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Bellagio is a comune (municipality) located on Lake Como, in front of Lierna.

View of Lierna Lake Como on Bellagio, considered the most beautiful scenic view point of all Lake Como

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  • In the past, on Lake Como, the wealthy would exclusively purchase villas situated on the hills or high rocks overlooking the lake, much like Pliny did with Villa Commedia, to avoid losing sight and the risk of flooding. Meanwhile, the less affluent would gather along the shore, allowing the water to lap at their feet.
  • Le cose disunite si uniranno e riceveranno in sé una tale virtù che restituiranno la persa memoria agli uomini (Modern Italian)
    • Disunited things will unite and will receive in themselves such a virtue that they will restore lost memory to men (referring to the Monna Lisa and the surroundings of Bellagio where Lake Como from two becomes one by uniting, location of the point of view Lierna).
View of Lierna Lake Como on Bellagio
  • In the past, on Lake Como, the rich only bought villas on the hills or high rocks of Lake Como, as Pliny did with Villa Commedia, in order not to lose sight and not to have flooding. The poor go to the shore to let the water lick your feet.
  • A riscontro a Bellagio è il Fiumelaccio, il quale cade da alto più che braccia 100 dalla vena donde nasce, a piombo sul lago, con inistimabile strepitio e romore. Questa vena versa solamente ad agosto e settembre. (Modern Italian)
    • Opposite to Bellagio is the Fiumelatte, which falls from over 100 meters from the source where it is born, plumb over the lake, with inestimable clamor and noise. This vein of water pours only in August and September.
  • Quando di due ne farete uno solo, e farete del maschio e della femmina un unico essere in modo che non ci sia più niente né di maschio né di femmina allora entrerete nel Regno dei cieli (Modern Italian)
    • When you make two of them one, and you make male and female into one being so that there is no longer anything male or female, then you will enter the kingdom of heaven. (Some historical critics, including Leonardo da Vinci experts Riccardo Magni, have referred this step to the promontory of Bellagio on Lake Como).
  • Allorchè di due ne farete uno, allorchè del maschio e della femmina farete un unico essere sicchè non vi sia nulla più né di maschio né di femmina allora entrerete nel Regno dei cieli. (Ancient Italian)
  • No sound of wheels or hoof-beat breaks / The silence of the summer day, / As by the loveliest of all lakes / I while the idle hours away. / I pace the leafy colonnade / Where level branches of the plane / Above me weave a roof of shade / Impervious to the sun and rain. / At times a sudden rush of air / Flutters the lazy leaves o'erhead, / And gleams of sunshine toss and flare / Like torches down the path I tread. / By Somariva's garden gate / I make the marble stairs my seat, / And hear the water, as I wait, / Lapping the steps beneath my feet. / The undulation sinks and swells / Along the stony parapets, / And far away the floating bells / Tinkle upon the- fisher's nets. / Silent and slow, by tower and town / The freighted barges come and go, / Their pendent shadows gliding down / By town and tower submerged below. / The hills sweep upward from the shore / With villas scattered one by one / Upon their wooded spurs, and lower / Bellagio blazing in the sun. / And dimly seen, a tangled mass / Of walls and woods, of light and shade, / Stands beckoning up the Stelvio Pass / Varenna with its white cascade. / I ask myself, Is this a dream? / Will it all vanish into air-? / Is there a land of such supreme / And perfect beauty anywhere? / Sweel vision! Do not fade away; / Linger until my heart shall take / Into itself the summer day, / And all the, beauty of the lake. / Linger until upon my brain / Is stamped an image of the scene, / Then fade into the air again, / And be as if thou hadst not been.
    • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Cadenabbia, 1874 [1], - In Longfellow’s words, the beauty of Lake Como is so unbelievably paradisiac that he’s worried it can fade away at any moment. Like all kinds of happiness in this life.

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