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Bates Motel (2013–2017) is a drama thriller television series developed for television by Carlton Cuse. Kerry Ehrin and Anthony Cipriano and produced by Universal Television for the cable network A&E. The series, being a "contemporary prequel" to Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 film Psycho (based on Robert Bloch's novel of the same name), depicts the life of Norman Bates and his mother Norma prior to the events portrayed in the film, albeit in a modern setting. The series begins after the death of Norma's husband, when she purchases a motel located in a coastal Oregon town so she and Norman can start a new life.

A Danger to Himself and Others [4.01] edit

Alex Romero: N-Norma, I'm not magical. I've got nothing to do with Willamette.
Norma Bates: Yeah, but you're a sheriff. Don't you know someone? I mean, ca-can't you just pull some strings? Threaten someone. Beat someone up in a parking lot.

Audrey Decody: Can I talk to you? Emma wrote to me and told me how close the two of you are. I know what you must think about me, but it's not like that. I was afraid to stay with Emma's father. He has a violent temper. I want Emma to know that I love her and I hope that she can maybe understand why I did what I did. I so regret it. It hurts me so much. [starts crying]
Norman Bates: Hm. It's all right.
Audrey Decody: Um... This rabbit's from her childhood. Maybe you could give it to her. And and this letter.
Norman Bates: I'm so sorry for you.
Audrey Decody: Thank you.
Norman Bates: But what sort of a person runs away from their sick child?
Audrey Decody: I thought you said...
Norman Bates: Do you have any idea the pain she suffered!? [starts strangling her] You think your pain is anything like what she went through!? Every day, feeling abandoned by her own mother! Made to feel unwanted! Worthless! You love someone more than anything, and they leave you!!

Norma Bates: I don't have any insurance, and I can't even get him on the waiting list without it.
Alex Romero: So?
Norma Bates: I need insurance. You have insurance. So I thought maybe you could marry me... It's not like you're doing anything else.

Goodnight, Mother [4.02] edit

Will Decody: You know, if she makes it through this, she's going to have a future. She's not gonna be a girl planning on dying anymore.
Dylan Massett: Yeah, I understand.
Will Decody: If you're serious about having a relationship with my daughter, and for your own sake, you need to think about something else besides selling pot. That's not where Emma's future is heading, if she's lucky enough to have a future. And to be're too good to be doing that.

Norman Bates: [to Norma] I'm afraid of you and I love you, and that's a bad combination. I don't think you're in your right mind. And you're trying to sabotage me.

Norma Bates: Norman, you're scaring me.
Norman Bates: I'm not gonna lie, Mother. You should be scared. We should all be scared. I know about you now. I understand things. There's something dark in you, Mother, something that needs to be stopped. I know you killed that woman, the one who was here but didn't check out. I saw you scrabbling about in that pit trying to cover up your crime so I wouldn't know. I think you killed Bradley Martin and Blaire Watson because you were jealous of both of them. I think you killed my father. And you, you, you are trying to blame me. You're trying to pin it all on me and have me locked up! Well, I am not gonna let you do that!

Norman Bates: We just don't belong in this world anymore, Mother. We're broken. We've tried. We want peace and happiness, but the world just won't allow it. So let's take ourselves out of the equation. Because whatever there is after this, we will have peace. And we will be together. We can have peace, and we can be happy. You just have to trust me.

Til Death Do You Part [4.03] edit

Gunner Alexander: I was just about to bounce.
Dylan Massett: What?
Gunner Alexander: Oh, here. I wrote you a note.
Dylan Massett: "Going to Cali. Leftovers are in the cooler. Peace out. Gunner." Wow, that's, um... That's pretty emotional.

Chick Hogan: You know that it wasn't my intention to have you killed, right? I was a product of divorce too. I know all about Mommy trying to make Daddy into the bad guy, but I thought that you ought to know what your father's capable of. He beat me within an inch of my life. He left me for dead.
Dylan Massett: So what do you want?
Chick Hogan: I want Caleb.

Gregg Edwards: Your mom says that sometimes you talk to people who aren't there, that sometimes you can get violently angry.
Norman Bates: So can she.

Norman Bates: I have reason to believe that my mother is insane and might be killing people.

Lights of Winter [4.04] edit

Norman Bates: So how long have you been at Pineview?
Julian Howe: About four years. Yeah, in for the "B" s: Bipolar, borderline, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Alex Romero: Do you remember when I first met you on the porch at the motel that night?
Norma Bates: Yeah, my heart stopped, mostly because I thought you were gonna arrest me.

Norman Bates: I don't know how I got here or or what happened before. I just I just black out, and, and maybe because it's because I'm crazy or something. I-I-I don't know, but I can't do this anymore, because I am tired and scared. [crying] I'm so scared, and, and I don't trust what I think is real, and so, if you could help me, then, yes, please, please. I'll do anything you say. Please, please, help me. Please.

Refraction [4.05] edit

Norman Bates: [leaving a message for Norma] Hi, it's me. Um I, uh I just wanted to say that I hope you're doing okay getting through everything, and and I'm sorry. [inhales sharply] I think you were right a-about... I've been confused about things and, uh... But I'm really working hard to get better now. I really think I can do it. I miss you very much, and I love you.

Norman Bates: Let me out! Let me out! Hey, help! Help! Somebody help!
Gregg Edwards: Norman. Hey. Breathe, Norman. Breathe, Norman. Breathe. Breathe in, two three. [exhales] Out two three four.
[Norman suddenly relaxes, and his posture and voice seem to change; he is now "Mother"]
Norman Bates: You have a very soothing voice. Did they teach you that at medical school, or were you just born that way?
Gregg Edwards: How do you feel now?
Norman Bates: How do you want me to feel?
Gregg Edwards: Do you think you can sit back down and finish our session?
Norman Bates: I could. Or would you prefer me to lie down?
Gregg Edwards: You can if you like.
Norman Bates: It's a very vulnerable position. I can see the appeal. But I think I'd rather look you in the face. So where were we?
Gregg Edwards: Do you mind if I ask a question?
Norman Bates: That's why we're here, isn't it?
Gregg Edwards: What do you think about Norman?
Norman Bates: I think he is a very weak, confused boy. Easy for people to take advantage of.
Gregg Edwards: Is that what you feel I'm doing?
Norman Bates: I think you think you're helping, but that's your ego in action. If you want to know what's really wrong with Norman, you should talk to the person who knows him best.
Gregg Edwards: And that's you?
Norman Bates: Of course it is. I'm his mother.

Chick Hogan: We did not meet by accident. We were both hurt by the same person. You said that Caleb was your brother. But when Caleb introduced himself, it was as Dylan's father. Nah I mean, I only put this all together yesterday, but there aren't that many ways that that adds up, right?
Norma Bates: I- you- you're probably confused. He's, he- Caleb's crazy.
Chick Hogan: Mm. Do you want to be out of integrity with yourself, Norma?
Norma Bates: I want you to leave.
Chick Hogan: Why? Just 'cause you slept with your brother? Are you ashamed because he raped you? Or are you ashamed because you loved him?
Norma Bates: What do you want?
Chick Hogan: Caleb beat me, stole my money, drove off my wife and child. He had no idea the cause and effect of his actions, but that does not remove responsibility. He disappeared. I want to know where he is, Norma, and I want you to tell me.
Norma Bates: You want to kill him?
Chick Hogan: Is that what you want?
Norma Bates: No.
Chick Hogan: Why not? I mean, there must have been times when you thought, "If I was just stronger, if I had a knife..." I mean, why not? That would feel good, right? After all this time, just to... Maybe you don't know what you want.
Norma Bates: [crying] Um, I... please, I... I don't know where he is.
Chick Hogan: That's okay. You can think about it. And think about what you need, and I'll think about what what I need.

The Vault [4.06] edit

Norma Bates: It's funny, you and I, isn't it? That we're here, and... and we're happy, that after everything, we've made it. And you're going off to work and kissing me, and it's like I'm watching a movie, but it's not a movie.
Alex Romero: It's not a movie. [kisses her]
Norma Bates: [laughs] Don't screw it up.

Dylan Massett: How's, uh...
Norma Bates: Hmm?
Dylan Massett: How's the husband?
Norma Bates: He is very good. You didn't tell Norman, did you? He doesn't know.
Dylan Massett: No, I didn't say anything to Norman. Although I don't really understand why we all feel like it might bother him to hear that you're seeing someone, but...
Norma Bates: Well, because it's just... You know, he... we're very close, and he's fragile.
Dylan Massett: Did it ever occur to you that if you keep treating people like they're fragile, it might keep them from ever getting stronger?

Chick Hogan: You have something for me?
[Norma pulls a gun on him, but cannot bring herself to fire]
Norma: I can't get Caleb killed, and I can't kill you, so I'm screwed. I'm screwed! You got me! All I wanted was my freaking window fixed, and now you're gonna destroy my life! So just go right ahead. Just go right the hell ahead!

Norman Bates: [to Edwards, as "Mother"] I don't want him to know these things. It will kill both of us. Please, Doctor, if you have a heart, don't make him remember these things... Or I will have to do something about it.

There's No Place Like Home [4.07] edit

Norman Bates: What are you making?
Julian Howe: Self-portrait. I need some air. I don't know who thought it was a good idea for a bunch of medicated psychos to spend the morning inhaling glue. Nice cat, by the way.
Norman Bates: It's a dog.
Julian Howe: It's cute that you care.

Dylan Massett: How's Norman?
Norma Bates: ...He said he wants to come home. I won't let him, it's not time. He's just homesick. I'll talk some sense into him when I see him tomorrow.
Dylan Massett: You can't let him come home.
Norma Bates: That's what I just said. Don't be dramatic.
Dylan Massett: ...I need to tell you something.
Norma Bates: Oh my God. Did Emma die!?
Dylan Massett: ...What!? No!! Jesus Norma!! I just told you we'd go to the Christmas tree thing!
Norma Bates: Oh, right.

Dylan Massett: Audrey came by the hospital, then she came here and Emma hasn't heard from her since. And her phone's been disconnected. So I'm trying to find her.
Norma Bates: Okay whatever. Do what you think you got to do. Via con Dios.
Dylan Massett: Fine. I will. And I wouldn't let him come home. [starts walking out]
Dylan Massett: Alright. Bye Norma.

Julian Howe: Did you start your meds?
Norman Bates: Yeah.
Julian Howe: You sleep?
Norman Bates: Not really.
Julian Howe: Yeah, well, that'll go away. You may even sleep more.
Norman Bates: I think I'll sleep better when I'm home in my own bed.
Julian Howe: You gonna miss your mommy tucking you in? [Norman looks offended] It's a joke, dude. Lighten up. I'm I'm sorry if you're homesick.
Norman Bates: Oh, no. I'm not homesick, Julian. I'm going home.
Julian Howe: Seriously?
Norman Bates: Yep.
Julian Howe: Dr. Edwards sign off on your paperwork yet?
Norman Bates: He will.
Julian Howe: No, he won't. Even if he did, someone like you, you're gonna boomerang back here in one, two months, tops. That is, of course, unless your family freaks out and dumps you back here sooner.
Norman Bates: Someone like me?
Julian Howe: Yeah, I'm... look, I know you think you're different, playing all calm and nice, but you don't wind up in a place like this just 'cause you're normal.
Norman Bates: You're right, Julian. I'm not normal. But I'm also not like you. I may be crazy like you are, but I'm smart, and I can get myself out of this place because I want to. I know how to make the world see me as someone normal, someone kind, someone nice, and you just can't do that. That's why you're never gonna get out of here.

Dylan Massett: [about Audrey's letter] That's how I knew your mom was staying at the motel. I tracked down her landlord, and she said that she hadn't heard from your mom, and that your mom owed back, like, four months' rent, so they had to get rid of her stuff and evict her. Did you read this? I think that, you know, it seems like she wants to get to know you and make an effort.
Emma Decody: What it says is that she wants to tell me about why she left. What it means is that she actually wants to tell me horrible things about my dad.
Dylan Massett: Are you sure?
Emma Decody: All that stuff you found out about the disconnected phone. The back rent. It all makes sense. She's broke. She wanted to make us feel sorry for her so that we'd bail her out. She did it a few times when I was little, until my dad finally told her to go to hell. I can't keep pretending like I don't remember that. She's not a very good person. I'm such an idiot.
Dylan Massett: No, no.
Emma Decody: No, it's fine. I don't need someone who doesn't who doesn't want me.
Dylan Massett: I want you. I love you.

Unfaithful [4.08] edit

Norman Bates: I just really wanted to thank you for everything that you've done for me. And for my mother. I know it was a very difficult time for her, and I know that it probably meant a great deal for her to have a friend there. And the fact that you married her, it's above and beyond. We're both really very grateful.
Alex Romero: Oh, that's, uh, I mean, I was happy to do it, Norman.
Norman Bates: I-I just want you to know that you can be done now.
Alex Romero: Uh, I can be done how?
Norman Bates: I know you got married for the insurance, and I don't want to burden you with it. I'm an adult, and I'm going to get my own insurance.
Alex Romero: All right, well, um... Uh, insurance is... it's really expensive, Norman. And I-I know the motel hasn't been doing well, and...
Norman Bates: There's other places to work besides the motel, Sheriff. And other things that I can be doing besides managing. So I'll be getting a part-time job while I continue on at the motel. And as soon as I get all this straightened out, which should be in the next two weeks, you and my mother can get a divorce.
Alex Romero: You know, Norman, uh... things change, and that's just that's a part of life.
Norman Bates: That's where you're wrong. Certain things can never change. Things that you know nothing about and never, ever will. But I will always remember that you helped my mother at a time that she was so confused and so vulnerable.
Alex Romero: I-I think you need to be careful about how far you want to push this, Norman.
Norman Bates: I'll let you know when I have my own insurance and we can start the paperwork for the divorce, so as not to expose your fraud.

Norman Bates: Mother!
Norma Bates: [gasps] Geeze! Norman! Don't jump out from a bunch of trees and sneak up on people!
Norman Bates: I didn't jump out from a bunch of trees you're just on edge. What's going on?
Norma Bates: I don't know Norman. I don't know what's going on. You know why!? Because no one tells me anything! Things that you do. Things that affect my life. I mean but why talk to me about anything? I mean what am I? Like a doll? And the men folk are gonna hash out who gets the woman in the homestead?
Norman Bates: Oh I see. So he told you?
Norma Bates: Yeah he told me because he respects me enough to tell me.
Norman Bates: Pfft.
Norma Bates: What the hell does that mean? Pfft! That's bullshit Norman. Anyone could do that. Pfft! Pfft! Pfft! [mockingly] I just diminished what you said!!
Norman Bates: Maybe this just isn't the place for this discussion. Mother.
Norma Bates: I tried to talk to you about it at the house but Dylan and Emma were already there. I am so upset with you. And I don't want to get into it so STOP PROVOKING ME! STOP IT! [storms off]

Norman Bates: You might as well tell me what's wrong. I know you're angry it's not like I can pretend you're not and go have a glass of cider and a candy cane and fa la la la la!! You're ruining everything!!
Norma Bates: Fine!! I cannot believe that you went behind my back to tell Alex that he and I should get a divorce!
Norman Bates: Mother! You don't have to lie to me. I know you've been sleeping with him. That you had to do it to get insurance for me! That sort of thing is horrible and you shouldn't have to live life like that, no one should. But if I have learned one thing at Pineview, it is that sometimes you have to let other people help in order to alleviate your burdens.
Norma Bates: But that's not what happened!
Norman Bates: ...
Norma Bates: He's a good man...And I like him.
Norman Bates: You like him?
Norma Bates: ...Yes.
[After a tense silence Norman vomits everywhere]

Norma Bates: I told him.
Alex Romero: How do you feel?
Norma Bates: It was hard. Why do you have this magical ability to make me feel calm?
Alex Romero: There's something I got to tell you. I'm, uh, I'm actually magical. [whispers] I'm a unicorn.
Norma Bates: [laughing] You're a unicorn? - What? Is that what you said?
Alex Romero: [smiling] I don't know what you're talking about.
Norma Bates: You did! Well, thank you. Thank you for for being whatever it is that you said. That you say that you are.
Alex Romero: Okay. Yeah, you're very welcome.

Norman Bates: Okay Alex, there's something that you don't seem to understand. Nothing is going to change. You can be married to her, you can be sleeping with her but you're never going to get in between us.
Alex Romero: I'm not trying to.
Norma Bates: Norman there's room in the human heart for more than one person. It doesn't diminish the love that's already there.
Norman Bates: Oh really? Imagine that we are on a ship at sea. The ship is going down and there is one tiny boat and room and provisions for two. Who are you gonna put in that boat with you?
Alex Romero: Well maybe you and I get in Norman and we leave her on the ship.

Norman Bates: My whole life, you have kept me so close to you that I couldn't breathe without you. You never wanted me to have a girlfriend or even a good time. I-I gave up everything. Everything for you, Mother. And I did it gladly, because I understand the bond between us, the cord. I understand that it is huge and sacred and unique. And now you want to tell me that doesn't matter. Now, all of a sudden, there's room for someone else. Well, there isn't, a-and you know it. This is our world. Our world, Mother! And that's what love is. Real love. Not this pale corpse you're trying to put in its place, and you never will be able to. You are setting yourself up, and he is making you think that it's possible!
Norma Bates: Get this through your head! No one is making me do anything! I am a grown woman. I love him. He loves me. And that is it. And you have to deal with it!

Alex Romero: You need to grow up a little right now, and you need to think of your mother.
Norman Bates: Don't patronize me. I have spent every waking moment of my life thinking of my mother.
Alex Romero: Well, then you need to think of her as a human being, Norman. She's always gonna be your mother. Nothing's ever gonna change that. But don't you think she wants to be with someone? W-w-with a partner? A friend? A lover? Someone she can share her life with? I mean, why is that such a terrible thing? Don't you think she deserves to have a man in her life?
[Norman raises the axe above his head]
Alex Romero: Put that down. Oh, back up. Back up. Back up.
[Norman furiously chops at the door with the axe]
Norman Bates: AAAAH! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you so much! AHHH!
[Norma rushes outside]
Norma Bates: Norman? What happened?
[Norman storms off. Romero takes Norma back into the house]
Alex Romero: I'm moving back in. I'll go home and get my stuff tomorrow. But I'm not leaving this house tonight.

Forever [4.09] edit

Norman Bates: He has got a big surprise coming when he realizes just how difficult she can be and how damaged she really is! Everyone sees this part of her that is normal and friendly and happy. But I see what is really there. That she is as frightened and tiny and fragile inside as a baby bird. And that she's lived her whole life that way, because she can just be crushed by disappointment. Oh, but she doesn't let anyone else see that but me. He's got no idea what he's got coming for him. What'll happen next is that he won't measure up to her standards. She'll start to pass judgment on him. Not like this or that. She'll criticize him. And after a while, he'll leave. He'll run away. He'll be gone. Her heart will be broken, and then it'll be little old me picking up all the broken pieces If I can.

Norma Bates: How dare you go behind my back to my own son to try and get Norman taken away from me? Who the hell do you think you are?
Alex Romero: Someone who loves you and is worried about you. And Norman.
Norma Bates: That's nice that that's how you frame it in your head, but how it looks from here is that you are an incredibly presumptuous and arrogant man who thinks he knows what's best for me and my son.
Alex Romero: Wow. I'm sorry you see it that way.
Norma Bates: No one who loves me could ever do this to me.
Alex Romero: No. That's where you're wrong. He's dangerous.
Norma Bates: He's my son! You don't think I would know if he was dangerous?
Alex Romero: He had an axe in his hand, and he wanted to kill me!
Norma Bates: Yeah, well, are you dead? The point is, he didn't! He was angry! He took it out on the shed and on my door. [sighs] You know, we were happy when we were in a bubble, but life isn't a bubble. You know, the second that a little reality crept in, that was it for you. Bam. So much for the stupid bubble.
Alex Romero: You can spin it however you want, Norma. It doesn't make it the truth. You just you can't see clearly here 'cause this is about Norman.
Norma Bates: Yeah, because he's my son! You're gonna plant yourself on the mountain like you're God and tell me how things work with my son? Wrong. You crossed over a line, and you are never crossing back. I will never trust you again.
Alex Romero: No, you left me no choice.
Norma Bates: And you left me none.

Norma Bates: We're supposed to be together, aren't we, Norman? Are we?
Norman Bates: Yeah. Yes, we are, Mother. Forever.

Norman [4.10] edit

Alex Romero: You think I'm putting up with any of your crap, you think again.
Norman Bates: My mother would just be touched at how you're handling her son, who she loved more than anything on this earth.
Alex Romero: Oh, yeah? That wasn't a suicide. We both know that.
Norman Bates: I-I-I tried to warn you. I tried to warn both of you it was never going to work. You pushed her too far, and you broke her. Now, I-i-if she has gone, it is your fault.
Alex Romero: That's not true.
Norman Bates: No, it is true. I don't want you anywhere near me. I don't want you at the house, and I do not want you near her at that funeral home or at the funeral. I don't want to see you ever again.
[Romero slams him up against a wall]
Alex Romero: Go on go on, cut me out of everything. I don't care now. She's gone, so what does it matter?
Norman Bates: What are you gonna do, kill me in the hallway?
Alex Romero: No, I'm gonna prove you did it, you piece of shit.

Norman Bates: [giving Norma's eulogy] My mother was the most wonderful person who ever lived. She was just beautiful beyond words, radiant, half queen, half little girl. She had an innocence to her that illuminated everything that she did, everything that she touched, every word that she said. She was like a miracle. And I miss her. I miss... I miss her. I miss her so, so terribly. I... I just can't believe she left. She was not supposed to leave me. And I know that they say that God has a plan and that we have and we have to trust that. We have to trust the plan. [angrily, to Norma's portrait] Well, it would be nice to know what the hell that plan is. I guess nobody thought telling me that would be important. I'm just supposed to figure this shit out by myself!

Norman Bates: Mother, I have really had enough of this. If you're angry and you're just punishing me, then you win. You win. I'm sorry. Would you just please come back now? You can't just leave me here, Mother. You can't just leave me here alone in this abyss where I can't find you!

Mother: Hi, honey.
Norman Bates: You're here. You did come back. I thought you'd left me.
Mother: I'd never leave you. You know that.
Norman Bates: Mother, we're home. We're finally together.
Mother: Yes, honey, forever and ever.