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Bates Motel (2013–2017) is a drama thriller television series developed for television by Carlton Cuse. Kerry Ehrin and Anthony Cipriano and produced by Universal Television for the cable network A&E. The series, being a "contemporary prequel" to Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 film Psycho (based on Robert Bloch's novel of the same name), depicts the life of Norman Bates and his mother Norma prior to the events portrayed in the film, albeit in a modern setting. The series begins after the death of Norma's husband, when she purchases a motel located in a coastal Oregon town so she and Norman can start a new life.

Dark Paradise [5.01] edit

Norman Bates: Do you ever have the feeling that you've had the same nightmare over and over again, but that you can't remember it? You just remember the feeling of it.

[Norman and Mother are arguing about a woman Norman has just met]
Mother: I just don't know what you're thinking.
Norman Bates: Mother, I'm not thinking anything. She's just a nice girl. Would it really be that awful if I had a friend?
Mother: Oh, here we go...
Norman Bates: Oh, mother, what is wrong with you?
Mother: What is wrong with me? Well, let's see, uh, let's see... for starters: I'm dead. And why am I pretending to be dead? So I can get away from everyone and everything that could distract me from you, okay?
Norman Bates: I know that, and I appreciate it...
Mother: You "appreciate" it? "Appreciate it"? What, like I baked you a coffee cake or something? I spend 24/7 in this house, looking after you, feeding you, bolstering your moods, doing your laundry. I can't leave! I can't go anywhere! I'm going nuts here! I literally gave up my life to protect you, okay, to give you a life without trouble, and we're doing it. We're doing it, right? I mean, a mentally ill boy and a dead woman. We're actually doing it. We have customers, we have a life.
Norman Bates: I know, and I appreciate it.
Mother: Stop saying you appreciate it!
[long pause]
Norman Bates: I'm sorry, mother. It's not fair to you. I know that.
Mother: It's not that, okay? It's not that. It's just that... you just can't have other people in your life. I mean, what're you going to, bring her over? Where am I going to go, the closet?
Norman Bates: I'm not going to bring her here to dinner. That's just absurd.
Mother: I know you, Norman. C'mon, I know you. I know you better than anyone. You can't have other people, especially women. You just make my job harder.
Norman Bates: Your job?
Mother: Protecting you.

Norman Bates: Mother?
Mother: Yes, honey?
Norman Bates: What are we trying to do, exactly?
Mother: What everyone's trying to do. Just trying to survive.

The Convergence of the Twain [5.02] edit

Norman Bates: You know something? Don't think I'm unsympathetic to your plight. I know what it's like to be locked up somewhere, being watched all the time, because you put me in such a place. Do you remember?
Alex Romero: That was your mother's decision.
Norman Bates: Uh-uh. Don't lie. That is a lie. It was you. It was you. It was your way of trying to get rid of me. And I'm still alive.
Alex Romero: For now.
Norman Bates: Great seeing you, sheriff.
[As Norman gets up to leave, Romero stands up and blocks his way]
Alex Romero: I'm coming for you when you least expect it, so don't get too cozy up at that house all by yourself.

Mother: Pretending to be dead isn't nearly as much fun as I thought it would be.

Norman Bates: Ah, "Mr. Davidson". You need a room again for a few hours?
Sam Loomis: No. I came to see you. This double date... I just came by to see what kind of a man you are.
Norman Bates: Not sure we have the same dictionary definition.
Sam Loomis: I'm not gonna stand here and explain myself to you. All I can tell you is, stay out of it.
Norman Bates: You're right, it's none of my business. I barely know you, or your wife. But, man to man, Sam, you don't care much for her, do you?
Sam Loomis: See, the thing is, Norman, I'm a nice guy, I really am. But in spite of that, I'm perfectly willing to kick your ass across that gravel out there if you breathe a word of this to my wife. Do we understand each other?
Norman Bates: I think so.
Sam Loomis: Don't screw with me.

Norman Bates: Mother, are you smoking?
Mother: I'm dead. It's not like it's going to kill me.

Bad Blood [5.03] edit

Chick Hogan: I'm gonna hang out here, keep an eye on you. Just a little while, 'kay?
Norman Bates: Um... I'm sorry, but I don't think you can stay here, Chick. It just might not be a good idea.
Chick Hogan: Norman, it's okay. I know about her.
Norman Bates: You know about who?
Chick Hogan: About your mother. I spoke to her. It's fine.
Norman Bates: [alarmed] This is all my fault. I should never have let you in the house.
Chick Hogan: Norman, it's okay. I'm not here to judge you, not for any of it. Okay?
Norman Bates: Thank you, Chick.
Chick Hogan: No thanks necessary. We're all in this sideshow together, and then we die.

Norman Bates: Sometimes you remind me of someone, someone I loved very much.
Madeleine Loomis: Who?
Norman Bates: My mother.
Madeleine Loomis: Is that a good thing?
Norman Bates: It's a very good thing.

Mother: I'm sorry. Norman will probably have to kill you. I can't do it.
Caleb Calhoun: It doesn't really matter. I love you, Norma Louise.
Mother: I know.

Hidden [5.04] edit

Norman Bates: I don't like how things are.
Mother: Neither does all of anyone in God's creation. We are a species of complainers. What makes today so special?

Norman Bates: Was Jim Blackwell driving a car?
Mother: Yes.
Norman Bates: A '90s silver and black Lincoln?
Mother: Maybe.
Norman Bates: Okay, well, where is the car, Mother? The sheriff was just here. They're searching for the car. So what did you do with it?
Mother: Don't worry. I hid it in the woods.
Norman Bates: [panicked] The woods?! Is it near us?
Mother: It's far enough.
Norman Bates: Okay, Mother, get up. We are going to that car.
Mother: Why? So you can be seen in the vicinity of it and get caught?
Norman Bates: No, because we need to get rid of it in a better way than just leaving it in the woods like the remains of a pie we didn't eat at a picnic!

Norman Bates: This was delicious.
Madeline Loomis: Thank you. It's nice to cook. I feel like I don't do it very often 'cause Sam's always gone so much. It seems silly to go through all the trouble just for one person.
Norman Bates: How is Sam?
Madeline Loomis: He's fine. He's almost done with the deal he's got going on in Seattle. Hopefully things will settle down after that.
Norman Bates: And did you ever get to talk to him about how you were feeling?
Madeline Loomis: No. I think I was just having a bad day that day.
Norman Bates: We all have bad days where we wonder what's real and not real.
Madeline Loomis: Do you have days like that?
Norman Bates: Yes. I think it's the nature of relationships. They shift constantly. They change shape, sometimes even minute to minute. It's hard to know in any minute what's real unless it's right in front of you and you're experiencing it. [pause] I just think you should have that little talk with Sam.
Madeline Loomis: [blurting out] Wanna make a cake? And then we could watch a movie and... eat cake?
Norman Bates: [smiles] I'd love to.

Dreams Die First [5.05] edit

Madeline Loomis: I feel terrible about last night. What you must think of me...
Norman Bates: I don't think anything bad. I just think you're lonely, Madeline. But I don't blame you.
Madeline Loomis: I just don't want to think that I was setting you up, like I was inviting you over at night, and...
Norman Bates: And what? Do I think you wanted to be with me, to have some human companionship and attention? Of course. Yeah, I do think that, but I don't judge you for it. I understand. I sure understand what it is to be lonely, although I don't have a choice.
Madeline Loomis: I don't understand.
Norman Bates: I don't need you to understand my life, Madeline. I barely understand it myself.

Emma Decody: Multitasking got the best of you?
Dylan Massett: Yeah, whoever decided we only needed two arms is an asshole.

Emma Decody: Maybe we should think about reaching out to your mom. I know it's complicated, but, honestly, I've been thinking about her, and she's a nut, but how amazing would she be as a grandmother?
Dylan Massett: Look, Emma, I know that you think you have this superpower where you know what people want even though that's not what they say, but it's getting really old, okay? And sometimes people actually do know what they want without you having to tell them. So if you could just drop the Norma thing, that'd be great, all right?
Emma Decody: [quietly] Got it.

Marion Crane: Sam, do you love me?
Sam Loomis: Of course.
Marion Crane: Do I love you?
Sam Loomis: I know you do.
Marion Crane: Good. Then marry me, already.

Marion [5.06] edit

Mother: You're mad because I left.
Norman Bates: I'm not mad - except in the British sense of the word, like the Mad Hatter. In that way, I am mad. But there are plenty of mad people who function, some of whom are heads of state. So I think I can manage running a motel.

Norman Bates: It's hard to be lonely. But it's also hard to love people, and I think that that's the trap.
Marion Crane: Trap?
Norman Bates: Yes, the little private trap that everyone lives in. We need people, but that need can destroy us. Once you care about someone, it rules you. And who knows at the end of the day if that person is really who you think they are, or if they're even real at all?

Dylan Massett: Why would you keep this from me!?
Norman Bates: Because it was too painful. I was shut down. I couldn't deal with anything. I couldn't bring myself to tell you the horrible truth, which is that she committed suicide.
Dylan Massett: Bullshit!! Alright, she would- she wouldn't do that!
Norman Bates: Well I'm sorry you feel that way Dylan, but that is what happened.
Dylan Massett: No-no-no-no, no, it that is not what happened. I know her, and she wouldn't do that.
Norman Bates: Oh, come on, Dylan. You never knew her that well. So take it from me. All right? She had a darkness in her, and she killed herself. And died from carbon monoxide asphyxiation. In fact, she tried to kill both of us. It was even confirmed by the authorities.
Dylan Massett: No, I-I-I-I don't understand. What-what why would she do that, Norman?!
Norman Bates: I don't know why! But I don't want to discuss it anymore, okay!?
Dylan Massett: Okay, well-well-well, I do want to discuss it, okay!? Because she was my mother too! None of this makes any sense.
Norman Bates: It was a horrible tragedy, Dylan. Tragedies don't make sense. That is why they are so horrible! It never should have happened, but it did and now she's gone! What what else is there to say?!

Mother: Come on, you're confused. Sit down. Let me take care of you.
Norman Bates: I'm not confused. I think for the first time in a long while, I'm actually starting to have some clarity.
Mother: Nothing like a crazy person announcing their own clarity.

Norman Bates: So you went to his house?
Marion Crane: You were right. I'm an idiot.
Norman Bates: Is there any way I could help you with anything?
Marion Crane: Don't be nice to me right now. It's just gonna make me cry all over again, and I'll never stop. [exhales] I was gonna bring you the key 'cause I'm checking out.
Norman Bates: You're going home?
Marion Crane: I can't go home. [chuckles] I did something before I left, something I can't undo now.
Norman Bates: I see.
Marion Crane: All my life I played by the rules. Been a good person. Where has it gotten me?
Norman Bates: I know how you feel.
Marion Crane: At least you told me the truth. It's just such a shock. It's like the beautiful, kind man I thought he was just died tonight. I don't know what I'm supposed to do.
Norman Bates: I'm so sorry.
Marion Crane: Makes me hate myself, but part of me doesn't even want to leave. 'Cause I think he'll come looking for me. Explain it all, tell me he left her.
[Marion starts to cry and puts her head on Norman's shoulder]
Norman Bates: [getting nervous] You don't want to be that person. I-I think you should go. Okay? Y-y-you need to go right now. I-I-I saw the money. Okay, what whatever you did to get it, you just you just take it and you and you get away. Okay, you just forget this place. Forget Sam. And just start over. All right? Start over and and start a new life for yourself. [hands her the money] Here.
Marion Crane: That's exactly what I was going to do, but it's just so scary.
Norman Bates: Well, you know what's scarier? Being trapped inside yourself, a private trap, never getting what you want. [starts frantically packing up her clothes] Get rid of your car and phone, things they can use to follow you. Get a new car in Otter Creek, all right? Uh, just pay for everything in cash. Here here are your clothes.
Marion Crane: I don't want them. Just throw them out.
Norman Bates: Okay, well please just go.
Marion Crane: [hugging him] Thank you.
Norman Bates: Just-just get out of here while you can okay?

Mother: Do you remember when you were little, and your dad would get so scary and you and I would hide?
Norman Bates: Stop talking like you're her. We both know you're not.
Mother: Okay. You are a big boy now. Let's talk on an even level, one adult to another. Your mother suffered.
Norman Bates: You kept me from feeling things, didn't you? Feeling bad things.
Mother: Yes. That's why you created me. When you were little and you were so scared. And your dad got violent, and your mom was so scared, over and over. And you were so afraid that you sent me out to handle things for you. Things that you couldn't stand to feel because they were so painful and so scary, and you were so little.
Norman Bates: So you've always been here with me to keep me safe.
Mother: Yes. We are two parts of the same person. Both are very real. But there's one thing you don't know. The pain that I keep you from feeling, you need to feel. Like Adam wanting all the knowledge and eating the apple in the Garden of Eden. You get the truth, but you also see the pain. We are partners now, Norman. You have no choice. We are on even footing.

Norman Bates: Oh Mother, what have I done?

Inseparable [5.07] edit

Mother: Honey, I know you're in shock right now. Big deal. You'll live. You can think about the meaning of life later, but right now, we've got shit to do.

Sheriff Greene: I've just been down at the little lake down the road. We found multiple bodies there last night.
Norman Bates: ...Dead bodies?
Sheriff Green: Yes.

Mother: [after dumping Sam's body down a well] If I had a quarter, I'd make a wish.

Mother: Look if you ever feel overwhelmed, I could know take over. I would be happy to do it.
Norman Bates: No mother that is not an option. Never again.

Norman Bates: I'm so sorry that I didn't call you. That I haven't seen you in so long. It's just...You have no idea Dylan. Every day is a small century.
Dylan Massett: I don't think you're well, Norman. Look I'm gonna stay here with you for a few days. Okay and we're gonna get this all figured out. I don't think you should be living here alone.
Norman Bates: Living anywhere else, any other way, is not an option.

Norman Bates: Please stay out of this Mother. I just wanna talk to him Norman.
[Mother takes over]
Mother: Dylan. Dylan I know you mean well because you've always meant well. I love you, but unfortunately I can only be a real mother to one person. And so even though I love you so very much, and this pains me, you're getting in the way.
[hits Dylan over the head with a glass]

9-11 Operator: 9-11. What is your emergency?
Norman Bates: I'd like to report a murder. My name is Norman Bates, and I killed Sam Loomis.

The Body [5.08] edit

Mother: I know you think I'm a monster, and I do believe there are people in this world who are fighting for good. But honey, there is no good. There's just life, which is hard and cruel and undeserving of your kind soul. I know you tried, I know you did. You tried so hard for such a long time. Honey, you are in a big pickle, Norman, you are. I'm not mad at you, but I can't let you do any more damage. It's time for me to fix this.

Jane Greene: Put Norman back in the interrogation room.
Officer: His lawyer says he's not talking anymore.
Jane Greene: Doesn't mean he should be comfortable. I want him to feel like he's being watched.

Mother: Just be patient, Norman. If this goes well, in the morning you can come back and keep me company. I don't mind admitting that I miss you.

Alex Romero: What the hell are you doing here?
Chick Hogan: Well, it's kind of difficult to explain...
Alex Romero: Well, why don't you try?
Chick Hogan: Alright. Where to begin? This looks weird. Alright, starting simple: After Norma died, Norman felt lonely, and I felt lonely after my kid and my wife took off, so we became friends. You know, but when I say it like that, it's sounds, y'know, reductive. It wasn't just a, a friendship of necessity. i recognized in Norman that he had the soul of an artist. When I was in college...
Alex Romero: Chick. Chick! What are you doing here?
Chick Hogan: You want me to say that he's crazy. I wouldn't say that he's crazy.
Alex Romero: Oh, really? I would.
Chick Hogan: Okay, maybe the world tosses that word around too much.
Alex Romero: He killed his mother.
Chick Hogan: And he loved her.

Visiting Hours [5.09] edit

Dylan Massett: Emma, this is Julia. She's Norman's lawyer.
Emma Decody: [cold] I see.
Dylan : Is it okay if she and I step outside for five minutes and talk?
Emma Decody: About what? Norman's defense? [to Julia] He's guilty, in case you were under any illusions.
Julia Ramos: I'm very sorry for the loss of your mother, Emma.
Emma Decody: And I'm sorry your job's now a lot harder.
Julia Ramos: I know this is a difficult time...
Emma Decody: Oh, has your brother-in-law ever killed your mother?

Funeral attendant: Did your mother have any religious affiliation?
Emma Decody: She belonged to the church of herself.

Dylan Massett: I'm so sorry.
Madeline Loomis: Are you?
Dylan Massett: Yes.
Madeline Loomis: I let Norman into our lives. That was me. Sam is a piece of evidence in there because of me. But Norman only tricked me for a couple weeks. How did he trick you for your whole life? [pause; Dylan says nothing] You knew. You're his brother - you knew! How can you live with yourself?

Mother: Hello Emma. I guess I know why you're here.
Emma Decody: You do? Because I'm not sure I do.
Mother: Well it's about your mother, I imagine. They think I killed her.
Emma Decody: I think you did too, Norman.
Mother: I wouldn't kill anybody, Emma. You know that. It's me. Norman. Your Norman, your friend.
[Emma looks into his eyes and realizes it's absolutely not Norman]
Emma Decody: ...Where's Norman?
Mother: ...I am sorry about your mother, Emma. She wasn't nice. She was using Norman, and she was using you.
Emma Decody: She didn't deserve to die.
Mother: Death isn't about deserving. It's just part of the deal. She made her own bed. You know that better than anyone.
Emma Decody: Can I talk to Norman?
Mother: Well, Norman's sleeping. In his room. There's an apple pie in the oven, and when he wakes up he'll smell it baking and know that everything's okay.
Emma Decody: [tearing up] Can you tell him something for me? Can you tell him that I miss him?

The Cord [5.10] edit

[Norman has mortally wounded Romero]
Alex Romero: You killed her. You killed your own mother. You can't hide from it.
[he dies]
Mother: Don't listen to him, Norman. He's just trying to hurt you.
Norman Bates: I think I did kill her. If I did, I didn't want to. She was everything I had. It was supposed to be the both of us.
Mother: I have to leave now.
Norman Bates: No! I'll have no one. You can't leave me now!
Mother: You know everything now, and there's nothing for me to protect you from. Goodbye, Norman.

[Norman is on the phone with Dylan, delusional]
Norman Bates: I know that she can be so stubborn sometimes. I- it's just because she gets hurt so easily, and I-I know that the two of you had that terrible fight before we moved from Scottsdale, but I just I think this could be a new beginning, Dylan, for all of us. And we're not a family without you, Dylan, and so I just really think we should start over and, uh, and be together and and that I guess the real reason that I'm calling is, I would love it if you could come over for dinner.

Dylan Massett: Norman called me. He's at the house. He wants me to come over.
Emma Decody: Does the sheriff know?
Dylan Massett: No.
Emma Decody: Dylan, you have to tell her!
Dylan Massett: She doesn't give a shit abut Norman. If I tell her, they're gonna rush in and he's gonna end up dead.
Emma Decody: I don't care. I don't care about Norman, I care about you. Dylan, you have a child!
Dylan Massett: I know I have a child. Do I have a wife?
Emma Decody: [long pause] Please don't do this! Call the sheriff, Norman's dangerous!
Dylan Massett: He's not dangerous to me.
Emma Decody: [angry] You sound like Norma!
Dylan Massett: Tell me you love me, Emma.
Emma Decody: [in tears] No, I won't. I'm not going to arm you up so you can go do something stupid.
Dylan Massett: [pause] I'm never gonna love anyone else but you. You screwed me there, Emma Decody.

Norman Bates: Sit down. Sit down with Mother.
Dylan Massett: Norman-
Norman Bates: Dylan.
Dylan Massett: Norman, stop.
Norman Bates: Just sit down-
Dylan Massett: Stop what you're doing.
Norman Bates: [getting annoyed] What am I doing Dylan?
Dylan Massett: Norman-
Norman Bates: Dylan please don't ruin it!!!
Dylan Massett: I have to, Norman!! You're not living in the real world! You need to live in the real world! You you have to stop this!!
Norman Bates: ...Stop what, Dylan?
Dylan Massett: Norma is dead. Okay? This is her body. You brought her body here!
Norman Bates: Well, I disagree.
Dylan Massett: This isn't something that you agree or disagree with! She's dead, Norman!
Norman Bates: Stop it! Stop it, Dylan! Stop saying that!
Dylan Massett: You have to deal with it! You need to come and you need to turn yourself in, and we need to get you help!
Norman Bates: That's what you want for me? To be shut up in some prison for the criminally insane and be drugged out of my mind!?
Dylan Massett: I don't know what I want for you! What I really want is something that can never happen! I want you to be happy, I want you to be well. I want mom to be alive again. I want both of you- I want you guys to meet my daughter, I want to have Christmases together, okay? I want all of these things to have never happened.
Norman Bates: ...Well if you believe hard enough then you can make it that way!
Dylan Massett: No you can't!! ...You can't.

[Norman picks up carving knife]
Dylan Massett: What are you doing?
Norman Bates: I can't let you take me away from her.
Dylan Massett: Put down the knife... [tearing up] Norman put down the knife.
Norman Bates: This is how it ends, isn't it?
Dylan Massett: Doesn't have to end this way. Put the knife down.
Norman Bates: I just wanna be with her Dylan.
Dylan Massett: Don't ask me to do this.
[Norman lunges with the knife and Dylan is forced to shoot him. Norman collapses in Dylan's arms]
Dylan Massett: [sobbing] I'm so sorry Norman!!
[Norman has a vision of himself running through the forest where he is reunited with Norma]
Norman Bates: [dying] Thank you.