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Bones (2005–2017) is a crime drama television series on the FOX Network, inspired by real-life forensic anthropologist and novelist, Kathy Reichs. Forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan specializes in reading clues left behind in a victim's bones. Consequently, law enforcement calls her in to assist with murder investigations when the remains are so badly decomposed, burned, or destroyed that the standard identification methods are useless.

The Mastodon in the Room [6.1]Edit

Brennan: [lifts large boa constrictor from the back of a Jeep] I find it interesting that I'm only afraid of snakes when Booth is around to be jumped upon.

Brennan: So, was it dangerous in Afghanistan?
Booth: No, what I did was mostly administrative.
Brennan: Because you seem really very heavily armed in this photograph.
Booth: How about you? Any headhunters or cannibals?
Brennan: Daisy and I were attacked by some armed guerrillas! But I beat them up and we got away.
Booth: [amused] You beat up armed guerrillas?
Brennan: I had to; you weren't there to save me.
Booth: [smiles] Aw, Bones.

Caroline: So you are positively absotively certain it isn't Logan Bartlett?
Booth: [deadpan] Absotively, that's not a word.
Brennan: [nods in agreement] Yes we are certain.
Caroline: [mildly sarcastic] So you people come back from the far flung corners of the Earth, out past the outer suburbs of Timbuktu and you solved the case in a shake?
Brennan: [confused] What's a shake?
Caroline: [sigh and sarcastically] Three jiffys and a cha-cha.
Booth: [moving his hands] Cha-Cha-Cha!

(Royal Diner. Morning. A plate of pancakes is served on the counter for Parker and Booth)

Booth: Ah…Look at that, huh?
Parker: Dad?
Booth: Yeah.
Parker: Did you kill anybody?
Booth: Why are you asking me that?
Parker: My friends always want to know. What should I tell them?
Booth: You tell your friends that your dad does his duty the best that he knows how. Alright? Someday, me and you are gonna talk all about it, alright?
Parker: When?
Booth: Y’know, when you’re older; when you’re a man.
Parker: Are you going away again?
Booth: No. Never.
Parker: Because of me?
Booth: Because of you. It’s the best reason ever. Huh? Drink your orange juice, here we go; let’s eat up. Mm?

Angela: So what is the deal with Booth? Is it weird seeing him again?
Brennan: Not at all weird; very nice.
Angela: Are there any old surges, feelings? Anything like that?
Brennan: Booth fell in love in Afghanistan.
Angela: Oh, sweetie. I'm so sorry.
Brennan: Why? Are you in love with Booth?
Angela: A little bit, but that's not what I mean. Don't tell me that you're happy about him finding someone else.
Brennan: I'm very pleased for him. A committed, romantic dyad is exactly the kind of relationship Booth seems to require to be happy.
Angela: Did you think about Booth at all while you were away?
Brennan: Yes, I did. A few times I actually dreamed about him.
Angela: Oh, well there you go! Dreams are very meaningful.
Brennan: I dreamed about the work we do. I dreamed about catching murderers and getting justice for people who were killed. What does that mean?
Angela: [facetiously] It means you're going to die loveless and alone.
Brennan: I don't follow your reasoning.

Booth: Why do we only solve crimes when we have a dead body?
Cam: Seriously? Because I'm a pathologist and she's a forensic anthropologist. [points to herself] Fresh dead. [points to Dr. Brennan] Long time dead.

Booth: Welcome home, Bones.
Brennan: Thank you. Welcome home, Booth.

Wendell: If you don't mind me asking, Dr. B, why do you keep staring at the X-ray?
Brennan: Because I'm suffering the nagging certainty that my eyes are seeing something which my brain refuses to process.

Brennan: What happened? You're no longer in the Jeffersonian, all my interns—gone.
Cam: What happened is you put your own desires ahead of everything else when you left.
Brennan: Are you angry with me?
Cam: Yes, I am angry, Dr. Brennan. We had a great thing going. You just … you let it fall apart.

Brennan: (about Hannah) Is it serious between you?
Booth: Serious as a heart attack.
Brennan: Heart attacks are very serious.
Booth: Yes, they are. Very serious.

Sweets: [answers his cellphone while playing the piano] Talk to me.
Caroline: That is no way for an adult holding a PhD in psychology to answer the telephone.
Sweets: [smiles] Ms. Julian? I'm on sabbatical.
Caroline: Doing what, installing elevators? Because I can hear the music.

Brennan: [in Booth's car] I find this reassuring.
Booth: What?
Brennan: Us. Sitting like this, going to check out a possible crime scene. [grins at Booth] You refusing to wear your seat belt.
Booth: Woah, hey, going gets rough. You know, I'm not wasting ay valuable time looking to release a seat belt cache.
Brennan: Man of action.
Booth: That's right. Like a jungle cat.
Brennan: You should say "like a flea" when referring to lightning-fast reflexes.
Booth: [protests] I'm not gonna I'm like a flea.
Brennan: [innocent] It's more accurate.

Sweets: Hey, uh, Booth, can I ask you a personal question?
Booth: Oh, that depends. About you or me?
Sweets: Me.
Booth: Shoot.
Sweets: Okay. Daisy just wants to pick up where we left off. And I don't know whether to—
Booth: Move on?
Sweets: Yeah, like you did.
Booth: You know what? You asked my opinion, right? I'm gonna give it to you. You listening? Give yourself a chance to be happy, move on.
Sweets: And that worked for you?
Booth: Yeah, it did. It did.

The Couple in the Cave [6.2]Edit

[Booth and Brennan are following a park ranger into the cave (the crime scene) inside a forest.]
Brennan: So have you talked to Hannah since you got back?
Booth: Yeah. A couple of times, since she's waiting for her new assignment, probably southern Iraq.
Brennan: I find it anomalous that you would leave her since you believe so emphatically in the mythic powers of love.
Park ranger: [turns to Booth] Do you understand what she's saying?
Booth: [deadpan] Just nod.
Brennan: I'm just saying that you wanted to fall in love, and you did in Afghanistan.
Park ranger: You were in Afghanistan?
Booth: Yeah, just got back.
Park ranger: I was stationed as a staff sergeant in Kandahar serving with my brother in '04.
Booth: I'm a––well, I was a Ranger.
Park ranger: [looks back at Booth] You guys were awesome. [sadly] My brother didn't make it back.

Cam: So what was it like to meet Hannah?
Brennan: Oh, she seems very pleasant and attractive. Her face fits comfortably within the Golden Ratio.
Hodgins: So you guys did math together?
Brennan: No, the Golden Ratio is a formula that determines beauty; 1 to 1.618. For instance, the width of the mouth to the width of the cheeks --
Angela: So she's hot?
Clark: I see some particulates here, Dr. Hodgins, you know, if we still care about finding what happened to these poor people.
Cam: I just assumed that when you guys got back from your trip you'd be a real couple.
Brennan: We were never a couple.
Clark: Dr. Saroyan, you assured me that you would try to keep this workplace professional.
Cam: And I will, Dr. Edison.
Angela: No, no. You were a couple, you just weren't having sex. Were you jealous?
Brennan: Of course not. I'm happy for Booth. Why would I be jealous?
Clark: [back turned to the rest of the team] Because it's obvious you and Agent Booth were attracted to each other! I mean, a blind man could see that. [the rest of the team turn and glare at him, unbeknownst to him] I just couldn't understand why you two didn't rip each other's clothes off. I mean, just get all butt naked and-- [stops in horror when he realizes what he's saying, turns around and sees everyone looking at him] [panics] Oh my god, oh my god, oh my, I'm just popped out!

Park ranger: It's just that I thought there was something more I could've done for my brother. Maybe he'd still be here. Guess I'm still trying to do that something extra, is all.
Booth: We always feel that way when we lose someone.

Hodgins: [trying desperately to appease Angela] Goddess on high, mother of my unborn child, love of my life.

Booth: Now let's get on your little shrinky mojo so you can pick up any leftover crazies that the other doctor might've missed.
Sweets: [mocking, looks at Booth] My shrinky mojo. That's how it works. [stares at Booth in annoyance]
Booth: Stop staring at me like that.

[Brennan, Booth and Hannah are at the bar when Hodgins calls Brennan with information about the case. Brennan puts him on speaker mode.]
Hannah: This is fascinating.
Hodgins: Who's that?
Booth & Brennan: Hannah.
Hodgins: [runs to his speaker] Hey, uh, hi! It's nice to meet you. I'm, uh, Hodgins, Dr. Hodgins. I am a big fan. I just read the piece where you stuck it to CENTCOM in 2009.
Hannah: [smiles] Thanks.
Hodgins: Hey, maybe while you're here, you can find out why every time there's a big story [Booth looks embarrassed] and I mean like an earthquake, government corruption, there's always some celebrity story that takes focus.
Booth: [getting annoyed] Hodgins!
Hodgins: [continues on] The BP oil spill, Lindsay Lohan goes to jail and the country takes their eye off the ball.
Booth: Hod-gins!
Hannah: Media is used to distract us all the time.
Booth: [discreetly to Hannah] You're taking him seriously???
Hannah: Michael Jackson's funeral is on 24-hrs a day and nobody finds out about the coup in Honduras. Smells fishy to me.
Hodgins: I love this woman.

Hodgins: All right!
Cam: I was told these were for you.
Hodgins: Yes, these are the tires from Lupe Rojas' car. She denies going to the park, but Booth doesn't believe her.
Cam: And if she's lying the tread should contain insect and plant matter that could place her there.
Hodgins: Exactly. You know, you could be my lovely assistant!
Cam: Yes, but since I'm your boss, you're my lovely assistant.

The Maggots in the Meathead [6.3]Edit

Brennan: The tox screen showed copious amounts of alcohol, over the counter stimulants, and men's beauty products.
Booth: I'm sorry, men's what now?
Brennan: Hairspray, hair gel, tanning spray and some sort of aerosolized perfume.
Booth: Cologne. Men wear cologne.
Brennan: You don't.
Booth: Well that's because it smells like perfume.

Brennan: Eureka! A gathering of Guidos!

Hannah: I was thinking I wanted to get him something when I moved in; a present, and since you know him so well --
Brennan: A telephone! Get him a telephone!
Hannah: I was thinking something a little more personal.
Brennan: A vintage rotary phone. Booth loves them and hasn't been able to find the right one.
Hannah: Really?
Brennan: Yes! He's been looking. Booth says that's what a phone is supposed to be: indestructible and heavy enough to knock someone out.
Hannah: [laughs] Yeah, that sounds like Seeley.
Brennan: His grandfather kept his rotary phone until it fell apart. Booth loved the feel of the bakelite, the tick-tick-tick of the dial as it turned. He says the mechanics make it human.
Hannah: And lucky for me, he has a partner who knows him so well.
Brennan: Booth and I have become close, by necessity. Congratulations again. I'm happy for you both.
Hannah: Thanks.
Brennan: One thing, Hannah. I want you to be sure about this.
Hannah: The phone?
Brennan: No, although I understand the misunderstanding. No, about you and Booth moving in together. Booth will give himself to you completely, and it would be very painful for him if you aren't as serious about the relationship as he is.
Hannah: I am, but thanks, though. You're a good friend, Temperance. Seeley is very lucky.

The Body in the Bounty [6.4]Edit

Dr. Jude the Science Dude: This rib was broken before this man was killed. Amazing!
Brennan: This injury occurred perhaps a week before the victim was killed.
Dude: Whatever made him die was not the same thing that broke his rib.
Brennan: There were two injuries: one that broke off a piece of the rib --
Dude: And another approximately a week later which propelled the bone into this heart and killed him dead.
Brennan: Killed him dead is redundant.
Dude: But it's clear, and what do we say about clarity? It's a barbarity that clarity is a rarity!
Brennan: That's very true.

Caroline Julian: [after Booth releases a bounty hunter going after their suspect] What'd you do that for?!
Booth: [matter-of-factly] Double the pressure on Braverman. I don't care who gets him first.
Caroline: I hate it when you're all adult and sensible. Give me a little bile and revenge. Just what I appreciate in a man.

Angela: Sweetie, you go on the show and millions of little girls are going to look at you and say to themselves, I can be like her, a scientist, or an astronaut or a brain surgeon, blah-de-blah. You know, shoot for the stars. All that.
Brennan: Even with the "blah-de-blah" it seems very important to you.
Angela: Yeah. If I have a daughter I'm going to name her Temperance.
Brennan: You are?
Angela: [nods] I mean, we won't call her that. It's awful. Maybe it'll be her middle name but I want her to love you.
Brennan: Well, you love me.
Angela: Yes but not everyone is as willing to look as hard for your inner child as I am. And this kid is half Hodgins, remember?

Brennan: It was an accident. The rib fracture broke off in the fight at the pool hall. [to the bounty hunter] You had no idea that your beanbag gun would kill him.
Booth: Bones, what are you, a defense lawyer now?
Brennan: [quoting Dr. Jude] "A kind mind is a fine mind."
Booth: She cut off his head! That wasn't an accident.
Brennan: I have no rebuttal for that statement.

The Bones that Weren't [6.5]Edit

Sweets: Anacostia? That's a really tough part of town.
Booth: Not compared to downtown Kabul, it's not.
Brennan: Or the surface of Venus which is covered by clouds of sulfuric acid and hundreds of active mega volcanoes.
[Booth and Sweets give her the "seriously???" look]
Brennan: [incredulously] What? We were talking about tough neighborhoods.

Brennan: Dr. Hodgins, would you come over here and be a corpse?
Hodgins: Yeah.
Angela: [to Brennan] Sweetie, y-you do mean pretend to be a corpse, right? 'Cause the way you're holding that knife, you're looking a little slashery.

Hannah: Don't worry, Seeley, I'm fine.
Booth: You got shot, Hannah, you're not fine.
Hannah: I've been shot before. So have you, right?
Booth: It's not like you build up an immunity to gunshot wounds.

Brennan: Your fluidity makes it appear that you have no bones, and I am an expert on bones, so I find that very impressive.
Russell: Well, thank you. I take that as a great compliment while being intimidated by law enforcement.

Brennan: You stayed up all night?
Angela: Yes.
Brennan: Is that good for the baby?
Angela: Well, what he doesn't know, doesn't hurt him, right?

The Shallow in the Deep [6.6]Edit

Brennan: [knocks on Booth's apartment door] Booth? [knocks again] Are you there?
Booth: No, I'm in South Beach working on my tan. [opens door]
Brennan: You need Sweets to sign your post Afghanistan ready for duty report. Did you forget?
Booth: Me?
Brennan: Well, generally you wear more clothing, and you've been avoiding it for weeks.
Booth: Well, I couldn't sleep. Hannah got up at the crack of dawn. [cracks back]
Brennan: Do you always have this pronounced release of gas in the morning?
Booth: Is it that bad?
Brennan: Synovial gas. That's what the cracking is.
Booth: Synovial gas? What's that mean?
Brennan: Well, there comes a point where a body can't hide all the abuse it's taken.
Booth: What do you mean 'certain point'?
Brennan: Booth, you've been shot, beaten, and jumped out of airplanes. The skeletal damage alone --
Booth: Oh, God. I'm falling apart.
Brennan: You're fine. It's your skeleton that's falling apart.

Daisy: Dr. Brennan, about this morning..
Brennan: What about it?
Daisy: I don't want you think that Lance and I are dating again because we're not. That was purely accidental intercourse.
Brennan: You had intercourse accidentally? What were you trying to do, Miss Wick?
Daisy: I was returning a book.
Brennan: [confused] And..your pants fell off?

[monitoring the transfer of the slave ship remains into the lab]
Angela: This is incredible, I can't believe this is an actual slave ship! Where did they find it?
Brennan: Off the coast of Maryland. This could shed an enormous light on the slave trade.
Cam: Or give me nightmares, one or the another.

Cam: [found something amongst the slave remains] Over here! Now! Uh..not kidding even a little bit, Dr Hodgins!
Hodgins: Yeah? What you got?
Cam: That! [pointing to the skull covered with pink-colored "slime"] What the hell is it?
Hodgins: Wow...some kind of organism anchored to the bone. [examining the skull] Interesting!
Cam: Alien sea-life hitchhikes in on a slave ship, and that's all you can say? Interesting?
Brennan: But I think in this context, interesting is a way of acknowledging lifeforms beyond Dr Hodgins' expertise.
Hodgins: Temporary condition, I assure you. [announcing to the people on the forensic platform] Hey, listen up! Hold any other bones with pink slime and bring it over here. [reexamining the skull with a magnifying glass] It's possible that alien is an inappropriate adjective. I think we maybe looking a N.T.I here.
Cam: What's he talking about?
Brennan: I have no idea.
Hodgins: [looks up at Cam and Brennan] N.T.I.? As in "non-terrestrial intelligence"?
Angela: Oh no...
Hodgins: [goes back to examining the pink skull] If alien lifeforms were going to exist somewhere here on earth, the ocean floor would be it.
Cam: Please tell me you're kidding.

Booth: [after Sweets asks for advice about his relationship with Daisy] I don't know. How am I supposed to know?
Sweets: Years of experience? The perspective of age?
Booth: [head on his desk] [sigh] Age. How is that I went to sleep Han Solo and I woke up Obi-Wan Kenobi?
Sweets: [confused, to himself] I have no idea what you're talking about.

Daisy: Has anybody else noticed this is like a giant jigsaw without the edge pieces?
Angela: One person gets killed and it's murder. Millions get killed and it's history.
Daisy: [looks at a set of skeletal remains] I'm trying to think of them as just bones. It's easier.

Hodgins: It turns out that our feathered friend is the Osedax mucofloris, otherwise known as the bone-eating snot flower.
Angela: [laughs in disbelief] You've gotta be kidding.
Hodgins: [smiles] Not kidding. Allow me to demonstrate. [opens a box of cannoli] Voila.
Cam: [looks on with dread] Oh no.
[Hodgins uses the cannoli and a straw to demonstrate how the "snot flower" male impregnates a female by inserting its sperm into the female in the manner of a blood-sucking parasite. Daisy, Angela and Cam are getting grossed out.]
Hodgins: Now each female has maybe about a dozen dwarf males inside of her. Basically sperm holders. [passes the cannoli to the ladies] Cannoli? Anyone?
Angela: Never again. I cannot even tell you.

Daisy: [barges into Sweets' office] You have to back me up with Dr. Brennan. She hasn't said anything but I know what she's thinking. It's an emergency
Sweets: Wh––what am I supposed to say??
Daisy: You have to explain what happened this morning.
Sweets: Sex is a normal part of the adult experience. You don't need to apologize for it.
Daisy: Did you know what happened when I was little? My dad and I saw these two deer "going at it" on the side of the hill and I asked him what they were doing. And he said, the nice deer in the back pushing his friend up the hill.
Sweets: [bemused] Seriously?
Daisy: And now, we're those deer, only that no one is explaining that you were pushing me up hill.

Booth: Scuse' Me, we're looking for Hunter Lang.
Captain: Err..he's one of our bartenders. Nadi, they're looking for Lang.
Nadi: Oh! [looks at Booth] Jealous husband?
Booth: [grins and shows his badge] FBI!
Nadi: Oh! Well, ca-can this wait? We'll be back by 10.
Booth: How about we come with you?
Nadi: [looks at Sweets] Only if he comes to. [points at Sweets, Booth and Brennan looks at Sweets]
Booth: That was the plan.
Nadi: [smiles] Done! [Sweets looks at Booth and Brennan in dismay and confusion]
Sweets: I'm sorry, what just happened there?
Brennan: If this was the Malukus, I would say it was some sort of virgin offering.
Sweets: Virgin?
Brennan: Quasi virgin offering.

The Babe in the Bar [6.7]Edit

Angela: Well, maybe you should talk to Sweets.
Cam: Sweets? Why would I do that?
Angela: He might be able to help you deal with Michelle.
Cam: I don't want to talk to a child about a child.

Nigel-Murray: Oh, you know, there are many fine universities in England, uh, Oxford and Cambridge, of course, but th-th-there's also...
Cam: You so much as mention leaving the country to my daughter, and I will choke you on your own trivia, and stuff your lifeless body in a locker.
Nigel-Murray: Then again, Georgetown's lovely.

Vincent: Definitely looks like murder.
Brennan: There's nothing definite here, Mr. Nigel-Murray. It's possible the victim had a grand mal seizure while voluntarily lying in the chocolate.
Cam: But let's call it murder, just for fun.

The Twisted Bones in the Melted Truck [6.8]Edit

Hannah: I don't want to mess anything up between you and your son.
Booth: Look, I love you, all right? He's gonna love you, too. And don't think of him as a kid. Just think of him as a short guy who … who's not allowed to drink.

Booth: The point is, like, they have to meet sometime, right?
Sweets: Well, yeah, if your relationship with Hannah is serious, then
Booth: It is serious.
Sweets: I wasn't questioning that
Booth: It sounded like you were.
Sweets: No, I wasn't.
Booth: Well, it's serious.
Sweets: Then they have to meet.

(Booth, Parker, and Hannah sit in uncomfortable silence on the park bench. Parker is bouncing a basketball on the spot.)
Booth: Okay, oh! (He grabs the basketball away from Parker) So, uh, hey Hannah here was in a real, live camel race. Why don’t you tell him all about it.
Hannah: I almost won but the camel stopped right before the finish line. He decided to take a nap. Right there. On the racetrack.
Booth: That’s funny, isn’t it?
Parker: Can I go shoot some baskets? (He takes the ball back from Booth)
Booth: No, you can’t shoot some baskets right now. Listen, hey, tell her about your science fair at school. He came in second.
Parker: Do I have to?
Booth: Yeah, tell her about the volcano you made. It was so cool! We built that...
Hannah: (Interrupts) Seeley, can I talk to you for a sec?
Booth: Yeah.
(Hannah and Booth take a few steps away.)
Hannah: (Sighs) This isn’t working.
Booth: All right, just give him a minute. He just needs time to warm-up.
Hannah: Give me a few minutes. Alone. Look, I’m taking your advice. He’s just a short guy who can’t drink.
Booth: Look, I didn’t want this to be…
Hannah: I’m a journalist. I’ve cracked tougher nuts than Parker.
Booth: Right.
Hannah: ‘Kay?
(The two of them walk back to Parker.)
Booth: All right, tell you what, I gotta go get my phone from the car, okay? Stay here with Hannah.
(Hannah sits down and Parker immediately scoots further away from her.)
Hannah: You don’t know who I am so you don’t trust me. Maybe you hate me a little. Or even a lot. I might be trying to steal your dad. Wouldn’t it be better if you knew for sure what was going on? So you have a real reason to hate me? So, here I am. Just ask me anything you want, anything at all.
Parker: (After a pause) Were you really on a camel?
Hannah: Yes.
Parker: Do you sleep with my dad?
Hannah: Yes.
Parker: If you got married, what would I have to call you?
Hannah: Hannah. That’s my name.
Parker: Would you have kids?
Hannah: No. There are children already in this world who need good homes. If I decided to have a child, I’d adopt one of those kids.
Parker: That’s a good answer.
Hannah: I thought so, too.
Parker: Do you like dogs or cats?
Hannah: Dogs.
Parker: Burgers or hotdogs?
Hannah: Both.
Parker: What’s your favourite ice cream?
Hannah: Chocolate.
Parker: I like strawberry. (A beat, then) Do you have any questions for me?
Hannah: What’s your middle name?
Parker: Matthew.
Hannah: Would you ever wanna ride a camel?
Parker: Sure. I’m a kid.
Hannah: What’s your favourite TV show?
Parker: The Wizards of Waverly Place. When the dad married the mom, he had to give up his magical powers. I would never give up my magical powers for a girl.
Hannah: I don’t blame you. (She moves a little closer to Parker and this time, he doesn’t move away) Why didn’t you win first place in your science fair?
Parker: ‘Cause Ben Bradley cheated and his dad did his entire project for him. They used a potato to turn on a light bulb.
Hannah: Creep.
Parker: Totally.
Hannah: (About the basketball) Can I see that? (Parker tosses it to her) How do I do that… spinny thing? (She attempts to twirl the ball on her finger)
Parker: Wait, no.
Hannah: Aw. How’s that?
Parker: You have to spin it faster.
(Parker shows Hannah and Booth smiles as he watches from afar.)

Hodgins: [after trumping Daisy on discovering how the remains "melted"] I am king of the lab and you are my serf.

Daisy: You know why your name is Sweets?
Sweets: [smiles] Why?
Daisy: [romantically] Because you're so sweet.

The Doctor in the Photo [6.9]Edit

Booth: Bones, what are you doing here?
Brennan: What are you doing?
Booth: I don't know; following you to a bad part of town and saving your life. You know, the usual. Your turn.

Brennan: How-how come I understand every word you say? Always? I don't have that with anybody else. Sometimes I just hear … noise.
Micah: Well, I guess I've been here so long, I speak the secret language of the Jeffersonian, hmm?

Micah: By the power vested in me by the Jeffersonian Institution, I declare you sleep-deprived. There's a cab waiting to take you home to bed, hmm?
Brennan: Do you really have that power?
Micah: I saw this lecture where this New Age guru type said the only power people exert over us is the power we allow them to exert.
Brennan: Well that's incredibly stupid.
Micah: I agree. You wave a gun in my face, you got power whether I like it or not.

[Brennan has Micah listen to Lauren Eames' voice on the DVD.]
Brennan: It sounds exactly like my voice. She is me.
Micah: She isn't you. She's her and you're you. You're alive and she's dead. Ergo, ipso, facto, Colombo, Oreo.
Brennan: Those last two words, one is the capital of Sri Lanka and the other is … a cookie.
Micah: [smiles] It sounds like Latin.

Hannah: I-I can't imagine going from being a woman to being a mom.
Booth: When Parker was born, everything changed in my life, everything.
Hodgins: Like what?
Angela: Everything. Everything means everything.

Brennan: I made a mistake.
Booth: Nah, I told you my opinion, I mean, you got it right.
Brennan: Not everything. She died with regrets.
Booth: Come on, Bones, everybody has regrets.
Brennan: I heard her, you know? Micah says that all we get are these dim, staticky messages from the universe.
Booth: Who's this Micah guy?
Brennan: The night watchman, but he attends a lot of lectures. Anyway, the point is … she never gave him a chance.
Booth: Micah.
Brennan: No, no, the helicopter pilot. He offered himself to her, but she never gave him a chance. That was her regret. I got the signal, Booth. I don't wanna have any regrets.
Booth: Um, I'm with someone, Bones. And, uh, Hannah? She's not a consolation prize. I love her.You know, the last thing I wanna do is hurt you, but those are the facts.
[Brennan begins sobbing]
Brennan: [in tears] I understand. I missed my chance. My whole world turned upside down. I can adjust.
Booth: I did.
Brennan: Yes, you did.

Micah: We don't actually fear death. We fear that no one will notice our absence. That we will disapper without a trace.

The Body in the Bag [6.10]Edit

Clark: I would be very happy to discuss this whole mess with Dr. Brennan, Agent Booth and this new woman. What the hell is that about?! I mean, come on. The potential emotional fallout, it could be cataclysmic! Am I right?
Hodgins: Okay, we should really focus on these bone fragments so that you can determine the weapon. Okay?
Clark: Oh, sure! But my money's on Dr. B and Booth!

Clark: She was killed by a blunt force trauma to the occipital bone. The bone shards were jammed into her brain.
Cam: This was one angry, violent death.
Clark: Dr. Brennan would say it's impossible to know the assailant's state of mind, but I'm gonna go on record right now and say this was one psycho dude.

Brennan: We found traces of rhinoceros's horn in Paisley's shower. In Chinese medicine, rhinoceros's horn is only used by men.
Booth: Which puts you in the shower.
Ming Tsou: No, th-the rhinoceros's horn was a blue string, like a necklace. I told Jenny it will help her back.
Brennan: That's not true. Rhinoceros's horn is cold and only used by men because they are hot.
Booth: We are.

Brennan: Please roll up your pant leg.
Ming Tsou: What? What are you doing?
Brennan: We have a video of the man with Jenny that night. I'd like to compare your tibia with the one on the video.
Ming Tsou: No. You could make a mistake.
Brennan: I don't make mistakes.
Ming Tsou: [looks at Booth]
Booth: She doesn't.

Clark: Hey, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to spy on you two, I just -- wow, that is so amazing. You guys! [hugs them]
Angela: Thanks. Wow, that's really sweet.
Hodgins: Yeah, and weird. What is going on? It's like you've eaten the real Clark.
Clark: Change is growth, man. I just wanted to come by and tell you guys that you did a great job on the case.
Angela: Thank you.
Clark: [waves to Angela's belly] Bye!
Angela: Goodnight, Clark.
Hodgins: That's totally weird, right? And he was in the NSA, so he could be completely messing with us!
Angela: Or he's just turning into a normal guy. Don't get all paranoid on us! [laughs]

The Bullet in the Brain [6.11]Edit

Caroline: [sees Booth and Brennan talking] Don't just stand there! We got a shrink who needs shrunk and a headless child killer in a puddle of brains! [leaving the crime scene]
Booth: Wo-Who's gonna take the witness statements?
Caroline: Doesn't matter! That shot came out of nowhere, straight from God!

Caroline: You'd think when a highly-trained world-class sniper witnesses an assassination we'd have it all sewn up.
Booth: You'd say the same about the United States attorney.
Caroline: I'm too short to see a damn thing.

[Booth is observing the suspect, who is fidgeting and sweating profusely, in the interrogation room through the glass]
Caroline: [comes in] So what do you think? Is he our sniper?
Booth: Harvey Morster didn't do it.
Caroline: He has an alibi?
Booth: I didn't ask.
Caroline: Then how do you know?
Booth: You just know.
[Later, in Booth's office]
Booth: Look, he is all wrong. We're looking for a trained sniper. [to Sweets] You tell her?
Caroline: He tested as an expert marksman.
Booth: Maybe he made a good shot once in a while, all right? But he was all sweaty and nervous.
Caroline: You can't exonerate a man for "excessive perspiration"!
Booth: [claps to get Sweets' attention] Sweets! Help me out here.
Sweets: [looks up] Uh...what do I know?
Booth: What do you know? You know the profile! Tell her!
Sweets: Agent Booth is right. Most professionally trained snipers are methodical, controlled, clean, patient, willing to kill under morally acceptable circumstances.
Booth: No no no. A sniper does not make the morality call, all right? He's just the hand that pulls the trigger.
Sweets: With the faith that the target is a threat to innocent life.

Brennan: He was a sniper and so are you. Lead members of a closed community always intersect. You must know the man who did this.
Booth: [realizes] I do.

Jacob Broadsky: Go ahead! Jump the fence! Don't wait for a warrant.
Booth: I don't need a warrant. This land belongs to Seeley Booth!

Caroline: We all just people, cherie. You're an expert with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Now, who's Heather Taffet?
Sweets: Dead serial killer?
Caroline: Ya damn straight! Dr Brennan has her head all rigged up, spinning like a Christmas tree! [Sweets nods in agreement].
Caroline: It's over. She can't get to any of us anymore. [Sweets smiles in relief]

The Sin in the Sisterhood [6.12]Edit

Hodgins: Mother Nature cleaned these bones.
Wendell: She did a crappy job.
Hodgins: Shh... She can hear you.

Cam: How many chances does he deserve?
Booth: Nine.
Cam: That’s cats.
Booth: Applies to men and cats.

Brennan: It’s as if this man spent a great deal of time on his hands while engaging in a repetitive motion.
Wendell: ...I get it!
Brennan: This motion would be reminiscent of a primate having intercourse!
Wendell: We are looking for a horny farmer, yes we are.

Hodgins: Who let Cam shoot a gun?
Wendell: The Second Amendment.

The Daredevil in the Mold [6.13]Edit

Sweets: You think I'm too young to get married?
Booth: Yeah.
Sweets: "Yeah". Just like that?
Booth: Just like that. Too young.
Sweets: But love and commitment don't have age restrictions. Daisy's ready.
Booth: [grins] Yeah.
Sweets: So?
Booth: So?
Sweets: I can't imagine my life without her!
[Booth downs a shot, Sweets takes a drink of his beer]
Booth: Let's just talk about something. How about sports, how about those Capitals?
Sweets: [shakes head] I want to get married.
Booth: How about action films? Let's talk action movies...
Sweets: [sighs] I don't want to be your age and wind up like you.
Booth: [looks at Sweets in disbelief] What'd you say??
Sweets: I don't! You've never been married. And that's...that's sad...
Booth: What??
Sweets: me. I don't want that to be where my life is headed.

Hodgins: So who was our victim? A mouldy crash test dummy?

Angela: [referring to severely molded flesh] Ew and ew. What are you doing, babe?
Hodgins: I am going to shake them through these filters until they give me what I want.
Angela: You're getting that mad scientist look in your eyes.
Hodgins: I always wanted to be a mad scientist! I'm living the dream, baby! [kisses her cheek] Baby! [kisses her belly]
Angela: So what do you want our kid to be, anyway? I mean, if we could decide and make it happen without being those annoying parents that we hate.
Hodgins: Anything I want?
Angela: Anything.
Hodgins: A musician. Hard rock and 50s West Coast jazz. Who is also an astrophysicist specializing in extra terrestrial studies. Who also has a secondary degree, not necessarily a doctorate, in 20th century political theory and its relationship to corporatism. Ooh, who also does killer stand-up on the weekends. What about you? What do you want our baby to be?
Angela: [smiles] A mad scientist sounds good to me.

Booth: Marry me. I want you to be my wife.
Hannah: Oh, Seeley. I love you. I really do. I'm just not the marrying kind.
Booth: I am.
Hannah: I know! I know you are. I just thought we would have more time before we got to this. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. What happens now?
Booth: What do you think happens now?
Hannah: Can't we just go back? I'll walk in here, you tell me how good I look, I'll say thank you, we'll have a nice dinner like this never happened. We'll just go back. Okay. Your turn. What happens now? [nods] I'll get my stuff out of your place.
Booth: How much time do you need?
Hannah: To get out of your place or get over you? [moves to walk away, but stops] I do love you, Seeley. I don't think we're done, but I can see we're done for now. I'm just not the marrying kind.
Booth: You already said that.
Hannah: I've said it plenty of times before. I guess you weren't listening.

Brennan: Hannah called me.
Booth: Let's just -- I really -- I don't want to talk about that, okay? I'm over it. I'm over it. I'm done.
Brennan: So, what happens next?
Booth: What happens next. You like evidence, right, Bones? Well, here's the evidence: the evidence is that there's something wrong here. I fell in love with a woman. I had a kid. She doesn't want to marry me. Well -- and then the next woman, well, she's --
Brennan: Me.
Booth: Yeah, and now -- what is it with women who just don't want what I'm offering here?
Brennan: Booth --
Booth: No. You know what? Drink. Drink. I just really -- I'm just mad. I'm just really mad at all of you. I'm just mad. Okay, so you want to know how this is going to work? Okay, this is how this is going to work. Me and you are partners. That's what we do; we're partners, and I love that! That's great. We're good people who catch bad people. Right? Yeah, and we argue. We go back and forth, we're partners, and sometimes after we solve a case we come here and we celebrate. That's what we do. We celebrate. So as far as I can see, that is what happens next? Are you okay with that? Great, because if you are, I'll tell you what. You stay here and you have a drink with me. All right? Maybe we have a little small talk, chit chat, and if you're not, well, you can leave. There's the door, and tomorrow I'll find you a new FBI guy.
Brennan: Those are my only choices?
Booth: Yeah, those are your only choices.
Brennan: Then I'll have a drink.

The Bikini in the Soup [6.14]Edit

Hodgins: Ok, look, I know you and Hannah broke up, but for most people Valentine's Day––
Booth: [cuts Hodgins off] You don't wanna finish that sentence.
Hodgins: No. No I don't.

Brennan: [answers mobile phone] Brennan. Oh, hello, Douglas. No, I can't tonight. I'm busy. I'm sorry. Okay, goodbye!
Clark: So you have plans tonight? That's nice!
Brennan: No. No. A date on Valentine's Day comes with the expectation of affectionate companionship and probably sex. I have no intention of engaging in either.

Cam: People, there is death in this world and there is romance. Today, death is the loser and romance wins.
[Clark and Angela clap and cheer but Hodgins looks disappointed.]
Hodgins: What about justice? [Angela smacks him on the back of the head and he reluctantly claps.]

Angela: So this one must be a tough one, huh?
Booth: What? The case?
Angela: Valentine's Day. I mean, so soon after your breakup with Hannah.
Booth: Not really.
Angela: Really not really?
Booth: Really. Can't we just focus on the case?
Angela: No twinges at all?
Booth: It's over, okay? Hannah and I are done. I've moved on.
Angela: Okay. So what are you gonna do?
Booth: Nothing! Valentine's Day is not a holiday. It's just made up by these greeting card companies and florists.
Angela: Well, then, maybe you should find somebody else who's doing nothing so that you two can do nothing together.

Booth: So do you want the good news first or the bad news?
Brennan: Is the order at all relevant?
Booth: You know, people like to get the bad news first so the conversation ends in happiness.
Brennan: All right, then. What's the bad news?
Booth: Well, the court refuses to compel a DNA sample from Ericson based on what we have so far.
Brennan: [mobile phone rings] Do you mind? It's not work related.
Booth: Go right ahead.
Brennan: Brennan.
Booth: I'll be right here.
Brennan: [to person on the phone] For Valentine's Day?
Booth: Oh! A Valentine's date, huh?
Brennan: A secret service agent from my gym.
Booth: Of course.
Brennan: [laughs to person on the phone] No, it's not my mother. [to Booth] He thinks that you're my mother.
Booth: Look, I'm not her mother!
Brennan: [to person on the phone] Okay, I don't have a mother. Could I phone you back to tell you no? Thanks! [to Booth] All right, what's the good news so that we may end this conversation on a happy note.
Booth: Ericson has a son in prison for insider trading.
Brennan: Why is that good news? It seems the entire family is degenerate.
Booth: Bones, it's good news because it means the son's DNA is on file with CODIS.
Brennan: Right. So Cam can compare it to the sample from under the fingernails to see if there's sufficient alleles in common to match the dad.
Booth: See. Always start with the bad news first then go with the happy. Are you happy now?
Brennan: It's good news.
Booth: Are you happy?
Brennan: I'm happy!

The Killer in the Crosshairs [6.15]Edit

Brennan: The bullet severed the C-5.
Booth: Right. Severing the spinal cord from the brain stem. The gold standard for snipers. We call it 'disconnecting the computer'.
Caroline: You can never have too many cute phrases for taking a life.

Brennan: The ID says that the victim was Walter Crane.
Caroline: I bet this is someone we'd both be trying to put away.
Booth: It doesn't matter who this was. Snipers don't get to make the call and Broadsky doesn't get to make the call. [Caroline looks at him] This ends now. Broadsky is mine.

Brennan: But you said that Broadsky works alone. Isn't that what snipers do?
Booth: [sarcastically] Wow, really, you're gonna say it like that? Ok, not all snipers are the same. I am not him.
Brennan: [surprised] Nothing I said made any such allusion.
Caroline: Ok, ok, kids, let's take a breath.

Booth: We're gonna get this guy and he's not gonna keep doing this.
Brennan: Your words are quite ironic.
Booth: What do you mean?
Brennan: I imagine Broadsky would say the same thing as he stalks his prey.
Booth: Except I'm the good guy, he isn't.
Brennan: But you both led a life in which you were paid to take lives.
Booth: Why are you doing this?
Brennan: I'd just like to understand. I admire your certainty but since good and bad are such subjective concepts, how could you ever be sure you're doing the right thing?
Booth: Ok, well, it's not subjective to me. I mean there's good and there's evil. Life is all about taking sides. Broadsky? Well, he joined the wrong team.

Caroline: [referring to the victim] Real name, Walter Coolidge.
Booth: [looks at the victim's photo] Alright, makes sense if Broadsky will go after a guy like him.
Caroline: That's right, Broadsky goes after bad guys.
Booth: [slams the file down] Doesn't make him right!
Caroline: Of course it doesn't make him right! It just bleeds off a little of our motivation to catch him right away.
Booth: [reading the file] Coolidge flipped on Ortiz and sent him to prison. Is he still there?
Caroline: No.
Booth: Why? Thought he got 'life'?
Caroline: Ortiz isn't currently in prison because he's sitting in your interrogation room.
Booth: You're the best!
Caroline: Tell me something I don't know.

[Inside the interrogation room at FBI headquarters]
Booth: I need to know how you got in touch with him.
Ortiz: [smirks] Why would I tell you?
[Booth looks to Caroline]
Caroline: I can arrange to have you transferred to a lenient security federal penitentiary.
Booth: And if you don't she'll send you to Angola.
Caroline: [deadpan] And no internet. Which I suspect is the spicy part of your sex life.

Hodgins: Anyway, Angela's father...
Sweets: [smile fades from his face, with dread] Oh God.
Angela: What?
Sweets: Are you gonna ask me some interpersonal family question? Or...
Angela: Why is that so strange? You are a shrink.
Hodgins: [to Sweets] He wants to name our baby. We're not supposed to have any input. Now that is weird! Right?
Sweets: Um, well you know it's complicated, of course, as all family issues are. [pauses] No, I'd rather not shoot from the hip on this one. Perhaps some research and reflection....
Angela: [chuckles] You are avoiding this.
Sweets: [denying] No! I'd just be remiss if I didn't consult my books, you know? I have so many books.
Hodgins: [grins] You are afraid of him
Sweets: Come on, afraid? [discreetly] Yes I'm afraid.
Angela: He is a very sweet man.
Sweets: He kidnapped Hodgins and gave him a tattoo while he was unconscious, Angela!
Angela: But he loves that tattoo now. Don't you, babe? [smiles and looks at Hodgins] [Hodgins fidgets and looks at her uncomfortably]
Sweets: I don't....[shakes head] I have a lot of work to do... [gets up to leave] I'm gonna get take-out or something.
Hodgins: You are running away!
Sweets: I'm walking.

Booth: [sighs] I don't get it. Broadsky was a good man. I don't understand what happened to him. I mean, what gives him the right to make these kind of calls?
Sweets: Being the cause of someone's death, no matter what the circumstances, leaves a man with a great burden. And people deal with that burden in different ways. Some celebrate it. They relish the power as a way of justifying what they've done. Others like Broadsky, they justify another way. They feel that it's their destiny to mete out justice. They convince themselves that they have the moral high ground to make these calls. It's the only way they can live with what they've done.
Booth: What about me?
Sweets: From my perspective, you're a healthy man. You can accept what you've done and the pain and sadness and regret that comes with it. You know, not everybody has the strength to deal with that reality. It's a testament to you that you've built this life with family and friends who love and respect you. Booth, that can't be easy.

Caroline: Cher, did the man get to you?
Booth: You know what? It would actually help if you wanted to put the man in prison.
Caroline: Oh, I most definitely do.
Booth: Well, you're the one who says that you can't argue with the choices Broadsky makes on who he's gonna shoot.
Caroline: Yeah, I can't fault that, but now the man has crossed a line.
Booth: Causing a suicide?
Caroline: No. Man sneaks into your house, threatens you with a gun. That's unforgivable. He should be lethally injected just for that.

[Caroline and Booth barge into the interrogation room]
Caroline: Mr Winkler, I'm Caroline Julian with the Justice Department. Seeley here assures me you're the sweetest, most considerate arms dealer he has ever met.
Winkler: Actually, I'm more of an arms maker.
Booth: Oh, did you make a smart bullet prototype for Jacob Broadsky?
Winkler: In my line of work, discretion is paramount.
Booth: Discretion can also be an accessory to murder.
Winkler: I know my law, Seeley. [looks at Caroline] I can't be charged for simply selling ammunition.
Caroline: [looks at Winkler sternly] Well, you see, Cher. I am the law. And I can charge your scrawny ass with whatever I want. I like the challenge.
Booth: He's killed three people. So far. Three.
Winkler: Counting the service, a lot more than that if my memory serves. [smirks at Booth] How many for you, Seeley, huh?
Booth: Really? [picks Winkler up by his collar] You want me to add you to the list?
Winkler: [looks to Caroline] Th-th-this is abuse!
Caroline: [nonchalantly] I don't see anything. Must have something in my eye. [sits down]
Booth: [furiously, at Winkler's face] Give me something on Broadsky or I swear I'll make your life a living hell!

Brennan: [on the phone with Caroline, talking to Booth] Caroline is asking if we see anything?
Booth: The answer's still no and tell her to stop asking.
Brennan: [to Caroline] Booth says stop asking.
Caroline: I don't wait well, I'm an action person. Waiting makes my teeth hurt!
Brennan: [to Booth] Her teeth..hurt.

Brennan: Why are you mad at me?
Booth: Forget it.
Brennan: No, you can't say "forget it" to your partner. You taught me that.
Booth: I just don't like the idea that my partner thinks that me and Jacob Broadsky are alike.
Brennan: You are similar in many ways.
Booth: [sarcastically] Great! Thanks, Bones.
Brennan: But not in the most important way. How can I put this in a way that you will understand?
Booth: Try to say it in teeny tiny words.
Brennan: Okay. Broadsky is bad. You are good. That's as simply as I can put it.
Booth: [laughs] You don't believe in absolutes like good or bad, all right? You think it's where people stand.
Brennan: From where I stand, you are good and Broadsky's bad.
Booth: Thanks for standing there, Bones.
Brennan: I'm standing right beside you, Booth, like always. Like I always will. I'm being metaphorical, of course, because we are currently sitting.
Booth: Thank goodness, because I thought I'd shrunk.
Brennan: [laughs] That's funny, because you made a joke based on relative position, which goes back thematically to our discussion of situation morality.
Booth: Ha! That's not why it's funny.
Brennan: Tell me another one!

Caroline: He [Broadsky] was in your apartment?!
Booth: Yes.
Caroline: Why didn't you, I don't know, jump up and judo/karate/kung fu the man?
Caroline: But now, the man has crossed the line
Booth: How? Causing a suicide?
Caroline: No. Man sneaks into your house, threatens you with a gun? That's unforgivable. He should get lethally injected just for that!

Hodgins: These are the bills found with the victim's body.
Booth: All hundreds, right?
Hodgins: Yes, but guess what I found on them?
Booth: Blood, on account that he was shot to death with a high-powered rifle?
Hodgins: Yes, blood, of course blood. But guess what else I found.
Booth: [irritated] Does this look like a guessing face?

Vincent: Please tell me that this meat is not human.
Brennan: No, it's venison. We found it frozen in the suicide victim's cabin freezer.
Vincent: I'm confused. Are we investigating a murder, or preparing lunch for the Palin family?

Hodgins: So the name that came to you?
Billy Gibbons: It could work for either a boy or a girl, that's the beauty part.
Hodgins: Great.
Billy Gibbons: Staccato Mamba.
Hodgins: [shocked] Staccato Mamba? [still in shock] Yeah, I-I didn't see that one coming.

Angela: I mean, this is a computer chip. You can program it.
Brennan: Which suggests you can program the bullet.
Angela: Yeah, which means we're looking at something from the future.
Brennan: Time travel is physically impossible.
'Angela: Yeah, but so is a bullet that you can program like a computer. Like we didn't have it bad enough with the old kind.

Booth: I'm coming after you. I'm gonna catch you, and next time I have you in my sights, I'm not aiming for your knees.
Broadsky: Good to know, because if that moment comes, I will not hesitate to make that sweet son of yours fatherless. He'll be the collateral damage.

Broadsky: You and me both—we've always been on the same side.
Booth: No, you're off the reservation, pal. You want to do the right thing, you give me that gun, and you let me take you in.
Broadsky: I'll tell you what. The day I wake up and there are no more bad people that need killing, you're the one I come to.

Hodgins: I actually have a question for you.
Sweets: Oh, great. Shoot. [deadpan] Probably not a term I should use during a murder investigation, huh?

Caroline: Funny thing about Witness Protection…
Booth: What's that?
Caroline: …It sort of comes with a built-in motive for murder attached, doesn't it?
Booth: [laughs] That's why they need protection.

The Blackout in the Blizzard [6.16]Edit

Angela: [walks in tiredly] Ugh...
Wendell: [sees Angela in her oversized outfit] Holy cow!
Angela: [sighs] I heard that.
Wendell: Oh! No, no, no, no! Heh! It was, um, it was an exclamation of admiration. [clears throat, Angela smiles sarcastically] I wasn't actually ––
Hodgins: Stop now. Save yourself.
Wendell: –– commenting on your size.

Angela: [laughs upon seeing Hodgins rapidly pumping the handle to a dynamite igniter, then laughs harder when he accidentally breaks the handle] Wow. Maybe you should think of a way to get electricity that doesn't involve rare, historical items worth upwards of fifty thousand dollars.
Hodgins: Yeah, I'll just blame Wendell.
Angela: [smiles] Okay.

Brennan: [Booth explains why he wanted the row of seats] And these seats were there and you're sentimental about it.
Booth: My dad and I were there. [pauses] He quit drinking for two weeks. Long enough to remember I was his kid. [Brennan looks at him intently] [pauses] Best day of my life.
Brennan: Did you think that you could reclaim a part of that day?
Booth: It's just history, that's all. [wistfully] It's our one perfect day.

Booth: [looks at Sweets] "World's Greatest Grandpa"?
Sweets: Yeah, uh, Mrs. Ross gave it to me. It's a lot comfier than my jacket.
Booth: You do realize that Mr. Ross is dead, right? I mean, don't you find it odd that Mrs. Ross is dressing you up in her dead husband's clothes?

Booth: [Brennan is sitting on him in the elevator fixing his back. one hand is on his knee and the other rests on his thigh.] Wow. that feels great. Ahhh it's like you're untying the knots.
Brennan: It's Thai massage. It combines deep tissue with acupressure it's quite effective.
Booth: [laughing in pleasure] Yeah...Right...I can feel that [brennan moves her hand down right next to his crotch. booth laughs] Oh ho ho ho wee hee know before Sweets comes back.
Brennan: Why?
Booth:Well... [indicates their...position]
Brennan: Ohh I understand you think... he'll interpret our physical contact as another sign that we...
Booth: [sighs and gets up] Yeah... yeah yeah yeah...ohh but I gotta tell you my back feels... wow so much better thanks!
Brennan: No problem.
Booth: Yeah...You know... I can see how Sweets could... get confused.
Brennan: [realizing what he's talking about] W-we both did tell him how we felt about each other.
Booth: In the past.
Brennan: [nodding] In the past...And we... both thought about it, he knows that.
Booth: It?
Brennan: Sleeping together. It would be odd if we didn't.
Booth: Right we're talking about this now?
Brennan: We seem to be. [both laugh] I always assumed that we'd be very compatible. Didn't you?
Booth: Well...yeah...
Brennan: Because we're both so physical.
Booth: Right...the way we throw ourselves into a case.
Brennan: We both have excellent stamina. [laughs] Making love would be..quite satisfying.
Booth: Yeah...but then what? I a couple, me and you would never...
Brennan: [awkwardly] No.. it wouldn't work...

Brennan: [suggestively to Booth, glancing at Sweets] Booth needs to say something to you...
Sweets: No he doesn't.
Booth: Yeah, right, about earlier. Look, I'm sorry.
Sweets: It's ok.
Booth: Thanks.
Brennan: [confused] What? What's ok? Booth didn't say anything.
Booth: We're guys.
Sweets: Everything's fine now, Dr. Brennan.

Angela: So this is why you broke into the cafeteria?
Wendell: Yep. I learned how to do this in grade school. I won my science fair.
Angela: Oh my God. You were that kid.
Wendell: Meaning what?
Angela: The showoff.
Wendell: And this is how you thank me.
Hodgins: This is spudtastic! Is this for the victim's cell phone?
Wendell: Yeah. I'm connecting groups of potatoes in series to increase voltage, then we can connect these potatoes together in parallel to increase amperage.
Hodgins: Spudsational! Totally spudtacular! Can I help?
Angela: If you stop making spud jokes.
Hodgins: Sorry. My sincerest potatologies.

Booth: So, what do you think the chances are that me and my dad actually sat in these seats watching the game?
Brennan: Hmmm. Let's see, 60,000 seats -- are you going to stop me?
Booth: No, I just like watching you do the math, that's all. I'm just glad the power's back on. These pills that I have to take, they look huge.
Brennan: They're an extremely potent anti-viral. As long as you just don't skip any doses you'll be fine.
Booth: Yeah, as long as I don't choke to death. I can't get these to open.
Brennan: [takes the bottle] How's your back?
Booth: It feels great since you magically fixed it.
Brennan: It wasn't magic.
Booth: Well, me and you, we both have different definitions on that word.
Brennan: [laughs] That's true. You think that microwave ovens are magic.
Booth: Well, I'll tell you what. Cooking a baked potato in five minutes? That's magic.

Booth: I'm just angry. I'm really angry. [sees Brennan looking at him warily] Not at you.
Brennan: [sighs] Okay.
Booth: I just need time, that's all. I just need time to kind of hang back and find that inner peace before I, you know, get back out there. You know what we're talking about here, right?
Brennan: Yes.
Booth: You and me, you know, and love, happiness, and life and fate.
Brennan: I don't believe in fate, but I know what we're talking about. I am improving.
Booth: Improving?
Brennan: Yes, I'm quite strong.
Booth: Yeah, well you've always been strong.
Brennan: You know the difference between strength and imperviousness, right?
Booth: [smiles] Not if you're going to get all scientific on me.
Brennan: [chuckles] Well, a substance that is impervious to damage doesn't need to be strong. When you and I met I was an impervious substance. Now I am a strong substance.
Booth: I think I know what you mean.
Brennan: A time could come when you aren't angry anymore and I'm strong enough to risk losing the last of my imperviousness, maybe then we could try to be together.

The Feet on the Beach [6.17]Edit

Angela: Cam got her daughter into Columbia behind her back.
Hodgins: 'Cause she didn't want her to go to that little school up in Maine.
Angela: Oh. Wow. Honey, this is bad parenting. We will never do anything like this, promise me now.
Hodgins: What do I do now?
Angela: You give it to Cam
Hodgins: I mean, do I say anything?
Angela: No. [shakes head] It is not your business.
Hodgins: Can I give her a disapproving look?
Angela: [snickers] Of course! [Hodgins gives her a "disapproving look"] That's a good one.

Booth: Hey, Bones! Bones, Bones, just when you go over there, be nice. They're Canadians.
Brennan: Are you referring to the broad generalization that Canadians are polite?
Booth: Yes, I am.

Brennan: More expertise is required instead of just feet.
Booth: Yeah, gosh. You really are not going to stop until this Canadian foot guy is paralyzed from head to toe.
Brennan: Would you accept an agent who specialized in murders that only occurred in February?
Booth: Okay, that's different.
Brennan: Not to me.

Booth: I'm glad that you apologized to the Canadian. I'm proud of you, Bones!
Brennan: I didn't apologize.
Booth: I thought --
Brennan: The word apology derives from the ancient Greek apologia, which means a speech in defense. When I defended what I said to him you told me that wasn't a real apology.
Booth: Why don't you think of a word that means you feel bad for making someone else feel bad.
Brennan: Contrite! From the Latin contritus, meaning crushed by a sense of sin.
Booth: There it is! Contrite! I'm happy that you contrited to the Canadian.
Brennan: Right. Would you like to hear some more things that I feel contrite about?
Booth: There's more?
Brennan: Yes. I feel contrite that I think your socks are silly.
Booth: What?!
Brennan: Also, I am contrite in the way that I think you are foolhardy in the way that you approach a cup of coffee.
Booth: How do I approach a cup of coffee?
Brennan: You drink it without checking the temperature and then you complain all day that your tongue is burnt! I feel contrite that I think that's stupid.
Booth: Let's recap: foolhardy and stupid.
Brennan: There's more.
Booth: Bones, you don't have to apologize for things that you think.
Brennan: Oh!
Booth: Believe me, if we had to feel sorry for every single thought...
Brennan: Like what?
Booth: Oh, believe me, I'm not going to fall down that path.

The Truth in the Myth [6.18]Edit

Booth: Do you even own a TV?
Brennan: Of course! It's in the closet.

Booth: [looks at a laughing Brennan] Now what?
Brennan: Perhaps you could see your dark side if you mooned a mirror. [laughs] Because "moon" is a term that refers to exposing
Booth: I know.
Brennan: Get it? It's pretty clever, right?
Booth: It's clever. I'd laugh, but I'm afraid of driving off the road.
Brennan: I understand.
Booth: Yeah, right? [smiles]
Brennan: Safety first. I understand. [laughs]

Brennan: [chuckles] Don't be ridiculous. Yetis don't exist.
Booth: I was in Nepal. Rangers have a secure training base there. I was doing field exercises, about to rendezvous with my platoon and I saw it. About 30, 35 feet in front of me.
Brennan: You were in the snow and in unfamiliar terrain, alone. Hallucinations are common.
Booth: It was over ten feet tall, it was huge. I looked straight in its eyes, pointed my rifle at it and it ran. This was no hallucination.
Brennan: Booth, I'm sure you thought––
Booth: [cuts Brennan off] Hey, why don't you just trust me here? Why can't you just use that brilliant scientific mind of yours and at least admit the possibility of what I'm saying here is true.
Brennan: You––you serious?
Booth: [resignedly] Just forget it. You know, you talk really good game, Bones, but when it comes down to it you're no different than people who were certain that the sun revolved around the earth.
Brennan: [protests] That's not true.
Booth: Hmm.

Angela: You really had to volunteer us for this, huh?
Hodgins: Yeah! I thought coming out to the woods would be nice, you know? A little fresh air.
Angela: Honey, let me explain something to you: there's a human growing inside me. Vegging on the couch and eating pints of mint chocolate chip ice cream is actually all I want to do.
Hodgins: Recent studies show that mothers who gain excess weight during their pregnancy makes their babies more prone to childhood obesity.
Angela: [smirks] Huh, that's interesting. I read a story that says that husbands who suggest their pregnant wives are fat are far more prone to being slugged by them. [Hodgins grins sheepishly at her]

Booth: Can I see your hands?
Coleman: My hands?
Booth: [irritated] Yeah, you know, the things under your arms there. [raises his hands] Your hands?

Booth: Bones, at any time did you think that the chupacabra was real?
Brennan: [laughs] No.
Booth: Then why did you believe that I saw the Yeti in Nepal?
Brennan: Because what I said you saw was totally rational.
Booth: I never saw it. You see, what you did was rationally explain something that never happened.
Brennan: You never saw the Yeti?
Booth: Or did I?
Brennan: No, you didn't! You did? Are you trying to confuse me?
Booth: I might be!
Brennan: Okay, what is your point?
Booth: That things are confusing. Just because you can explain something doesn't mean that it's explainable.
Brennan: You mean explicable?
Booth: Sure, like us. We don't make any sense at all.

Booth: [toasting] Here's to stupidity and greed. The two elements that keep us employed.

The Finder [6.19]Edit

[Booth's trying to get Brennan's ID back from Walter, both of them scuffling around the bar]
Walter: [calling for help when Booth pushes him down on the table] Leo! LEO!!
Leo: You provoke this upon yourself. [rising to leave] Let me know how things turned out.[leaves]
Ike: Cold beer while you wait? [offering cold beer to Brennan who's watching the two guys scuffling]
Brennan: [holds the beer bottle] Wait for what? [Booth and Walter still scuffling in the background]
Ike: The boys to get reacquainted. [cheers at Brennan's beer bottle and drinks]

Walter: Uh, pudge here is a..blind at one eye. [referring to person in the video]
Brennan: [surprised] How can you tell?
Walter: Oh, it's the way he holds that scrap, or whatever it is to the light.
Booth: 'Whatever it is' is a map...
Brennan: [correcting Booth] It's a chart fragment, Mr Sherman.
Walter: Oh, uh, me Walter. [smiles at Brennan, Brennan smiles back]
Booth: Seriously? Focus, can we? Thank you. Really? [gesturing and giving a look at Walter]
Walter: [looks at Booth and looks back at Brennan] Are you two sleeping together?
Brennan: [chuckles] No! [looks at Booth]
Booth: No.
Walter: [to Brennan] Would you sleep with me? [Brennan looks at Walter shocked and amused]
Booth: [to Walter] You know what, you find the map, maybe you get a shot.[Brennan smacks Booth's arm] What? [mutters 'sorry' to Brennan]

Brennan: [rising to leave, talking to Walter] Uh..can I get your cell number, please?
Walter: What? No! [panicking] Who..who told you to get my cellphone number?
Booth: Oh, oh...just relax, don't be paranoid.
Brennan: In case, I obtained any..helpful informations from the victim's remains back in D.C.
Ike: [chuckling] Wh-What exactly you'd expect to find from a cracked-up bag of old bones?
Booth: Oh look, Bones has her thing, just like Walter here, alright? [leaving with Brennan]
Brennan: Except my thing is real, not some imaginary finder power! [gesturing mockingly]
Booth: Oh! [laughs]

[Walter answers his cell in the toilet]
Walter: Who is this?
Brennan: [at the other end with a surprised, confused look] It's..Dr Brennan at the Jeffersonian. Don't you have caller ID?
Walter: Caller ID doesn't tell you who's calling, it tells you the phone company wants you to think who's calling. Eh, did you guys find out that the victim was terminally ill?
Brennan: Yes...His mitral valve is completely calcified. How did you know?
Walter: He had pyramids on the ceiling of his bedroom.
Brennan: Wh..Pyramids indicate heart disease?
Walter: Of all the things humans created, pyramids stood the test of time best. Dying people invest all sorts of meaning in it. So..uh, did you find any signs of torture?
Brennan: Yes, I did. Three fingers were dislocated shortly before death. It's possible, given his heart condition, the victim died with his secret intact.
Walter: Nope, he told the killer where to find the map.
Brennan: What...Did you know where?
Walter: Poor man's safety deposit box. [looks at the victim's pawnshop's receipt]
Brennan: I..I don't know what that means.
Walter: Pawnshop. You got anything else?
Brennan: No, I'm done.
Walter: Yup, me too. [flushes the toilet; Brennan gives a confused look after hearing the flushing sound on the other end]

Walter: My work's done. [passes receipts to Booth]
Booth: What's this?
Walter: Itemized invoice from my expenses, mostly fuel for Ike flying me back and forth.
Brennan: But we haven't solve the murder!
Booth: Yes, two murders.
Brennan: Two murders! We haven't solve two murders!
Walter: You hired me to find the missing chart fragment. Eureka! [takes off the cover] Ta-daa! [reading map locations] Bingo! Mission accomplished, [gesturing to the map] I found it.
Cam: Ah, technically, I found her throat
Walter: Britney's body was submerged under 80 feet of water in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, I brought her here to you..I..pretty sure that's the impressive part. [leaves]
Brennan: That's true. If it weren't for Walter, her remains will never be discovered.
Booth: [gives a look at Brennan] Seriously?

The Pinocchio in the Planter [6.20]Edit

Booth: Good job with the poop clues, Hodgins!
Hodgins: Secret is in the soil. It always is.
Booth: Ok, well, why don't you ask the dirt who killed him and why nobody saw it, huh?

[Booth and Brennan are faced with a suspect who is dressed as a clown]
Booth: (gives handcuffs to Brennan) Just cuff the clown.
Brennan: Me?

[Hodgins walks into Angela's office without her noticing]
Hodgins: I do not like that painting.
Angela: [turns and sees Hodgins] What?
Hodgins: I am attempting to open an honest dialog between us.
Angela: [curiously] By insulting my painting?
Hodgins: By stating what I think, regardless of the consequences.

The Sign in the Silence [6.21]Edit

Brennan: How about an encyclopedia?? Ooh! Or..a microscope?
Booth: C'mon Bones! Angela and Hodgins are having a baby, not a graduate student. I GOT IT! Uh-Huh! Stuffed animal! That's it!
Brennan: How'll that benefit a child?
Booth: Bones, they're having a kid. His major past time is gonna be about pooping his pants, okay? Mr. Poo-poo pants!
Brennan: One of my foster families..I had a..stuffed dog.
Booth: And you liked it, right?
Brennan: It frightened me actually. It was the family's pet for many years before they had it stuffed.
Booth: [pause] Oh! We'll..we'll forget about the whole stuffed animal thing. I..I got it, we'll get em' one of those mobiles for the crib.

Brennan: Can you sign? Because we'll need to communicate with her.
Meacham: Yes, but as of yet, she hasn't responded and who were you? [Brennan gives a surprised look]
Caroline: [to Meacham] Dr. Brennan is the best forensic anthropologist in the country..
Brennan: World! [Caroline surprised and Cam smiles at the reply]

Booth: Hey! You got anything?
Caroline: We've been checking on the hospitals and morgues for stabbing victims within a 50miles radius where Jane Doe was found, we've got nothing!
Booth: Yeah, well, I've got something. You know the bloody money that we found on the girl, assuming she stole it from the victim..this..[types the computer]..could be good news.
Caroline: You're cute when you try to make me happy.
Booth: Right..[hits one of the computer keys, image comes out in the screen] Look at that, look at all the 20 dollar bills.
Caroline: [looking at the computer screen] Okay..and what's that? [pointing to another image beside the bills]
Booth: I don't know what that is, we found it in her pocket. Angela's gonna reconstruct..but take a look at the serial numbers on the bills.
Caroline: They're sequential. Bank robbery?
Booth:No, ATM. ATMs get sequential bills from the banks. We can trace the number to the ATM, we should be able to find our victim.
Caroline: Now you're just downright handsome! [Booth smirks]

[creating the scenario of the case in the Bones room]
Cam: Okay, I still don't understand.
Brennan: They were face to face.[moving to a bigger space, gesturing Arastoo to participate, Arastoo obliged]. Duvall Price knocks her down.[Brennan lies down on the floor as Amy] He landed on top of her [gesturing Arastoo to be Duvall Price and get on top of her] Mr Vaziri?
Arastoo: [Awkwardly obliged, holds his body with his hands on top of Brennan] This is very awkward.
Brennan: [Below Arastoo] Mr Vaziri, this is a part of your job.
Arastoo: And I would like to quit this part of the job.

Hodgins: That's why nature invented false labor. Parents...need a dry run.

Angela: [in pain] Ouuuuhhh! [holds her belly, gasping for air] Oh-ouuuhhh!
Hodgins: [looking at Angela in pain] Oh god!
Angela: Oh, don't worry! It's nothing, it's nothing! Ouuuuhhh!![shouting in pain]
Hodgins: [goes to Angela] Okay, that is definitely something! OH MY GOD! [panicking] OH GOD! Okay! BABY! OH, OKAY! [looks at outside, shouting] BABY! Okay! Okay! [looks back at Angela, shouting and gesturing at Angela's belly] BABY!
Angela: [gasping in pain] According to the birthing class, that is SOO not how you're suppose to react right now!
Hodgins: Right! Right! [trying to calm down] Uh...I should..I should..
Angela: GET THE CAR!!
Hodgins: Go get the car!! Okay, I'm..[running out of the room, stops to tell Angela] I'm gonna get the car! [runs and stop again, returns back] KEYS! Oh, I need keys! Where're my keys..[feeling his pocket, looking around the ookey room] where the hell are my keys!? [Angela looks at Hodgins, frustrated and in pain] Don't look at me like that, babe! I know what I'm doing, okay!? I'm gonna...I'm gonna get the keys! I'm totally...[looking for his keys] and completely...calm..WHERE THE HELL ARE MY KEYS!?
Angela: Oh wow! Men are so not made for this!

The Hole in the Heart [6.22]Edit

Agent Shaw: No offence, maybe you should stay behind me.
Sweets: Of course. I don't measure my manhood the same way you do. [mutters to himself, embarrassed] That came out wrong.

Sweets: Broadsky wants you gone the same way you want him gone.
Booth: Broadsky wants to kill. I don't. You know what, I'll do what I have to do.
Sweets: I hope so. [with dread] Because with you gone, we're next.

[Vincent is wearing his T. Rex contraption and wants to test it with an arm wrestling competition.]
Vincent: [excitedly] Are you ready to represent the human race?
Hodgins: [scoffs] Always.
[Cam walks in and catches them.]
Cam: Life or death huh?
Hodgins: [speechless] .....
Vincent: Dr. Saroyan, you are about to witness the first confrontation between man and dinosaur.
Hodgins: I'm the man.
Cam: Thanks for the hint.
[Vincent's contraption subdues Hodgins]
Cam: Ooo. Careful. If you break Hodgins you'll be responsible for raising his unborn child.
[Hodgins realizes the contraption's weakness and defeats Vincent]
Hodgins: [stands up, triumphantly] Yes!!! That is one for humanity and zero for the tyrant lizard!

[Broadsky is held at gunpoint by Booth]
Broadsky: You really so damn positive you're the good guy in this?
Booth: Yeah. Positive as you are. Difference is, I'm right.

Broadsky: Do the math, Seeley. I'm doing good work.
Booth: You kill people. No judge, no jury. Just you making the call.
Broadsky: My conscience is clear. And since you're trying to stop me, you're playing for the wrong team.
Booth: Oh, you threatening me now?
Broadsky: Self-defense, Seeley. Sometimes, that means a very aggressive offense.
Booth: You forget who you're dealing with, Jacob?
Broadsky: Not for a moment. And don't you forget, you never see the bullet that takes you down.

[In the conference room at the FBI headquarters. Everyone is in shock.]
Angela: I can't believe he's dead.
Brennan: The bullet severed his aorta. It's amazing he lasted as long as he did.
Sweets: [to Brennan] I think Angela means she's struggling with the concept that we'll never see Vincent again.
Angela: Can we just be sad for a minute without.... [Sweets nods understandingly]
Hodgins: [in a daze] He was the sweetest guy. With all his facts...
Cam: [smiles] And his confessions. I mean, if those were the worst things he ever did.

Agent Genny Shaw: The kid who was killed in the lab, was he a friend of yours?
Booth: Yes, he was.
Shaw: I'm sorry for your loss.
Booth: Well, you know what, don't be sorry. [smiles] Just help me get revenge.

Hodgins: [urgently] Dr. Brennan, listen. If he is playing dueling snipers with Broadsky, you've got to get to the point real fast.

Booth: Uh, how are you feeling?
Angela: Oh, boy. Like an overstuffed turkey shoved into an overhead bin of an overcrowded flight. How about you?
Booth: Me? Like I'm chasing a ghost.

Booth: [Applying pressure to a wounded Vincent Nigel-Murray] Open your eyes, Vincent! Stay with me!
Vincent: [pleadingly] I... ple-please don't. Just don't make me go. I-I don't want to go. I love -it's been lovely. Being here with - with you.
Brennan: No! You can stay here as long as you like, Vincent. You're my favorite! Everyone knows that. Right, Booth?
[Vincent's pleas stop and he goes still. Realizing there's nothing more he can do, Booth takes his hands off him.]
Brennan: You have to keep the pressure on!
Booth: [realizes that Vincent is dead] No, I don't, Bones.

Hodgins: You know, Vincent gave me a great piece of advice? He said, "The busiest shopping hour in the entire year is between 3:00 and 4:00 on Christmas Eve." So, I never shop during that time.
Sweets: Oh, he told me that Quebec City in Canada has the same amount of street crime as Disney World. So, safe place to visit.
Cam: Vincent informed me that the crack of a whip was actually the tip breaking the sound barrier.
Angela: He told me that the top of the Eiffel Tower is actually six inches shorter in the winter time. So, it's better to climb it then.
Brennan: Vincent's favorite song was "The Lime in the Coconut".
Sweets: Seriously? 'Cause that's like … that's my jam.
(The team breaks out into singing "Coconut" as they load Vincent Nigel-Murray's remains into a hearse.)

Booth: [having been woken by Brennan] What's wrong?
Brennan: He kept saying 'don't make me go.'
Booth: What?
Brennan: Vincent. He was looking at me and he was saying 'don't make me leave.' [crying] He said that he loved being there. Why would he think that I'm the one making him leave? What kind of person am I?
Booth: Come here. No, no, no, Bones. You got that all wrong, all right? You got it all wrong.
Brennan: No. I heard him. You did, too. Don't make me leave. That's what he said.
Booth: He wasn't talking to you.
Brennan: I was the only one there. And you. He wasn't -- he wasn't talking to you.
Booth: I think he was talking to God. He didn't want to die.
Brennan: No, Vincent was like me, Booth. He was an atheist.
Booth: Okay. He was talking to the universe, then. He didn't want to go. He wasn't ready, Bones. He wanted to stay.
Brennan: If there was a God then he would have let Vincent stay here with us.
Booth: That's not how it works.

Angela: What is going on? I mean, is this about Vincent?
Brennan: Yes.
Angela: Yeah.
Brennan: And I got into bed with Booth last night. [looks at Angela's dumbfounded expression] Why aren't you saying anything?
Angela: Because I -- I don't wanna yell 'Hallelujah!' so close to losing Vincent!
Brennan: I think I did it because of Vincent.
Angela: Wait. Whoa. What exactly happened after you -- after you crawled into bed with Booth?
Brennan: [pause and thinks for a moment, then gives a happy smile]
Angela: [smiling in anticipation of Brennan's answer]
Hodgins: [walks in the room with speed, bringing information and interrupting before Brennan could say anything] I've got the GC mass spec result back on the bullet that killed Vincent.
Angela: Honey! No! Not right now! I'm sorry, I love you, but go tell Cam! Go! Away!
Hodgins: Uh-- [walks out of the room, stops in the doorway and tries to talk]
Angela: [raising her voice] AWAY!

Hodgins: [has just given a long, detailed scientific explanation of the GC mass spec results on the bullet that killed Vincent] And you know what that means...
Cam: ...of course, but remind me anyway.

The Change in the Game [6.23]Edit

Wendell: You know, the only perimortem injury that I could find is this fracture to the nasal bone.
Hodgins: Who dies of a broken nose?
Wendell: Exactly. If I can't figure out the cause of death, Dr. Brennan's gonna be tossing me into that machine.
Hodgins: Right.
Wendell: You're supposed to say, "No, she'll understand."
Hodgins: Oh, but she won't.
Wendell: Ah, that is so funny.

Angela: I'm pretty sure any day the Guinness people are gonna come and measure me.
Hodgins: You look beautiful.
Angela: Yeah, for a water buffalo.

Wendell: Watch this. I'm about to Brennanize you.
Hodgins: Brennanize?
Wendell: Transverse fracture to the metacarpal and the right thumb, chondromalacia patellae of the left knee, a notch in the notch of the left ulna --
Hodgins: A notch in the notch?
Wendell: That's correct. With exostosis of the medial surface.
Hodgins: So what is that? Some kind of repetitive stress stuff?
Wendell: Yep, like this. [moves right arm upward repetitively]
Hodgins: Wow.
Wendell: Yeah, I'm thinking some kind of ritualized offering to like the sun, you know?
Hodgins: Yeah, yeah. Like a figure kind of on a high throne, right? Like a Satanic or an Illuminati slave!
Angela: Boys. You're bowling.
Hodgins: What? Okay! You're ready! The hot sauce worked!
Angela: Uh, no, not yet. Just relax.
Wendell: Bowling!
Angela: Bowling, yes.
Hodgins: Well, that would correspond with the high level of polyester in his garment.
Angela: And the fact that he was found in a bowling alley.

Hodgins: All right. So, breathe through your nose.
Angela: Do not tell me what to do.
Hodgins: All right.
Angela: But, but, but coach me like we practiced!
Hodgins: Those are mutually exclusive!
Angela: Don't argue with me!

Hercules: We are doomed! We only needed two pins and you left them both standing!
Booth: I've still got another ball.
Max: Yeah, right. A seven-ten split.
Brennan: It's highly improbable, statistically approaching the impossible.
Tina: Sometimes when you speak it's like you watch PBS on purpose.

Angela: Have I ever told you how wonderful your voice is? It's like hot tea and honey. Any child with a father who has a voice like yours is just --
Hodgins: Have I ever told you how good you smell, and how soft your skin is, and how every time you take my hand I feel your whole life vibrating with mine?

Brennan: They looked so happy.
Booth: Shoot yeah. They had a baby!
Brennan: Their whole lives have changed. You'd think they would be a little more apprehensive.
Booth: Well, you know, having a baby. That's a good thing.
Brennan: You really think that?
Booth: Yeah, it's a great thing. Why? What? Oh, come on, Bones. The baby is fine. He's healthy. They have a healthy baby, all right? They love each other. This is the happiest day of their lives, okay? What?
Brennan: I'm -- I'm pregnant. You're the father. [She watches as Booth smiles, and smiles back]