walter: We have to move our production bulk wholesale now. How do we do that?
Jesse: What do you mean? To, like, a distributor?
Walter: Yes. Yes, that's what we need. We need a distributor now. Do you know anyone like that?
Jesse: Yeah. I mean, I used to until you killed him.

Walter Jr.: [upon seeing Walter's shaved head] Badass, dad.

[Walter enters Tuco's office, as he examines a sample of the pound of meth Walter brought with him]
Tuco: What's your name?
Walter: Heisenberg.
Tuco: Heisenberg. Okay, have a seat, Heisenberg.
Walter: I don't imagine I'll be here very long.
Tuco: No? Alright, be that way. It's your meeting. Why don't you start talking and tell me what you want?
Walter: $50,000.
Tuco: [laughs] Oh man! Fifty G's? How you figure that?
Walter: 35 for the pound of meth you stole and another 15 for my partner's pain and suffering.
Tuco: Partner? [puts a cigarette out on his tongue] Oh yeah, I remember that little bitch! So you must be daddy. [bursts out laughing] Let me get this straight: I steal your dope, I beat the piss out of your mule boy, and then you walk in here, and you bring me more meth? [laughs] Whoo! That's a brilliant plan, ese.
Gonzo: Brilliant.
Walter: You got one part of that wrong. [reaches out and picks up the crystal Tuco had examined] This... is not meth.
[Walter throws the piece to the floor. The impact causes a tremendous explosion which knocks everyone off their feet and blows out all the windows in Tuco's office. Walter grabs the bag in the midst of the smoke.]
Tuco: Are you nuts?!
Walter: [holding the bag threateningly over his head] You want to find out?
[Tuco's men get to their feet and draw their guns]
Tuco: No-Doze, Gonzo, calma! Calma. Calma. You got balls, I'll give you that. Alright... alright. I'll give you your money.
[Tuco opens his safe and hands Walter a sack filled with $50,000.]
Tuco: That crystal your partner brought me, it sold faster than $10 ass in T.J. What say you bring me another pound next week?
Walter: Money up front.
Tuco: Alright. Money up front. Sometimes you got to rob to keep your riches, just as long as we got an understanding.
Walter: One pound is not going to cut it. You have to take two.
Tuco: Orale. [points to Walter's bag] Hey, what is that shit?
Walter: Fulminated mercury. A little tweak of chemistry.

A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal [1.07]Edit

[Turned on by the danger of the meth investigation, Walter has sex with Skyler in their car]
Skyler: Where...did that come from? And why was it so damn good?
Walter: Because it was illegal.

[Walter and Jesse are meeting Tuco at a junkyard]
Jesse: A junkyard? Let me guess, you picked this place?
Walter: What's wrong with it? It's private.
Jesse: This is...This is like a...a non-criminal's idea of a drug meet. This is like, "Oh, I saw this in a movie. Ooh, look at me."
Walter: Yeah, where do you transact business? Enlighten me.
Jesse: I don't know. How about Taco Cabeza? Half the deals I've ever done went down at Taco Cabeza. Nice and public. Open twenty-four hours. Nobody ever gets shot at Taco Cabeza. Hell, why not the mall? You know, wait at the Gap. "Hey! It's time for the meet!" You know, I'll put down the flat-front khakis, head on over, grab an Orange Julius. Skip the part where psycho lunatic Tuco, you know, comes and steals my drugs and leaves me bleeding to death.

Jesse: Four pounds. Four pounds – like two pounds wasn't bad enough. We're talking two – three-hundred boxes of sinus pills. There ain't that many Smurfs in the world.
Walter: We're not going to need pseudoephedrine. We're going to make phenylacetone in a tube furnace, then we're going to use reductive amination to yield methamphetamine. Four pounds.
Jesse: So no pseudo?
Walter: No pseudo.
Jesse: So you do have a plan! Yeah Mr. White! Yeah science!

[Walter is preparing home-made thermite in Jesse's kitchen for their raid on the chemical supply warehouse.]
Jesse: So what's this stuff called again?
Walter: Thermite.
Jesse: And that'll cut through a lock? Because this is supposed to be one big-ass lock.
Walter: In World War II, the Germans had an artillery piece - it's the biggest in the world - called the Gustav Gun, and it weighed a thousand tons. And the Gustav was capable of firing a seven-ton shell and hitting a target - accurately - twenty-three miles away. [chuckles] I mean, you could drop bombs on it every day for a month without ever disabling it. But, drop a commando - one man - with just a bag of this... and he could melt right through four inches of solid steel and destroy that gun forever.
[He tosses the bag of thermite to Jesse, who flinches as he catches it.]
Jesse: Jeez.
Walter: So yes, I think it'll cut through any lock we're likely to find.

[Walter and Jesse meet Tuco and his men at the junkyard with their new meth]
Tuco: What is this shit? This is blue.
Walter: We used a different chemical process, but it is every bit as pure.
Jesse: It may be blue, but it's the bomb.
Tuco: [snorts meth] Tight! Tight, tight, yeah! Oh, blue, yellow, pink, whatever, man! Just keep bringing me that!
No-Doze: [weighing the bag of meth] Four point six.
Tuco: Uh! Come on. [Gonzo hands the money to Walter and Jesse] What did I say, man? This guy can cook! You're alright, man. You're alright. We're going to make a lot of money together.
No-Doze: [with a lot of attitude] Just remember who you're working for.
Tuco: [angered, he turns and faces him] What did you say?
No-Doze: I'm just saying they got to know that they're working for you.
Tuco: Like they don't already know that? Are you saying they're stupid?
No-Doze: No, I'm just...I'm just saying.
Tuco: Oh yeah, so you're not saying they're stupid. So I don't understand. Are you saying that I'm stupid?
No-Doze: No, come on, Tuco. I'm just...I'm just saying.
Tuco: No, you're just speaking for me! Like I ain't got the goddamn sense to speak for myself! Is that it? Is that what you're doing?
Walter: Tuco. Tuco, hey, why don't we just all relax, huh?
Tuco: [laughs] Heisenberg says "relax". Orale, holmes. I'm relaxed. I'm relaxed. I'm relaxed.
[Tuco punches No-Doze in the face. Tuco proceeds to punch him over and over while he is on the ground, leaving him bloody and possibly dead]
Tuco: [showing off his bloody knuckles] Damn, man! Look at that! Look! Yeah, that's messed up! Okay, Heisenberg! Next week. [chuckles]
[Tuco and Gonzo drive off with No-Doze's bloody body. Walter and Jesse look at each other in horror]

Season 2Edit

Seven-Thirty-Seven [2.01]Edit

Walter: Adjusting for inflation – good state college – adjusting for inflation, say $45,000 a year, two kids, four years of college...$360,000. Remaining mortgage on the home, $107,000. Home equity line, $30,000, that's $137,000. Cost of living, food, clothing, utilities, say two grand a month? I mean, that should put a dent in it, anyway. 24K a year provides for, say, ten years. That's $240,000, plus 360 plus 137...737. $737,000, that's what I need. That is what I need. You and I both clear about 70 grand a week. That's only ten and a half more weeks. Call it eleven. Eleven more drug deals and always in a public place from now on. It's doable. Definitely doable.

Jesse: Oh, we are dead. Dead men! Muerto, or muerte, or however the hell you...Jesus...
Walter: This is conjecture.
Jesse: This is conjecture?
Walter: Conjecture, yes. And conjecture isn't helping.
Jesse: Oh, my conjecture isn't helping?
Walter: Could you just state the facts?
Jesse: Alright, fine, facts in. Fact A: my phone rang like eight times last night. Dead air, hang-ups every time. Second fact? Like three in the morning, I saw that black Caddy of his cruising my neighborhood. No headlights.
Walter: No, if he wanted to kill us, he would have done it at the junkyard.
Jesse: What is that? Conjecture? Are you basing that on that he's got a normal, healthy brain or something? Did you not see him beat a dude to death for, like, nothing? And that way-that way he just kept staring at us. Saying, "You're done." You're done?! You wanna know what that means? I will tell you what that means! That means exactly how it sounds, yo! Alright, we are witnesses, we are loose ends! Right now, Tuco's thinking, "Yeah, hey, they cook good meth, but can I trust them?" What happens when he decides "no"?

[Jesse is explaining how he will kill Tuco]
Jesse Alright, say we set up one last sale, this is providing he doesn't decide to waste us before then. Now every time we bring in a new batch he always tests the product, right? So as his head is down, y'know giving it a snort, just pop, pop, pop!
Walter: Pop, pop, pop? So three shots?
Jesse: Yeah, three shots, or I dunno, two?
Walter: Wait, so is it two or is it three?
Jesse: I mean, two would probably work, I guess, yeah.
Walter: Okay, two shots. Two shots in the chest, two shots in the face, what?
Jesse: Man, c'mon!
Walter: No, I am just trying to understand how this works!

Jesse: Look, it's got five bullets. I finally figured out how to...[Jesse struggles to open the gun]...look, I just finally...[Jesse gives up]...I figured it out. I say we get a second gun. Right? For you? I mean, don't we like double our chances? I mean, mathematically?
Walter: I've got a better idea.
Jesse: Oh thank God!

Skyler: I need support. Me, the almost forty year old pregnant woman with the surprise baby on the way. And the husband with lung cancer who disappears for hours on end and I don't know where he goes and he barely even speaks to me anymore. With the moody son who does the same thing. And the overdrawn checking account. And the lukewarm water heater that leaks rusty looking crap and is rotting out the floor of the utility closet and we can't even afford to fix it! But oh, I see! Now I'm supposed to go, "Hank, please, what can I possibly do to further benefit my spoiled, kleptomaniac bitch sister who somehow always manages to be the center of attention?" 'Cause God knows she's the one with the really important problems!

Grilled [2.02]Edit

Jesse: So, you plan to, uh, ice Gonzo, like...future tense?
Tuco: What?
Walter: You're saying, Tuco, you're saying Gonzo is currently operating as a police informant as far as you know? [Tuco nods] I'm very sorry to hear that. That's disappointing.
Jesse: Yeah. I would waste him, too, yo.
Tuco: Shut up.
Jesse: Okay.

Marie: Chemotherapy and marijuana go together like apple pie and Chevrolet.

Walter: Chili powder. Did I not already tell you how moronic that was?

Walter: We need a plan.
Jesse: Think, think. Let's just bum rush him, man. You know, you crack him over the head with something and I'll go for his gun.
Walter: Crack him over the head with something? [Walter sarcastically holds up a fly swatter]
Jesse: You got the C, man, alright? You're as good as checked out already, okay? You should be all like sacrificial, jumping on a grenade, yo. Just...
Walter: Oh, so my life is not the priority here because I'm gonna be dead soon anyway? That's your point?
Jesse: Uh, yeah?

[Hector, Tuco's invalid uncle, keeps ringing his bell after catching Walter and Jesse attempting to poison Tuco's food]
Tuco: What? What do you want?! No. Don't even tell me you're hungry. Don't go there. [Tuco notices Hector is staring at Walter and Jesse] Hahaha! Are you mad doggin' them, tio? What, you don't like them? [Hector rings the bell] One ding. That means yes. Tio don't like you. Why don't you like them, tio? You don't trust them? [Hector rings the bell] Why don't you trust them, tio?
Walter: Tuco, c'mon, hey, he's, there's clearly some dementia. He's not lucid.
Tuco: Shh! Did they do something to you, tio? Was it something that you don't like? [Hector rings the bell] What did they do to you? WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY TIO?!
Walter: Nothing, nothing.
Walter: I don't know. I swear, I don't know. I, no, I, it, maybe it was, I did change the channel on his TV, but, uh...
Jesse: Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's it. While you were cooking, you know, he was watching one of those, uh, those, uh, telenovels, y'know, with all those ripe honeys on it? Y'know, he was really into it. I told you not to change the channel, man! Y'know, dude needs his eye candy. That's it!
Tuco: Hahahahaha! Tio! Is that it, tio? Is that it, tio? Did they change your mamitas? [Hector is silent] What are you telling me, tio? Huh? Are they punking me? [Hector rings the bell]
[Tuco slowly walks toward Jesse]
Jesse:, man. No...
Jesse: Don't shoot!
[Tuco grabs Jesse and drags him outside]
Walter: No, no, Tuco!
[Walter runs after them as Tuco begins to beat up Jesse]
Walter: Tuco...
Tuco: SHUT UP!
[Tuco punches Jesse in the stomach and points the rifle at his head]
Jesse: No, please, no! God, please, no! Oh God, I don't wanna die!
Tuco: Tell me what you did, Walter!
Jesse: Jesus, I don't wanna die! NO!
[Walter notices Jesse has dug up a rock]
Walter: We tried to poison you. We tried to poison you because you are an insane, degenerate piece of filth and you deserve to die.
[Jesse bashes Tuco in the face with the rock. He drops the rifle into a shallow pit. Walter grabs it as Tuco and Jesse scuffle on the ground. Jesse manages to grab a small pistol tucked into Tuco's belt and shoots Tuco in the gut. Tuco screams in pain]
Jesse: [kicking Tuco into the shallow pit] Who's the bitch now?!
Walter: Let him bleed.

Bit by a Dead Bee [2.03]Edit

Marie: Well, which supermarket? Is it like a big one? Like a chain?
Skyler: Marie...
Marie: Don't get me wrong. I think it's just great that he's, y'know, back and he's feeling better. I just, I mean, he...naked. He was naked naked in a supermarket. It wasn't Whole Foods, was it?

[Hank is interrogating Jesse about his car being found at Tuco's hideout]
Hank: So who's your chief, little Injun?
Jesse: What? What does that even mean?
Hank: It means I think your story's bullshit. I think you know who Tuco Salamanca was. I think your car was there because you were there. Tuco had a bullet in him when I got there and I think you know something about that, too.
Jesse: So what're you saying? Like, I shot someone with, like, a gun?
Hank: You? No. Only shooting that you do is into a Kleenex.

Walter: There was no fugue state. I remember everything. The truth is I couldn't stand to spend another second in that house. I just had to...get out. And so I left. I didn't think about it, I just did it. I walked for a long time, and when I couldn't walk anymore, I hitchhiked. I got as far as Gallup. And then it was just time to come home.
Therapist: So, being found naked in a supermarket, that was your way of giving credibility to a lie? Of avoiding questions about your disappearance? Why run away? What did you feel you had to run from?
Walter: Doctor, my wife is seven months pregnant with a baby we didn't intend. My fifteen-year old son has cerebral palsy. I am an extremely overqualified high school chemistry teacher. When I can work, I make $43,700 per year. I have watched all of my colleagues and friends surpass me in every way imaginable. And within eighteen months, I will be dead. And you ask why I ran?

[Hank and Gomez have had Tuco's uncle Hector brought to the interrogation room in hopes that he'll identify Jesse]
Hank: Gomie, you want to do the honors?
Gomez: Buenos tardes, Señor Salamanca. Entiendes el ingles? ["Good evening, Mr. Salamanca. Do you understand English?"]
[Hector rings the bell]
Hank: What does that mean?
DEA Agent: That means "yes". "Yes" is a bell, "no" is no bell.
Jesse: Oh c'mon, this is bullshit! I mean look at this dude, alright? He doesn't even know what planet he's living on!
Gomez: Señor, are we on the planet Mars? [no bell] Are we on the planet Saturn? [no bell] Are we on the planet Earth? [Hector rings the bell] Señor, is today Friday? [no bell] Is today Monday? [no bell] Is today Tuesday? [Hector rings the bell]
Hank: Okay, seems like he's all there. Let's go for it.
Gomez: Señor, was this man at your house yesterday? [Hector does nothing] Señor, was this man at your house yesterday?
Hank: This guy right here, he was at your house, right? Was he doing business with your nephew Tuco?
Gomez: Señor, are you scared of this man?
Hank: Nah, he's not scared. C'mon granddad, why don't you wanna help us out?
[Hector turns to Hank, stands up, and defecates in his chair]
Gomez: Oh man!
Hank: I guess that's a "no"....

Walter: Pay phone?
Jesse: Pay phone, middle of nowhere, nobody followed. So how'd it go?
Walter: Okay. You?
Jesse: They sweated me plenty, but they finally cut me loose. So you getting out of there?
Walter Tomorrow. So who came for you? The DEA? What'd they ask you?
Jesse: Yeah, that's the thing, y'know? Your scumbag brother-in-law took my rainy day fund.
Walter: Your what? What is that?
Jesse: My rainy day fund, $68,000, okay? Cue ball son of a bitch laughed in my face. Now I got, like, eighty bucks to my name.
Walter: Wait, wait, what does he know? Does he know it's your money?
Jesse: No, man, he doesn't know shit, okay? The plan worked. He bought it. I got bills due, man. I'm screwed.
Walter: Did he mention my name?
Jesse: No, thanks for caring.
Walter: How about the basement?
Jesse: It's clean.
Walter: And the RV?
Jesse: Badger's cousin took it to his garage. It's safe.
Walter: Can he get it running again?
Jesse: Why?
Walter: So we can cook.
Jesse: You still wanna cook? Seriously?
Walter: What's changed, Jesse?

Down [2.04]Edit

Walter: [to Skyler] Our son doesn't know who Boz Scaggs is. We have failed as parents.

[Movers are taking away Jesse's things]
Jesse: Hey, hey! What the hell, yo? I thought this was just a wake-up call!
Mrs. Pinkman: We are putting it in storage. When you decide to grow up, you can have it back.
Jesse: No, why don't you grow up, mom? Jenny wanted me here! Alright, I was the one who took care of her. Alright, I took her to her appointments and made her lunch everyday. I earned this!
Mrs. Pinkman: You did not make her lunch everyday.
Jesse: What'd you do, huh? She's lying there dying, and where the hell are you?
Mrs. Pinkman: Don't start with me.
Jesse: And now what? You decided to, oh I don't know, make your eldest son homeless? Wow, great family, mom!
[Mrs. Pinkman slaps Jesse]
Mrs. Pinkman: Why are you like this?! Why?! [pause] You have two sets of keys and the padlock to the garage. Leave them on the kitchen counter when you leave.
Jesse: No, mom, mom, mom! Hey, where am I supposed to go?
Mrs. Pinkman: I don't know, sweetheart. But please, turn your life around.
Jesse: Yeah, yeah, this is gonna help big time with that. BITCH!

[Walter picks up the phone]
Walter: White residence.
Jesse: Yo, it's me. Is this a good time?
Walter: What part of "no contact" didn't you understand?
Jesse: I know, but there's a problem.
Walter: I don't care. We agreed...[Skyler walks by] amount of pay-per-view channels is going to make a difference. Honey, we're happy with our cable provider, right? Yep, we're happy. [Walter hangs up]

Skyler: Okay, don't talk, Walt! Shut up and say something that isn't complete bullshit! You want to know what you have to do? You have to tell me what's really going on right now – today. No more excuses, no more apologies, no more of these...these obvious desperate breakfasts! You don't wanna lose contact with me, Walt? Good. Then tell me. Now.
[long pause]
Walter: Tell you what?

[Walter sees Jesse's RV parked in front of his house]
Walter: What the f...?
[Walter knocks on the door and Jesse lets him in]
Jesse: Yo, I'm really sorry, okay?
Walter: What is wrong with you? Why are you blue? Aw Jesus...
Jesse: Long story. Let's just say it starts with my parents being greedy kleptomaniac douchebags.
Walter: Are you actually this stupid...
Jesse: No, look, I know this isn't an optimal situation...
Walter: come to my house, and park on my street, driving this vehicle? I mean, what the hell is wrong with you?! I'm really asking!
Jesse: Nothing. I'm sorry, I just...
Walter: What if Skyler had seen you, huh? What then? What was the plan then, genius? Hm?
Jesse: I don't know.
Walter: You don't know. You know why you don't know? Because you don't think! That's why! You don't think! You never figured out how to think, did you, big man?
Jesse: Hey, I said I was sorry, alright? I just need my half of the money and I'll go!
Walter: Your half? There is no your half of the money! There is only my all of it, do you understand?! Why, why should I be penalized because of your sloppiness?!
[Walter pushes Jesse]
Jesse: Look, that is completely uncool, alright? We agreed 50/50, partners!
Walter: Partners in what? What exactly do you do here, I've been meaning to ask. Because I'm the producer, right? I cook. But from what I can tell, you are just a drug addict! You are a pathetic junkie too stupid to understand and follow simple rudimentary instructions! Too stupid to–
[Jesse grabs Walter by the head and shoves him into the wall. The two struggle. Jesse pushes Walter to the ground and starts to strangle him. He lifts his fist up to punch Walter.]
Walter: ...Do it...
[Jesse lowers his fist and collapses next to Walter, both exhausted]

Breakage [2.05]Edit

Hank: So things are quiet, y'know? Not a lot of crystal on the streets right now.
Merkert: Good.
Hank: Of course that's not gonna last. I'm waiting to see who's gonna rally the roaches now that his turf is up for grabs.
Merkert: No takers so far?
Hank: Well, we keep hearing a name. Heisenberg. Lately pretty much every dimebagger we come across.
Merkert: Heisenberg?
Hank: Yeah, I know. Maybe it's a tweaker urban legend. Still, somebody somewhere is cooking that big blue we keep finding.

Jane: And in addition to first and last, I want two more months. D.B.A.A. fee, non-refundable.
Jesse: Yeah, of course. Non-refundable. D.B.A.A. Obviously. Yeah., uh...what's D.B.A.A?
Jane: Don't Be An Asshole.

Jesse: We got to be Tuco. Alright, cut out the middle man, run our own game.
Walter: So you're going to what? Snort meth off a bowie knife? You're gonna beat your homies to death when they "dis" you?
Jesse: Look, I know some guys, alright? I can create a network. Look, we control production and distribution. That way we stay off the front lines while moving some serious glass. I mean, the point here is to make money, right? Sky high stacks!
Walter: No.
Jesse: No? That's not the point?
Walter: No, I am not willing to do that!
Jesse: Who said anything about you?
Walter: I don't vote for this plan. I'm not comfortable bringing in unknown entities into our operation.
Jesse: Yeah? Well, you don't get to vote.
Walter: I beg your pardon? This is a partnership, remember?
Jesse: I remember, oh, I remember. That you cook, I sell. That was the division of labor when we started all this. And that's exactly how we should have kept it! 'Cause I sure as hell didn't find myself locked in a trunk or on my knees with a GUN to my head before your greedy old ass came along, alright?
Walter: Alright, I will admit to a bit of a learning curve.
Jesse: Oh-ho!
Walter: And perhaps I was overly ambitious. In any case, it's not gonna happen that way anymore.
Jesse: Yeah, damn straight. Know why? 'Cause we do things my way this time or I walk! You need me more than I need you...Walt.

Walter Jr.: Yeah. Hell yeah. Kick ass and take names.

Walter: You asked me what I want you to do.
[Walter places a gun in front of Jesse]
Walter: I want you to handle it.

Peekaboo [2.06]Edit

Jesse: You got something for me?
Skinny Pete: Yeah, I found 'em.
[Skinny Pete hands Jesse a piece of paper]
Jesse: Is this a five or an S?
Skinny Pete: Five, yo. No wait...S. No, no...yeah, five.
Jesse: Yeah? Jesus, how the hell do you spell "street" wrong? S-T-R-E-A-T?
Skinny Pete: Hey, man, I'm slingin' mad volume and fat stackin' benjis, you know what I'm sayin'? I can't be all about, like, spelling and shit.
Jesse: Okay. So they got names?
Skinny Pete: Hers is like, I dunno, she's just his woman is all. Him, they call Spooge.
Jesse: Spooge? Not Mad Dog? Not Diesel? So lemme get this straight, you got jacked by a guy named Spooge?

Walter: The man who invented the diamond. Alright. H. Tracy Hall – write this name down. Dr. Hall invented the first reproducible process for making synthetic diamonds. I mean, this is way back in the 50's. Now today, synthetic diamonds are used in oil drilling, electronics, multi-billion dollar industries. Now at the time, Dr. Hall worked for General Electric and he made them a fortune. I mean, incalculable. You want to know how GE rewarded Dr. Hall? A $10 U.S. savings bond. [Walt becomes angry but calms himself] Anyway, a savings bond printed on carbon-based paper paid to a carbon-based man for something he made out of...carbon.

Spooge: I told ya, Diesel, we ain't holding, man.
Spooge's Woman: We shot it all.
Jesse: Yeah? You shot an ounce? In a day and a half?
Spooge: Yeah.
Jesse: Alright, tell you what. Both of you pull it out your butts right now, or I go grab a flashlight and some pliers and go exploring.

Gretchen: Let me just get this straight: Elliott and I offered to pay for your treatment, no strings attached – an offer which still stands by the way – and you turn us down out of pride, whatever. And then you tell your wife that in fact we are paying for your treatment. Without our knowledge, against our will, you involve us in your lie, and you sit here and tell me that that is none of my business?
[long pause]
Walter: Yeah. That's pretty much the size of it.
Gretchen: What happened to you? Really, Walt? What happened? Because this isn't you.
Walter: What would you know about me, Gretchen? What would your presumption about me be exactly? That I should go begging for your charity, and you waving your checkbook around like some magic wand is going to make me forget how you and Elliott – how you and Elliott – cut me out?
Gretchen: What? That can't be how you see it.
Walter: It was my hard work. My research. And you and Elliott made millions off it.
Gretchen: That cannot be how you see it.
Walter: Oh God, that's beautifully done.
Gretchen: You left.
Walter: You are always the picture of innocence.
Gretchen: You left me.
Walter: The picture of innocence. Just sweetness and light.
Gretchen: You left me. Fourth of July weekend, you and my father and my brothers. And I go up to our room and you are packing your bags. Barely talking. What, did I dream all that?
Walter: That's your excuse? To build your little empire on my work?
Gretchen: How could you say that to me? You walked away, you abandoned us. Me, Elliott...
Walter: Little rich girl, just adding to your millions.
Gretchen: I don't even know what to say to you. I don't even know where to begin. I feel so sorry for you, Walt.
Walter: Fuck you.

Jesse: You have a good rest of your life, kid.

Negro Y Azul [2.07]Edit

[A norteño band has written a song about "Heisenberg"]
The city's called Duke,
The state's called New Mexico.
Among gangsters,
The gringo's fame is inflated
'Cause of the new drug they created.
They say the color is blue
And the quality pure.
The potent drug's runnin'
Through the city,
And no one could stop it
If they wanted to.
The cartel's runnin' hot because
They weren't getting respect.
Talkin' 'bout some "Heisenberg"
Who owns the market now.
No one knows the man since
They've never seen his face.
The cartel's 'bout respect
And they ain't forgiving.
But that homie's dead,
He just doesn't know it yet.
Heisenberg's fame has got
Down to Michoacan.
From way far away
They want to taste that meth.
That blue stuff crossed the border,
Now New Mexico's livin' up to its name.
Looks like Mexico
In all the drugs it's hiding.
Except there's a gringo boss
And he's known as "Heisenberg".
The cartel's runnin' hot because
They weren't getting respect,
Talkin' 'bout some "Heisenberg"
Who owns the market now.
No one knows the man since
They've never seen his face.
The fury of the cartel
Ain't no one escaped it yet.
But that homie's dead,
He just doesn't know it yet.

Walter: Jesse, look at me, you are a blow fish.
Jesse: What?
Walter: A blow fish, think about it. Small in stature, not swift, not cunning, easy prey for predators, but the blow fish has a secret weapon, doesn't he? Doesn't he? What does the blow fish do, Jesse? What does the blow fish do?
Jesse: I don't even know what...
Walter: The blow fish puffs up, okay? The blow fish puffs himself up four, five times larger than normal but why? Why does he do that? Because it makes him intimidating, that's why. Intimidating so that the other scarier fish are scared off and that's you. You are a blow fish. Don't you see? It's just all, all an illusion. It's nothing but air. Now, who messes with the blow fish, Jesse?
Jesse: Nobody.
Walter: You're damn right.
Jesse: I'm a blow fish.
Walter: You are a blow fish. Say it again.
Jesse: A blow fish!
Walter: Say it like you mean it!
[Jesse takes big bong hit]

Tortuga: Hey white boy, my name's Tortuga. You know what that means?
Hank: If I have to guess, I'd say that's Spanish for asshole.
Tortuga: Tortuga means turtle, and that's me. I take my time but I always win.

[The DEA finds Tortuga's severed head on a turtle with the words "Hola DEA" written on it. Hank staggers back to the truck, feeling sick]
Vanco: Schrader, where you going?
Hank: E...Evidence bag...bag...
[The other DEA agents laugh]
Vanco: What's the matter, Schrader? You act like you've never seen a severed human head on a tortoise before!
[Four DEA agents gather around the turtle]
Vanco: Hey! Welcome to–
[A hidden bomb inside the turtle explodes, blowing away three agents and blowing off Vanco's leg]

Jesse: The game has changed, yo. This is our city, alright? All of it. The whole damn place. Our territory. We're staking our claim. Yo, we sell when we want, where we want. We're gonna be kings, understand? Well, I'm gonna be king and you guys will be, like, princes or dukes or something.
Badger: I wanna be a knight.
Jesse: But first things first: we gotta get more dealers, y'know, foot soldiers, alright? Now they'll be working for you, you're working for me, and I'm working for you. You follow me? Layered, like nachos. Exponential growth. That's success, with a capital S.
Skinny Pete: Straight up, straight up.
Combo: Fo' shizzle.
Badger: Friggin' awesome.
[Everybody puts their hands in. Jesse leaves, heads outside and gets into Walter's car]
Jesse: Well, we're set. Boys are ready. Gonna make some mad cheddar, yo. [Walter looks at Jesse] Cheddar, Mr. White. Fat stacks. Dead Presidents. Cash money. We're gonna own this city.
Walter: We're not charging enough.
Jesse: What?
Walter: Corner the market, then raise the price. Simple economics.

Better Call Saul [2.08]Edit

[Badger is sitting at a bus stop bench. A nerdy looking guy in his thirties wanders up and sits down on the bench next to him]
Getz: Hey. You uh, you sellin'?
Badger: I don't know what you're talking about.
Getz: OK. That's cool. I'm just sayin', you know....if you were selling, I could maybe do with a teenth.
Badger: [stares at him] You're kidding, right? Dude, I so smell bacon.
Getz: What? What are you talking about?
Badger: Oh gee, I don't know. [points to his left] How about over there, that brown van? That's yours, right?
Getz: What brown van?
Badger: [points it out] Parked all "inconspicuous"! It's a cop van! [points to his right] Yeah! Another one right over there! [scoffs] "Duke City Flowers"? Come on! Can't you at least be original? [laughs]
Getz: Dude, I just wanna get high!
Badger: A flower van! Uh, you know what you should do is a garbage truck. Seriously, and I don't mean to disrespect, but if you put a bunch of cops in the back of a garbage truck, there's no way I'm seriously thinking that there's cops in the back of a garbage truck! It's a freebie, yo. Just think about it. Think about it, boys! [Getz sighs and suddenly stands up]
Getz: All right. I'm hitting it.
Badger: Whoa! You dudes give up that easy?
Getz: I'm not a cop!
Badger: Then lift your shirt. Show me you're not wearing a wire.
Getz: All right, you know what? Just to show you you're being an asshole.... [Getz lifts his shirt and shows his midsection to Badger]
Badger: Ahh! I'm blinded by white!
Getz: Douchebag.
Badger: Ah, come on. I was joking. Come on. Don't walk away angry. Sit down. Come on. [Getz reluctantly sits back down on the bench next to Badger] I mean, what are you complaining about? You got abs, man. Kind of.
Getz: Whatever, dude. I'm not even sure I wanna buy anymore. I--I think you turned me off to the whole thing.
Badger: Come on, don't be like that. I just--I just need you to prove it, you know? Prove you're not a cop.
Getz: How the hell am I supposed to do that?
Badger: I don't know. [beat] Hey, I've got it. [points to a man across the street] Go over there and punch that dude right in the face.
Getz: Which dude? [Badger points the guy out] That dude?
Badger: Yeah.
Getz: No way! He'd kick my ass!
Badger: [laughs] True to that. Ugh! This is so hard, you know?
Getz: Yeah. [He gets an idea] I know. It's simple: Uh, if you ask a cop if he's a cop, he's, like, obligated to tell you. It's in the Constitution.
Badger: Constitution of America? [Getz shrugs] Huh.
Getz: So-so go ahead and ask.
Badger: You a cop?
Getz: No, no. Not like that. Ask it like, official.
Badger: Are you a police officer?
Getz: [holds up his hand as if taking an oath] No. I am not a police officer.
Badger: Okay then. $175 for a teenth.
Getz: Whoa.
Badger: Price is the price, yo.
Getz: [after a beat] All right. [Getz reaches into his pocket and pulls out a couple dollar bills, which he hands over to Badger. Badger gets up, walks over to the garbage can near the bench, and sets down his soda can. He then pulls a bag of meth out of the can and walks back to the bench. He sits down and discreetly passes the meth over to Getz]
Badger: Here you go. Enjoy.
Getz: Thanks, man.
[Getz stuffs the meth in his pocket, gets up, and starts to walk away, but then he turns around. As Badger relaxes, Getz puts his right foot down on the bench, reaches down, and pulls a gun out from a concealed ankle holster]
Getz: Albuquerque Police! You're under arrest! Get on the ground! [Police sirens wail] Get on your stomach now! On your stomach! Get on the ground! [Badger drops to the ground as a pair of vans screech to a stop alongside the bench. A couple of plainclothes cops jump out and train their guns on Badger]
Cop in Van: Hold it right there! Don't move! Stay down. [One of the cops handcuffs Badger]

[Hank is holed up in bed due to the trauma from the Tortuga bomb incident]
Walter: I have spent my whole life scared – frightened of things that could happen, might happen, might not happen. Fifty years I spent like that. Finding myself awake at three in the morning. But you know what? Ever since my diagnosis, I sleep just fine.
Hank: Hmmm...okay.
Walter: What I came to realize is that fear, that's the worst of it. That's the real enemy. So, get up, get out in the real world and you kick that bastard as hard as you can right in the teeth.

[Saul enters the interrogation room where Badger is being questioned]
Saul Goodman: Alright, who do we have?
Badger: Brandon Mayhew.
Saul Goodman: [looking through his files] Brandon Mayhew...alright...Brandon Mayhew...ah, here we go. Public masturbation.
Badger: What?
Saul Goodman: I don't get it. What's the kick? Why don't you do it at home like the rest of us, with a big flatscreen TV, 50 channels of Pay-Per-View. [looks back at the file] In a Starbucks. That's nice, heh-heh.
Badger: That ain't me, man! I'm...I was the guy who selling meth...allegedly.
Saul Goodman: [looking through his files] OK, alright, I gotcha. Meth. Right. Sorry, that was a little transpositional error. Nothing that a little white-out can't take care of. Yeah, and felony quantity.
Badger: Just barely.
Saul Goodman: Yeah, just barely. The cops are like butchers, always got their thumbs on the scales, but good luck arguing that in court. Let me get down to brass tacks: I'm gonna get you a second phone call. You're gonna call your mommy or your daddy or your parish priest or your Boy Scout leader and they're gonna deliver me a check for $4,650. I'm gonna write that down on the back of my business card. [Saul writes the amount down] Four-six-five-zero. Okay? And I need that in a cashier's check or a money order, doesn't matter---actually, I want it in a money order. And make it out to Ice Station Zebra Associates. That's my loan-out. It's totally legit. It's done just for tax purposes. And after that, we can discuss Visa or MasterCard, but definitely not American Express, so don't even ask. All right? Any questions?
Badger: You're gonna get me off, right?
Saul Goodman: What do I look like, your high-school girlfriend? Five fingers, no waiting? [Badger stares at him] That's a joke, Brandon! Lighten up! [in low voice] Son, I promise you this: I will give you the best criminal defense that money can buy.

[Walt and Jesse pull up outside Saul's strip mall office]
Jesse: Sooner or later this is gonna happen. If you want your exponential growth, guys are gonna get busted. Simple as that.
Walter: How about we get him a real attorney? I mean, what the hell is this? This is who he hires?
Jesse: What? You kidding me? This is the guy you want. This is the guy I'd hire.
Walter: [sarcastically] Ooh, this is the guy you'd hire.
Jesse: Look, you remember Emilio? 'Kay, this dude got Emilio off, like, twice. 'Kay, both times they had him dead to rights, yo, and then poof. Dude's like Houdini. Seriously, when the going gets tough, you don't want a criminal lawyer. Alright, you want a criminal lawyer. You know what I'm saying?

Saul: Mayhew. Is that Irish or English?
Walter: Irish.
Saul: Faith and begorrah! A fellow potato eater! My real name's McGill. The Jew thing I just do for the homeboys. They all want a pipe-hitting member of the tribe, so to speak.

[Saul finds Walter after school in the classroom]
Saul: Oh my God! You really are a chemistry teacher! Heh-heh. Uh, you mind? [Saul closes the door] I was terrible at chemistry. I'm more of a humanities guy.
Walter: How did you find me?
Saul: We should talk about that. It should be much, much harder for people to track you down. My P.I. charged me for three hours, so I seriously doubt it took him more than one.
Walter: So this is what? Blackmail?
Saul: Walter, I'm your lawyer. Anything you say to me is totally privileged. I'm not in the shakedown racket. I'm a lawyer. Even drug dealers need lawyers, right? Especially drug dealers.
Walter: So what? You're just doing this out of the kindness of your heart?
Saul: C'mon. Have you seen my hourly rate? Heh-heh. Oh by the way, where do you keep the money? Is it in your mattress? Is it in a jelly jar buried in the side yard, huh? You know, this kid Mayhew may be the first of your guys to get picked up, but he won't be the last. And if I can find you, how far behind can the cops be?
Walter: I don't understand. What exactly are you offering to do for me?
Saul: What did Tom Hagen do for Vito Corleone?
Walter: I'm no Vito Corleone.
Saul: No shit! Right now you're Fredo! But, y'know, with some sound advice and proper introductions, who knows? I'll tell you one thing: you've got the right product. Anything that gets the DEA's panties in this big a bunch, you're onto something special. And I would like to be a small and silent part of it. Food for thought, yeah? [he starts to head for the door, but stops] So if you want to make more money and, uh, keep the money that you make, [taps his foot and holds his arms out with flair] better call Saul!

4 Days Out [2.09]Edit

Saul: Look, let's crunch some numbers. How much money are we laundering?
Walter: At this time...$16,000.
Saul: How long you been doing this?
Walter: We've had some extenuating circumstances.
Saul: Yeah, apparently. All right, $16,000 laundered at 75 cents on the dollar, minus my fee, which is 17%, comes out to $9,960. Congratulations, you've just left your family a second hand Subaru.

Jesse: Yo, you wanna go shopping, go do it yourself, alright? I got plans.
Walter: Smoking marijuana, eating Cheetos and masturbating do not constitute plans in my book.

Walter: Three entire bags of Funyuns?
Jesse: Funyuns are awesome.
Walter: God...
Jesse: More for me.
Walter: How about something with some protein, maybe? Something green, huh? How are you even alive?

[Walter and Jesse are stranded without water in their RV in the middle of the desert]
Walter: I have this coming.
Jesse: What?
Walter: I have it coming. I deserve this.
Jesse: Snap out of it. Alright, first off, everything you did, you did for your family. Right?
Walter: All I ever managed to do was worry and disappoint them. And lie. Oh God, the lies...I can't even...can't even keep them straight in my head anymore...
Jesse: You know what? Screw this. I'm walking. You can come or not. Where's my other shoe?
Walter: Jesse...Jesse...Your body is running dangerously low on electrolytes. Sodium, potassium, calcium...and when they're gone, your brain ceases to communicate with the muscles. Your lungs stop breathing. Your heart stops pumping. You go marching out there, and within an hour, you will be dead.
Jesse: You need to cut out all your loser crybaby crap right now and think of something scientific!
Walter: [laughs weakly] Something... something scientific, right...
Jesse: Like, come on! Man, you're smart! All right, you made poison out of beans, yo. Look, we've got an entire lab right here. How about you take some of these chemicals and mix up some... some rocket fuel, that way we could just send up a signal flare. Or you make some kind of robot to get us help... or a homing device... or building a battery... [Walt's eyes snap open] Or what if we just take some stuff off of the RV and build it into something completely different? You know, like a... like a dune buggy! And that way we could just dune buggy our... [Walt sits up] What? Hey... what is it? What?
Walter: Do you... do you have any money? Change, I mean, coins?
Jesse: Yeah, yeah, I got a bunch of 'em!
Walter: Okay... [gets up]
Jesse: Yes!
Walter: Gather them. And-and-and washers, and nuts and bolts and screws, and whatever little pieces of metal we can think of that is galvanized - it has to be galvanized - or, or solid zinc.
Jesse: [starts to head outside] Solid zinc...
Walter: And-and-and bring me... brake pads! The front wheels should have discs, take them off and bring them to me.
Jesse: All right, all right...
Walter: [kicks a toolbox toward Jesse] Brake pads!
Jesse: What are we building?
Walter: You said it yourself.
Jesse: A robot?
Walter: ...A battery.

Walter: And now, what shall we use to conduct this beautiful current with, hm? What one particular element comes to mind, hm? [Walter holds up a copper wire] Hmm?
Jesse: Ooooh, wire.
Walter: ...Copper.
Jesse: Oh, I mean...
Walter: It's copper.

Over [2.10]Edit

Walter: The upshot is that I have radiation pneumonitis.
Jesse: Damn...
Walter: Actually it's not as bad as it sounds. It's a fairly common occurrence. Easily treated. In fact, the news is all good.
Jesse: You mean, good? You mean, like, good good? You mean, like, remission good?
Walter: Remission. Not to imply I'm cured. I still have cancer, but there's been a significant reduction in the tumors.
Jesse: How significant?
Walter: Eighty percent.
Jesse: Dude! No way!
Walter: I'm not out of the woods yet, not by any stretch...but "options" is the word they keep bandying about.
Jesse: That's awesome! Serious? That's...that's...that's great, man! My aunt, she never...I mean, y'know, at your stage I didn't even think that could happen.
Walter: Eh.
Jesse: Mr. White, you kicked its ass, yo! [Walter motions for Jesse to quiet down] No! You must be so psyched!
Walter: Of course. I am.
Jesse: Okay now we...I mean, what do we...Oh! Hey, I almost forgot. [Jesse hands Walter a paper bag filled with money] do you want to...y'know...proceed in light of this kickass news?
Walter: We'll take our time and stay cautious. Sell off what we have and then...well, then I guess I'm done.

Walter: Um...well, it's kind of funny. When I got my diagnosis – cancer – I said to myself, y'know, "Why me?" And then the other day when I got the good news, I said the same thing. [The party guests are silent with confusion] Anyway, uh, thank you for coming and...enjoy.
Hank: Wow. Inspirational.

[Hank takes a bottle of tequila away after Walter keeps pouring shots for Walter Jr.]
Walter: Hey! Bring...the bottle...back.
Hank: Sorry, buddy. No can do.
Walter: My son! My bottle! My house!
Hank: [to other party guests] It's alright.
Walter: What are you waiting for? Bring it back!
Hank: Why don't we just call it a day? Alright, pal? We good?
[Hank puts his hand on Walter's shoulder. Walter smacks it away]
Walter: The bottle. Now.
Skyler: What's going on?
[Walter Jr. vomits into the pool. Skyler and Hank rush over to him. Walter sits back down and smiles to himself]

[Jane is looking at Jesse's superhero sketches]
Jane: And this is?
Jesse: That's Backwardo. Oh wait no, actually I changed it to Rewindo. Anyways, he goes backwards. He can make everything go in reverse.
Jane: Time and stuff? Time traveling?
Jesse: No, he just walks backwards.

Walter: Stay out of my territory.

Mandala [2.11]Edit

Walter: God. This entire process has just been so...It's always been one step forward and two steps back. We need your help.
Saul: Look, let's start with some tough love, alright? Ready for this? Here it goes: you two suck at peddling meth. Period.

[Walt deduces that the on-duty manager of a Los Pollos Hermanos is probably the distributor who wouldn't meet with him. He summons Gus to his table]
Gus Fring: What can I do for you?
Walter White: Have a seat. Please. [Gus sits down across from Walt] I would like to know why you wouldn't meet with me yesterday.
Gus Fring: I'm sorry, I'm not following.
Walter White: I sat here yesterday waiting to meet with someone. I believe that person was you.
Gus Fring: I think that you're confusing me for someone else.
Walter White: I don't think I am.
Gus Fring: Sir, if you have a complaint, I suggest you submit it through our e-mail system. I'd be happy to refer you to our website.
Walter White: I was told that the man I'd be meeting with was very careful. Cautious man. I believe we are alike in that way. If you are who I think you are, you should give me another chance.
[Gus's demeanor suddenly changes: the professionally friendly smile and open expression remain, but we are instantly made aware that this is a mask, a cage, and a deadly predator has suddenly peered and growled softly behind the iron, kindly and philanthropic bars.].
Gus Fring: I don't think we're alike at all, Mr. White. You are not a cautious man at all. Your partner was late. And he was high.
Walter White: Yes. Yes, he was.
Gus Fring: He's high often, isn't he? [Walter does not answer] You have poor judgment. I can't work with someone with poor judgment.
Walter White: Are you familiar with my product?
Gus Fring: I've been told it's excellent.
Walter White: It is impeccable. It is the purest, most chemically sound product on the market, anywhere.
Gus Fring: That is not the only factor.
Walter White: You could charge twice the current rate for what I provide and your customers would pay it, hands down. Now who I choose to do business with on my end is not your problem. You won't see him, you won't interact with him. Forget he exists.
Gus Fring: I have to ask why. Why him?
Walter White: Because he does what I say. Because I can trust him.
Gus Fring: How much product do you have left?
Walter White: 38 pounds. Ready to go at a moment's notice. [Gus gets up] Will I hear from you?
Gus Fring: I have your numbers. [softly] You can never trust a drug addict.

[Pete is describing Combo's funeral]
Skinny Pete: And you should've seen the coffin. It was like this shiny white pearlescence, like I'm pretty sure I seen the exact same paint job on a Lexus, right? So we're definitely talking high end.

[Jesse and Jane are injecting heroin]
Jesse: What's it feel like?
Jane: There's a chill. Don't freak out, it passes. And'll see. [Jane kisses Jesse] I'll meet you there.

[As Walt gets up to leave Los Pollos Hermanos, having learned Gus's name, Victor suddenly steps in front of him and blocks him from leaving]
Victor: 38 pounds, $1.2 million, [deliver to the] truck stop, two miles south of exit 13 on the 25. One hour.
Walter White: W-What?
Victor: One hour. You in or out?
Walter White: In, in, absolutely, but I just need a little more time...
Victor: One hour. If you miss it, don't ever show your face in here again.

Phoenix [2.12]Edit

Jesse: How much?
Walter: How much what?
Jesse: How much did you get for the deal?
Walter: $1.2 million.
Jesse: $600,000 each.
Walter: $480,000. Saul's cut is 20%.
Jesse Alright, so where's my money?
Walter: Ha!
Jesse: What?
Walter: You are joking, right? If I gave you that money, you would be dead inside of a week.
Jesse: Yo man, look, I'm off the heroin. I didn't even like it, anyway. It made me sick. And the meth, y'know, I could take it or leave it. I'm clean, Mr. White. For real.
[Walter tosses an empty beaker to Jesse]
Walter: Prove it. Pee in that.
Jesse: How gay are you seriously?
Walter: Pee in it! They're selling testing kits at the drug stores. If you are clean, I will give you every last dime. [Jesse is silent] No, huh? Well I guess until then, you'll just have to depend on the kindness of strangers to get high. That and your little junkie girlfriend.
[Jesse throws the beaker at Walter. Walter ducks and it shatters against the chalkboard]

Walter: No, no, it cannot be blind luck or some imaginary relative who saves us. No, I earned that money. ME! And now my son created his own website – Soliciting anonymous donations. Do you have any idea how that makes me feel?
Saul: Well, look at that. It's got PayPal and everything.
Walter: Cyber-begging, that's all that is. Just rattling a little tin cup to the entire world.
Saul: [sarcastically] Yeah, there's no deep-seated issues there.

Jane: Do right by Jesse tonight or I will burn you to the ground.
Walter: Nice job wearing the pants.

Jane: Do you know what this is?
Jesse: It's a whole lot of cheddar.
Jane: This is freedom! This is saying I can go anywhere I want! I can be anybody! Who do you want to be? Where do you want to go? South America? Europe? Australia?
Jesse: Is New Zealand part of Australia?
Jane: New Zealand is New Zealand!
Jesse: Right on. New Zealand, that's where they, uh, that's where they made Lord of the Rings! I say we just move there, yo! I mean, you could do your art, right? Like, you could like paint the local castles and shit, and I can be a bush pilot!

ABQ [2.13]Edit

Mike: Any other drugs in the house? Think hard. Your freedom depends on it. [Jesse shakes his head] What about guns? You got any guns in the house? [Jesse shakes his head] Here's your story: You woke up. You found her. That's all you know. Say it. Say it, please. 'I woke up. I found her. That's all I know.' [Jesse begins to cry. Mike slaps him] Say it. 'I woke up. I found her. That's all I know.'
Jesse: I woke up. I found her. That's all I know.
Mike: Again.
Jesse: I woke up. I found her. That's all I know.
Mike: Again. Again.
Jesse: I woke up. I found her. That's all I know. I woke up. I found her. That's all I know.
Mike: Once you call it in, the people who show up will be with the Office of Medical Investigations. That's primarily who you'll talk to. Police officers may arrive, they may not. Depends on how busy a morning they're having. Typically OD's are not a high priority call. There's nothing here to incriminate you so I'd be amazed if you got placed under arrest. However, if you do, you say nothing. You tell them you just want your lawyer and you call Saul Goodman. And do I need to state the obvious? I was not here. You put on a long sleeve shirt and cover those track marks on your arm. [hands Jesse a phone] Count down from twenty and then you dial. Hang tough. You're in the home stretch.

Hank: Alright, some of you already know my brother-in-law. He's a good man. The doctors are saying this operation has a real chance of helping him. Of course they're also saying they want to be paid in private islands, so dig deep. Biggest donation gets a six-pack of my very own Schraderbrau. Home brewed to silky perfection.
Gomez: Smallest donation gets two six-packs.

Jesse: I deserve this.
Walter: What?
Jesse: What you said in the desert, I get it. What you meant. I deserve whatever happens.

Karen: Judging from the things you and other folks have written about him, your dad must be quite a guy.
Walter Jr.: Yeah, he is. He's the best.
Karen: You don't want to lose him, do you, Walter?
Walter Jr. None of us do. We love him.
Karen: He's a good man, isn't he?
Walter Jr.: Absolutely. Ask anyone, anybody. He's a great father, a great teacher. He knows like everything there is to know about chemistry. He's patient with you, he's always there for you. He's just decent. And he always does the right thing and that's how he teaches me to be.
Karen: Would you say he's your hero?
Walter Jr.: Oh yeah, yes ma'am, totally. My dad is my hero.

Walter: What are you doing?
Skyler: I'm going to Hank and Marie's for the weekend.
Walter: Since when?
Skyler: I'm taking the baby with me. Marie will pick up Walter Jr. from school. You will have the house to yourself for two days. I want you to pack your things and leave.
Walter: Why would I do that?
Skyler: Hank has offered to help since you shouldn't be doing any heavy lifting.
Walter: Skyler...
Skyler: I want you gone by Monday morning. I want...I want you gone.
Walter: Okay, can you at least tell me why?
Skyler: Because you're a liar, Walt. Two cell phones after all.
Walter: What?
Skyler: Right before your surgery, I asked if you had packed your cell phone and you said, "Which one?"
Walter: When? Skyler, I was medicated. I mean, I could have said the world was flat.
Skyler: You know what I think? I think you accidentally told the truth.
Walter: Honey, we have been over this. Asked and answered, right? There–
Skyler: But then it got me thinking again about the all the strange behavior. Not the least of which was the disappearance. Out of my mind with worry, calling hospitals, checking the morgue. Your fugue state? I had to believe that, didn't I? I had to find a way. I mean, who would lie about such a thing?
Walter: You tell me, Skyler. You tell me exactly what it is you think I'm lying about. What, an affair? I'm having an affair? Is that what you think?
Skyler: That's what I was thinking, yeah. For the last few weeks.
Walter: With whom? Who am I having an affair with?
Skyler: Well, my guess was Gretchen Schwartz. Something was going on between you. I just knew.
Walter: Jesus, Skyler. Get me a Bible to swear on, if that's what it takes. I am not having an affair with Gretchen!
Skyler: Oh, I know. I know you're not. 'Cause I asked her. It really took me forever to get in touch with her. She was ducking my calls for weeks. So I finally left a message, "What exactly is going on between you and my husband?" I thought that'd get her attention and it did. So she called me back and she finally told me. The money? For your treatment? Gretchen and Elliott didn't give you a dime. They paid for nothing. You refused every offer they made you, but that didn't make sense because I checked with Delcavoli in the hospital and, not including your surgery, we're nearly paid up. Over $100,000. Out of where? Out of thin air? But then, I called your mother. Yeah. Thanks for that, too. But I thought, y'know, maybe she has some money that I don't know about? Maybe she contributed? It's possible. It turns out that not only is the money not your mother, she didn't even know that you have cancer. You never went to see her. I dropped you at the airport, I picked you up, you were gone for four days, and yet she swears that you were never there. Lies on top of lies on top of lies.
Walter: Skyler...
Skyler Could you, just once, do me the courtesy of not denying it?
[Walter is silent. Skyler heads to the car]
Walter: Skyler...Skyler, don't do this, please. I...I...Skyler, please don't go. [Skyler tries to close the car door, but Walter stops her] If I tell you the truth, will you stay? Stay and I will tell you everything.
Skyler: Whatever it is, I'm afraid to know.
[Skyler closes the car door and drives off]

Season 3Edit

No Más [3.01]Edit

[Walter grabs a duffel bag filled with his drug money, but Hank also grabs it]
Hank: Whoa, whoa, no heavy lifting. I got it.
Walter: No, it's okay.
Hank: I got it. Jesus, what you got in there – cinder blocks?
Walter: Half a million in cash.
Hank: [laughing] That's the spirit.

[The school is gathered in the gym to discuss the plane crash]
Barry: I just find it, y'know, really, really hard to concentrate because of all the horrors, y' know, we perceived. It just really gets inside your brain and, college they have this thing where if your roommate kills himself, like if you come home and find him hanging in the closet or whatever, it's basically an automatic A for you. And I just think that kind of compassion is something to–
Carmen: [grabbing microphone away] OK, thank you, Barry. Who wants to go next?

Walter: I love you, Skyler. And I would do anything for you. Would you even consider, I mean...Jesus! You come in here and you wave these papers in my face, when there's a whole other entire side to this thing. There's your side and there's my side and you haven't heard my side yet. You haven't heard any of it all.
Skyler: You're a drug dealer.
Walter: No. How...What?
Skyler: Yeah. How else could you possibly make that kind of money? Marijuana. That Pinkman kid. [Walter is silent] No? Oh my God, Walt. Cocaine?
Walter: ...It's methamphetamine. But I'm a manufacturer, I'm not a dealer.
Skyler: [shocked] Oh...
Walter: Per se. doesn't mean... [Skyler gets up and heads to the door] No, Skyler! Listen to me, Skyler! [Walter grabs her arm] Listen.
Skyler: No!
Walter: There are a lot of angles to this, OK? It's complicated, alright? So please listen. Please, let's just sit back down and we'll talk it through.
Skyler: I'm going to make you a deal, Walt. I won't tell Hank and I won't tell your children or anybody else. Nobody will hear it from me, but only if you grant me this divorce and stay out of our lives.
Walter: No, Skyler...
Skyler: I mean it. Now let me the hell out of here before I throw up.

Jesse: You either run from things or you face them, Mr. White.
Walter: Now what exactly does that mean?
Jesse: I learned it in rehab. It's all about accepting who you really are. I accept who I am.
Walter: And who are you?
Jesse: I'm the bad guy.

Walter: [to Gus] I'm here because I owe you the courtesy and respect to tell you this personally. I'm done. It has nothing to do with you personally. I find you extraordinarily professional and I appreciate the way you do business. I'm just...I'm making a change in my life is what it is, and I'm at something of a crossroads and it's brought me to a realization: I'm not a criminal. No offense to any people who are, but...this is not me.

Caballo sin Nombre [3.02]Edit

Walter: God...It's a disaster.
Saul: It is not a disaster. It's not a disaster, alright? She's not going to the cops, she's not telling a living soul. You wanna know why? One word: blowback. If she blabs, it'll be a disaster – for her. That DEA brother-in-law? Screwed! You were right under his nose. He'll be lucky if they let him bust glue sniffers at the hobby shop. The kids? Paging Dr. Phil! "My daddy's a drug dealer and my mommy turned him in!" And the house? Gone! The feds will come in and RICO her and the kids out on the street. Good luck arguing with them on that, noooo. It's not gonna happen. She's bluffing. And she knows it.

Mike: [answering the phone] Yeah?
Saul: It's me. [about Skyler] We may have a wife problem.

Hank: Sky, the, um...I know it's none of my business, but uh...keeping him away from the kids?
Skyler: You're right, Hank. It's not your business.

Walter: Skyler...I mean, what kind of example do we wanna set here, right? I mean, can't we at least just sit down and eat a piece of pizza together? Just hash things out like adults?
Skyler: We have discussed everything we need to discuss. I thought I made myself very clear.
Walter: ...I've got dipping sticks.

[The Pinkmans just sold Jesse's old house at a much lower price to an unknown person who knew about Jesse's meth lab]
Mr. Pinkman: Breaking even is not so bad. In this economy, a lot of people would kill to break even.
Mrs. Pinkman: Poor Jake had his heart set on going to Space Camp.
[Jesse pulls up in his car]
Mrs. Pinkman: Oh no.
Mr. Pinkman: God, this is all we need.
Jesse: Mom. Dad. How's it going?
[Jesse walks to the house]
Mr. Pinkman: Jesse, it's really not a good time.
Mrs. Pinkman: Jesse, the house has been sold. The new owners are expected at any moment. Where do you think you're going?
Jesse: [jingles the key] Inside. I bought the place.

I.F.T. [3.03]Edit

Juan: Don Salamanca had a nephew named Tuco.
Gus: Yes, I knew of him.
Juan: Then perhaps you know Don Salamanca mentored him in the business. Thought of Tuco as a son. When Don Salamanca was no longer able, Tuco took over for his uncle. He was a key man in our organization north of the border. He was loyal. This "Heisenberg" – Walter White – he was one of Tuco's local suppliers. Until he betrayed Tuco. So now you see...blood must be repaid by blood. Tuco's cousins here...they have the right to exact vengeance. The Salamanca family, the cartel...everyone stands shoulder to shoulder on this.
[Hector rings the bell in affirmation]

Juan: I don't tell you how to fry your chickens, Gustavo. You should really leave matters of my organization's politics to me.
Gus: Do I not run my own territory?
Juan: Of course you do. And I will advise them to be patient. But I recommend you finish your business with the man quickly. Or you risk losing the good graces of the cartel. That would not be wise. And those boys inside, I cannot guarantee that they will listen. They are...not like you and I.

[Her lawyer advises Skyler to report Walt to police.]
Skyler: Walt has lung cancer. His treatment bought him some time, but the doctors, they all say that sooner or later... I can't see why I should lay all this on my family when things may...resolve themselves on their own without anyone else knowing.

Walter: I've done a terrible thing. But I've done it for a good reason. I did it for us. That [points to the duffel bag of money] is college tuition for Walter Jr. And Holly, eighteen years down the road. And it's health insurance for you and the kids. For Jr.'s physical therapy. His SAT tutor. It's money for groceries, gas, for birthdays and graduation parties. Skyler, that money is for this roof over your head. The mortgage that you are not going to be able to afford on a part-time bookkeeper's salary when I'm gone.
Skyler: Walt, I–
Walter: Please. Please. This money, I didn't steal it. It doesn't belong to anyone else. I earned it. The things I've...done to earn it...they...the things I've had to do...I've got to live with them. Skyler, all that I've done, all the sacrifices that I've made for this family, all of it, will be for nothing if you don't accept what I've earned. Please. I'll be here when you get home from work. You can give me your answer then.

Skyler: I fucked Ted.

Green Light [3.04]Edit

[Saul and Mike are listening to a recording of Walter and Skyler fighting]
Walter: You think this will get me to move out? You can screw Ted, you can screw the butcher, the mailman, whoever you want! Screw all! I'm not going anywhere.
Skyler: Suit yourself.
Saul: Is this a good or bad thing?
Walter: Suit myself...You want me to suit myself?! I'll suit myself to his face!
Saul: It's a bad thing.

Walter: How did you know?
Saul: I'm sorry?
Walter: About Skyler. About where to find me just now. How did you know?
Saul: That's just my meticulousness. Don't bog down in detail, Walt. The lesson here–
Walter: Did you bug my house?
Saul: ...Yeah. But I didn't know it was your house, did I? You moved out. Besides, you basically told me to.
Walter: I told you to?
Saul: You strongly hinted that I should. You were worried about your wife, remember? You were concerned that she might say something to the police.
Walter: No, no, that's not true. When the hell did I say that?
Saul: Let's not get lost in the who, whats and whens. The point is we did our due diligence and she didn't talk. She kept quiet, she stood by you, Walt. Which, if you ask me, is the ironical silver lining here. I mean, on the one hand, sure, she snuck off the reservation to get some dirty damp and deep. On the other–
[Walter grabs Saul and the two begin struggling on the floor. Mike rolls his eyes, strolls over to them and breaks it up]
Saul: Good! "Oh boo-hoo, I won't cook meth anymore!" You're a crybaby! Who needs you?! Hey, I'm unplugging the website, so no more money laundering! How do you like that?!
Walter: I want those bugs out of my house today! I want them out now!
Saul: You just bought a $300 suit, psycho!

Hank: [interrogating a meth head] So...let me get this straight, Russell. You got this meth from "some dude" wearing khaki pants, who – you're 80% sure – had a mustache. And that's it? That's your brain working at full capacity?

Walter: This is very shoddy work, Pinkman. I'm actually embarrassed for you.
Jesse: What? No way. I gave out samples and everyone said it was the bomb.
Walter: Oh, they said it was the bomb? And who are they, I wonder? A bunch of meth heads?
Jesse: Yeah, and they should know, right?
Walter: Yeah, well, sorry. I can't help you.
Jesse: Fine, asswad. You know what? I'll contact the guy myself.
Walter: Oh yeah? Well, good luck because my guy's a pro and he doesn't deal with junkies.
Jesse: Hey, you know what? Eat me!
Walter: Anytime, loser!

Mike: The good news is for stage three cancer, the guy's doing well. Physically. Mentally, the guy's a disaster. He's gone off the rails over this thing with his wife. My opinion: he's not coming back. Not on his own. Your friends were at his place again, by the way. They drew something on the street outside his house. The Scythe.
Gus: Animals... Does the lawyer know?
Mike: Should he?
Gus: No.
Mike: If you want this guy to produce again, why not just tell him? You're the only thing that stands between him and an axe to the head.
Gus: I do not believe fear to be an effective motivator. I want investment. For now, I'm simply interested in time frame. He will live for the foreseeable future, yes?
Mike: Hmm, foreseeable. Couple of years at least, barring acts of God or men with axes.

Más [3.05]Edit

Skinny Pete: That was... [vomits] ...awesome, bro.

Gus: I am told his product was more or less consistent with the quality I come to expect.
Walter: More or less? More or less, really? Wow. Boy this... Talk about setting the bar low. Except you don't do that, set the bar low. Therefore, what conclusion am I left to draw? That you believe I have some proprietary kind of selfishness about my own formula? Some sort of overweening pride that you think simply overwhelms me, clouds my judgment?
Gus: But it doesn't?
Walter: Absolutely not. I simply respect the chemistry. The chemistry must be respected.

Walter: I have made a series of very bad decisions and I cannot make another one.
Gus: Why did you make these decisions?
Walter: For the good of my family.
Gus: Then they weren't bad decisions. What does a man do, Walter? A man provides for his family.
Walter: This cost me my family.
Gus: When you have children, you always have family. They will always be your priority, your responsibility. And a man, a man provides. And he does it even when he's not appreciated or respected or even loved. He simply bears up and he does it. Because he's a man.

Saul: Clearly a mistake was made on the part of our mutual associate when he paid you half of Jesse's earnings. He must not have realized that you two had come to a parting of the ways.
[Walter places a paper bag filled with the money on the desk]
Walter: Take it. It belongs to you.
Jesse: You're damn right it belongs to me.
Saul: I knew I could count on you boys to play nice! That's...that almost brings a tear to my eye.
Walter: Enjoy it. Spend it in good health. That is the last money you'll ever earn in this business.
Jesse: What the hell is that supposed to mean?
Walter: I hate to break it you, Jesse, but our "mutual associate" was only using you to get to me.
Jesse: What are you talking about?
Walter: You see, he needs someone with expertise. Someone who knows what he's doing. In other words, he needs me.
Jesse: You're telling me you're cooking again?
Walter: Yeah, how should I put this? I'm're out.

Saul: Whoa, Walt, hold on there! What was the offer, if I may ask?
Walter: It's, uh, three million for three months of my time.
Saul: You're gonna need that money laundered, right? I mean, of course. What was our deal before? Seventeen percent. That's a shade high. Now let's settle on an even fifteen. That's a nice round number.
Walter: Five percent.
Saul: Fourteen's fair.
Walter: Five.
Saul: Thirteen.
Walter: Five.
Saul: Twelve, for old time's sake. Twelve.
Walter: Five.
Saul: I'm a reasonable guy, it's a short term deal. Ten even, but I can't go any lower and still respect myself. [Walter turns to leave] Five!
Jesse: What in the hell just happened? You're MY lawyer, not his!
Saul: It's the way of the world, kid. Go with the winner.

Sunset [3.06]Edit

Badger: That is awesome, Jesse! I feel like somebody took my brain out and boiled it in, like, boiling hot,, Anthrax.

Walter: Listen, we got a problem. A DEA problem.
Saul: OK, I'm listening.
Walter: It's my brother-in-law. He knows about the RV.
Saul: What RV?
Walter: Our RV. The one which contains a meth lab which is covered with my fingerprints. Ring a bell?
Saul: OK, what exactly does "knows about" mean? Does he have it? Has he searched it?
Walter: No, he knows it exists and he's trying to find it. He has linked it to Jesse and it's only a matter of time before he tracks it down, so...
Saul: So get rid of it! What are you sitting there talking to me? Better yet, have Pinkman get rid of it. You don't go near it.
Walter: No, listen, my brother-in-law, he is surveying Jesse's house, do you understand? So he might have tapped his phones or bugged his house.
Saul: Jesus. Plan A, then! Go, get to it before the feds do.
Walter: And do what exactly? I mean, what...the thing, the thing is the size of a, of a...It's RV size! I mean, where do I go to make an RV disappear? I'm not David Copperfield!
Saul: What do I look like – the RV disposal people? Did you not plan for this contingency?
Walter: No.
Saul: Well, next time plan for it, would ya? The Starship Enterprise had a self-destruct button. I'm just saying.
Walter: OK, aw, shut up.

Walter: [whispering to Jesse what to say to Hank] Private domicile and I won't be harassed.
Hank: Yeah? Tell you what Pinkman, probable cause or no, I'll give you three seconds to get your ass out here! 1, 2...
Jesse: This is my own private domicile and I will not be harassed...bitch!
[Walter shrugs in frustration and shakes his head]

Jesse: I say we just ram him, alright? We, uh, we...we start her up and we just ram the shit out of his truck and make our escape, right? [Walter waves him off] Yeah, he'd, uh...he'd shoot me in the head. Yeah, he'd shoot me in the head.

Gus: I told you before. You will not kill Walter White. Not until my business with him is concluded.
Marco: We've waited long enough. We won't wait any longer.
Gus: You'll have to. The decision is not yours to make. Explain to me...why this man White? He betrayed your cousin Tuco, yes. But he's not the one who murdered him. Was there not another man who pulled the trigger?
Marco: A DEA agent. Bolsa says the DEA is off-limits.
Gus: North of the border is my territory. My say. As a show of respect...I say yes. The agent's name is Hank Schrader. May his death satisfy you.

One Minute [3.07]Edit

Walter: So what happens now?
Jesse: What happens now? I'll tell you what happens now. Your scumbag brother-in-law is finished. Done. You understand? I will own him when this is over. Every cent he earns, every cent his wife earns is mine. Any place he goes, anywhere he turns, I'm gonna be there grabbing my share. He'll be scrubbing toilets in Tijuana for pennies and I'll be standing over him to get my cut. He'll see me when he wakes up in the morning and when he crawls to sleep in whatever rat hole is left for him after I shred his house down. I will haunt his crusty ass forever until the day he sticks a gun up his mouth and pulls the trigger just to get me out of his head. That's what happens next.

[Hank is being investigated for beating up Jesse]
Hank Schrader: ...I was convinced that Mr. Pinkman was involved in the manufacture and distribution of phenyl-2 methamphetamine, specifically what we're calling the blue meth. I tracked him to a scrapyard where he stored an early-'80s camper, an RV. While waiting for a warrant to search this vehicle, which I believe to be a rolling meth lab, I received a telephone call telling me my wife Marie had been injured in an accident. Upon hearing the news, I left Mr. Pinkman and his vehicle to tend to my wife. After arriving at the hospital, I learned the emergency call was a hoax. My wife, fortunately, was unharmed. [clears throat] So I immediately went back to the salvage yard, but the RV was gone, most likely destroyed on site.
Detective #1: And it was at this point you drove to the home of Jesse Pinkman? [Hank's lawyer whispers something to him]
Hank's Lawyer: I think we're done here. Agent Schrader needs to get home to get some rest.
Detective #1: That's fine. But just to confirm, you're taking the Fifth here?
Hank Schrader: Yeah, that's correct.
Detective #2: Okay. Well, we just wanna give you all a heads up. Mr. Pinkman is pressing charges in this matter. He's given a detailed version of events as he sees them.
Hank's Lawyer: The word of a methhead.
Detective #1: We know all about his history. We're well aware, but toxicology on Pinkman...his blood is clean, he's not using.
Detective #2: The kid is even refusing his doctor-ordered pain meds, as far as we can tell.
Hank Schrader: So, um, where do we go from here?
George Merkert: A couple of gentlemen from OPR will come down, probably tomorrow morning. Janice will give us an exact time on that. [To the AQPD detectives] And you men will be continuing your investigation, so, thanks for your time. [They all stand up]
Detective #1: Right. We just need one more thing: A photo of Agent Schrader's hands. For the record.
Hank Schrader: Yes, of course. [He looks at his right wrist]
Detective #1: Bandage off, if you would. [Hanks takes off the bandage]
Detective #2: On the table is fine. Flat on the table. That's fine. [Hank puts his right hand on the table and the detective takes a picture of the bruises on the right hand]

[The Cousins pull up to a semi truck parked in a deserted parking lot to meet with an arms dealer]
Arms Dealer: So, you the gentlemen?
[The Cousins say nothing. The arms dealer opens the back doors to the trailer]
Arms Dealer: Lucky you boys caught me. I've got a load to pick up, I'm taking the 40 straight through to Memphis! I can hammer it out in about 15, but there's this girl down here named Laney or Lolly or somethin'. Maybe Fran. Anyhow, she's got one of these fetish things, she likes to get peed on, y'know, so I was hoping to see her tonight, but she's real strict 'bout wanting to get to sleep before 10, so I wanna wrap it up here ASAP because traffic can be a wild card, y'know, rubberneckin' and such.
[He starts taking off the tarps covering the crates containing his weapons]
Arms Dealer: Surprising thing is the women who like to get peed on always tend to be from the warmer climates. You'd think the ones in the colder zones would be more inclined but I haven't met one yet. I mean, it's a shock to the system if the body is not properly acclimated, but y'know... leave that for smarter minds than me. Science is a mystery.
[He looks up at the Cousins]
Arms Dealer: Well, take a gander. Prices are negotiable. Buying in bulk gets you a discount. I'm running a special on these honeys.
[The dealer walks over to a crate that contains boxes of bullets, and picks one up]
Arms Dealer: JHPs. Hollow-point bullets, known by the natives as "Black Death". Check it out. [tosses it to Marco] You like that? It's so sweet, you'll wanna lick it! Nickel-plated brass casing, Lubalox coat for panache. Sucker has six razor claws that expand upon impact! PEW! Shred your mama's head like a cabbage. [Marco considers then starts to hand it back to the dealer] Keep it. On the house. [Marco puts the Black Death bullet in his pocket] Anyhow, I've been windjamming long enough. Why don't you boys tell me what you're looking for. What it is you want, what is it you need? What can I do you for?
Leonel Salamanca: Vests.
Arms Dealer: Vests? Hell yeah, we've got vests! Right here. [He grabs two bulletproof vests from a satchel] Sleek, comfortable, thermally bonded, non-interwoven Kevlar fiber. Stop a bullet like a soft wanger against a Quaker girl! It just ain't getting through. And lightweight? Damn, so lightweight, you'll forget you're wearing it! [He tosses the vests, which hit the floor in front of the Cousins]
Marco Salamanca: They work?
Arms Dealer: Sure as shit, they do! [He unbuttons the top button on his shirt to reveal that he's wearing an identical bulletproof vest] I don't leave home without it!
[Leonel promptly pulls out his pistol and shoots the arms dealer in the exposed section of the vest. The arms dealer is knocked to the ground by the impact of the bullet]
Arms Dealer: Ugh! Ow! What the hell?! You... broke my freaking rib, you maniac son of a bitch!
[As the arms dealer groans in pain, Marco steps forward and looks at the spot where Leonel's bullet hit the vest. He pulls out the bullet and shows it to Leonel, who nods in approval. Marco reaches into his pocket and counts out a stack of $100 bills, which he drops in the dealer's lap. Leonel and Marco then pick up the vests and slowly walk out of the truck]
Arms Dealer: You're welcome!

Marie: You made one mistake.
Hank: It wasn't one mistake. I've been... unraveling, y'know? I don't sleep at night anymore. I freeze, I freeze up. My chest gets all tight, I can't breathe. Just...I panic. Ever since that Salamanca thing. Tuco Salamanca, if ever a scumbag deserved a bullet between the eyes... It changed me and I can't seem to control it. I try to fight it, but then El Paso. It just got worse. What I did to Pinkman...that's not who I'm supposed to be. All this, everything that's happened, I swear to God, Marie, I think the universe is trying to tell me something and I'm finally ready to listen. I'm just not the man I thought I was. I think I'm done as a cop.

Walter: Listen, something's come up. I think it's a good opportunity. There's been a job opening. I need a new lab assistant.
Jesse: I did... my time. Why don't you just get yourself a monkey?
Walter: I don't want a monkey. I want you.
Jesse: Oh, gee, thanks. Well, not interested. I got my own thing going on. And nice try saving your asshat brother-in-law.
Walter: That's not why I'm here, Jesse. There's more. It's more than an assistant. Partners. We'd be partners again. Split everything, 50/50, just like before. 1.5 million dollars. Each.
Jesse: No.
Walter: I don't think you heard me.
Jesse: I heard you fine. I said no.
Walter: You understand this: you are turning down one and a half million dollars.
Jesse: I am not turning down the money! I'm turning down you! You get it?! I want nothing to do with you! Ever since I met you, everything I ever cared about is gone! Ruined, turned to shit, dead, ever since I hooked up with the great Heisenberg! I have never been more alone! I have NOTHING! NO ONE! ALRIGHT, IT'S ALL GONE, GET IT? No, no, no, why...why would you get it? What do you even care, as long as you get what you want, right? You don't give a shit about me! You said I was no good. I'm nothing! Why would you want me, huh? You said my meth is inferior, right? Right? Hey! You said my cook was GARBAGE! Hey, screw you, man! Screw you!
Walter: Your meth is good, Jesse. As good as mine.

[Hank is getting into his car when his cell phone rings]
Hank: Schrader.
Distorted Voice: I need you to listen very carefully. Two men are coming to kill you.
Hank: Come again?
Distorted Voice: They're approaching your car. You have one minute.
Hank: Hey, I don't get the gag, jackoff. Who is this?!
Distorted Voice: They're coming.

I See You [3.08]Edit

[Jesse gets his first look at Gus's superlab]
Jesse: Man, we should have ditched that RV months ago. It's all like shiny up in here.

Jesse: Hey, tell your douchebag brother-in-law to head towards the light.

Walter: Let me ask you something, do you remember when we were out in the desert with Tuco?
Jesse: Oh, you mean when he put a machine gun to my head. Yeah, I think that does ring a tiny bell.

[Walt confronts Gus in the hospital lobby]
Walter: You knew. You knew my brother-in-law was with the DEA.
Gus: I investigate everyone with whom I do business. What careful man wouldn't?
Walter: He is not a problem for us or our business, but your being this some sort of message?
Gus: I'm supporting my community. I hide in plain sight, same as you. Are we done?
Walter: No, listen, I, uh...this attack on my brother-in-law, I don't understand it, I don't know what it means. Please, if you may have some knowledge that you can share with me. I fear for my family.
Gus: I'm sure they'll be fine. I am told the assassin that survived is gravely injured. It's doubtful he'll live. Now thank me and shake my hand.

[Gus is working the late shift at Los Pollos Hermanos when he gets a phone call from Juan Bolsa]
Gus: Yes, Juan?
Juan: I assume you heard the news.
Gus: Your man died. I heard. It's unfortunate.
Juan: Yeah, unfortunate. And meanwhile I have federales surrounding my house. You know what I think, Gustavo? I think you're behind all this.
Gus: Why would I do this? How would it serve me?
Juan: That's the part that I'm trying to figure out. Go off on your own, maybe? You actually think that would work?
Gus: Juan, you sound like you're under a lot of stress. Maybe you should call me back when you're seeing things more clearly.
Juan: I see things clear enough. One DEA gets shot, all of Washington starts barking. The DF suddenly has to put on a big show and I wind up with federales in my rose bushes. And just for a while, appearances, politics... Are you still there, Gustavo?
Gus: Yes, I'm here.
Juan: I'll weather this. I always do. My brother is a police chief. I got connections. They'll get me through. And when I get proof and the others find out what you've done, maybe we come pay you a visit. Maybe–
[Glass shatters. Juan and his men begin shouting and run to the source of the noise but they are gunned down on sight. Gus listens eagerly, smiles, breaks apart his phone and throws it away]

Kafkaesque [3.09]Edit

Hank: Gomie? Is that you?
Gomez: Hey, buddy. It's me.
Hank: Nice to see ya, Gomie.
Gomez: Yeah, Hank. I'm right here.
Hank: Come here...closer... [Gomez leans in] Asshole.
Walter Jr.: Man, he got you good.
Gomez: Yeah, yeah. Glad to see you still have your twisted sense of humor.

Jesse: [Describing his work in Gustavo's secret meth lab to his rehab group] Been working a lot...It's in a laundromat, it's totally corporate...It's like rigid, all kinds of red tape, my boss is a dick, the owner, super dick, don't know if we're ever going to meet him, everybody's scared of the dude. Place is full of dead-eyed douchebags, the hours suck, and nobody knows what's going on.

Walter: My brother-in-law, moments before he was attacked, someone called to warn him. I believe that same person was protecting me. Those two men – the assassins – I believe I was their prime target, but that somehow they were steered away from me to my brother-in-law. Because of this intervention, I am alive, and yet, I think that this person was playing a much deeper game. He made that phone call because he wanted a shootout, not a silent assassination. In one stroke, he bloodied both sides, set the American and Mexican governments against the cartel, and cut off the supply of methamphetamine to the Southwest. If this man had his own source of product on this side of the border, he would have the market to himself. The rewards would be enormous. We're both adults. I can't pretend I don't know that person is you. I want there to be no confusion. I know I owe you my life, and more than that, I respect the strategy. In your position, I would have done the same. One issue which troubles me: I don't know what happens when our three month contract ends.
Gus: What would you like then?
Walter: You know why I do this. I want security for my family.
Gus: Then you have it. Three million for three months, that was our agreement. Extended annually, twelve million a year. Call it fifteen. Open ended. Would that be agreeable?

Marie: Hi.
Ted: Hi.
Skyler: Marie, this is Ted. My boss.
Marie: Oh, you're Ted! I've heard so much about you. Thank you for your gift basket. That was really thoughtful.
Skyler: It was. It was really nice. Thank you, Ted.
Marie: Cheese sticks.
Skyler: Cheese sticks.

Jesse: What's the point of being an outlaw when you got responsibilities?
Badger: Darth Vader had responsibilities. He was responsible for the Death Star.
Skinny Pete: True that. Two of them bitches.

[Skyler has concocted an elaborate lie involving gambling addiction to convince Marie to let her and Walt pay for Hank's medical expenses.]
Walter: How did you come up with that? I mean, where did you possibly...?
Skyler: I learnt from the best. Somehow, something tells me Hank is here because of you. And I'm not forgetting that.

Fly [3.10]Edit

Walter: There's been a contamination.
Jesse: Wait, what? Whoa, hey, hold up!
Walter: Something got into the lab.
Jesse: So, uh, what do we do? I mean, do we...wait, wait! Shouldn't we be wearing masks?
Walter: No, no, it's not that kind of contaminant.
Jesse: So it's, like, not dangerous? Mr. White, talk to me here!
Walter: Not to us, particularly, no.
Jesse: [noticing Walter's homemade fly swatter] What the hell is that?
Walter: This is, uh, I made it.
Jesse: Exactly what kind of contaminant are we dealing with here?
Walter: ...Fly.
Jesse: What do you mean? Fly, what do you mean?
Walter: I mean, a fly. A housefly.
Jesse: Like, uh, one fly? Singular? What'd it do?
Walter: It got into the lab and I'm trying to get it out, okay? Understand?
Jesse: No, man, not really. I can't say that I'm really following you here. Dude, you scared the shit out of me! When you say it's contamination, I'm thinking like an Ebola leak or something.
Walter: [scoffs] Ebola.
Jesse: Yeah, it's a disease on the Discovery Channel where all your intestines sort of just slip right out of your butt.
Walter: Thank you, I know what Ebola is.
Jesse: Uh-huh.
Walter: Now tell me, what would a West African virus be doing in our lab, hm?
Jesse: So, you're chasing around a fly, and in your world I'm the idiot.

Walter: Okay, look, we're running late, so let's just get started. The sooner we do it, the sooner we're done.
Jesse: Fricking finally. [Jesse grabs a sack and just as he's about to put in the tank, Walt stops him]
Walter: What are you doing?
Jesse: It's time to alkaline.
Walter: Have you not heard a word I said? No cooking until this fly is dealt with. Have I been speaking to myself?
Jesse: The timer went off, yo! How long is this batch gonna be good for? An hour? Two?
Walter: The batch will be good for nothing if we don't clear the contaminant.
Jesse: "Clear the contaminant?!" We're making meth here, all right? Not space shuttles!
Walter: We're making nothing until we catch this fly.
Jesse: What fly? All right? Where the hell is this fly? Not like I even seen this thing! Maybe your positive pressure blew it out the door or something.
Walter: No, no. It is here. It is around, okay? He's around, and I'm not going to expose this batch to the open air and contamination, period. Now, you can leave to deal with this myself or you can help me. But you're right, we're running out of time. So I need you to answer right now. [Jesse drops the sack and walks off] Okay.

Jesse: Did you know that there's an acceptable level of rat turds that can go into candy bars? It's the government, jack. Even government doesn't care that much about quality. You know what is okay to put in hot dogs? Huh? Pig lips and assholes. But I say, hey, have at it bitches 'cause I love hot dogs.

Walter: I've been to my oncologist, Jesse. Just last week. I'm still in remission. I'm healthy.
Jesse: That's good. Great.
Walter: No end in sight.
Jesse: That's great.
Walter: No. I missed it. There was some perfect moment that passed me right by, but I had to have enough to leave them. That was the whole point. None of this makes any sense if I didn't have enough. And it had to be before she found out. Skyler. It had to be before that.
Jesse: Perfect moment? For what? To drop dead? Are you saying you want to die?
Walter: I'm saying that I lived too long. You want them to actually miss you. You want their memories of you to be...but she just won't...she just won't understand. I mean, no matter how well I explain it, these days she just has this...this... I mean, I truly believe there exists some combination of words. There must exist certain words in a certain specific order that can explain all of this, but with her I just can't ever seem to find them.
Jesse: Mr. White, why don't you just sit down.
Walter: You know, I was thinking before the fugue state, but during the fugue state I didn't have enough money, so no, not then. And plus my daughter wasn't born yet. It had to be after Holly was born.
Jesse: Mr. White...
Walter: Definitely before the surgery. Ah Christ, that damn second cell phone. I mean, how could I possibly? [pause] Oh, I know the moment. It was the night Jane died. I was at home and we needed diapers and so I said I'd go, but it was just an excuse. Actually that was the night I brought you your money, remember?
Jesse: Yeah. I remember.
Walter: And afterward I stopped at a bar. It was odd, I never do that – go to a bar alone. I just walked in, sat down. I never told you.
Jesse: You went to a bar?
Walter: I sit down and this man, this stranger, he engages me in conversation. He's a complete stranger. But he turns out to be Jane's father, Donald Margolis.
Jesse: What are you talking about?
Walter: Of course I didn't know it at the time. I mean, he's just some guy in a bar. I just didn't put it together until after the crash when he was all over the news.
Jesse: Jane's dad?
Walter: Think of the odds. Once I tried to calculate them, but they're astronomical. I mean, think of the odds of me going in and sitting down that night, in that bar, next to that man.
Jesse: What'd you talk about?
Walter: Water on Mars. Family.
Jesse: What about family?
Walter: I told him that I had a daughter and he told me he had one, too. And he said, "Never give up on family." And I didn't. I took his advice. My God, the universe is random; it's not inevitable, it's simple chaos. It's subatomic particles and endless pings, collision – that's what science teaches us. What does this say? What is it telling us that the very night that this man's daughter dies, it's me who is having a drink with him? I mean, how could that be random?
[Walter stumbles, starting to succumb to the sleeping pills]
Jesse: Hey, sit down.
Walter: No, no, it's, uh... Oh, that was the moment. That night. I should never have left home. Never gone to your house. Maybe things would have... Oh, I was...I was at home watching TV. Some nature program about elephants...and Skyler and Holly were in another room. I can hear them on the baby monitor. She was singing a lullaby. Oh, if I had just lived right up to that moment...and not one second more. That would have been perfect.

Walter: Jesse. Come here. I couldn't chance saying it inside, for all I know the lab's wired for sound. That half a pound that I said we were off by? Now I'm not accusing you, but if – you understand – if they ever found out...
Jesse: I didn't take shit.
Walter: I'm just saying that I won't be able to protect you.
Jesse: Who's asking you to?

Abiquiu [3.11]Edit

Marie: You can do this, Hank. Come on. It's supposed to hurt. Pain is weakness leaving your body.
Hank: Pain is my foot in your ass, Marie.
Marie: Hey, if you could get your leg up that high, I say go for it.

Jesse: Alright, just wanted to give you a heads up, it's gonna get a little slower smuggling product with Grandpa Anus watching every move I make. Don't worry, I'll keep it flowing.
Skinny Pete: Right on.
Badger: Yeah.
Jesse: So how's it selling? Mad volume?
Badger: Yeah, it's, uh...y'know, it's,'s not so good.
Jesse: What do you mean? How much have you sold?
Badger: I sold a teenth.
Jesse: One teenth? That's it? To who?
Badger: [motions to Skinny Pete] To him.

Saul: Hello. Welcome. What a pleasure it is to have you. Just gonna call you Skyler if that's okay. It's a lovely name. It reminds me of the big, beautiful sky. Walter always told me how lucky he was, prior to recent unfortunate events. Clearly his taste in women is the same as his taste in lawyers: only the very best with just the right amount of dirty.

Saul: We declare just enough so as to not arouse suspicion, so Walt's one time winnings becomes seed money for an investment.
Skyler: Investment in what?
Saul: Drum roll, please. Wait for it. Laser tag. [silence] Laser tag! 7,000 square feet of rollicking fun in the heart of northern Bernalillo County!
Skyler: Laser tag?
Saul: Yeah, there's guns and glow lights, and the kids wear the vests and they're split into teams...
Skyler: No, I actually know what it is, it's just that in relation to Walt, it doesn't make sense.
Saul: Makes more sense than you two being together. I'm still trying to figure out how that happened.
Skyler: Do you even know Walt? I mean, how would he of all people buy a laser tag business? It doesn't add up.
Saul: It adds up perfectly. Walt's a scientist, scientists love lasers. Plus, they got bumper boats, so...

Gus: Walter, I would like to help you if I could.
Walter: Help me how?
Gus: Well, when I first started out, I made a lot of mistakes. More than I care to admit. I wish I had someone to advise me, because this life of ours, it can overwhelm. You are a wealthy man now, and one must learn to be rich. To be poor, anyone can manage.
Walter: What advice do you have for me?
Gus: Never make the same mistake twice.

Half Measures [3.12]Edit

[Walt and Jesse discuss the situation about Combo's killers at a bar]
Jesse: Combo was us, man. He was one of us. Does that mean nothing?
Walter: Why didn't you go after these guys two or three months ago?
Jesse: 'Cause I just found out about them.
Walter: What's to find out? It's a dispute over turf, right? I mean, how hard could it have been for you to track them down on their turf and kill them months ago? Because back then you were too busy getting high, feeling sorry. Murder is not part of your twelve-step program. This is not some amends that you have to make. What you are talking about here is pointless. This achieves nothing. It accomplishes nothing.
Jesse: If you don't see what it accomplishes, there is no way I can explain it you.
Walter: Jesse, listen to me: you are not a murderer. I am not and you are not. It's as simple as that. [Jesse gets up to leave] Jesse...
Jesse: I'm doing it...with or without you.

[Walt talks with Saul about options to keep Jesse from killing the dealers who killed Combo]
Walter: Maybe...What if we, uh...maybe...could you get him arrested?
Saul: You want your criminal associate taken into police custody?
Walter: No, listen, I know it sounds risky, but it wouldn't be anything that would get him into real trouble, nothing that could lead back to our business. Just some minor offense.
Saul: Pinkman in jail. I dunno, I'm picturing it...
Walter: Not jail, as in jail jail. I'm talking about one of those situations when you're in an orange jumpsuit picking up litter along the highway.
Saul: That's jail.

[Walt is tending to Holly when he gets a late night visit from Mike]
Walter: What can I do for you?
Mike: Have a seat, Walter. I spoke to Goodman about Pinkman and this plan of yours.
Walter: And?
Mike: I'm not gonna do it.
Walter: Why?
Mike: Because it's moronic.
Walter: Saul said you've done things like this before.
Mike: That's not the moronic part.
Walter: OK, so what's the problem?
Mike: The problem is the boss wouldn't like it.
Walter: Saul?
Mike: My boss. Your boss. This is a professional courtesy. No one knows I'm here, understand? But our employer would find out like always, and if Pinkman were arrested, he'd take it as a problem. Walt, you got a good thing going here. We all do. You want to risk it all on one junkie? Now I realize you two have a history, but this kid's been on the bubble a while now. It's a long time coming.
Walter: What is?
Mike: [Chuckles] Um... I used to be a beat cop, long time ago. And I'd get called out on domestic disputes all the time, hundreds probably over the years. But there was this one guy, this one piece of shit, that I will never forget: Gordy. He looked like Bo Svenson. You remember him? Walking Tall? You don't remember?
Walter: No.
Mike: Anyway. Big boy; 270, 280. But his wife, or whatever she was, his lady, was real small. Like a bird, wrists like little branches. Anyway, my partner and I get called out there every weekend and one of us would pull her aside and say, "C'mon, tonight's the night we press charges." And this wasn't one of those 'deep down he really loves me' setups, we got a lot of those, but not this. This girl was scared. She wasn't gonna cross him no way, no how. Nothing we could do but pass her off to the EMTs, put him in the car, drive him downtown, throw him in the drunk tank. He sleeps it off, next morning out he goes, back home. But one night, my partner's out sick and it's just me. And the call comes in and it's the usual crap. Broke her nose in the shower kind of thing. So I cuff him, put him in the car and away we go. Only that night, we're driving into town, and this sideways asshole is in my backseat humming 'Danny Boy'. And it just rubbed me wrong. So instead of left, I go right, out into nowhere. And I kneel him down and I put my revolver in his mouth and I told him, "This is it. This is how it ends." And he's crying, going to the bathroom all over himself, swearing to God he's gonna leave her alone, screaming – much as you can with a gun in your mouth. And I told him to be quiet, that I needed to think about what I was gonna do here. And of course he got quiet. Goes still, and real quiet, like a dog waiting for dinner scraps. And we just stood there for a while: me acting like I'm thinking things over, and Prince Charming kneeling in the dirt with shit in his pants. After a few minutes I took the gun out of his mouth and I say; "So help me if you ever touch her again I will such and such and such and such and blah blah blah blah blah".
Walter: Just... just a warning?
Mike: Hmph. Of course. Just trying to do the right thing. But two weeks later he killed her. Of course. Caved her head in with the base of a Waring blender. We got there, there was so much blood you could taste the metal. The moral of the story is, I chose a half measure when I should have gone all the way. I'll never make that mistake again. [stands up] No more half measures, Walter.

[Gus has summoned Walt, Jesse, and the rival dealers to a meeting at the Los Pollos Hermanos distribution center]
Gus: Sit down. I understand that you have a problem with two of my employees. It is true that they killed one of your associates. It is possible they acted rashly, but on the other hand there was a provocation. The man was selling on their territory. There is blame on both sides. This will go no further. It will be settled right here, right now.
Jesse: [to Walter] You told him?
Gus: [to the two dealers] Wait outside. [the two dealers leave and Gus turns to Jesse] Listen to me. You have one friend in this room. [points to Walter] This man. Those men outside are my trusted employees, and when I learned what you intended to do... If it wasn't for this man and the respect I have for him, I would be dealing with this in a very different way. Don't look at him, you look at me. This is what happens now: My men will come back inside and you will shake their hands and you will make peace and that will be the end of this.
Jesse No.
Walter: Jesse... [Gus motions for Walter to be quiet]
Gus: Pardon me?
Jesse: They use kids. These assholes of yours, they got an 11-year old kid doing their killing for them. You're supposed to be some kind of reasonable business man, this is how you do business? [to Walter] You okay with this? You got anything to say here?!
Gus: Bring them back. [the two dealers come back inside] No more children. You understand? [to Jesse] And you, you keep the peace. [Jesse nods] Say it.
Jesse: Yeah. I keep the peace.
Gus: Shake hands.
[Jesse and the two dealers shake hands]

Walter: Run.

Full Measure [3.13]Edit

[Walt is out in the desert when a car pulls up. Walt's cell phone rings]
Walter White: [answers phone] Yeah?
Mike Ehrmantraut: Walter, you see us?
Walter White: Yeah, I see you.
Mike Ehrmantraut: I'd like you to exit your vehicle and start walking toward us.
Walter White: And then what? I'm gonna need some...some kind of assurance.
Mike Ehrmantraut: I assure you I could kill you from way over here if it makes you feel any better.
[Walt walks over to the car that has shown up. Mike gets out and approaches Walt]
Mike Ehrmantraut: Walter. You’ve been busy. You wanna put your arms out to your sides for me, if you would. [Walt does as he’s told, standing as Mike gives him a pat-down] You know I haven’t slept since Thursday? I was out all night cleaning up after you. I need my sleep.
Walter White: You said no half measures.
Mike Ehrmantraut: Yeah? Funny how words can be so open to interpretation. [The two of them walk towards the car] You get your car fixed?
Walter White: Not yet.
Mike Ehrmantraut: You’re gonna wanna get your car fixed.
Walter White: Let’s see how this goes first.
[Gus and Victor emerge from the Suburban]
Gus Fring: Has your condition worsened?
Walter White: Excuse me?
Gus Fring: Your medical condition, has it grown worse?
Walter White: Not that I know of, no.
Gus Fring: Is there a ringing in your ears? Are you seeing bright lights or hearing voices?
Walter White: I'm quite well, thank you.
Gus Fring: No. Clearly you are not. No rational person would do as you have done. Explain yourself.
Walter White: My partner was about to get himself shot. I intervened.
Gus Fring: Some worthless junkie. For him, you intervened and put us all at risk? Some contemptible junkie who couldn't keep the peace for eight hours?
Walter White: That's right, he couldn't. He was angry because those two dealers of yours had just murdered an 11-year old boy.
Gus Fring: I heard about it. He should have let me take care of it.
Walter White: Maybe. Then again maybe he thought it was you who gave the order.
Gus Fring: [acting offended] Are you asking me if I ordered the murder of a child?
Walter White: I would never ask you that.
Gus Fring: Where is Pinkman now?
Walter White: I wouldn't know. Couple of time zones away at least. Beyond that I'd only be guessing. He has enough money to last forever. He knows he has to keep moving. You'll never find him.
Mike Ehrmantraut: I don't know, Walt. It's what I do after all.
Walter White: He's out of the picture. I saved his life, I owed him that, but now he and I are done, which is exactly what you wanted, isn't it? You've always struck me as a very pragmatic man, so if I may, I would like to review options with you, of which, it seems to me, you have two. Option A: you kill me right here and now. Apparently I have made that very easy for you. You can kill me, no witnesses, and then spend the next few weeks or months tracking down Jesse Pinkman and you kill him, too. A pointless exercise, it seems to me, but that is option A.
Gus Fring: What is option B?
Walter White: I continue cooking. You and I both forget about Pinkman. We forget this ever happened. We consider this a lone hiccup in an otherwise long and fruitful business arrangement. I prefer option B.
Gus Fring: You’d need a new assistant. [Walt nods]
Walter White: I could get right on that.
Gus Fring: No. This time, I choose.

[Mike is trying to get Jesse's location from Saul]
Mike Ehrmantraut: Now when I say I'm looking for Pinkman, we both know why, don't we? And you pretending otherwise only wastes my time and serves to annoy me.
Saul Goodman: Look, Mike, there are rules to this lawyer thing.
Mike Ehrmantraut: Is that right?
Saul Goodman: Yeah! Attorney-client privilege. I mean, that's a big one. That's something I provide for you. I give up Pinkman, well, then you're gonna be asking, "Ol' Saul gives 'em up pretty easy. What's to keep him from giving me up?" Y'see, so, then where's the trust?
Mike Ehrmantraut: I trust the hole in the desert I'd leave you in.
Saul Goodman: Yeah, that' argument.
Mike Ehrmantraut: Saul, don't make me beat you until your legs don't work. Now tell me where to find him. You know it's the right thing.

[Walt secretly meets with Jesse in the laser tag arena]
Walter: How you holding up?
Jesse: Mm...You?
Walter: I got my old job back. At least until they kill me and Gale takes over.
Jesse: So he's their boy, huh?
Walter: He's their boy.
Jesse: How long you think you got?
Walter: Well, he asks a lot of questions about the cooking process. I try to be as vague as possible but I got that guy Victor watching me, listening to every word I say. Maybe the only thing saving me is Gale's fastidiousness. Once he feels confident that he knows my entire method...
Jesse: So what do we do?
Walter: You know what we do.
Jesse: There's got to be some other way. Maybe it's better for you to just go the cops, alright? I mean, I can't believe I'm saying that and all, but for your family. Hey, the DEA would love you, the shit you tell them. Federal Witness Protection, that's a good deal. As for me, I'll hit the road, yo. I'll make it. We had a good run...but it's over.
Walter: Never the DEA. The cooking can't stop. That's the one thing I'm certain of – production cannot stop. Gus can't afford to. So if I'm the only chemist that he's got, then I got leverage and leverage keeps me alive, and it keeps you alive, too. I think I can see to that. If I'm the only chemist that he's got...
Jesse: I can't do it, Mr. White. Like you said, I'm not a...I can't do it.
Walter: I'll do it. I'm gonna need your help. I mean, they're watching me day and night. They never leave me alone with Gale, not for a moment. Hell, I don't even know where the man lives. He's not in the phonebook, I can't find him on the Internet, I can't do it in the lab – Victor's always there. I mean, if I can just shake Victor, even an hour one night, I think then that...I may be able to...make it look like an accident.
Jesse: There's got to be some other way.
Walter: I'm all ears, but when it comes down to you and me versus him, I'm sorry – I'm truly sorry – but it's gonna be him.

Walter: Please don't do this. Mike, you don't have to do this.
Mike: Yeah, unfortunately I do, Walter. Downstairs.
Walter: I'll cook. I'll cook for free, and there won't be anymore trouble, I promise you...
Mike: No.
Walter: ...OK, if I could just talk to Gus...
Mike: No.
Walter: ...I know I could make him understand...
Mike: No. Walter...
Walter: ...Please if I could talk to Gus, I could convince him, OK? Just let me please, please, PLEASE let me talk to him!
Mike: SHUT UP! Shut up. I can't do it. I'm sorry.
Walter: Look, I'll give you Jesse Pinkman, OK? Like you said, he's the problem, he's always been the problem and without him, we would...and he's in town, alright? He's not in Virginia or wherever the hell you're looking for him. He's right here in Albuquerque and I can take you to him, I'll take you right to him. What do you say?
Mike: Where is he? Right now you give me an address.
Walter: I don't know, he moves around, but if you let me call him. [Walter reaches for his phone. Victor reaches for his gun] No, no, please! No, it's just my phone. It's just my phone. I'll call him and I'll have him meet me, OK? OK?
[Walter dials Jesse as Mike listens in closely]
Jesse: Did you do it? Mr. White? Did you do it?
Walter: No, I didn't do it. I can't now. It's gonna have to be you.
Jesse: What? No way, man!
Walter: Listen to me. You're closer than we are. You have about a 20 minute lead. They got me at the laundry and they're going to kill me... [Mike and Victor attempt to grab the phone away] Jesse, do it now! Do it! Do it fast! Do it, Jesse! Do it! [Jesse grabs a gun and runs outside. Mike grabs the phone away from Walter]
Victor: Son of a bitch!
[Mike and Victor point their guns at Walter]
Mike: Just what the hell was that exactly?
Walter: You might want to hold off.
Mike: Yeah? [cocks gun] Why?
Walter: Because your boss is gonna need me. 6353 Juan Tabo, apartment 6. [Gale's address. Mike and Victor look at each other, shocked] Yeah.

Season 4Edit

Box Cutter [4.01]Edit

[Victor begins to cook a batch of meth on his own]
Walter: [quietly to Jesse] Bet he forgets the aluminum. Guarantee. Guarantee he forgets. [Victor pauses and thinks] Uh-huh. You don't know what the hell you're doing, do you? You forgot the aluminum. One of the first steps. [Victor grabs a bucket of aluminum and pours it into the batch] Son of a bitch.

Walter: Alright, let's talk about Gale Boetticher. He was a good man and a good chemist and I cared about him. He didn't deserve what happened to him. He didn't deserve it at all. But I'd shoot him again and tomorrow and the next day and the day after that. When you make it Gale versus me, or Gale versus Jesse, Gale loses! Simple as that. This is on you, Gus, not me, not Jesse. I mean really, what'd you expect me to do? Just simply roll over and allow you to murder us? That I wouldn't take measures – extreme measures – to defend myself? Wrong! Think again.

[Gus, who has changed into a lab jumpsuit, looms over Walter and Jesse with a box cutter]
Walter: Gus, you do this, all you'll have left is an $8 million hole in the ground. This lab, this equipment, is useless without us, without Jesse and myself. You'll have no new product, you'll have no income. Your people out there won't be paid. Your distribution chain collapses. You'll have nothing. You kill me, you have nothing. You kill Jesse, you don't have me. You won't do this. You're too smart. You can't afford to do this. Please let...let us just go back to work. We're here. Let us work. We're ready to go to work. We'll just pick up right where we left off.
[Gus grabs Victor and slices his throat open with the box cutter. After Victor falls to the floor dead, Gus calmly takes off the bloody jumpsuit and washes up. On his way out, he looks back down at them]
Gus: Well? Get back to work.

[Walter and Jesse pour hydrofluoric acid on Victor's corpse]
Mike: I've never used this stuff. Are you sure it will do the job?
Jesse: Trust us.

Jesse: At least now we all understand each other.
Walter: What do you mean?
Jesse: [about Gus] Him and us. We get it. [makes a motion of slitting his throat] We’re all on the same page.
Walter: Now, what page is that?
Jesse: The one that says if I can’t kill you, you’ll sure as shit wish you were dead. [chuckles]

Thirty-Eight Snub [4.02]Edit

Lawson: You know, mister, I've been providin' my services for the past thirty-odd years. You'd think in that time I'd learn better than to ask a man his business. Especially not one referred by the lawyer. But I feel the urge to ask you, we strictly talking defense here?
Walter: Yes. Absolutely, defense. Why?
Lawson: 'Cause if it's just personal protection, aside from a bucket of money, you'd save yourself a potential felony two-spot for carrying a weapon with a defaced serial number if you'd just buy it legally.
Walter: Yeah, but... if you did have to use it, wouldn't it still be better to use one that couldn't be traced?
Lawson: This is the west, boss. New Mexico's not a 'retreat' jurisdiction. A man steps to you intent on doing bodily harm, you got every right to plant your feet and shoot to kill. Some call it a moral right and I do include myself within that class. All this to say, I'm happy to take your money, but if you're not a convicted felon, you might best be advised to bear your arms within the confines of the law.
Walter: It's for defense. [beat] Defense. I'll take it.

Skinny Pete: Left 4 Dead, yo. The way them bitches get all cranial when you cap 'em in the head, it's like BOOYAH!
Badger: No, no, no, man, Resident Evil 4 takes it by a long shot.
Skinny Pete: Oh please, brotha, you're frontin'.
Badger: No, man, seriously, that chick? The one you gotta rescue? She's smoking, bro. And then you're like the last undead dude on Earth, so how can you not be dipping into that? Talk about inspiring a brother to kick some zombie ass.
Skinny Pete: They're trying to eat your brain, bro. A dude don't need no more motivation.
Badger: That's a fair point, I guess. OK, OK, OK, Call of Duty: World at War zombie mode. Now that's the bomb, man. Think on it, bro. They're not just zombies: they're nazi zombies.
Skinny Pete: Nazi zombies...
Badger: Yeah, man! SS Waffen troopers, too, which are like the baddest ass nazis of the whole nazi family!
Skinny Pete: Zombies are dead, man! What difference does it make what their job was when they was living?
Badger: Dude, you are so historically retarded! Nazi zombies don't wanna eat ya just 'cause they're craving the protein. They do it 'cause, they do it 'cause they hate Americans, man. Talibans. They're the Talibans of the zombie world.
Skinny Pete: I played the game, bro. They ain't exactly fleet of foot. I'm saying, where's the challenge? At least the zombies in Left 4 Dead clock a respectable 40. You gotta lead 'em and shit.
Badger: Dude, that's 'cause they're not even zombies! They're just infected! They got like this rage virus. Amps 'em up like they've been smoking the schwag! Apples and oranges, bro. Not even fair to compare the two.

Mike: [without turning around to look at Walter] You might want to learn how to tail better if you plan on making a habit of it.
Walter: May I buy you a drink? Next round when you're done.
Mike: Why not? You make a hell of a lot more than I do.
Walter: [to bartender] Another round for him and I'll have the same. No ice. [to Mike] I feel like I need to explain myself. There were some actions that I took which I want you to understand. I didn't want any of this to happen. Everything I did I did out of loyalty to my partner, and then later, of course, purely out of self-defense. I hope you can appreciate that. Just like I appreciated that... [waits for bartender to walk by] ...I appreciated that when you were going to kill me, you were simply following orders. I get that completely. And I harbor no ill will.
Mike: [sarcastically] There's a load off my mind.
Walter: Mike, I'm trying to tell you–
Mike: I get it. Fine. Drink up, Walter.
Walter: Hell of a last couple of weeks. Makes a man wonder exactly where he stands.
Mike: [rolls eyes and sighs]
Walter: I mean, I cannot be alone in feeling this way. Not after what happened to Victor.
Mike: So...what's with the piece? Right hip, inside your waist band. I noticed it the other day at the lab. Now you wear it if it makes you feel better, but if push comes to shove, it's not gonna help.
Walter: Mike, do I have to come right out and say this? Now you and I, we're in the same boat.
Mike: Drink your drink.
Walter: If it happened to Victor, it can happen to you. And what the hell was that anyway? A message? He cuts a man's throat just to send a message?
Mike: You won, Walter. You got the job. Do yourself a favor and learn to take yes for an answer.
Walter: Yeah, I got the job, but for how long? Get me in a room with him. Mike, just get me in a room and I'll do the rest.
Mike: You done?
Walter: Yeah.
[Mike punches Walter in the face and he falls to the floor. Mike kicks Walter twice as he lies there]
Mike: [putting on his jacket and stepping over Walter] Thanks for the drink.

Jesse: Oh, seriously? Where are you two going?
Badger: Jesse, I've been awake for like three straight days. Turning into a Sleestak.
Jesse: So crash here. It's not like I ain't got the space.
Badger: Yeah, that's cool and all, but I think I got like this cat? Think I'm like supposed to feed it.

Open House [4.03]Edit

[Marie has gone on a shopping run for Hank]
Marie: I had to go to three different places to get the moisturizer that you liked, but I got that and I got your Shiner Bock and your chips and – I couldn't resist – the complete encyclopedia to fantasy football. Look, it has all the latest rankings.
Hank: [looking at the chips] Marie, I said Cheetos, not Fritos.
Marie: Wait, I–
Hank: I must've said Cheetos like ten times. You need me to write it down for you?
Marie: No, and I don't need you to be mean about it either, Mr. Grumpy.
Hank: Well, I'm just saying, y'know, I said Cheetos. Ch-ch-ch sound. Virtually impossible to confuse Cheetos with Fritos it seems to me. Where are you going?
Marie: Back to the store, I guess. [throws Hank the fantasy football magazine] Here.
Hank: And the draft is not for two months so this is useless!

Jesse: For what it's worth, getting the shit kicked out of you? Not to say you get used to it, but you do kinda get used to it.

[Walt and Skyler want to buy the car wash, but Bogdan refuses to sell for a lower price because of Walt's prior behavior]
Saul: So where were we?
Skyler: Professionalism.
Saul: Yeah, um, so the guy won't sell, he won't sell.
Skyler: I don't accept that. I don't accept that he won't sell. I think he just lacks the proper...motivation.
Saul: Motivation? Uh, as in motivation motivation? Just so we're on the same page here, you're saying we'll make him an offer he can't refuse?
Skyler: Nothing so dramatic as that, no. Motivation. Attitude adjustment.
Saul: Ho ho ho ho! This one, she's a keeper. Well, I know an audit can be highly motivating. I know a gal over at Tax & Revenue, you give her ten minutes in this Bogdan fella's books, she'll have his sky raining frogs.
Skyler: No, we don't want to draw any unwanted tax attention. We don't want them looking at us after Bogdan sells.
Saul: Alright, how about an ICE raid? You know he's got illegals working over there. I mean, he just has to.
Skyler: We're not getting a bunch of poor innocent people in trouble, no.
Saul: Yeah, and also you're gonna need them after you take over. Hey, how about terrorism? "Oh, Agent Hoover I gotta tell ya, I've seen some real Islamic comings and going over there at the car wash. Yeah, I mean, guys in turbans pulling up in vans and stuff like that." Heh-heh.
Walter: Saul, Bogdan is Romanian.
Saul: OK, well, we're just spitballin' here, so...

Saul: Look, there's always, "You gotta real nice place here. It'd be a shame if something happened to it." That angle.
Skyler: What are you talking about? Violence?
Saul: Attitude adjustment.
Skyler: Oh no, that, no. That is not at all what I meant. We do not do that. That is not who we are, right?
Walter: [slight pause] Yeah, no, no, no. She's right. Look, do I need to state the obvious? I mean, there's got to be dozens of car washes in this area. Who says it has to be this one?
Skyler: I do. I say it has to.
Walter: Why?
Skyler: I just do.
Walter: God...
Saul: Well, that clears things up.
Skyler: I don't like him. Bogdan. He was condescending to me, he was rude about you, and I do not like him. Simple as that.
Saul: Hey, nobody appreciates a passionate woman more than I do, but in this business – and Walt can back me up on this – the number one rule is, "Don't take things personal."
Walter: What do you mean rude about me?
Skyler: Something along the lines of you weren't man enough to face him yourself.
Walter: What?
Skyler: That you had to send your woman to do your business for you.
Saul: OK, uh, speaking as your lawyer, I'm gonna go on record and say this is a bad idea. Now I advise against–
Walter: It's this one.

Walter: [toasting to the new car wash where he will launder his drug money] To clean cars...and clean money.

Bullet Points [4.4]Edit

[Skyler forces Walt to rehearse with her a conversation so they can announce to Hank their purchase of the car wash without arousing suspicion]
Walter: "I'm terribly, terribly ashamed of my actions."
Skyler: Yeah.
Walter: Two terribly's?
Skyler: It's supposed to show contrition.
Walter: OK, I would just never use that word. I would never say the word "terribly."
Skyler: Phrase it however you want. OK, you're jumping ahead. Now...
Walter: And why am I so ashamed?
Skyler: Do I really need to answer that?
Walter: I was – and am – providing for our family.
Skyler: Let's just pick up where we left off.
Walter: I'm "weak", I'm "out of control". I mean, this whole thing makes me look like crap.
Skyler: This has to be a warts-and-all story, Walt. This is how we both sell it and we both look bad.
Walter: How do you look bad exactly? Where is the "I slept with my boss" bullet point? Because I can't seem to find that anywhere.
Skyler: For a fired school teacher who cooks crystal meth, I say you're coming out pretty much ahead.

[Hank and Walt are looking over Gale's lab notes]
Hank: [looking at Gale's lab notes] Right here, here at the top, it says, "To W.W. My star, my perfect silence." W.W. I mean, who do you figure that is, y'know? Woodrow Wilson? Willy Wonka? Walter White?
Walter: [jokingly, laughing] Heh. You got me!

[Walt is venting to Saul about his problems with the business]
Walter: Then what else should I not worry about, Saul, hm? Should I not worry that Gus plans to murder me at the first chance he gets? Should I not worry that my drug-addicted partner doesn't seem to care whether he lives or dies? You should see his house. It's like skid row! He has actual hobos living there! Now how long before Gus decides that he's too big of a risk? That guy Mike, that grunting dead-eyed cretin, sucker punching me in the face! I've got Gus wielding a box cutter! I mean...Western Union! Message received! Let me ask you, when did this stop being a business, hm? Why am I the only person capable of behaving in a professional manner?

Sketchy: I'm not even kidding, because if you really think about it, you can't even see it so how can you know just how bad radio frequencies and microwaves and cell phones and stuff are getting you. I mean, you can be strolling through security at the airport on your way to see your grandma and then you get waved through a full body x-ray scanner and the next day you can be dead or dying or at least dying from all the radiation that they say is safe which there's no way it could because they have to deliver a concentrated dose, OK? Enough to penetrate your clothes and so the accumulated amount can definitely be dangerous to susceptible individuals, especially if you're from a rural area. I mean, the ozone layer is already through because of the cow farts.

Mike: [to Jesse] You're on thin ice, you little shithead. You know that?

Shotgun [4.05]Edit

Mike: You are not the guy. You're not capable of being the guy. I had a guy but now I don't. You are not the guy.
Jesse: Then what the hell am I doing here?
Mike: I don't know! It's not my call! I just do what I'm told and now you're gonna do what you're told, which is to sit here, shut up, and stay in the car until we finish our pickups! You got it?

Walter Jr.: Hey, Mom? Dad?
Walter: [from the bedroom] Hey, son!
Walter Jr.: Where are you?
Walter: Uh, we're...we're back here. We'll be out in a minute.
Walter Jr.: Oh God...

Walter: Jesse. Jesse! What happened yesterday? Where were you?
Jesse: I was out with Mike helping make pickups.
Walter: Picking up what?
Jesse: Cash, dead drops. Mike made the pickups and I guarded him.
Walter: You...guarded Mike? What is this, some kind of a joke?
Jesse: And you know what? Two dudes tried to rob us and I saved the stash. I took care of business, just like I'm taking care of business right now. You want to stand there dicking around or do you want to suit up and get to work? Get in gear yo, if you want to do this because I'm meeting up with Mike this afternoon.
Walter: What, again? Why?
Jesse: Guess I have two jobs now.

Hank: This guy Gale Boetticher, he was eccentric. Real character, y' know? He's, uh, he's dead now.
Skyler: Who was he?
Walter Jr.: He was a meth cook.
Hank: Uh, he was a meth chef. We're talking 5-stars, candles, and white tablecloth, y'know. I can't believe these words are coming out of my mouth, but he was a genius, plain and simple. I mean, uh, boy, if he applied that big brain of his to something good, I dunno, who knows? He could've helped humanity or something like that. I mean, how many actual geniuses are there in the world? If he'd have taken his life in a different direction, who knows?
Walter: Hank, not to tell you your business, but I'm not sure I agree.
Hank: What do you mean?
Walter: Well, you showed me that notebook and from what I saw – and this is just my humble opinion – from what I saw on those papers...genius? Not so much. I mean, there was no reasoning, no deductions in those pages, so to my eye, all this brilliance looks like nothing more than just simple rote copying, probably of someone else's work. Believe me, I have been around enough students to know. So this genius of yours, maybe he's still out there.

[Hank is looking through Gale's case file]
Marie: You find something?
Hank: Oh, just this...this guy I'm looking at. You know, everything he buys and eats is organic, fair trade, vegan. [Hank looks at a Los Pollos Hermanos napkin with notes on it found in Gale's apartment] Since when do vegans eat fried chicken?

Cornered [4.06]Edit

Walter: [to Skyler] Who are you talking to right now? Who is it you think you see? Do you know how much I make a year? I mean, even if I told you, you wouldn't believe it. Do you know what would happen if I suddenly decided to stop going into work? A business big enough that it could be listed on the NASDAQ goes belly up. Disappears! It ceases to exist without me. No, you clearly don't know who you're talking to, so let me clue you in. I am not in danger, Skyler. I am the danger! A guy opens his door and gets shot and you think that of me? No. I am the one who knocks!

[Walter smacks open the car wash cash register]
Bogdan: Always sticky.
Walter: Yeah.
Bogdan: No problem. As is. Who'd have thought that someday I would be handing these keys to you? [Bogdan hands Walter the keys to the car wash] Many years... Almost forgot. [Bogdan takes down his framed first dollar]
Walter: Bogdan. As is. [Bogdan hands over the framed dollar and leaves. Walter smashes the frame open and uses the dollar to buy a soda]

Walter: Alright, I need an update.
Jesse: Update on what?
Walter: An update on these little field trips that you've been taking with Mike.
Jesse: I told you already we pick up money, check on things, stuff like that.
Walter: And you're his bodyguard, right? [Jesse turns away] What? What? That's what you said!
Jesse: I said I guarded him, like backup, like a second set of eyes. Everybody needs backup, right?
Walter: And this has to be you? It can't be – I don't know – Tyrus or any of the couple dozen muscleheads that Gus has working for him? It has to be Jesse Pinkman. Why? What, is there something about you I don't know? Are you a former Navy SEAL? Do you have to have your hands registered as lethal weapons?
Jesse: [flips Walter off] Register this.
Walter: All I'm saying is that do you not even question this? Do you really believe that you mean anything to these people? And I'm not trying to be insulting, I'm just trying to make you see things clearly.
Jesse: I see they can't outright kill me but they don't want me getting high. I see this thing probably started as Gus getting Mike to babysit me. But you know what? I saved Mike from getting robbed, even killed maybe. So maybe I'm not such a loser after all!
Walter: I mean, what if it...Oh God... [Walter thinks] I mean, what if it...What if it's all just a set-up?
Jesse: What?
Walter: What if this robbery that you stopped wasn't even real? I mean, think about it. Your first day out guarding Mike, he steps out for one second and what happens? You immediately get robbed.
Jesse: You are such an asshole!
Walter: Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer. Like you said, Gus can't kill you because of me. He knows that I won't stand for it. He needs me and he hates the fact that he needs me! So what does he do? He goes to work driving a wedge between you and me!
Jesse: You're an asshole. If you'd been there, you'd know it wasn't a set-up.
Walter: Wait a minute, how long did those guys chase you, huh? 'Cause the way you describe it, they gave up pretty damn easy. No, no, this whole thing – all of this – it's all about me.

Walter: This was my idea. Don't punish them. You tell Gus to blame me, not them.
Tyrus: He does.

Skyler: Someone has to protect this family from the man who protects this family.

Problem Dog [4.07]Edit

Walter: [on phone] Yes, hello. I need a cab... Yes, thank you. The name is White... I'm at the Pavilion parking lot on University... Oh yes, that's right, just south of the airport.... Oh, that would be great, thank you. Oh, how long do you think that would take? [The Dodge Challenger explodes] No, I'm sure he'll see me. Thank you.

Walter: A month ago, Gus was trying to kill both of us, and now he pulls you out of the lab and employs you as...what? An assistant gunman? A tough guy? Does that make any sense to you? He says he sees something in you. What kind of game is he playing? Does he think you're that naive? He can't truly think that you'd forget. Let alone Gale, let alone Victor, and all the horror that goes along with all of that, what about this girlfriend of yours? And her little brother? I mean, the man looked you straight in the eye and told you no more children, but that very night, that little boy...he just, he winds up...I mean, Gus can't possibly think that you'd forget that. All I'm saying is that is it possible that he would think that you're that weak-willed...
Jesse: Drop the sales pitch. I'll do it.
Walter: You'll do what?
Jesse: I'll kill him. First chance I get.

Jesse: What is this? I mean, you're giving me a gun and now I'm like part of the team or whatever? He says he sees something in me. Like what?
Mike: If I had to put it in a word, I'd guess loyalty.
Jesse: Loyalty.
Mike: Only maybe you got it for the wrong guy.

Jesse: The thing is, if you just do stuff and nothing happens, what's it all mean? What's the point? Oh right, this whole thing is about self-acceptance.
Group Leader: Kicking the hell out of yourself doesn't give meaning to anything.
Jesse: So I should stop judging and accept?
Group Leader: It's a start.
Jesse: So no matter what I do, hooray for me because I'm a great guy? It's all good? No matter how many dogs I kill, I just, what, do an inventory and accept?! I mean, you backed your truck over your own kid and you, like, accept?! What a load of crap!
Group Leader: Hey, Jesse, I know you're in pain...
Jesse: No, you know what, why I'm here in the first place, is to sell you meth! You're nothing to me but customers! I made you my bitch! You okay with that? Huh? You accept?
Group Leader: No.
Jesse: About time.

Hank: I mean, what do we know about Gustavo Fring, huh? This whole friend of law enforcement thing? Could be a case of keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. I mean, he's got the money to finance this operation, maybe he's got the connections, too. Maybe – just maybe – he's our guy.
Merkert: Hank, no offense, but I think you're really reaching.
Gomez: If your guy had his meeting at KFC, you wouldn't immediately assume that he's sitting down with Colonel Sanders.
Hank: You know, I couldn't agree more, guys. Gustavo Fring, blue meth...Whole thing is off-the-map nuts. I ought to be wearing a tinfoil hat, you know? Except I can't seem to wrap my mind around this one little thing, and that is, what are Gustavo Fring's fingerprints doing in Gale Boetticher's apartment?

Hermanos [4.08]Edit

[Hector watches a news report on the deaths of Leonel and Marco]
News Reporter: One of the suspected gunmen died at the scene. The second succumbed to his wounds earlier this evening at an area hospital. Agents with the DEA and FBI, in conjunction with APD Homicide are working with Mexican law enforcement in an attempt to identify the deceased suspects. Both--[Gus turns off the TV, pulls up a chair and sits down, facing Hector]
Gus: I can give you the highlights. Your nephews grew impatient. They continued to press me for my permission to kill Walter White. When I wouldn't give it, they settled instead for DEA Agent Schrader. But a phone call was placed to Agent Schrader moments before the attack, thus giving him the upper hand. Marco, shot in the face and died instantly. Leonel lingered for several hours. The warning call to the DEA agent....Juan Bolsa may have some insight into who placed it. For yesterday the federales raided his hacienda, and in the confusion, Juan was shot dead. An accident, perhaps? A mistake made by his own men? But we may never know. At any rate, I thought you should hear it from me. [Gus pats a furious Hector on the leg and stands up to leave] This is what comes of blood for blood, Hector. Sangre por sangre.

Gary: It's like what they say: man plans and God laughs.
Walter: That is such bullshit.
Gary: Excuse me?
Walter: Never give up control. Live life on your own terms.
Gary: Yeah, no, I get what you're saying, but, uh, cancer is cancer.
Walter: To hell with your cancer. I've been living with cancer for the better part of a year. Right from the start, it's a death sentence. That's what they keep telling me. Well, guess what? Every life comes with a death sentence. So every few months I come in here for my regular scan, knowing full well that one of these times – hell, maybe even today – I'm gonna hear some bad news. But until then, who's in charge? Me. That's how I live my life.

Hank: Officially, Fring's not a suspect. But I'm telling ya, something deep down says he's my guy. Just gotta prove it.

Jesse: So, what if this is like math or algebra? And you add a plus douchebag to a minus douchebag, and you get, like, zero douchebags?
Walter: I've got some math for you: Hank catching Gus equals Hank catching us!

Gus: Is today the day, Hector?
[Flashback to a younger Gus with his partner, Max, in a hacienda in Mexico]
Eladio: Sit, please. So, if your partner is the chef, then who are you? Don't tell me you are just the taster!
Gus: I handle the business operations.
Max: Gustavo is a brilliant businessman.
Eladio: Ah, a businessman! Good, good. But, tell me something. That chicken, so fabulous, so excellent... Besides that, what else do you have on your menu?
Max: We have several side dishes. Rice. Beans. Sometimes we prepare a carnitas entree if we come across fresh beef in the market.
Eladio: Anything else? Come on, be honest. There is nothing else you offer? A little taste of something else? Something on the side? Because when I send my men to your restaurant, they come back with more than just chicken. They come back with drugs. They come back high. No? You are selling them narcotics. Methamphetamine. No?
Gus: With all due respect, Don Eladio, I didn't sell it to them. I gave them samples.
Eladio: Samples.
Hector: Some businessman.
Gus: I gave them samples to give to you. To introduce you to our product.
Max: Don Eladio, Gustavo meant no offense. But he...that is to say we...could think of no other way to get your attention. We want to work with you, Don Eladio.
Eladio: I know all about methamphetamine. That's poor man's cocaine. Only bikers and hillbillies use it. There's no money in it.
Max: May I, Don Eladio...I am a biochemist by training. The methamphetamine we make is much superior to the so-called biker crank you know of. It is crystallized, like glass. Purer. And the chirality of the molecule – its very structure – is different. The narcotic effect is far more potent.
Gus: Don Eladio, this product is the drug of the future.
Eladio: Ah.
Gus: It'll triple your profits. Perhaps quadruple.
Juan: They're not only good cooks, they're great at shoveling manure.
Eladio: [laughing] No, no, no, continue, continue.
Gus: Right now, you deal almost exclusively in cocaine. But the coca plant can't grow in Mexico. You are no more than middlemen for the Colombians. They cut you a percentage for smuggling across the border. But the lion's share of the profit goes to them, despite your assumption of all the risk.
Max: This new crystal methamphetamine, it's stronger, more addictive than cocaine, which means it will move in higher volume. But most importantly, it's completely artificial. We can show you how to manufacture it, right here in Mexico.
Gus: And you keep all the profits.
Eladio: My men do like your product.
Juan: Si.
Eladio: Hector, what is wrong with you? Why did you not get glasses for our guests? Go on. [Hector goes to the bar] Good. You are quite the talent. I bet you learned cooking from your mama. Isn't that true? No? But...what about the chemistry?
Max: I studied at the University of Santiago. Gustavo paid for my education.
Eladio: Oh, really?
Max: I have degrees in both biochemistry and chemical engineering. With minimal capital investment, we can set up a factory-grade laboratory for you. Train your own people to manufacture large quantities of highly pure methamphetamine.
Eladio: Fantastic! Tell me one thing, though. If you're the cook...why do I need him?
Max: Senor?
Eladio: You. Businessman. Why should I negotiate with someone who doesn't respect me? Who insults me by dealing under my nose without my permission? Who manipulates me into a meeting in front of my own men? What do I need you for?
Gus: Don Eladio. Please. I didn't sell anything. I apologize if you are offended by my method of obtaining this meeting. I merely took the initiative. I meant no insult.
Max: Don Eladio, Gustavo didn't mean to offend. I know Gustavo like a brother. He's an honorable man. The most loyal man I have ever known. He rescued me from the Santiago slums. He made me the man I am today! Gustavo is a genius. He will make you millions! Just find it in your heart to forgive him this one small mistake. Please...He's my partner. I need him! I swear to God!
[Hector shoots Max in the head. Gus lunges at Hector, but Juan holds him back and pins him to the ground next to Max's dead body]
Hector: Look at him. You did this to him. Now, look at him.
Eladio: Listen to me. The only reason you are alive and he is because I know who you are. But understand. You are not in Chile anymore.
Hector: My advice...stick to chicken.
[Flashback ends]
Gus: Look at me, Hector. [Hector cannot bring himself to look. Gus gets up and pats him on the shoulder] Maybe next time.

Bug [4.09]Edit

[Hank wants Walt to drive him out to Gus's distribution center]
Hank: So, what do ya say, buddy? Got another field trip in ya?
Walter: [feigning illness] Uh, Hank, uh, I mean, it sounds great, really does, but y'know, I won't lie, you caught me somewhat...indisposed.
Hank: What do ya mean, like, taking a dump indisposed?
Walter: Yeah, that's...embarrassingly, that's it. Y'know, it's just upset stomach and everything. It's out of control...really explosive. Bad Tex-Mex at the mall.
Hank: Yeah yeah yeah I get it, you don't have to paint me a picture. Probably one guy in a diaper is enough for this trip anyway.

[Mike and Jesse bring in the body of a henchman shot by the Cartel into the lab]
Walter: Should I even ask?
Mike: I wouldn't.
Walter: So, what? Is this going to be a regular thing now? Meth cooking and corpse disposal? Jesus...
Mike: Just grab us a spare barrel, Walter.
Walter: What was it this time? What did this poor bastard do to piss off Gus? Or did Gus just need to send another message?
Mike: Shut your mouth! You shut your mouth or I'll shut it for you. I don't want you talking to me or Jesse. Just get the barrel. And if you ever plan on calling the cops on one of my guys again, you go ahead and get two barrels.

[Skyler shows up "late" for Ted's IRS audit]
Skyler: Oh, I am so sorry I am late! I got lost. Hey, Ted.
Ted: Sky?
Skyler: Whew, this building is so confusing! There are doors everywhere! Hi. You are?
James: Special Agent James Picarus.
Skyler: Ooh, special.

Jesse: What am I doing here?
Gus: I know you have concerns. What happened yesterday to my man at the farm, it was a terrible thing.
Jesse: Oh, the dude getting his head blown off? Yeah.
Gus: I have invited you into my home, prepared food, so we could sit and talk. Discuss what's going on in this business. Our business. Like men. And I will explain everything that's happening. I will answer your questions. But first, I need you to answer one question for me: can you cook Walter's formula?
Jesse: What?
Gus: Walter's formula. Can you produce this product without any help alone?
Jesse: No. Why? You asking me if I can cook Mr. White's crystal without him? Me? The junkie loser you were about to waste and dump in the desert a month ago? This your plan, huh? Invite me to your house and make whatever the fuck this is? Be my buddy and make me feel important? Then get me to keep cooking for you after you kill Mr. White? You wanna talk like men? Let's talk like men: you kill Mr. White, you're gonna have to kill me, too!
Gus: That is not what I asked you. You are here because circumstances with the Cartel are untenable and I need your help. I need you to help prevent an all-out war. Now, if you would answer the question.

Jesse: Thank God. Come on in. You, uh, you want a beer or something?
Walter: No. Could I sit down?
Jesse: Oh yeah yeah, sure, go ahead. OK so, um, OK, word has come down that they want me to go to Mexico. There's some sort of war brewing between Gus and the Cartel.
Walter: Word has come down?
Jesse: The Cartel has been messing with Gus' operation, like jacking trucks to like send a message. And yesterday? That dude we brought to the lab? They shot him right in front of me! Just blew his head open! Some sniper nailed him from like a mile away. Anyway, they've been holding off but from between Cartel taking potshots and your brother-in-law trying to throw a net over the whole deal, it's like what you call a rock and a hard place situation. So Gus is gonna cave. So the Cartel wants half of Gus' entire operation and they want your formula. And he's gonna give it to them. Well, I, I gotta give it to them. I mean, I'm supposed to go to Mexico and teach a bunch of Cartel chemists how to cook a batch of blue. Y'know, Gus doesn't trust you so I gotta go! I mean, you're the chemist, man, not me. I mean, let's say I go down and go over there to the jungle or whatever and say they got actual chemists, I mean Cartel chemists, asking me chemistry stuff that I don't know how to answer because I'm not you. And what if all the equipment is in Mexican instead of English? Ugh, I dunno, I dunno, if I mess this up, I am dead. All of us! Mr. White, look, I need your help. OK, maybe you could, uh, could like coach me or something or you could give me some notes. Mr. White?
Walter: So you saw Gus?
Jesse: What? No.
Walter: You didn't see Gus.
Jesse: No.
Walter: Then who told you all of that?
Jesse: It was passed down, like I said.
Walter: Passed down? By whom?
Jesse: By, uh, by Mike and them. They did, they–
Walter: So "they" doesn't include Gus. You haven't been with Gus, you haven't seen Gus, you haven't spoken to Gus.
Jesse: Why are–
Walter: You weren't at Gus' house last night?
Jesse: What? [Walter walks up to Jesse and grabs the cigarette pack from him] What the hell? Jeez!
Walter: [Taking out the ricin cigarette] It's still here. It's still here. [Walter throws the ricin cigarette at Jesse] You look me in the eye and you tell me that you weren't at his house last night.
Jesse: I, um...
Walter: Yeah.
Jesse: Look I didn't have a chance, alright? OK? I knew you would react this way! I knew you would freak out and you wouldn't believe me! That's why I didn't say anything. Look, there was just this one big pot of stew, OK? He just made this one big pot and we both ate from it. What was I supposed to do, huh? Poison myself?
Walter: 2 hours and 18 minutes and you couldn't figure out a way to give it to him.
Jesse: He never left the room!
Walter: YOU LYING LITTLE SHIT! You had one thing to do, one thing! That is the only thing, I might add, that would save our lives. And you were right there. You were in the house and you didn't have the guts to do it!
Jesse: 2 hours and 18 minutes?
Walter: You never had any intention of killing him, did you?
Jesse: How did you know I was at his house last night? Were you following me?
Walter: This. This is how I knew. [tosses the GPS tracker to Jesse]
Jesse: You bugged my car?
Walter: 7:10 to 9:28 pm. 2 hours and 18 minutes. But you had no intentions, did you? Not the slightest intention.
Jesse: Everything that I have done for you...
Walter: Oh ho!
Jesse: put a bug on my car?!
Walter: I'm sorry, after everything you've done for me? What you've done for me?! You've killed me is what you've done! You signed my death warrant! And now you want advice? Alright, I'll give you advice: go to Mexico and screw up like I know you will and wind up in a barrel somewhere!
[Jesse throws the GPS tracker at Walter's head, causing a bloody gash on it. Walter charges at Jesse and the two fight. Jesse gains the upper hand and sits on top of Walter, punching him numerous times and leaving him bloody. Both eventually get back on their feet]
Jesse: Can you walk?
Walter: Yeah.
Jesse: Then get the fuck outta here and never come back.

Salud [4.10]Edit

[Jesse finds that the cartel lab doesn't have one of the required chemicals he needs for his cooking process]
Benicio Fuentes: [in Spanish] This is ridiculous. I'm not letting some infant who can't even synthesize phenylacetic acid teach me my business.
Jesse Pinkman: [to Gus] Tell this asshole if he wants to learn how to make my product he's got to do it my way. The right way. [Benicio steps up to Jesse]
Benicio Fuentes: I speak English.
Jesse Pinkman: So you understand what "asshole" means. Now go get me my phenylacetic acid, asshole.

[Jesse has observed that the cartel's lab is filthy]
Benicio Fuentes: Who do you think you are?
Jesse Pinkman: [gets in Benicio's face] I’m the guy your boss brought here to show you how it’s done. And if this is how you run your lab, no wonder. You are lucky he hasn’t fired your ass. Now, if you don’t want that to happen, I suggest you stop whining like a little bitch and do what I say....
[the two stare one another down for several seconds]
Benicio Fuentes: [in Spanish] Clean up.

Walter: I wish I could take back last night. It was your birthday; this shouldn't be on your mind.
Walter Jr.: It's OK.
Walter: No, it's not OK. I'm your father. I don't want last night to be... I mean, you really... you can't think of me like...
Walter Jr.: Like what? I don't understand.
Walter: My father died when I was six. You knew that, right?
Walter Jr.: Yeah.
Walter: He had Huntington's disease. It destroys portions of the brain, affects muscle control, and leads to dementia. It's just a nasty disease. It's genetic. Terrified my mother that I might have it, so they ran tests on me when I was a kid, but I came up clean. My father fell very ill when I was four, five. Spent a lot of time in the hospital. My, heh, my mother would tell me so many stories about my father. I mean, she would talk about him all the time. I knew about his personality, how he treated people, I even knew how he liked his steaks cooked: medium rare, just like you. I knew things about my father, I had a lot of information. It was because people would tell me these things. They would paint this picture of my father for me and I always pretended that was who I saw too, that I remembered. But it was all a lie. In truth, I only have one real, actual memory of my father. It must have been right before he died. My mother would take me to the hospital to visit him. And I remember the smell in there. The chemicals. It was as if they used every single cleaning product they could find in a 50 mile radius, like they didn't want you smelling the sick people. There was this stench of Lysol and bleach, you could just feel it coating your lungs. Anyway, there, lying on the bed, is my father. And he's all... he's all twisted up. My mom, she puts me on her lap, she's sitting on the bed next to him so I can get a good look at him, but really he just scares me. And he's looking right at me, but I can't even be sure he knows who I am. And your grandmother is talking, trying to be cheerful as she does, but the only thing I could remember is him breathing. There was this... this rattling sound, like if you were shaking an empty spray paint can. Like there was nothing in him. Anyway, that is the only real memory that I have of my father. I don't want you to think of me the way I was last night. I don't want that to be the memory you have of me when I'm gone.
Walter Jr. Remembering you that way wouldn't be so bad. The bad way to remember you would be the way you've been this whole last year. At least last night you were... you were real, y'know?

Jesse: What is this shit? I don't get a vote? I'm supposed to just stay down here forever?
Mike: I promise you this: either we're all going home or none of us are. Now settle down.

Eladio: Gustavo, cheer up, man. Gustavo, I'm not angry. I had to spank you. But what choice did I have? Look, once every 20 years you forget your place. There's no place for emotion in this. You of all people should understand. Business is business.

[Gus has just offed Don Eladio and the other cartel capos with poisoned tequila, and is beginning to suffer from the effects of the poison]
Gus: Don Eladio está muerto! Sus capos están muertos! Ustedes no tienen a nadie mas por quien pelear. Llenen sus bolsillos, y váyanse en paz… O VENGAN A PELEAR CONMIGO, Y MUERAN! ["Don Eladio is dead! His capos are dead! You have no one left to fight for! Fill your pockets and leave in peace, OR FIGHT ME AND DIE!"]

Crawl Space [4.11]Edit

Gus: You did well down here. And you also proved a point. I think you can run the lab by yourself now, don't you?
Jesse: Let Mr. White go. Pay him off or fire him. Don't kill him.
Gus: You know that won't work.
Jesse: Then you got a problem.

Gus: Hello, Hector. [Gus presents Hector with Don Eladio's necklace] All of them, Hector. Don Eladio, Don Paco, Cesar, Reynaldo, Ortuno, Cisco, and Luis. Escalara. All dead. As is your grandson, Joaquin. Do you know who killed Joaquin? Would you like to see? [Gus turns Hector to Jesse] This young man. Do you remember him? That young man shot Joaquin to death while I made my escape. I believe you have met him before. It was just you and Joaquin. He was the only family you had left. Now the Salamanca name dies with you. Will you look at me now? Look at me, Hector. Look at me.

[Ted answers a knock at the door and is greeted by two of Saul's underlings, Kuby and Huell.]
Ted Beneke: Can I help you?
Kuby: Yeah. Thanks.
[Kuby and Huell step into Ted's house uninvited.]
Ted: W-wait, you just can't... What's this about?
Kuby: I'll tell you what this is about, Mr. Beneke. This is about you and me doing our best to keep Huell happy.
Ted: Huell? Who's Huell?
Kuby: This is Huell. Huell, you happy?
Huell: Reasonably.
Kuby: What would make you unhappy?
Huell: This little motherfucker not doing what he's told.
Kuby: If you were to become unhappy, Mr. Beneke wouldn't care for that?
Huell: I'm gonna say no.
Kuby: Well, there you have it. Now let's go find your checkbook.

Gus: You are done. Fired. Do not show your face at the laundry again. Stay away from Pinkman. Do not go near him...ever. Are you listening to me?
Walter: Or else you'll do what?
Gus: What did you say?
Walter: Stay away from Pinkman...or else you'll do...what? Kill me? If you could kill me, I'd already be dead. But you can't. You can't kill me because Jesse wouldn't cook for you if you did. That's it, isn't it? [coughs] No matter how hard you try to turn him against me, to screw with his head, so that he would hate my guts...and he still won't let you do it.
Gus: For now. But he'll come around. In the meantime, there's the matter of your brother-in-law. He is a problem you promised to resolve. You have failed. Now it's left to me to deal with him.
Walter: You can't.
Gus: If you try to interfere, this becomes a much simpler matter. I will kill your wife. I will kill your son. I will kill your infant daughter.

Walter: [panicking] Saul! This man we spoke of before, this, this person that you said could, could disappear me, give me a whole new life, and make sure I'm never found?
Saul: Yeah.
Walter: I need him! I need this man now! Saul, Gus is gonna murder my whole family.
Saul: Oh, Christ.
Walter: Saul! Now, Saul!
Saul: Yeah yeah! [Saul hurries over to a locked safe.] You understand there's no coming back from this? You're gonna get new Socials and new identities. You can't contact your friends or relatives ever again.
Walter: Alright! Yes, I understand!
Saul: How are you gonna sell this to that wife of yours.. and your teenage son?
Walter: I have got no choice.
Saul: You're wanted by some pretty scary individuals, not to mention the law. You're a high-risk client. You're gonna need the deluxe service. It's gonna cost you.
Walter: How much?
Saul: The last quote I got on the deluxe was 125 grand. But you've got four people to vanish. It's gonna be at least half a million. And he accepts cash only.
Walter: I've got the money, now come on! Please!
Saul: Here!
[Saul hands Walter a business card. Walter hurriedly grabs it and reads it.]
Walter: What?! This.. this is a vacuum cleaner repair company!
Saul: What'd you expect, Hadji's Quick Vanish?!

Walter: Where is it? Where's the rest?
Skyler: Wha-?
Walter: The money, Skyler, where is the rest? Skyler? WHERE IS THE MONEY?!
Skyler: [pause] I gave it to Ted.
Walter: What? You did what?
Skyler: Walt, I'm...I had to. For us, the family. I swear, Walt...
Walter: You gave our money to Beneke?
Skyler: Walt, please, please, just hear me out, please...
Walter: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! [Walter collapses crying, then breaks out in crazy laughter, as Skyler backs away to answer the phone]

End Times [4.12]Edit

Skyler: Walt, how long till you're safe? Till you can work this out?
Walter: Oh Skyler...
Skyler: No.
Walter: Skyler–
Skyler: No.
Walter: I have lived under the threat of death for a year now. And because of that, I've made choices.
Skyler: Walt, I–
Walter: Listen to me. I alone should suffer the consequences of those choices, no one else. And those consequences...they're coming. No more prolonging the inevitable.

[Gomez is searching the laundry. Jesse and Tyrus are stuck in the underground lab and Jesse is on the phone with Gus]
Gus: Do you know what is happening upstairs?
Jesse: I have a pretty good idea.
Gus: This is all a result of your former partner. Do you understand now? Do you see why this can't continue?
Jesse: You know, I get it, the guy is a complete and total dick, but I can't. I'm not signing off, OK? Like I said, if to Mr. White, we're going to have a problem. So what're you gonna do?
Gus: There will be an appropriate response.

Saul: Take a break, H.T. Let's go.
Francesca: You're going to stop calling me that or I'm gonna hang you by your tie.
Saul: Yeah, yeah, stop showing off for the client. Honey Tits! I say it's endearing.

Walter: I don't know what you're thinking coming here. Aw Christ, what does it matter? Everything, it's all coming to an end. Do you even know what's happening? The full scope of what's happening? They took me out to the desert, they put a hood over my head and drove me out into the desert on my knees. They threatened my family, and not just Hank. My wife, my children... It's just a matter of time now. I was able to protect them for now, but...Gus is gonna make his move and...and I don't know...I don't know when or how. All I know is it's gonna happen. And I'm powerless to stop it.

[Jesse is pointing a gun at Walter, accusing him of poisoning his girlfriend's son, Brock]
Walter: Jesse, why? Why, in God's name, would I poison a child?
Jesse: To get back at me! Because I'm helping Gus and this is your way of ripping my heart out before you're dead and gone! Just admit it! Admit what you did! ADMIT IT!
Jesse: SHUT UP! [Jesse pushes Walter down] STOP LYING!
Walter: I'm not, I'm not lying, Jesse, listen to me, listen to me, what would I have to gain, what possible...possible...who...who would...Oh my God... [Walter begins laughing]
Jesse: Hey. Stop laughing. STOP LAUGHING!
Walter: I have been waiting...I've been waiting all day, waiting for Gus to send one of his men to kill me, and it's you. Who do you know who's OK with using children, Jesse, who do you know? Who's allowed children to be murdered, hm? Gus! He has been ten steps ahead of me at every turn and now the one thing that he needed to finally get rid of me is your consent, and boy he's got that now, he's got it. And not only does he have that, but he manipulated you into pulling the trigger for him.
Jesse: But only you and I knew about the ricin!
Walter: No! You don't even believe that. Gus has cameras everywhere, please. Listen to yourself. No, he's known everything all along. Where were you today? In the lab? And you don't think it's possible that Tyrus lifted the cigarette out of your locker? C'mon! Don't you see? You are the last piece of the puzzle. You are everything that he's wanted. You're his cook now. You're the cook and you have proven you can run a lab without me, and now that cook has reason to kill me. Think about it! It's brilliant! So go ahead, if you think that I am capable of doing this, then go... [Walter grabs Jesse's wrist and puts the gun on his own forehead] ...put a bullet in my head and kill me right now.
Jesse: I'll do it.
Walter: DO IT! Do it.
Jesse: I'll do it!
Walter: Do it. Do it.
[Jesse does not pull the trigger. He turns to leave]
Walter: Where are you going?
Jesse: I'm gonna find the son of a bitch and I'm gonna kill him.
Walter: No, don't, he'll see you coming. You'll die before you get anywhere near him.
Jesse: I don't care.
Walter: Jesse, Jesse, just get in your car, just go, just drive.
Jesse: No. I'm going to do this one way or another, Mr. White.
Walter: Then let me help.

Face Off [4.13]Edit

[Hector is angered when he sees Walter in front of him.]
Walter: I know you despise me and I know how much you want to see me dead. But I'm willing to bet there's a man that you hate even more. I'm offering you an opportunity for revenge.

[Hector has come to "rat" to the DEA as a trap for Gus]
Nurse: A, E, I, O... [Hector rings the bell] Row O. P, Q, R, S. [Hector rings the bell] First letter S. A, E, I, O, U... [Hector rings the bell repeatedly] Second letter U. A... [Hector rings the bell] A, B, C... [Hector rings the bell] A, E, I... [Hector rings the bell] J, K... [Hector rings the bell] A, E, I... [Hector rings the bell] J, K, L, M... [Hector rings the bell] A, E, I, O, U... [Hector rings the bell] Row U. V, W, X, Y... [Hector rings the bell]
George Merkert: Alright, that's enough. Thank you. [Merkert shows Hank that Hector so far spelled out "Suck My"]
Hank Schrader: Yeah, thanks, I can spell. Well, got that out of your system now? Should we try this one more time? [Hector rings the bell]
Nurse: A, E... [Hector rings the bell] F... [Hector rings the bell] A, E, I, O, U... [Hector rings the bell repeatedly] A... [Hector rings the bell] B, C... [Hector rings the bell. He so far spelled "Fuc"]
Hank Schrader: Yeah, we...we got it, yeah.
[The nurse wheels Hector out of the meeting]
Nurse: I am just so, so sorry.
[Hector winks at Hank]
Hank: Well, at least this time he didn't shit himself. I guess that's progress.

Gus: What kind of man talks to the DEA? No man. No man at all. [Tyrus hands Gus a syringe filled with poison] A crippled little rata. What a reputation to leave behind. Is that how you want to be remembered? Last chance to look at me, Hector.
[He goes to inject Hector, but then looks up and sees Hector is looking at him, in something of a daze, which makes him pause. Hector's expression changes to one of pure anger and hatred, and he begins ringing his bell frantically. Gus looks down and sees that the bell is attached to a bomb on Hector's wheelchair, and realises he's walked into a trap]
Gus: [bolts up from his chair] HO-!
[The bomb explodes, killing Hector and Tyrus. Gus walks out of the room with half of his face blown off, adjusts his tie, and then collapses, dead.]

Walter: [to Jesse] Gus is dead. We've got work to do.

Skyler: Walt? Let me get somewhere where I can hear you. Walt?
Walter: How are you doing?
Skyler: How am I doing? How are you doing?
Walter: I'm, uh...I'm doing quite well. I'm good.
Skyler: Jesus, Walt, the news here. Gus Fring is dead. He was blown up along with some person from some Mexican cartel and the DEA has no idea what to make of it. Do you know about this? Walt? I need you to–
Walter: It's over. We're safe.
Skyler: Was this you? What happened?
Walter: I won.

Season 5Edit

Live Free or Die [5.01]Edit

Walter: You going to show...I don't know...some kind of mild relief that I'm alive?
Skyler: I am relieved Walt. And scared.
Walter: Scared? Scared of what?
Skyler: You.

Walter: Mike. Where is the laptop?
Mike: What the hell difference does it make? They got it, end of story.
[Walter looks at Mike.]
Mike: [scoffs] APD Northwest Area Command on Second. They tagged it, they filed it. It's in the system, and they locked it in their evidence room.
Walter: All right. All right, so describe the building.
Mike: [chuckles] Describe it? How about how you describe Fort Knox? And what are you going to do? Are you going to put on your black leotard and go dangling on the clothesline? It's a building full of cops, what else do you need to know? And why in the hell am I talking to you?
[Mike turns to leave]
Jesse: Mike, we gotta do something.
Mike: I am doing something!
Jesse: He's good with this stuff, okay? Just give him a chance.
Mike: Hey look, that laptop might as well be on the Moon. They build these evidence rooms like bank vaults, because guess what? Lunatics like you want to break into 'em. But unlike a bank vault, this is a place that is guarded twenty-four hours a day by the police. There's no way you're getting it out of there.
Walter: Who said that we have to get it out of there? We just need to destroy what's on it.
Mike: Oh, so now you want to blow up a police station?
Walter: I don't believe I said that, no.
Mike: Nursing home full of old folks just wet your appetite, now you want to kill a bunch of cops?
Walter: I never said anything about killing anybody. I am, however, considering the possibility of a device.
Mike: A device?
Walter: Yes, a small device. Say this device gets filed into evidence, now it is inside that room.
Jesse: What about a magnet?
Mike: You want to commit a whole other crime just to get this bomb of yours into evidence?
Walter: Bo— Who said bomb? I said a device...
Jesse: Yo, what about like a magnet?
Walter: incendiary device. One quick fire is all it would take.
Mike: You don't think they have fire suppression? I'm not talking about sprinklers, I'm talking about halon, because halon doesn't destroy evidence.
Jesse: A magnet though, maybe—
Walter: Right, so a bomb then. Maybe we plant a bomb outside.
Mike: Oh, actually I knew a crew out of Fort Worth that tried to blow up an evidence room from outside. 'Bout all they did was take out a couple of hedges. You are probably talking about two feet of reinforced concrete.
Walter: Right, then we—
Jesse: Or, what about a magnet?
Walter: What magnet? What about it?
Jesse: You know, it's just like... [imitates the laptop impacting on a wall]

[after successfully testing the magnet]

[Walter, Jesse, and Mike drive away from the APD outpost after using an industrial magnet to wreck an evidence room.]
Jesse: Yeah! Bitch!
Mike: Shut up!
Jesse: Oh! Yeah!
Mike: What exactly are you celebrating? You left the truck behind!
Walter: So what?
Mike: "So what?" So what if they find prints? What if they trace it back to the wrecking yard?
Walter: They won't. There's no prints. I made sure of that. There's no paperwork on the truck, the magnet, or the batteries. Untraceable salvage, all of it. I made sure of that, too.
Mike: Well, you got all the answers. So you tell me, answer man: did all that even work just now?
Walter: Yes. It worked.
Mike: I'm supposed to take that on faith, yeah? Why? How do we know?
Walter: Because I say so.

Saul: All right, so first off, I'm not a marriage counselor. Nor do I take sides in this thing. And not taking sides, mind you, but you did put her in charge of your money. Which I advised against, if you'll recall. All of which is not to be construed as an "I told you so." I'm just walking you through my mental process, so to speak.
[Walter sits silently.]
Saul: So she comes to me with a problem, that she's been cooking Beneke's books. He's in dutch with the IRS, and once they audit, it's rio de caca for the both of them. To which I say, "Hey, let's involve Walt in this discussion." To which she says no, says cut Beneke a check so he can pay off the IRS. Again, not taking sides, but she really was trying to protect you. [beat] A little feedback here might be nice.
Walter: "Let's involve Walt in this discussion."
Saul: Yeah, that's what I told her. She said no.
Walter: And you didn't argue the point? You didn't think to contact me?
Saul: [scoffs] You were a tad preoccupied at the time, if you will recall.
Walter: Okay. So you took it upon yourself to give away $622,000 of my money to a man who had been sleeping with my wife.
Saul: She's my client, same as you. Does this arrangement get a little tricky at times? Absolutely. But I try my best, you know – ethically, mind you – my duty is your—
Walter: "Ethically?" I'm sorry, I must be hearing things. Did you actually just use the word "ethically" in a sentence? You're not Clarence Darrow, Saul. You're a two-bit, bus-bench lawyer. And you work for me.
Saul: Yeah, well Clarence Darrow never had a client like you ask him for something... [Saul retrieves the ricin cigarette, in a plastic bag, from his desk.] this, okay? I put my ass on the line for you. Huell too, huh? He's got fingers like hot dogs. He coulda easily bust this in two and killed everyone in the office. But do I complain? No. Beg, borrow, or steal, I am your Huckleberry. I go the extra mile. Only you never told me that kid would wind up in the hospital! You know, take that thing and get the hell out of here. You and me, we're done.
[Walter rises from his seat and menacingly advances on Saul, cornering him.]
Walter: We're done when I say we're done.

Walter: [to Skyler] I forgive you.

Madrigal [5.02]Edit

Mike: [regarding Walt's new business proposal] Thanks, but no thanks.
Walter: [beat] Mike, I know you don't care for me. We've had our issues, you and I. But, I would suggest that you leave emotion out of this decision.
Mike: I am. You...are trouble. [leans forward] I'm sorry the kid doesn't see it, but I sure as hell do. You are a time bomb, tick-tick-ticking. And I have no intention of being around for the boom.

George Merkert: So Hector Salamanca killed Fring. Then who gave Salamanca the bomb?
Hank Schrader: A whole lot of questions. Not much in the way of answers. Yet.
Steven Gomez: The APD did find some of Fring's financials. That just might lead to something.
George Merkert: I had him out to my house. Fourth of July, cooked out in the backyard. My son shucked the corn, my daughter cut up potatoes. Fring brought sea bass. Every time I grill it now, I make a little foil pouch, just like he showed me. That whole night, we were laughing, telling stories, drinking wine. And he's somebody else completely...
[An expression of realization dawns on Hank's face.]
George Merkert: ...Right in front of me. Right under my nose.

[Mike is brought to an interrogation room to be questioned by Hank]
Hank Schrader: Thanks for coming down. Have a seat, Mr. Ehrmantraut. [Mike takes a seat] Am I saying that right?
Mike Ehrmantraut: Close enough.
Steven Gomez: So once more, you're waiving your right to have an attorney present?
Mike Ehrmantraut: Correct.
Steven Gomez: Can you state that to the camera, please?
Mike Ehrmantraut: I'm waiving my right to have an attorney present.
Hank Schrader: Uh, okay, then. We just, uh, have a few questions. You're currently employed by the Pollos Hermanos chain. Is that correct?
Mike Ehrmantraut: Yes, I am.
Hank Schrader: What do you do there?
Mike Ehrmantraut: Corporate security.
Hank Schrader: Corporate security?
Mike Ehrmantraut: Yeah.
Hank Schrader: What's that? Like, uh, guarding the special sauce?
Mike Ehrmantraut: I conduct employee background checks. I oversee loss prevention.
Hank Schrader: At a fast-food restaurant, that's a full-time job?
Mike Ehrmantraut: We have 14 locations. So, yes, it's a full-time job.
Hank Schrader: Yeah, well, if I were you, I'd start sending out those résumés. [looks at the file] It says here you're a private investigator? Where are you licensed?
Mike Ehrmantraut: New Mexico, Arizona, Utah. Every state where we operate.
Hank Schrader: Colorado? You have some restaurants there, right?
Mike Ehrmantraut: Colorado doesn't require licensure.
Hank Schrader: You licensed to carry a firearm?
Mike Ehrmantraut: Concealed carry? Yes, I am.
Hank Schrader: Which states?
Mike Ehrmantraut: It'd be quicker to mention the states in which I'm not.
Hank Schrader: And if we pulled your CCPs, everything would be in order?
Mike Ehrmantraut: Well I'm guessing you've already done that, so you tell me.
Hank Schrader: [points a finger at Mike] You strike me as a former cop. Am I right? Where at?
Mike Ehrmantraut: Philadelphia.
Hank Schrader: Philly! [in mock astonishment] The City of Brotherly Love. Turns out we uh, we know some folks there and they told us that your tenure as a police officer ended somewhat, uh.....dramatically? You wanna talk about that?
Mike Ehrmantraut: Not particularly.
Hank Schrader: Yeah, me neither. See, I'm more interested in why Gus Fring decided to put a guy like you in charge of his corporate security. I mean, given your history, doing background checks on pimple-faced fry cooks seems like overkill. What else did you do for Fring? He must have needed help running that drug empire of his, no?
Mike Ehrmantraut: [feigns ignorance] Drug empire? First I'm hearing about that. I don't know anything about that.
Steven Gomez: Hey, man. We have a guy that could put you in that underground lab and he'll testify to it. So from here on out, this can go hard or easy. So what's it gonna be?
Mike Ehrmantraut: [leans forward and puts his hands on the table] Forget your handcuffs? I'm confused. Am I under arrest here, or am I not? [retracts his hands] You wanna state that for the camera?
Hank Schrader: You are not under arrest, currently.
Mike Ehrmantraut: Agents, do you have any more questions for me? Because you've got me very stirred up with all these false accusations. If I'm not under arrest, I'd prefer to leave. [Mike gets up, and starts to walk towards the door]
Hank Schrader: Oh, well, I don't suppose we could talk about the $2 million in your granddaughter's name?
[Mike stops in his tracks and stares at Hank]
Hank Schrader: Yeah. It seems that, uh, Fring had all these secret offshore accounts that he would deposit money into. Like, uh, well, an even dozen of them. And they're all in the names of certain people on his payroll. There was the, uh, the manager of the laundry, umm, a couple guys from the Pollos distribution center. Uh, there was the owner of a chemical warehouse, a bunch of others, you know. Guys that must've been getting paid off the books. Anyway, one of the names...was Kaylee Ehrmantraut. Ten years old and just cute as a button. Yeah. $2 million and change we found on deposit for her. Way more than anybody else. Now, my partner here? He took one look at that and said, "Shit, man! This fifth-grade girl is the muscle behind Fring's entire operation!" I said, "Whoa, whoa, hey, partner, slow down there. Maybe it was actually her dear old granddaddy." Impressive, no? That...[clicks his tongue] level of insight? [Mike stares at Hank and Gomez as he absorbs the realization that his funds have been seized] He's not impressed, Gomie.
Steven Gomez: Perhaps he's picturing all that money going "bye-bye".
Hank Schrader: Yeah, well, I mean, the government's gonna take every last dollar, unless... Well here's the thing, Mike-- Or Michael?
Mike Ehrmantraut: Mr. Ehrmantraut.
Hank Schrader: Here's the thing, Mike: Lucky for you, you didn't touch that money. I cannot say the same for the other eleven on the list.
Steven Gomez: One of your guys is gonna roll on you, and then we'll definitely remember the handcuffs.
Hank Schrader: Now, before that day comes, you yourself a solid. You can tell us what you know. You can tell us who's still out there, and if we like your story, good things can happen.
Steven Gomez: Kaylee might be able to keep some of that money.
Hank Schrader: Maybe. So what do you say?
Mike Ehrmantraut: I don't know anything about any money. I don't know what you're talking about.

Walter: Well, you missed a good meal. The lasagna came out very well, if I do say so myself. I wrapped some up if you'd like some later. [pause] You know, it gets easier. I promise you that it does. What you're feeling right now. About Ted, everything. It'll pass. So what we do, we do for good reasons. And we've got nothing to worry about. And there's no better reason than family.

Walter: [to Saul] There is gold in the streets just waiting for someone to come and scoop it up.

Hazard Pay [5.03]Edit

[Walter, Jesse, and Saul argue in Saul's law office.]
Saul: So you bring him here? Come on! The three of us? We're the Three Amigos! All for one, one for all! We don't need a Fourth Amigo!
Walter: Saul, Mike knows the business. He knows distributors.
Jesse: Mike's okay.
Saul: He's okay? He said he was going to break my legs. And don't tell me he didn't mean it, okay? 'Cause he gave me the dead mackerel eyes. He meant it.
Walter: Saul, Mike threatened me. He threatened Jesse. He probably threatened someone before breakfast this morning. It's what he does. C'mon. Grow a pair.

Marie: We have another big event coming up. Have you thought about what you're going to do? [pause] Walt's birthday. [Skyler becomes visibly on-edge at the mention of Walt.] Whatever you need, I'm here.
Skyler: Yeah. I—I—I don't think we're going to be doing anything this year.
Marie: What are you talking about? Of-of course we're going to do something. Skyler, he was diagnosed around his birthday, right? So it's been a whole year. Listen, I've had my problems with Walt — why he wouldn't come out of the house when we were all practically begging— whatever, water under the bridge...
[Skyler looks through her purse. She retrieves a pack of cigarettes.]
Marie: ...But at this point, every year is precious. We— what are you doing?
Skyler: I...
Marie: You don't smoke. You haven't smoked since college. You can't be serious! With the baby? And Walt?
[Skyler finally lights the cigarette, having a smoke.]
Marie: Skyler, you're not smoking around the baby, are you? And you can't smoke here! There's got to be some rule or regulation, I'm sure! You can't force your employees to breathe secondhand smoke! I know for a fact that that is illegal—
Skyler: Marie, shut up.
Marie: What? I'm sorry, but please don't speak to me like that. I am simply saying that—
Skyler: Will you shut up?!
Marie: Hey!
Skyler: Shut the hell up! Shut up! Shut up!
Marie: Skyler—
Skyler: Shut up! Shut up!
Marie: Please stop, I—
Skyler: Shut up! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!
Marie: Hey!
[Skyler breaks down crying.]

Mike: Okay. For you and you and me, $367,000 each.
Walter: Whoa, wait a minute. After the dealers got their cut, we should be looking at $1,379,560. Mike, you're short. You're almost $300,000 short.
Mike: You're forgetting about the mules. They get a fly of twenty percent.
Walter: What?
Jesse: The drivers. They're the ones that take the product from us and the dealers.
Walter: And so transportation is worth twenty percent?
Mike: They're taking a risk.
Walter: $275,000 worth a risk? [scoffs] What did Gus pay his mules?
Mike: Gustavo Fring didn't use mules. He didn't need 'em. He spent twenty years building his own distribution. He had sixteen refrigerator trucks running his product. And you know where they are now? Government impound. You don't like paying twenty percent, maybe you shouldn't have killed the guy.

Mike: Listen, Walter. Just because you shot Jesse James, don't make you Jesse James.

Fifty-One [5.04]Edit

Walter: Gus Fring is dead, and he was the threat. He was the danger.
Skyler: I thought you were the danger.

Skyler: There's blood on my hands, too.
Walter: What blood? Beneke?
Skyler: He's in the hospital because of me...
Walter: No.
Skyler: ...because of what I did.
Walter: Skyler, you can't beat yourself up over this thing. Please. You didn't set out to hurt anybody. You made a mistake and things got out of control. But you did what you had to do to protect your family. And I'm sorry, but that doesn't make you a bad person. It makes you a human being.
Skyler: Stop it, Walt. Just stop. I don't need to hear any of your bullshit rationales. I'm in it now. I'm compromised. But I won't — I will not — have my children living in a house where dealing drugs and hurting people and killing people is shrugged off as "shit happens!" We're back at it? Fine. But the kids stay away, and that's that.
Walter: "That's that?" That's what?
Skyler: I got them out of this house.
Walter: To a sleepover at their aunt and uncle's? They spend a day or two, Junior stays up late watching movies, and then what happens?
Skyler: We'll see.
Walter: No, I'll tell you what happens. They come home, to this house, to their parents who love them—
Skyler: No. I will not let our business endanger them.
Walter: How many times do I have to say that they are not in—
Skyler: I said no. I swear to God, I won't have them back here.
Walter: What are you going to do to stop it?
Skyler: Whatever it takes. Everything in my power.
Walter: Like what? I mean specifically. What is your next move?
Skyler: My next move is, maybe I hurt myself. Make it clear we need more time. Let Hank and Marie see we're still struggling.
Walter: No, more like you're still struggling. So maybe next time, I have you committed, put you in some inpatient facility while I take care of the kids myself. Is that what you want?
Skyler: So then maybe I show up with bruises on my neck. Give myself a black eye. Say that you beat me when you found out about my lover.
Walter: I see. So you involve Ted. Ah, well, that'll be fun, bringing the police up to speed on all of that. But not as much as telling your sixteen-year-old son that his father is a wife-beater. Also not a very good plan. What else you got?
Skyler: I could send Junior away to school.
Walter: Oh. Now here's the conversation: "So honey, I know you've only got one year left in high school, but I would love it so much if you would drop everything, leave all your friends behind, and go to boarding school in Arizona." Do you have any other ideas? Because I'm not hearing a solution to your problem. How are you going to save our kids from this "terrible" environment?
Skyler: I...
Walter: What are you going to do? What, are you going to run off to France? Are you going to close the curtains, change the locks? This is a joke. Come on, Skyler! You want to take me on? You want to take away my children? What’s the plan?
Skyler: I don’t know! This is the best I could come up with, okay? I—I will count every minute that the kids are away from here—away from you—as a victory. But you're right. It's a bad plan. I don't have any of your magic, Walt. I don't know what to do. I'm a coward. I—I can't go to the police, I can't stop laundering your money, I can't keep you out of this house, I can’t even keep you out of my bed. All I can do is wait. That's it, that's the only good option. Hold on. Bide my time. And wait.
Walter: Wait for what? What are you waiting for?
Skyler: For the cancer to come back.

Walter: [to Skyler] See this watch? It’s a birthday present. The person who gave me this wanted me dead, too. Not that long ago, he pointed a gun right between my eyes right here and he threatened to kill me. He changed his mind about me, Skyler. And so will you.

Dead Freight [5.05]Edit

Mike: Alright, Lydia. My friends here don't know you like I do, so they are very kindly giving you one last chance. [pulls out a notepad] There's your script. Study it. In about 30 seconds, I'm gonna dial Agent Schrader on your line here. You're gonna pass along this information, then we'll see what we see. Now here are the rules: if you yell for help, try to give the man some kind of coded message or otherwise tip him off, I am gonna pull out my pistol and shoot you in the head. Same goes for panicking, breaking down into tears – remember how you like to do that – if it happens this time, I am going to pull my pistol out and I am going to shoot you in the head. [she looks at Walter and Jesse] Look at me, not at them. Lydia, look at me. [Lydia turns to Mike] If you make Schrader suspicious – in any way, any way at all – tell me what's gonna happen next.
Lydia: You'll pull out your gun and shoot me.
Mike: And where will I shoot you?
Lydia: In the head.
Mike: In the head, that's right. It's a pistol, not a gun. I'm expecting precision here. [turns to Jesse] We up and running?
Jesse: [nervously] Yeah,'s set.
Mike: OK, Lydia, if you ever needed to give the performance of a lifetime, it's now. [sets the cell phone down] You're up.

Todd: You mind if I ask you a question?
Walter: No, go ahead.
Todd: Well, I get why we want the tank for the methylamine, but why this other one for the water?
Walter: Well, Jesse, it's your idea, you want to fill him in?
Jesse: It's all about the weight, yo.

Jesse: Boosting methylamine from a train is, like, a major rap. The point is, no one other than us can ever know that this robbery went down. Nobody. You got it?
Todd: Yeah. Absolutely.
Walter: Are you sure?
Todd: Yes, sir.

[Walter enters the house to find Skyler at the door of Walt Jr.'s bedroom.]
Skyler: Flynn? Flynn, open the door. Just come out and talk to me.
Walt Jr.: [through door] I'm staying. That's all I have to say.
Walter: What's going on?
Skyler: You got what you wanted, that's what. Congratulations.
[Skyler retreats to the living room while Walt goes to his son's door, knocking.]
Walter: It's me. Open up.
Walter: Come on, Junior. I'm not going to ask twice.
[Walter Jr. opens the door.]
Walter Jr.: What?
Walter: You know what.
Walter Jr.: Are you seriously kicking me out of my own house? Are you seriously doing that?
Walter: We're not kicking you out of anywhere, son. We love you, and this is your house as much as it is ours. But your mom and I need some time alone, and you know that. We explained that to you.
Walter Jr.: You haven't explained jack shit! You want me out? Explain to me why! Why do I have to go to Uncle Hank's? Give me the exact reason, or I'm not going anywhere!
[Walter Jr. tries to close the door, but Walt keeps it open.]
Walter: This is not going to be a debate.
Walter Jr.: What's going on? Why can't anybody tell me anything? I want one good reason!
Walter: Because we're your parents and you are our child. That's reason enough. Now please, do as I ask. Now.

Skyler: I won't change my mind about you ever.
Walter: I don't accept that. You're my wife.
Skyler: I'm not your wife. I'm your hostage. But since you insist on keeping me imprisoned, I'll make you deal. I will launder your money. I'll keep your secrets. But the kids will stay at Hank and Marie's where they have a chance of being safe.
Walter: I think you've seen too many movies. [sighs] Our children are not in danger.
Skyler: Just a couple of days ago, you told me that a man held a gun to your head. You said it like it was a point of pride. There's nothing you can say that'll convince me there won't come a day that somebody will come knocking on that door looking to harm you or me or all of us. And when that day comes, the children cannot be here. You agree to that, and I will be whatever kind of partner you want me to be.
[Walter considers, then nods]

[NOTE: This dialogue is from a deleted scene.]

Walter: You know, if this goes right, you could say we'll be pulling off the biggest train robbery in history.
Jesse: What about Jesse James?
Walter: Please. His biggest train robbery was in 1873, three thousand dollars. Adjusted for inflation, that's just fifty-seven grand.
[Jesse looks at Todd disbelievingly.]
Walter: All right. I couldn't sleep last night, so I looked it up. Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch, 1899; Union Pacific heist; Wilcox, Wyoming; an even fifty grand – today, $1.3 million. That's not bad. 1924, the Newton Gang – $38 million. 1963, the Great Train Robbery; Buckinghamshire, England; two-point-three million pounds sterling – or $48 million. That was the biggest one I could find. We are stealing a thousand gallons of methylamine. One gallon of forty-percent aqueous methylamine solution will yield seven-point-four pounds of product. Times a thousand gallons, at forty thousand dollars per pound, comes to $296 million. In terms of potential equivalency, more than all the others combined.

Buyout [5.06]Edit

Todd: [to Jesse, about shooting the kid] Man, shit happens, huh?
[Jesse attacks Todd]

Walter: Have you heard of a company called Grey Matter? Well, I cofounded it in grad school with a couple of friends. Actually, I was the one who named it. And back then, it just, oh, small time. We had a couple of patents pending, but nothing Earth-shattering. Of course, we all knew the potential. Hell, we were gonna take the world by storm. And then, well, something happened between the three of us. I'm not going to go into detail, but for personal reasons I decided to leave the company. And I sold my share to my two partners. I took a buyout for $5,000. Now at the time, it was a lot of money for me. Care to guess what that company is worth now?
Jesse: Millions?
Walter: Billions. With a 'B.' $2.16 billion as of last Friday. I look it up every week. And I sold my share, my potential, for $5,000. I sold my kids' birthright for a few months' rent.
Jesse: This isn't the same thing.
Walter: Jesse, you asked me if I was in the meth business or the money business. Neither. I'm in the empire business.
Jesse: Is a meth empire really something to be that proud of?

[Walter, Skyler and Jesse are having a very awkward dinner]
Jesse: Mmmm these are great green beans, Mrs. White. I like that you got the slivered almonds going. My mom always made em like that. You put lemon in there too?
Skyler: They are from the deli at Albertsons.
Jesse: Oh...Oh well uh well you know, good uh good work on your shopping then be cause these are choice. I eat a lot of frozen stuff. It's usually pretty bad. I mean, the pictures are always so awesome, you know? It's like, "Hell, yeah, I'm stoked for this lasagna!" And then you nuke it, and the cheese gets all scabby on top and it's like you're eating a scab. I mean, seriously, what's that about? It's like, yo, whatever happened to truth in advertising? You know?
Walter and Skyler: ...
Jesse: ...So, hey, uh how's business? The car wash. Mr. White said it's going really well. Says, like, you're uh a great manager.
Skyler: He did huh?
Jesse: Yeah, he says you've got it running like a like a machine. Like, well-oiled. Yeah.
Skyler: What else did he tell you about me?
Jesse: Oh, you know, just good stuff. Just really, you know, really good, good stuff. We don't really talk that much about you know, personal things.
Skyler: [to Walter] Did you also tell him about my affair?
Walter and Jesse: ...
Skyler: May I please be excused? [leaves the table with a large glass of wine]
Walter: You know my kids are gone.
Jesse: Thank God.

Walter: [to Jesse] My wife is waiting for me to die. This business is all I have left. All I have. And you want to take it away from me.

Mike: Might as well get comfortable. This deal is going down tomorrow. It's happening and there's nothing you can do to stop it. Got it?
Walter: Uh huh. So it's OK for you to steal my...
Mike: [interrupting] To insure that, you and I are going to spend the rest of the night together in this office, like it's my birthday.
Walter: Mike!
Mike: When the deal is done, you'll get your money. I guarantee that.
Walter: Mike, let me cook it! I'll double your five and you still walk!
Mike: You know, I have never seen anybody work so hard not to get five million dollars.
Walter: Mike, you need to listen to me.
Mike: No. Walter, the last thing I need to do is listen to you. Now sit down.

Mike: [sees that the methylamine is gone] Where is he?
Jesse: Mike.
Mike: [shoving Jesse] Get out of my way. [draws a gun on Walter] You sit down.
Jesse: Mike, Mike, hold on! Mr. White's got an idea!
Mike: [holding the gun at Walter's temple] I am going to count to three.
Jesse: Mike, I'm serious!
Mike: 1...2...
Jesse: It's a great idea! Look, you get your $5 million, we both do, and he gets his methylamine. All right? Just hear him out!
Mike: [pause] Is that true, Walter?
Walter: Everybody wins.

Say My Name [5.07]Edit

Declan: Looks like you’re about a thousand gallons light here, Mike. Where’s the juice?
Walter: The methylamine isn’t coming.
Declan: Why is that? Who the hell are you?
Walter: I’m the man who’s keeping it.
Declan: [to Mike] What the hell’s this? We had an agreement, right? We got our deal. So where’s the tank, Mike?
Walter: Mike doesn’t know where it is; only I do. And you’re dealing with me now, not him.
Declan: Why don’t you just cut to what it is you want or what you think is going to happen here, alright? Because we’re going to get what we came for.
Walter: That thousand gallons of methylamine is worth more in my hands than it is in yours – or anyone else's even, for that matter. But I need distribution.
Declan: Distribution?
Walter: That’s right. So if you agree to give up your cook and sell my product instead, I’ll give you 35% of the take.
Declan: 35%. Wow, are you kidding me? Thirty-five? Mike, please tell me this is a joke. Do you know how far out we had to stick our necks out to get our hands on this cash? [To Walt.] And why the hell would we want you? You realize we have our own operation, right?
Walter: I know all about your operation. See, my partners here tell me that you produce a meth that’s 70% pure, if you’re lucky. What I produce, is 99.1% pure.
Declan: So?
Walter: So, it's grade-school T-ball versus the New York Yankees. Yours is just some tepid, off-brand, generic cola. What I'm making is Classic Coke.
Declan: Alright. Okay, so, um, if we just waste you – right here, right now, leave you in the desert – then there is no more Coke on the market, right? See how that works? There's only us.
Walter: Do you really want to live in a world without Coca-Cola?
[Declan laughs.]
[Walter throws a bag of blue meth at Declan’s feet.]
Walter: My partner tells me that your crew switched to a P2P cook because of our success. You dye your meth with food coloring to make it look like mine. You already ape my product at every turn. But now, you have the opportunity to sell it yourself.
Declan: I need you to listen to me. We’re not going to give up this deal to be your errand boys, do you understand? For what? To watch a bunch of junkies get a better high?
Walter: A better high means customers pay more. A higher purity means a greater yield. That’s $130 million of profit that isn’t being pissed away by some sub-standard cook. Now you listen to me. You’ve got the greatest meth cook in Am – no, the two greatest meth cooks in America – right here. And with our skills, you’ll earn more from that 35% than you ever would on your own.
Declan: Yeah, so you say. Just wondering why we’re so lucky. Why cut us in?
Walter: Mike is retiring from our crew. So his share of the partnership is available, if you can handle his end: distribution. And if you give him $5 million of the $15 million that you brought today. Just think of it as a finder’s fee for bringing us together. We have 40 pounds of product ready to ship. Ready to go. Are you ready?
Declan: [Laughs.] Who the hell are you?
Walter: You know. You all know exactly who I am. Say my name.
Declan: Do what? I don't–I don't have a damn clue who the hell you are.
Walter: Yeah you do. I'm the cook. I'm the man who killed Gus Fring.
Declan: Bullshit. Cartel got Fring.
Walter: You sure?
[Declan glances at Mike, who shakes his head.]
Walter: That's right. Now say my name.
Declan: ...You're Heisenberg.
Walter: You're goddamn right.

Jesse: Mr. White. Can we just take a second and talk about all this?
Walter: Yeah, yeah, sure. Yeah.
Jesse: Um...
Walter: Uh, look, you know what I think we need to talk about? Doubling down.
Jesse: Doubling down?
Walter: Mm-hmm. Cooking 100 pounds a week, not 50. As in, starting a new lab – a lab that you'll run. A cook all of your own. Why not? You deserve it. You're every bit as good as me. Well, what do you think?
Jesse: Mr. White, uh, I think that nothing has changed for me. I just want to get my money and get out.
Walter: Jesse, this... what we do... being the best at something is a very rare thing. You don't just toss something like that away. And what? You want to squander that potential – your potential? Why? To do what?
Jesse: I don't know.
Walter: Think. To do what, Jesse?
Jesse: I don't know. I'll figure it out, alright?
Walter: Look at you. What have you got in your life? Nothing. Nobody. Oh wait, yes – video games and go-carts. Oh, and when you get tired of that, what then? Huh? And how soon will you start using again? Look, I know how upset you are about what happened to this boy. I am just as upset as you are.
Jesse: Are you? Really?
Walter: How can you say that to me? Jesus! I mean, I'm the one who's a father! What, am I gonna curl up in a ball in tears in front of you, or am I gonna lock myself in a room and get high to prove it to you? What happened to that boy was a tragedy and it tears me up inside. But because it happened, am I supposed to just lie down and die with him? It's done! It makes me sick that it happened, just like everyone else who has died in our wake. What Todd did... you and I have done things that are just as bad.
Jesse: Yeah.
Walter: All the people that we've killed – Gale... and the rest. If you believe that there's a Hell – I don't know if you're into that – but we're already pretty much going there. But I'm not gonna lie down until I get there.
Jesse: What, just because I don't want to cook meth any more, I'm lying down? How many more people are gonna die 'cause of us?
Walter: No one. None. Now that we're in control, no one else gets hurt.
Jesse: You keep saying that and it's bullshit every time! Always!

Mike: Hello, Walter.
Walter: Before I hand this over, I need something from you.
Mike: And what's that?
Walter: The names of your nine men.
Mike: [scoffs] Why? You're never gonna pay 'em off. What's the point?
Walter: The point is, Mike, it affects me. It affects Jesse too, and we deserve to know.
Mike: The only thing left to do now is leave town, you understand?
Walter: "Leave town." Wow. Yeah, I just can't up and leave like you, Mike. I've got a family. I got people who depend on me.
Mike: Yeah.
[Mike walks up to Walter and takes the satchel of money.]
Mike: Goodbye, Walter.
[Mike begins to walk away.]
Walter: You're welcome!
[Mike turns around and approaches Walter again]
Mike: I'm sorry, what?
Walter: I want those names, Mike. You owe me that much.
Mike: I don't owe you a damn thing. All of this – falling apart like this – is on you!
Walter: Wow. Wow. Oh, that's some kind of logic right there, Mike. You screw up, get yourself followed by the DEA and now suddenly this is all my fault? Why don't you walk me through this, Mike?
Mike: We had a good thing, you stupid son of a bitch! We had Fring, we had a lab, we had everything we needed, and it all ran like clockwork...
Walter Oh, my God...
Mike: ...You could have shut your mouth, cooked, and made as much money as you ever needed! It was perfect! But no! You just had to blow it up! You, and your pride and your ego! You just had to be the man! If you'd done your job, known your place, we’d all be fine right now!

Walter: I just...I just realized that Lydia has the names. I can get 'em from her. I'm sorry, Mike. This...this whole thing could have been avoided–
Mike: Shut the fuck up and let me die in peace.
[Mike pauses, then falls off the log as he dies.]

Gliding Over All [5.08]Edit

Jesse: So what's the story? Did you get to Mike?
Walter: Mmm hmm.
Jesse: He get out safe?
Walter: He's gone.
Jesse: Alright. So what about those nine guys? They got no reason not to talk now. So what do we do?
Walter: We? Who's we? There is no we anymore. I'm the only vote left. And I'll handle it.
[Jesse walks out, then turns to look back. Walter shuts the garage door]

Walter: So?
Lydia: Maybe we should order something. Do you want a coffee or something?
Walter: Not just now.
Lydia: I think this will play better if you order something.
Walter: I think this will play just fine. I'm not thirsty. So let's take a look at the list.
Walter: Lydia, I've come all this way. You do have the list?
Lydia: Yes, I have it.
Walter: Good.
Lydia: It's just not written down.
Walter: And why is that?
Lydia: It's in my head. Safer there.
Walter: I see. Then I suggest you pick up a pen.
Lydia: Not just yet.
Walter: It was my understanding that attending to these nine names was precisely what you wanted.
Lydia: Ten names now. Ten. Counting the lawyer.
Walter: Yes, ten, counting the lawyer. So...what? Am I not tying up loose ends for our mutual benefit?
Lydia: You are tying up loose ends, and I don't want to be one of them. Once I give you that list, I've served my purpose, and then maybe I'm just one more person who knows too much.
Walter: So you put that list in my hands, and in your mind, I immediately just murder you? Just right here, in this restaurant...
Lydia: No. Not right here, of course.
Walter: ...Right here in this public place, immediately?
Lydia: It's not what I—
Walter: Listen, Lydia. You made me promise on my children's lives that I guarantee your safety.
Lydia: From Mike. You guaranteed that I'd be safe from Mike. There's no way he'd ever go for this, you getting rid of his guys. You wouldn't be doing this — the names — if Mike were still a factor.
[Walter stares at Lydia knowingly]
Lydia: Yeah. That's what I thought.

Hank: Been thinking about this summer job I used to have.
Walter: Oh, yeah?
Hank: Back in college, I'd spend my days...marking trees in the woods with those orange spray cans.
Walter: Marking trees?
Hank: Yeah, crews would come in later and find the trees I tagged and cut 'em down. First you go in and you mark locations for your skid trails and landings. Then you choose specific trees all within a selected grid. Every day, I'd go back — hiking — pick up where I'd left off.
Walter: Huh...sounds nice, being out in the woods all day.
Hank: Ehhh, it wasn't so great. I'd get sunburned...there were mosquitoes. Just wanted to make a few bucks. Buy beer. I've been thinking about that job more and more lately. Maybe I should've enjoyed it more. Tagging trees is a lot better than chasing monsters.

[Inside a storage bin, Skyler uncovers a large, fairly neat pile of money]
Skyler: This is it. This is what you've been working for. I rented this place and I started bringing it here, because...I didn't know what else to do. I gave up counting it. I mean, I had to. It was just so much, so fast. I...I tried weighing it. I figured one bill of any denomination weighs a gram. There are 454 grams to a pound, but...there's a variety of denominations. So...
Walter: How much is this?
Skyler: I have no earthly idea. I truly don't. I just stack it up, keep it dry, spray it for silverfish. There is more money here than we could spend in ten lifetimes. I certainly can't launder it, not with 100 car washes. Walt...I want my kids back. I want my life back. Please tell much is enough? How big does this pile have to be?

[Hank is sitting on the toilet, reading Walt's copy of "Leaves of Grass" by Walt Whitman, when he notices a handwritten message:
"To my other favorite W.W.
It's an honour working with you.
Fondly G.B."]
[Hank flashes back to a conversation in "Bullet Points"]
Hank: "To W.W. My star, my perfect silence." W.W. I mean, who do you figure that is, y'know? Woodrow Wilson? Willy Wonka? [beat] Walter White?
Walter: Heh. You got me.
[Hank looks up in shocked realization]

Blood Money [5.09]Edit

Walter: Hello, Carol.

Skinny Pete: What do you think all those sparkles and shit are? Transporters are breaking you apart right down to your molecules and bones. They're makin' a copy. That dude who comes out on the other side? He's not you. He's a color Xerox.
Badger: So you're telling me every time Kirk went into the transport he was killing himself? So over the whole series, there was, like, 147 Kirks?
Skinny Pete: At least. Dude, no, why do you think McCoy never liked to beam nowhere? 'Cause he's a doctor, bitch! Look it up, it's science!

Badger: Ever tell you about my Star Trek script?
Skinny Pete: Star Trek script?
Badger: Yeah! I gotta write it down is all. The Enterprise is five parsecs out of Rigel XII. Nothing's going on, Neutral Zone is quiet, the crew is bored, so they put on a pie-eating contest. The whole crew's in the galley. They're eating tulaberry pies–
Skinny Pete: Tulaberry?
Badger: Tulaberries. From Gamma Quadrant, yo.
Skinny Pete: That's Voyager, dude!
Badger: Okay, blueberries then, and they're eating blueberry pies...
Skinny Pete: Better.
Badger: fast as the replicator can churn 'em out. [imitates replicator noise.] Burdalurdalurp-pssst! Burdalurdalurp-pssst! Finally, it's down to just three: Kirk, Spock, and Chekov. Okay, Spock always wins these things.
Skinny Pete: How is Spock gonna beat Kirk, yo? Spock's like a toothbrush! Look at Kirk! He's got room to spare!
Badger: Spock has total Vulcan control over his digestion! You wanna hear this or not?
Skinny Pete: Yeah, yeah, go.
Badger: Okay, finally – Kirk, he can't take it anymore. He yorks. Now it's just down to Chekov and Spock. But Chekov, y'see, he's got a whole fat stack of quatloos riding on this. And he has figured out a way to win. He's got Scotty back in the transporter room locked in on Chekov's stomach. Every time Chekov eats a pie, Scotty beams it right out of him.
Skinny Pete: Where is he sending them, the toilet?
Badger: Space.
Skinny Pete: Uugghh!
Badger: There's blueberries just floating out there frozen – because it's in space – and Chekov is just shoveling them into his mouth, and–and Spock is like, "I can't believe this Russian is defeating me!" Meanwhile, Scotty's in the transporter room fiddling with levers when Lieutenant Uhura comes in and she's got, like, her big pointies, and Scotty's fingers are all sweaty.
Skinny Pete: Ohh!
Badger: Chekov screams, he sprays blood out of his mouth...
Skinny Pete: Ohhhh!
Badger: ...Scotty beamed his guts into space!
Skinny Pete: No way!

Walter: Well, it’s good to see you up and about.
Hank: Yeah.
Walter: How you feeling?
Hank: Well, you know. I’ve been better, but… I don’t know.
Walter: Have you… Did you get to see a doctor? I mean, when one of these things last more than three days, you really should get that checked.
Hank: Yeah, no, I… I did and I’m fine. I’m, uh… I’m what they say on the upswing, you know?
Walter: Um. Good, good to hear.
Hank: Yeah.
Walter: When I heard you weren’t going in to work, I… Well, looks like you have the work coming to you. Perks of being the boss, huh?
Hank: Yeah, you know. How’s, uh… How’s things at the car wash?
Walter: Good. Yeah, really good. Hey, did you have any of that potato salad?
Hank: I don’t know. Maybe. Yeah, I mean.
Walter: No one else got sick, so you probably shouldn’t worry about it. Well, Skyler will be very happy to hear that you’re felling better. Which reminds me, I better get back to it. If there’s anything I can do…
[Hank nods.]
Walter: Feel better.
[Walter pats Hank’s back. Then Walter slowly walks out of the garage, stops and turns around.]
Walter: You know. You're going to laugh, but I have to ask you... about this.
[Walter holds up the GPS tracker to Hank's face.]
Walter: Believe it or not, I found this on my car. I mean, it looks just like the GPS tracker that we used on Gus Fring, doesn't it? Back when we were tracking him, just the two of us. You wouldn't know anything about this, would you, Hank?
[Hank closes the garage door.]
Walter: You okay? I gotta say, I don't like the way you're looking at me right now.
[After a beat, Hank punches Walt in the face and knocks him over a pile of boxes. He slams Walt against the garage door.]
Walter: Hank.
Hank: It was you. All along, it was you! You son of a bitch. You drove me into traffic to keep me from that laundry...
Walter: Calm down.
Hank: That call I got telling me Marie was in the hospital? That wasn't Pinkman. You had my cell number. You killed ten witnesses to save your sorry ass.
Walter: Listen to me.
Hank: You bombed a nursing home. Heisenberg. Heisenberg! You lying, two-faced sack of shit!
Walter: Hank, look... I don't–I don't know where this is coming from Hank, but–
Hank: I swear to Christ, I will put you under the jail.
Walter: Let's take a breath, okay? Just listen to yourself. These wild accusations, they could destroy our family! And for what?
Hank: Don't you give me shit about family!
Walter: Hank, my cancer is back.
Hank: Good. Rot, you son of a bitch.
Walter: I'm sorry you feel that way. I wanna beat this thing. I do. I’m back on chemo, and I am fighting like hell. But the truth is in six months you won’t have someone to prosecute. But even– even if somehow you were able to convince anyone I was capable of doing these things, you and I both know I would never see the inside of a jail cell. I’m a dying man who runs a car wash. My right hand to God, that is all that I am. What’s the point?
Hank: Have Skyler bring the kids here, and then we’ll talk.
Walter: That is not going to happen.
Hank: I don't know who you are. I don't even know who I'm talking to.
Walter: If that's true – if you don't know who I am – then maybe your best course would be to tread lightly.

Buried [5.10]Edit

[Hank meets with Skyler and tries to convince her to turn against Walt]
Hank: Skyler, my– my head is spinning. And yours... I–I can't even imagine. So much makes sense to me now. You jumping in the pool. You sending us your kids, I get it. I just wished I'd seen it sooner. He's a monster. He's a– Look, I don't know what he did to you to force you to keep his secrets. If he threatened you, or whatever mind games he played. I don't know if there was abuse. But I want you to know that you can be open with me. Don't hold anything back, okay? I mean, I don't even understand if you know the full extent of this, what he's done. Not just the meth cooking, but the lives he's destroyed. But look, that's all behind you. Starting now, you're done being his victim. Because here's what we're gonna do. Sky, here's what we're gonna do: you and the kids are gonna move back to our house where you'll be safe, where he can't get to you.
Skyler: Hank, does Marie...
Hank: No, no, we'll get to that soon enough. It's just you and me right now, okay?
Skyler: Okay.
Hank: Before we, um, before we get you back to the house, I...
[Hank takes out a recording device and turns it on.]
Hank: I'm gonna ask you to tell me everything you can. Um, take as long as you like. Just, um, start from the beginning when you first became aware of Walt's activities, and just– just try to be as detailed as you can.
Skyler: Um, what? Right–right here? Right now?
Hank: Sure, why not? While it's still fresh, you know? And just, um, just, um, remember to, um, just state your name and the date before you start.
Skyler: Hank, do... do we have to– have to do this right now?
Hank: No, we—we don't have to do this right now. No.
[Hank turns off the recording device.]
Hank: But just here's the thing. You see, I need something solid that I can bring to my people. A statement on the record. So you testifying to Walt's criminal activities – whatever you know – can go a long, long way here. Okay, I mean, you see, building a case this big, gathering all this evidence, enough to get a conviction– we're talking a long-haul proposition here. And I don't want that bastard running out the clock. But with your testimony—
Skyler: Wait, what do you mean "running out the clock?"
Hank: His cancer. His cancer's back. So he said. He didn't tell you? Who's to say it's even true? Lying piece of shit. Look, regardless, I mean, we'll just assume. Fine. Okay? You know what? That son of a bitch looks me in the eye and he says if what I know is true, if... he'll be dead before I can prove it. The balls on that son of a– I got all these little pieces. They're all part of the story, right? But they don't mean much on their own. But when you start telling me what you know, when you start filling the gaps, I'll have him in lockup before the sun goes down.

Skyler: Hank, I... I... I think maybe... maybe I need a lawyer.
Hank: What? No, no, no, no, you don't.
Skyler: I– I think maybe I do.
Hank: Skyler, understand, I am here to help you. But to do that, I need your help. We start bringing in lawyers and they start putting up roadblocks where they don't need to be, and my ability to control the situation diminishes.
Skyler: Just for my own protection. It just, you know, it seems to make sense that I should have someone to talk to.
Hank: Skyler, I am your– your biggest advocate here, and I'm telling you, for your own good, you need to get out ahead of this thing. I mean, you start – you know – getting defensive, I– I'm not saying it's right, but I'll tell you it's a fact. The D.A. will look at you differently.
Skyler: But you don't know that.
Hank: Skyler, yes, I–I do. I've been around long enough to know. It's in your best interest to get out there and show the world you have nothing to hide. Look, no one in the world is more important to me than your sister. So believe me when I tell you that your best interest and mine are the same.
Skyler: But Hank, you telling me not to talk to a lawyer doesn't sound like that at all. It sounds like what you want... what you want is to get Walt at all costs.
Hank: Okay. Okay. Let's just slow down. Slow down. You can. You can talk to a lawyer later. But right now, what we need to do, we need to go get the kids, we need to bring them to my house where they are safe. And then we need to help each other put this animal away, okay?
[Hank gets up from the table.]
Hank: Come on.
Skyler: Hank.
Hank: No, come on. Let's go to the house and we'll deal with it there. Come on.
Skyler: Am I under arrest?
Hank: What?
Skyler: Am I under arrest?
[Hank sits back down.]
Hank: Skyler. I–I– You're not thinking straight about this. You have to listen to me. I–Skyler...
[Skyler gets up from the table. Hank also gets up and grabs her arm.]
Hank: Skyler, Skyler, Skyler–
Skyler: Am I under arrest?
Hank: No. No. No.
Skyler: Am I under arrest?!
Hank: No. Sky– Shhh!
Skyler: Am I under arrest?! HANK, ARE YOU ARRESTING ME?
Hank: Sky–
[Skyler violently shakes off Hank's grab and leaves the restaurant.]

[Walt's phone rings]
Walter: That's her.
Saul: Don't.
Walter: I have to talk to her.
Saul: You don't have to do– You answer that phone and Schrader's on the other end of the line with a legal wire tap recording everything you say, you're not doing anybody any favors, except for him. In fact, why do you still have a battery in that thing? Take it out. They might be trying to triangulate your movements. I'm not being paranoid. Do it.
Walter: Can't believe she went to him.
Saul: She just panicked.
Walter: She went right to him without even talking to me. Without a moment's hesitation.
Saul: I'm not saying it's not bad. It's bad. But it could be worse.
Walter: Really, how much worse could it be? Exactly, in your estimation?
Saul: What does she actually know? What has she seen, hmm? Nothing. It's hearsay. It's all he said, she said. I mean, the only real evidence that she can lead them to is the money, and once we take care of that, well, then they got nothing.
Walter: Nothing. Hank knows, that is not nothing.
Saul: Yeah. I can't exactly see him turning the other cheek.
Saul: Of course, there's always, um…
Walter: Always what?
Saul: Well, have you given any thought to, um, sending him to a trip to Belize?
Walter: Belize?
Saul: Yeah, Belize. You know, where, um, where Mike went to. Off on a trip to, um, Belize.
Walter: Saul, you better not be saying what I think you're saying.
Saul: It's just conjecture on my part.
Walter: Hank is family.
Saul: Okay, it's an option that my–
Walter: You understand that?
Saul: It's an option that has worked very well for you in the recent past.
Walter: Jesus, what is wrong with you?
Saul: My mistake. Family. Off limit. Of course. I'm just throwing thoughts out there. This is a safe room, right?
Walter: Jesus, send him to Belize. I'll send you to Belize.

Skyler: It's true. The cancer's back. Is this it?
Walter: Does that make you happy?
Skyler: I can't remember the last time I was happy.
Walter: Just tell me. I know you talked with Hank. I know you made a deal. Skyler, I'll make this easy. I'll give myself up if you promise me one thing: you keep the money. Never speak of it, never give it up. You pass it on to our children, give them everything. Will you do that? Please? Please, don't let me have done all this for nothing.
Skyler: The way Hank talks, he's got his suspicions. Not much else. You can't give yourself up without giving up the money. That's the way this works, Walt. So maybe our best move here is to stay quiet.

[Hank talks to Marie about his mixed feelings regarding going after Walt]
Hank: Look, the day I go in with this, it's the last day of my career, Marie. I'm going to have to walk in there, look those people in the eye and admit that the person I've been chasing the past year is my own brother-in-law. It's over for me. Ten seconds after I tell this story, I'm a civilian. Then how can we help Skyler when she comes to her senses? When I go in there, I'm bringing proof. Not suspicion. I can be the man who caught him, at least.

Confessions [5.11]Edit

Hank: Mr. Pinkman. How are you today? Not so good, huh? 'Course, uh, I might be able to help you out. I wanna talk to you about your partner, Heisenberg. See, I know he's my brother-in-law, Walt.
[Jesse looks at Hank, slightly surprised]
Hank: Oh, yeah. That's the look. Lucky for you, I'm more interested in him. So I got an offer. If you help me out here, tell me all about you and him and your little meth business, maybe I talk to my friends at the APD and make all this go away. I know he's the mastermind here. Plus... I'm thinking based on your recent activities that, uh... maybe there's a little trouble in paradise? Maybe you guys aren't, uh, getting along so good? I'm right, aren't I?
Jesse: Eat me.
Hank: Sure that's how you want to play this?
Jesse: Why don't you try and beat it out of me? That's your thing, right?
Hank: He really did a number on you, didn't he? I don't know, but... happy people usually don't go around... throwing millions of dollars away. I don't think, uh, Walt's gonna be patting you on the back for that. But maybe that's the point. 'Cause, you see, I get that. My own brother-in-law, lying to me for over a year, using me. Maybe you understand that feeling. Help me out here, Jesse... and we can put him away. I know you want that. I think you wanna talk.
Jesse: Not to you.
[Saul enters the interrogation room, followed by two detectives.]
Saul: Agent Schrader. Beat any good suspects lately? [to the two detectives] Hey, tall and taller, ask him his history with my client. He knocked the poor kid unconscious last time they were alone together. So what'll it be, gentlemen, a civil rights lawsuit the size of Montana? 'Cause I'll oblige you. [Hank starts to leave] Oh, so long, Rocky. Keep your left up. Detectives, I'm inviting you to leave.

[Hank and Marie watch Walter's "confession" tape at home]
Walter: My name is Walter Hartwell White. I live at 308 Negra Arroyo Lane, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87104. This is my confession. If you're watching this tape, I'm probably dead– murdered by my brother-in-law, Hank Schrader. Hank has been building a meth empire for over a year now, and using me as his chemist. Shortly after my 50th birthday, he asked that I use my chemistry knowledge to cook methamphetamine, which he would then sell using connections that he made through his career with the DEA. I was... astounded. I... I always thought Hank was a very moral man, and I was particularly vulnerable at the time – something he knew and took advantage of. I was reeling from a cancer diagnosis that was poised to bankrupt my family. Hank took me in on a ride-along and showed me just how much money even a small meth operation could make. And I was weak. I didn't want my family to go into financial ruin, so I agreed. Hank had a partner, a businessman named Gustavo Fring. Hank sold me into servitude to this man. And when I tried to quit, Fring threatened my family. I didn't know where to turn. Eventually, Hank and Fring had a falling-out. Things escalated. Fring was able to arrange – uh, I guess... I guess you call it a "hit" – on Hank, and failed, but Hank was seriously injured. And I wound up paying his medical bills, which amounted to a little over $177,000. Upon recovery, Hank was bent on revenge. Working with a man named Hector Salamanca, he plotted to kill Fring. The bomb that he used was built by me, and he gave me no option in it. I have often contemplated suicide, but I'm a coward. I wanted to go to the police, but I was frightened. Hank had risen to become the head of the Albuquerque DEA. To keep me in line, he took my children. For three months, he kept them. My wife had no idea of my criminal activities, and was horrified to learn what I had done. I was in hell. I hated myself for what I had brought upon my family. Recently, I tried once again to quit, and in response, he gave me this. [Walt points to the bruise on his face left by Hank in "Blood Money."] I can't take this anymore. I live in fear every day that Hank will kill me, or worse, hurt my family. All I could think to do was to make this video and hope that the world will finally see this man for what he really is.

[After watching the "confession" tape]
Marie: Who do you think he's shown this to?
Hank: No one. It's a threat. It's what he will do if I don't back off.
Marie: I think you should show this to Ramey. Just get ahead of it. That video is a bunch of lies, Hank. Anybody who knows you will know–
Hank: $177,000? Hell's he talking about? Marie?
Marie: They told me it was gambling money.
Hank: What was gambling money? Oh, Jesus Christ, Marie. Oh, God, no.
Marie: How was I supposed to know? How was I supposed to know where it really came from?
Hank: Why were they paying for my medical bills? What about my insurance?
Marie: Insurance wouldn't have covered the treatment that you needed, and I... I just wanted the best for you–
Hank: Why didn't you tell me?
Marie: Because I knew that you would refuse it, and without it, you may never have been able to walk again.
Hank: Oh, Christ, Marie. You killed me here. I mean, it's the– that's the last nail. That's the last nail in the coffin.
Marie: What do we do?

Walter: Saul knows a man. He specializes in getting people new identities. He would move you someplace far away, set you up with a whole new life. Yeah, I know. It sounds a little extreme. But maybe it's exactly what you need. You know, I really think that would be good for you. Clean slate. My, just think about it. You get a job. Something legitimate, something you like. Meet a girl, start a family even. Hell, you're still so damn young. You know, what's here for you now, anyway? I tell you, if I could, I'd trade places. Whole lifetime ahead of you, with a chance to hit the reset button. In a few years, this might all feel like nothing more than a bad dream.
Jesse: Would you just, for once, stop working me?
Walter: What are you talking about?
Jesse: Can you just, uh, stop working me for, like, ten seconds straight? Stop jerking me around?
Walter: Jesse, I am not working you.
Jesse: Yes. Yes, you are. All right? Just drop the whole concerned dad thing and tell me the truth. I mean, you're– you're acting like me leaving town is– is all about me and turning over a new leaf, but it's really– it's really about you. I mean, you need me gone, 'cause your dickhead brother-in-law is never gonna let up. Just say so. Just ask me for a favor. Just tell me you don't give a shit about me, and it's either this– it's either this or you'll kill me the same way you killed Mike. I mean, isn't that what this is all about? Huh? Us meeting way the hell out here? In case I say no? Come on. Just tell me you need this.
[Walter slowly walks up to Jesse and hugs him.]

[Jesse breaks into Saul's office]
Saul: He a no-show? Why didn't you call? Why didn't you... [Jesse punches Saul in the face] Stop! [Jesse keeps hitting him] Code Red! Huell! Get in here! [Saul tries to reach for a gun hidden in a drawer, but Jesse grabs it first]
[Huell and Francesca enter the room, Jesse points the gun at them]
Jesse: Back off! You, stay where you are.
Saul: [at gun point] What? I don't know what happened here. What did I do?
Jesse: You stole it off of me. You and him– you took it right out of my pocket, didn't you?
Saul: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Calm down. Yes. Okay. I had Huell lift your dope. I told you I couldn't risk the guy not taking you.
Jesse: No! Before! The cigarette! You stole the cigarette.
Saul: What?
Jesse: The ricin cigarette! You had him steal it off of me! And all for that asshole Mr. White! He poisoned Brock! He poisoned Brock, and you– you helped him!
Saul: Okay, Jesse. Calm down.
Jesse: Say it again! Tell me one more time to calm down! Come on!
Saul: I'm sorry. Yes. Okay. I had Huell lift your cigarette, but Walt made me! He told me he was helping you, he was saving you. I never would've agreed to it if I'd known what he was gonna do. Jesse, you gotta believe me. I didn't want any of this!

Rabid Dog [5.12]Edit

Skyler: So… What’s your course of action, here?
Walter: Saul’s guy, Kuby, tracks him down, which shouldn’t take long, and when he does, I’m gonna… I’m gonna talk to him. Make him see reason.
Skyler: "Talk to him. Make him see reason." So, I’m clear, those are just euphemisms… you’re using here, right?
Walter: No, what? Wh-what does that mean? My God.
Walter: I– I don’t know how we got off on whatever it is we’re talking about here. But clearly, I haven’t explained the situation well enough, because this is a big overreaction. We all need to just take a deep breath and calm down, because Jesse isn't just some– some– some rabid dog. This is a person.
Skyler: A person that is a threat to us. I mean, my God, where we are now with Hank and Marie and that awful tape we made. After everything we've done, you can't just talk to this person.
Walter: You're s-saying that I just... What– what exactly are you saying?
Skyler: We've come this far. For us. What's one more?

[An enraged Jesse has broken into and is about to burn down the White residence. Hank bursts in, gun drawn.]
Hank: Jesse! Stop what you're doing and turn and face me!
Jesse: [sobbing] You wanna – you wanna know what he did? You wanna hear about it?
Hank: Jesse, put out the lighter.
Jesse: He poisoned a little kid. An eight-year-old boy. Just because, you know– just as a move!
Hank: Walt's a bastard. Secret's out. We'll talk about it. But I need you to put out the lighter, okay? Look, Jesse... Jesse, I don't want to kill you. And you don't wanna be killed. So put it out.
Jesse: He can't keep getting away with this! He can't keep getting away with this!
Hank: He won't. You really wanna burn him down? Let's do it together.

Marie: [seeing her suitcases by the door] What's the story here?
Hank: Oh, uh, something's come up. I thought you might wanna get out of the house for a day or two.
Marie: You thought I might wanna pack up and move out of my own house. Why? What's going on?
Hank: Look, I don't wanna get into it now. But you know that thing with Walt? There's been a development.
Marie: What happened? Are you in danger?
Hank: No, no, no, no, not at all. [Picks up suitcases] It's just a fluid situation, and I think it might go a little smoother if you're not here. It'll be great, you know? I booked you a spa package at La Posada. You can do that river stones thing.
Marie: Hank, what the hell is going on? Hank?
Hank: We have a guest.
[Hank opens the door, showing Marie a sleeping Jesse]
Hank: He was a little keyed-up. Gave him a couple sleeping pills. [He shuts the door] Okay, so listen. I bring that kid in and put him in the system, Walt's gonna find out five minutes later. You know, my last ten witnesses died in jail, remember? And I can't use a DEA safehouse without writing him up. I can't risk a motel. I know it sounds crazy, but this is the best place for him. For now. Just a day or two, tops.
Marie: Okay, just answer me this one question: is this bad for Walt?
Hank: Yeah. Very.
Marie: Good. I'm staying. I'll heat up lasagna. [hears ringtone] Phone's ringing.

Jesse: Look– look, you two guys are just… guys, okay? Mr. White... he's the devil. You know, he is– he is smarter than you, he is luckier than you. Whatever– Whatever you think is supposed to happen– I’m telling you, the exact reverse opposite of that is gonna happen, okay?

Walter: [answering the phone] Hello?
Jesse: Nice try, asshole.
Walter: Jesse, where are you? I just wanna talk to you.
Jesse: No. I'm not doing what you want anymore. Okay, asshole? This is just a heads-up to let you know I'm coming for you. See, I decided that burning down your house is nothing. Next time, I'm gonna get you where you really live.

To'hajiilee [5.13]Edit

Walter: One cook... after the job is done.

[Walt sees a photo showing a barrel with stacks of cash in it. His phone rings and he answers.]
Walter: Jesse?
Jesse: Got my photo, bitch? That barrel look familiar? ‘Cause I just found six more exactly like it.
Walter: [running out of the car wash] Jesse…
[Camera pans to Walt driving erratically on the street.]
Jesse: That big bastard who works for Goodman– I pistol-whipped that melon he calls a head till he gives up what he knew, which led me to your rental van, which turns out had GPS. How do you like that, genius? Guess you didn’t think of everything.
Walter: Look, Jesse, I don’t know what you plan on doing here, but–
Jesse: Well, I’ll give you a hint, Walt. It involves a couple of five-gallon cans of gasoline and a lighter.
Walter: No, no, no, no, no! Jesse, please, listen to me–
Jesse: No, you listen to me, bitch! You get your ass out here as fast as you can.
Walter: Yes, I’m coming! Okay? Okay!
Jesse: And don’t even think about calling anyone for help, all right? You hang up on me, put me on hold, I lost my call for any reason – as soon as you do, I’m burning all of it. All right? One big bonfire. You get the picture?
Walter: I get it, I get it! Okay!
Jesse: All right. Well, you better hurry, ‘cause I’m burning ten grand a minute till you get here, starting right now.
Walter: I said I’m coming! Don't you touch my money!
Jesse: Fire in the hole, bitch! There goes ten G's! Ahhh, nice orange flames!
Walter: No. No, no, no, no, NO! Jesse– Jesse, please. I'm dying. My cancer is back. You're not hurting anyone but my family. Okay? Look, I– I can't spend this money. It's not for me. I won't be around long enough to use it. It belongs to my children.
Jesse: Oh, you're gonna talk about kids. You're seriously gonna go there?
Walter: I am sorry about Brock.
Jesse: No, you're not!
Walter: I am!
Jesse: You're not, but you're gonna be!
Walter: Yes, I am sorry about Brock! But he's alive, isn't he?! He's fine, just as I planned it! Don't you think I knew exactly how much to give him? That I had it all measured out?! Come on! Don't you know me by now?
Jesse: I know you're a lying, evil scumbag, that's what I know. Manipulating people. Messing with their heads.
Walter: Open your eyes! Can't you see that I needed you on my side to kill Gus?! I ran over those gangbangers! I killed Emilio and Krazy-8! Why? I did all of those things to try to save your life as much as mine, only you're too stupid to know it!

Hank: [after handcuffing Walt] Agent Gomez, should we flip a coin for the honors?
Steven: No way, man. It's all yours.
Hank: Walter White, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney, and have an attorney present during any questioning. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you at the government's expense. Do you understand these rights as I have just recited them to you?
Walter: [to Jesse] Coward.
[Jesse spits on Walt's face.]

Hank: [over the phone] Hey, baby. I got him. Dead to rights.
Marie: You got Walt?
Hank: Yeah. I got him in handcuffs as we speak. Want me to wave to him for you? [waves at Walt, handcuffed in the car] Huh? Well, he's not, uh– he's not feeling too friendly.
Marie: Oh, my God. You did it. Thank God.
Hank: Things are gonna be a little rough for the next couple weeks, but they'll get better. Baby, you okay?
Marie: I'm much better now.
Hank: I gotta go. It may be awhile before I get home. I love you.
Marie: I love you too.

Ozymandias [5.14]Edit

[Jack points the gun at Hank and prepares to shoot him.]
Walter: No! Jack! No! Jack! Jack! Jack! No! No! Don’t! Jack! Don’t! No!
[Jack signals Kenny to bring Walter out of the SUV.]
Walter: No! Jack! Jack! No! [walks toward Jack] Jack! No! Don’t kill him.
Kenny: Uh-uh, back it up.
Walter: [walks toward Jack] Don’t kill him. Don’t kill him. Jack.
Kenny: [pushes Walter away from Jack] Get back here.
Jack: The hell not? He’s DEA.
Walter: No. He’s– He’s family.
Jack: Say again?
Walter: He’s my family. He’s my brother-in-law.
Jack: Didn’t cross your mind to maybe tell us you had a DEA agent for a brother-in-law? [to Todd] Did you know about this?
Walter: I called you off, remember? I told you not to come.
Jack: Well, it seems to me we did you a solid.
Walter: You weren’t supposed to be here.
Jack: Too late now. How about you telling me what was going down out here? Hmm? Yeah, you and your brother-in-law don’t seem to be getting along too well.
Walter: It doesn’t– doesn’t matter. It doesn’t concern you.
Jack: We just wasted his partner here and he’s wearing a bullet, so yeah, I’d say it does concern me.
Walter: This is... between him and me.
Jack: No cavalry comin’?
Walter: No.
Hank: You bet your ass the cavalry’s comin’.
Walter: [to Jack] No! No, no. Jack, Jack! No. The DEA doesn’t know about this. Not yet. [to Hank] Hank, nothing can change what just happened, but you can walk out of here alive if you just promise us that you’ll– you’ll let this go.
[Hank scoffs.]
Jack: Yeah, I thought as much. Sorry, man, just no scenario where this guy lives.
Walter: No, no, no, listen! I have money! It’s buried right here. It’s here. It’s $80 million. $80 million.
Jack: So, that’s what got this party started, huh? But this money of yours won’t do me much good in prison.
Walter: You can– you can go anywhere. You can do anything. Just think about that. You can have any future that you want. Jack. Eighty. Million. All you’ve got to do is let him go.
Kenny: That’s a hell of an offer.
Jack: [to Hank] What do you think, Fed? Would you take that deal?
Walter: It's Hank. His name is Hank.
Jack: How about it, Hank? Should I let you go?
Hank: My name is ASAC Schrader. And you can go fuck yourself.
Walter: Hank... listen to me. You gotta tell him. You gotta tell him now that we can work this out. Please. Please.
Hank: What? You want me to beg? You're the smartest guy I ever met. And you're too stupid to see... he made up his mind ten minutes ago. [to Jack] Do what you're gonna do–
[Jack shoots Hank.]

Jack: Jesus, what's with all the greed here? It's unattractive.

Walter: [to Jesse] I watched Jane die. I was there. And I watched her die. I watched her overdose and choke to death. I could have saved her. But I didn't.

Walter Jr.: You’re completely out of your mind.
Skyler: It’s the truth.
Marie: It is. Flynn.
Walter Jr.: Then both of you are out of your minds. You’re full of shit, is what you are. Both of you. If– if this is true, then how could you keep this a secret? I mean, why? Why would you go along?
Skyler: I’ll be asking myself that for the rest of my life.
Walter Jr.: So you’re saying all of this time you were lying about this? I mean, so you’re saying… you’re a liar. You… you just admitted it. So were you lying then, or are you lying now? Which lie is it?
Marie: Flynn, honey, your mother is telling you the truth. Right here, right now. Believe it.
Walter Jr.: You know what? This– this is bullshit. This is bullshit. [stands up to try to get his phone] I wanna talk to dad.
Marie: Your dad’s in custody. You won’t be able to talk to him for a while, sweetie.
Walter Jr.: I am calling uncle Hank.
Marie: I’ve tried. He’s not answering. Probably because he is in the thick of it with your father. Honey, I know this is a lot to process, Flynn, but if you could just breathe. Just try to breathe and just trust–
Walter Jr.: Really? Really? Try to breathe?
[Walter Jr. barges out of the office]

Skyler: Walt. Why are you here?
Walter: Skyler, please, will you just go get your things? For you and your kids. Right now. This is our priority.
Skyler: Hank had you in custody. He wouldn’t just let you go. Where is he?
Walter: I–
Skyler: Where is Hank?
Walter: I… I negotiated…
Skyler: Negotiated?
Walter: Um, yes.
Skyler: What does that mean?
Walter: It means… we are fine, okay? We are. We’re fine. Everything is gonna be fine. But we need to leave right now. All right? Can we do that?
Skyler: What happened? Where is Hank? Why do we need to leave?
Walter: I need both of you to trust me. Right now, okay? Please just work with me here, and I promise I will explain everything later, okay?
Skyler: Where… is… Hank?
Walter: Skyler. [walking toward her] I have $11 million in cash right outside. We can have a fresh start. Whole new lives. All we have to do is go. We have to go right now. That’s all we have to do.
Skyler: You killed him. You killed Hank.
Walter Jr.: What?
Walter: No. No. No.
Skyler: You killed him.
Walter: No. No! NO! I tried to save him.
Walter Jr.: Uncle Hank is dead? I– Mom, it can’t be true.
Walter: Just stop, please.
Walter Jr.: It just can’t be true.
Walter: Everything- everything is gonna be okay. Everything’s gonna be fine. I promise you. But we need to leave right now.

Skyler: [answering the phone] Walt. Where's Holly?
Walter: Are you alone? No police?
Skyler: No. No police. Where are you? Where's Holly? Walt!
Walter: What the hell is wrong with you? Why can't you do one thing I say?
Skyler: What?
Walter: This is your fault. This is what comes of your disrespect. I told you, Skyler. I warned you for a solid year. You cross me, there will be consequences. What part of that didn't you understand?
Skyler: You took my child.
Walter: 'Cause you need to learn.
Skyler: You bring her back!
Walter: Maybe now you'll listen. Maybe now you'll use your damn head. You know, you never believed in me. You were never grateful for anything I did for this family. [imitates Skyler's voice] "Oh, no. Walt. Walt, you have to stop. You have to stop this. It's immoral. It's illegal. Someone might get hurt." You're always whining and complaining about how I make my money, just dragging me down. While I do everything. And now– now you tell my son what I do after I've told you and told you to keep your damn mouth shut. You stupid bitch. How dare you?
Skyler: [realising what he is doing] I'm sorry.
Walter: You, you have no right to discuss anything about what I do. Oh, what– what the hell do you know about it anyway? Nothing. I built this. Me. Me alone. Nobody else!
Skyler: You're right. You're right.
Walter: You mark my words, Skyler. Toe the line, or you will wind up just like Hank.
Skyler: Walt. Tell me what happened. Where is Hank? Please. We need to know.
Walter: You're never gonna see Hank again.
[Marie, who is listening, starts crying uncontrollably.]
Walter: He crossed me. You think about that. Family or no. You let that sink in.
[Walt also cries, silently.]
Skyler: Walt. I just want Holly back. Please, Walt. Just come home.
Walter: [long pause, as he stifles a sob] I've still got things left to do.

Granite State [5.15]Edit

[NOTE: This episode is 55 minutes long]

[After watching Jesse implicate Todd for killing a kid on tape, Jack and Todd walk out of the house.]
Todd: Wait, Uncle Jack, hold up. I think we should keep him for a while, get a couple of cooks under our belt.
Jack: You seriously giving me this turn-the-other-cheek crap? He ratted you out. Personally.
Todd: We still got 600 gallons of methylamine.
Jack: Meth? Who gives a shit about meth? We won the lottery here. We’ve got all the money in the world. You’re talking to me about selling crank?
Todd: I mean, this is millions, Uncle Jack. No matter how much you got, how do you turn your back on more?
[Jack stares at Todd knowingly.]
Jack: You little...son of a bitch. It’s that Lydia woman. [putting his arm on Todd’s shoulder] You’re sweet on her, you little bastard. [to Kenny] Hey, Kenny. You believe this?
Kenny: [makes a sexual hand gesture] Hey, it’s all about this right here, huh?
[Jack lets go of Todd as his crew laugh.]
Jack: Come on. You can do better. I mean, that one’s so uptight, she’s probably got a wood chipper for a coochie. You stick it in down there, you’re pulling back a stump. Ah, what the hell. Heart wants what the heart wants, right? Let’s go back and watch some more of that crybaby rat, huh?
[Jack and Todd walk back toward the house.]

[Walter and Saul are in the basement of Ed's vacuum repair shop.]
Walter: ...What?
Saul: Nothing.
Walter: You know what, make yourself useful. Give me a list of hitters, mercenaries. Yes, yes, I remember – you've got "concerns." Don't worry, we'll take the time to vet them. Make sure there are no undercover cops on the team. Five should do it, providing they're the right men for the job.
Saul: I'm gonna hate myself for asking, but who are we hitting?
Walter: Jack Welker and his men. They murdered Hank. They stole my life's work.
Saul: I don't know any hitmen.
Walter: You know a guy who knows a guy– Just give me the contacts. Anybody in that world. I'm paying top dollar. We'll find them.
Saul: You mind if I give you a nickel's worth of advice, just for old times' sake? You're worried about your wife and kids? Don't leave. The way things are right now, some people – not me, mind you, but some people – might say you're leaving her high and dry.
Walter: "Some people" would be ignorant on the facts. "Some people" wouldn't know that as far as the police are concerned, Skyler is a blameless victim.
[Saul scoffs and waves off Walter.]
Walter: No no no, go ahead. Get it off your chest. Go on.
Saul: The phone call was a smart move. Kudos to you. Odds are it was recorded. It's gonna play great for a jury. It might even buy her a mistrial – in a year and a half. Until then, if they don't have you, they're going after her.
Walter: There's no point. She knows nothing.
Saul: Well too bad for her, then she's got nothing to trade. I hate to be a downer here, but there are two DEA agents missing, presumed dead. You think the Feds are gonna just let that go 'cause you hit the ejector seat? First thing they're gonna do, they will RICO your wife and kids out of the house. That condo is gone. Your bank accounts, they're frozen. Her picture's probably on TV right now, next to yours. Who's gonna hire her?
Walter: Money's no problem.
Saul: Well, I don't mean to contradict you, but getting it to her? Impossible. The Feds are just praying that you'll make contact. The Internet, the phone, it's all tapped. Hey, Mike was no dummy. But every time he tried to get his nest egg to his granddaughter, it ended up in Uncle Sam's pockets.
Walter: So you propose what?
Saul: Stay. Face the music. Hey, I mean, how much time have you got left? You walk in with your head held high, you'll be the John Dillinger of Metropolitan Detention Center...
Walter: No, no, no...
Saul: ...How bad is that? And you bring a barrel full of drug money, maybe that soothes some troubled waters. Maybe they let your family stay in the house. After all, the house predates the criminal enterprise–
Walter: God, do you think I want to run?! That's the last thing that I want! This... this changes nothing. What I do I do for my family. My money goes to my children! Not just this barrel – all of it! I'm going to kill Jack and his entire crew, and I'm going to take back what is mine and give it to my children, and then – and only then – am I through! Do you understand?
[Ed enters the room.]
Ed: Everything good?
Saul: Define "good."
Ed: You're set. Time to go. [To Walter.] You'll be a little longer. Still working on transportation.
Walter: Change of plans. He's coming with me.
Saul: No. No, that's–
Walter: We're going together. I can use him.
Ed: I'll give you two a minute.
[Ed exits.]
Saul: Hey, I'm a civilian. I'm not your lawyer anymore. I'm nobody's lawyer. The fun's over. From here on out, I'm Mr. Low Profile, just another douchebag with a job and three pairs of Dockers. If I'm lucky, a month from now – best case scenario – I'm managing a Cinnabon in Omaha.
Walter: You're still a part of this, whether you like it or not.
Saul: I'm sorry. I don't think so.
[Walter menacingly approaches Saul and backs him to a wall.]
Walter: You remember what I told you? It's not over until
[Walter breaks into a bad coughing fit.]
Saul: It's over.
[Saul exits.]

Todd: [to Andrea] Just so you know, this isn't personal.
[Todd shoots Andrea in the back of the head]

[Walt, hiding in New Hampshire, manages to telephone his son at school.]
Walter: Son, it’s me. Please don’t let on. Carmen’s nearby, right? She cannot know. Son, are you there?
Walter Jr.: Y–yes.
Walter: It’s so good to hear your voice. I– I… I, uh… Son, the things that they’re saying… about me… I did wrong. I– I’ve made some terrible mistakes. But the reason were always… Things happened that… I– I never… intended. I never intended. Listen. Son, we don’t have much time. Is Louis’ family still at 4848 Newcombe? Son, your friend Louis Corbett, does his family still live in that same place up on Newcombe?
Walter Jr.: Y–yes.
Walter: Okay, good. Okay, he’s– he’s a good kid. He’s– he’s like you. He’ll understand. I’m sending Louis a package. Now, it’s addressed to Louis, but it’s for you, your mother and your sister. There’s– there’s money inside. About $100,000. Okay? I think. It was all that I could fit into the box. It has to be a secret. And if anyone says a word, the police will take it. I wanted to give you so much more. But this is all I could do. Do you understand? Son? Can you hear me? Do you understand?
Walter Jr.: You want to send money?
Walter: Yes. Good. Good, good. So, you’ll– you’ll talk to Louis, right?
Walter Jr.: You killed Uncle Hank. You killed him!
Walter: Wait. Wait, son.
Walter Jr.: No. What you did to mom– You asshole. You killed Uncle Hank.
Walter: Listen to me. You’ve got to listen to me.
Walter Jr.: Shut up. Just stop it. Sto–stop it. I don’t want anything from you. I don’t give a shit.
Walter: You need this money. Your mother–
Walter Jr.: You killed Uncle Hank. You killed him!
Walter: Your mother needs this money. It can’t all be for nothing.
Walter Jr.: What you did– Just shut up.
Walter: Please.
Walter Jr.: Shut up.
Walter: Please.
Walter Jr.: Will you just– just leave us alone? You asshole. Why are you still alive? Why don’t you just– just die already? Just– just die.
[Walter Jr. hangs up.]

Receptionist: DEA, Albuquerque district office. How may I direct your call?
Walter: I... I would like to speak to the agent in charge of the Walter White investigation.
Receptionist: Who may I say is calling?
Walter: ...Walter White.

Charlie Rose: [on television as Walter watches] But just yesterday, your charity, the Gretchen & Elliott Schwartz Foundation, announced a $28 million grant for drug abuse treatment centers throughout the Southwest.
Elliott: Charlie, the Southwest is our home, and we couldn't just ignore what's going on in our own backyard.
Charlie: But I'm sure you're aware that there are people who suggest other motives. Andrew Ross Sorkin of The New York Times wrote a column suggesting that the grant was a kind of publicity maneuver to shore up the stock price of Gray Matter Technologies because of your association with Walter White.
Elliott: Well, that's not exactly the way...
Charlie: To cleanse yourself, so to speak, of having a methamphetamine kingpin as co-founder of your company.
Elliott: Charlie, I'm glad you brought that up. I have to believe that the investing public understands we're talking about a person who was there early on, but who had virtually nothing to do with the creation of the company, and still less to do with growing it into what it is today.
Charlie: So what was Walter White's contribution?
Elliott: You know, to be honest... Honey?
Gretchen: The company name.
Elliott: The company name. We came up with it by combining our names. Schwartz means black, black plus white makes gray.
Charlie: Hence, Gray Matter Technologies.
Elliott: Exactly. As far as I can recall, his contribution begins and ends right there.
Charlie: There are continuing reports of blue methamphetamine, considered his signature product throughout the Southwest, and some evidence of reaching as far as Europe. So my question is: is Walter White still out there?
Gretchen: No, he's not.
Charlie: You sound very sure.
Gretchen: I am. I can't speak for this Heisenberg that people refer to, but whatever... whatever he became, the sweet, kind, brilliant man that we once knew, long ago, he's gone.

Felina [5.16]Edit

[NOTE: This episode is 55 minutes long]

Walter: [to Elliott, who is threatening him with a fruit knife] Elliott, if we're gonna go that way, you'll need a bigger knife.

Walter: Keep stacking. It’ll all fit.
[Elliott and Gretchen pile Walter’s money on a table. Gretchen drops several stacks.]
Walter: That’s all right. Just– Just throw it on top. Gretchen, would you mind? We don’t want to lose any under the furniture. [Gretchen picks up the dropped stacks.] All right. That is $9,720,000.
Gretchen: Where did it come from? And why is it here?
Walter: I earned it. And you’re going to give it to my children.
Gretchen: What? Why?
Elliott: Walt, I don’t think we–
Walter: On my son’s 18th birthday, which is 10 months and 2 days from today, you will give him this money in the form of an irrevocable trust. You will tell him it is his to do with as he sees fit, but with the hope that he uses it for his college education and for the betterment of his family.
Elliott: Walt, I’m not sure that we follow. Why, um, I mean, why, in particular, would we–
Gretchen: If you wanna give your kids drug money, go do it yourself.
Walter: I can’t. My wife and son hate me. They won’t take my money. Even if they did, the federal government wouldn’t let them. But two rich benefactors, who are known for their charitable endeavors, who would think nothing of, for instance, writing a $28 million check to help victims of methamphetamine abuse. I have to think that your money would be very welcome.
Gretchen: It wouldn’t make any sense coming from us.
Walter: It certainly would. My children are blameless victims of their monstrous father, a man who you once knew quite well. Call it a beau geste. Call it liberal guilt. Call it whatever you want, but do it. And you are not to spend a single dime of your own money. If there are taxes or lawyers’ fees owed, you will take it right from here. They use my money, never yours.
Elliott: Okay, Walt, sure. That– that sounds reasonable. So what happens next?
Walter: I guess we shake on it. And I leave.
[Walter shakes hand with Elliott and Gretchen. He walks up to them.]
Walter: I can trust you to do this.
Elliott: Yes. Absolutely you can.
[Walter turns to the window and signals someone to point red laser at Elliott and Gretchen. They shake and scream.]
Walter: Don’t move, Don’t... Don’t dare move a muscle. You don’t want them to think that you’re trying to get away. Just breathe. Just this afternoon, I had an extra $200,000 that I would have loved dearly to leave on top of this table. Instead, I gave it to the two best hitmen west of the Mississippi. Now, whatever happens to me tomorrow, they’ll still be out there keeping tabs. And if, for any reason, my children do not get this money, a kind of… countdown will begin. Maybe a day or so later, maybe a week, a year, when you’re going for a walk in Santa Fe or Manhattan or Prague, wherever. And you’re… talking about your stock prices… without a worry in the world, and then suddenly, you’ll hear the scrape of a footstep behind you, and before you can even turn around... pop!
[He pokes Elliott and Gretchen in the back of their necks, making them scream.]
Walter: Darkness. [putting his arms around Elliott and Gretchen] Cheer up, beautiful people. This is where you get to make it right.
[Walter signals someone to stop pointing the red laser at Elliott and Gretchen, then leaves.]

[Badger and Skinny Pete return to Walter's car after posing as fake hitmen]
Badger: You know, I don't exactly know how to feel about all this.
Skinny Pete: For real, yo; the whole thing felt kinda shady, you know, like, morality-wise.
Badger: Totally.
[Walter hands them a couple of bundles of money]
Walter: How do you feel now?
[Badger and Skinny Pete take the money]
Skinny Pete: Better.
Badger: Yeah, definitely improving.

Skyler: We don't want your money, Walt. I thought Flynn made that clear.
Walter: He did. And I don't have any to give you. I spent the last of it getting here. All I have to give you is this. [takes out a lottery ticket and hands it to Skyler] Call the DEA once I leave. Tell them I was here. That I forced my way in. Tell them... Tell them I wanted bacon and eggs on my birthday. And that I gave you that ticket. Those numbers are GPS coordinates.
Skyler: For what?
Walter: A burial site. That's where they will find Hank and Steve Gomez. [Skyler weeps] That's where I buried our money. The men who stole it from us. The men who still have it. They murdered Hank and Steve and put them in that hole. Now you trade that for a deal with the prosecutor. Get yourself out of this. Skyler. Skyler. All the things that I did, you need to understand–
Skyler: If I have to hear, one more time, that you did this for the family–
Walter: I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. And... I was... really... I was alive.

[Jack, Todd, and their men lie dead around the tiny shack, Walter drops the gun and pushes it toward Jesse. Jesse picks it up and points it at Walter.]
Walter: Do it. You want this.
Jesse: Say the words. Say you want this! Nothing happens until I hear you say it!
Walter: I want this.
Jesse: [notices that Walt has already been shot; lowers the gun and drops it] Then do it yourself.

[last lines of the series; Lydia calls Todd's cell phone, Walt picks it up.]
Walter: Hello?
Lydia: Is it done? Is he gone?
Walter: Yeah, it's done. He's gone. They're all gone.
Lydia: ...Todd? Who is this?
Walter: It's Walt. How are you feeling? Kind of under the weather? Like you've got the flu? That would be the ricin I gave you. I slipped it into that stevia crap that you're always putting in your tea.
Lydia: Oh, my God.
Walter: Well... goodbye, Lydia.
[Walt drops the phone to the ground, then exchanges one final look with Jesse, before the latter drives away.]


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