1999 film directed by Frank Oz

Bowfinger is a 1999 cult film directed by Frank Oz. Bowfinger depicts a down-and-out filmmaker in Hollywood attempting to make a film on a small budget with a star who does not know that he is in the film. It was written by Steve Martin, and stars Martin, Eddie Murphy, and Heather Graham.

Bowfinger was written by Steve Martin.

Bobby BowfingerEdit

  • [looking at FedEx truck coming into his street] See that FedEx truck? Every day, it delivers important papers to people all around the world. And one day, it is going to stop here, and a man is going to walk up and casually toss a couple of FedExes on my desk. And at that moment, we- and by we, I mean me - will be important.

Kit RamseyEdit

  • [lamenting to his agent about being passed over for choice roles and the agent could hardly get a word edgewise] White boys get all the Oscars. It's a fact. Did I ever get a nomination? No and you know why? 'Cause I ain't played none of them slave roles, or get my ass whipped. That's when you get the nominations. Black dude play a slave role, gets his ass whipped, gets the nomination, white boy play an idiot, they get the Oscar. Find me a script as a retarded slave, then I'll get the Oscar.


[Bowfinger starts assembling his talents with two prepared for a test scene]
Daisy: [reads script] "I could never be with you, Todd. I'm loyal to Keith. I'm loyal to him. I could never, never kiss you." [looks at Todd and they torridly kiss]
Bowfinger: Okay, that was very good. Let's try it one more time, Slater, this time without the erection.

[at a clothing store in LA, the crew discreetly shoots a scene but Carol wants to get close to Kit despite a rule for all talent to not interact with him off-production]
Store Manager: The store would be happy to offer you these clothes without charge if you'd come back Friday, let us take a picture for LA Style of you wearing the clothes.
Kit Ramsey: I can do that. It'll cost you $1,000. I'll be here Friday, 4:00.
Store Manager: I'm sure that could be arranged.
Ramsey: Hundred-dollar bills.
Store Manager: Right.
Carol: [faces Kit] I know I shouldn't do this, I just want you to know that you were so real in your response to the aliens. I wasn't even sure I could be a pod person, but now I'm enjoying it because you made the aliens come alive. It was like they were living inside of me. At first I was nervous about us having sex but now I think it's fine as long as we do it in a professional manner. There'll be a lot of people watching. I won't bother you anymore. [lightly touches Kit's cheek with her hand. Kit gets unsettled]

[when Kit disappears, the team hold auditions for potential lookalikes and one actor seems promising]
Actor: Then I studied at the Moscow Arts Theater for two years and did a year at the National in London. I'm currently doing a midnight production of Waiting for Godot here in L.A.
Bowfinger: And are you in the union?
Actor: Yes, I am. [gets kicked out]

[Bowfinger confronts Daisy over hooking up with another actor]
Robert: We're finished! It's over between us!
Daisy: But why?
Robert: You slept with Jiff.
Daisy: So?
Robert: Never thought of it that way.
Daisy: I'll see you tonight at eight?
Robert: Okay.

[Having discovered the truth about the Chubby Rain shoot, Terry Stricter and the authorities finally corner Bowfinger's crew]
Terry Stricter: [parts bushes and sees the film crew] Well, it seems the paranoid are sometimes actually being followed.
Robert: This film is only for Madagascar and Iran. Neither of which follow American copyright law.

[Bowfinger visits the MindHead offices and shows them some footage of Kit Ramsey, especially one scene at Staples Center after a game]
Kit: [with head covered by a paper bag] Hey, Laker Girls. [partly opens coat to show his naked body; Laker Girls laugh] It's not funny! [scampers off]
Terry Stricter: You realize all courts in the country would consider this blackmail!
Bobby Bowfinger: I don't know anything about blackmail. I'm just a guy with a great film. I need a shot of Kit saying, "Gotcha, suckers" and a couple of close-ups. Or we'll use a shot of Kit wagging his thing at the Laker Girls. Which is a great ending, though not such a good ending for Kit. It could sort of stop his money flow and possibly make that family film he's about to do, just go, pfft.
Stricter: We'll have to think about it. We'll have to think about it, for Kit.
Bowfinger: Now that you've had time to think about it, what do you and the other fellows here at MindF'ng Head think?


  • The Con is On.


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