Bad Boys for Life

2020 film directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah

Bad Boys for Life is a 2020 American action comedy film directed by Adil and Bilall. The sequel to Bad Boys 2 (2003) and the third installment in the Bad Boys franchise, the movie features Miami detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett as they investigate a string of murders tied to Lowrey's troubled past.

Directed by Adi and Bilail. Written by Chris Bremner, Peter Craig and Joe Carnahan.

Captain HowardEdit

  • [to Mike as they watch his daughter play basketball] The horse represents all of our fears and traumas and it's got us running around a hundred miles an hour to the point where we can't even answer a simple question: Where are you going? Where are you going Mike? ... You gotta take control of your life. You gotta grab the reins before your horse runs you off a cliff.


[first lines]
Marcus Burnett: [speeding through the streets of Miami] MIKE!
Mike Lowrey: Whooo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hooooo!
Marcus Burnett: What the hell are you doing?
Mike Lowrey: It's called driving, Marcus.

Mike Lowrey: [Marcus starts to cry while holding his grandchild] Uh uh. Ok, that's that shit.
Marcus Burnett: No, Mike.
Mike Lowrey: Stop it.
Marcus Burnett: The baby...
Mike Lowrey: Seriously!
Marcus Burnett: Look at the baby...
Mike Lowrey: OK, you know what? I'll be outside when you get your shit together. [leaves]
Marcus Burnett: [still emotional] Mike, the baby...

Mike Lowrey: What happened to "bad boys for life"?
Marcus Burnett: It's time we be good men.
Mike Lowrey: Who the fuck wants to sing that song?

[the rookie cops start singing "Bad Boys" in front of Lowrey and Burnett]
Mike Lowrey: Hey, hey hey! Hey! Uh-uh! No! No! Never. Y'all will never do that again.
Marcus Burnett: Yeah, and you fucking up the lyrics, which take a long time to learn.

[Lowrey gets out of his Porsche 911. Burnett opens the passenger door and accidentally hits a fire hydrant]
Mike Lowrey: Hey!
Marcus Burnett: [struggling to get out while banging the door on the fire hydrant] Oh, shit! Oh!
Mike Lowrey: Come on, man!
Marcus Burnett: You can get that buffed out.
Mike Lowrey: No. You can get that buffed out.

Captain Howard: Look at all this carnage!
Mike Lowrey: Aw come on Cap, I didn't do all that shit. They did this to each other.
Captain Howard: Wait, wait. You didn't shoot anybody?
Mike Lowrey: Well, come on Cap, you know I shot somebody.

[Mike details his past with the Aretas cartel and how Armando Aretas may be his son with the cartel leader's wife]
Marcus Burnett: Mike... you fucked a married witch?
Mike Lowrey: So all this shit I just said and that was your takeaway?
Marcus: No it's just a lot to digest. I mean you think you know somebody and well, hell now explains why you dress like a drug dealer.
Mike: So you want to hear this shit or you don't?
Marcus: Sorry but you don't know that's your son, Mike. You don't know who that witch was fucking.
Mike: [stands up] Benito Aretas couldn't have kids. Isabel gave birth in prison, eight months after her arrest. Hasta el Fuego, he said that to me before I jumped from the chopper. Me and Isabel made that up. It's not even real Spanish. It's some shit we said to each other, meant like "we'll be together until we burn."
Marcus: No Mike...
Mike: Marcus. He's the right age. He's crazy like me, he's ruthless like me, he's fearless like me. He's the fucked-up me!
Marcus: No Mike, you the fucked-up you! You jump into conclusions, all right? Shit is gonna work itself out, you just trust that!

Marcus Burnett: You're dying your goatee, Mike.
Mike Lowrey: What?
Marcus Burnett: You're dying your goatee.
Mike Lowrey: I'm not dying my goatee.
Marcus Burnett: Yeah, that's Midnight Cocoa Bean. I recognize that shit.

Marcus Burnett: So, what you gonna do when you see him? You really gonna put your son behind bars?
Mike Lowrey: No. I'm gonna kill him.
Marcus Burnett: Kill him? You really gonna kill your own son, Mike?
Mike Lowrey: I'm gonna put him in a fucking bag.
Marcus Burnett: You realize you will go to hell?
Mike Lowrey: I don't believe in hell, Marcus.
Marcus Burnett: Well, it believes in you. I mean, killing your own son. Brother, that's a darkness that swallows you whole.
Mike Lowrey: Well, maybe I've already been swallowed. I died, remember? I'm ending this shit, man.


  • Ride Together. Die Together.


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