Bob Costas

American sportscaster

Robert Quinlan "Bob" Costas (born March 22, 1952) is an American sportscaster, on the air for NBC Sports television since the early 1980s. He has been prime-time host of nine Olympic games. He also does play-by-play for MLB Network and hosts an interview show called Studio 42 with Bob Costas.

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  • Our game today was produced by Ken Edmunson, directed by Bucky Guntz; Mike Weisman is the executive producer of NBC Sports, coordinating producer of baseball, Harry Coyle. The 1-1 pitch...He hits it to deep left field, LOOK OUT! DO YOU BELIEVE IT! IT'S GONE!!
    • Calling Sandberg's second game-tying home run against Sutter in the 10th inning. The Cubs went on to win 12-11 in the 11th inning. June 23, 1984.
  • Costas: But look who gets it next!
    Enberg: The Greatest! Oh my!
    • With Dick Enberg, calling Muhammad Ali's appearance before lighting the Olympic Torch at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, GA.
  • Tony Fernández, who has worn hero's laurels throughout the postseason, including earlier in this seventh game of the World Series—now, cruel as it may seem, perhaps being fitted for goat horns.
  • The men in teal are for real.
    • Moments after Édgar Rentería scored a two-out, bases-loaded RBI single to win the 1997 World Series.
  • McKey...gets it in to Miller for the win...IT'S THERE! Four tenths of a second! Yeah, you can dance, Reggie! One of the greatest clutch playoff performers of his generation has apparently done it again!
    • Calling Reggie Miller's game-winner in Game 4 of the 1998 Eastern Conference Finals.
  • Seventeen seconds from game seven or from championship number six. WITH THE LEAD!
  • Back from the brink of elimination to the brink of the NBA Finals!
    • Moments after the Kobe–Shaq alley-oop, which capped off a 15-point comeback.
  • What's up with the racewalkers? I mean I respect them as athletes but come on... a contest to see who can walk the fastest is like having a contest to see who can whisper the loudest.

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