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Aurat is word for women (also wife) in Hindi and Urdu

Quotes word meaning as woman or wife

  • Urdu: “Hum humesha aurat card he kyun kheltay hain? Har roti hui aurat sachi nahi hoti.”
English Translation: Why does one always plays 'Aurat card'? every crying woman is not talking the truth (necessarily)
  • Urdu "Ainey ne aaj naya chehra dikha diya / merey wajood ko aurat ka naam de diya / husn, haya, ada, wafa aur chaah / in lafzon ko mera zevar bana diya”
English Translation: Today mirror showed (my) new face / My existence has been named 'Aurat'/ Beauty, modesty , style, loyalty and desire of love / made these words my ornaments.
    • Iqbal Patni (Poet) [2]
  • Shaadi mein sabse important cheez kya hoti hai ... maang bharna ... aur aadmiyon ka toh kaam hi hai aurat ki har maang bharna
English Translation: What is most important thing in a marriage is ...maang bharna...It's duty of men to fulfill demands (wishes) of Aurat (wife)
    • Pyaar Ka Punchnama (2011) [3]
  • English Translation: ...Women are not a cheaters (to their husbands), and the ones who cheat on (their husband), are not women
  • Original urdu language quote: "...Jo aurat hoti hai woh bewafa nahi hoti, aur jo bewafa hoti hai woh aurat nahi hoti’ ." Ref [4]
  • Translation: She is true woman who feels shame in this world; In this world honor shame (laj) is the only duty of a woman; One who lives with honor only can die with honor.
  • "..Aurat hai vah aurat jise duniya ki sarm hai, samsar me bas laj hi nari ka dharm hai; zinda hai jo izzat se vahi izzat se marega
  • Translation: "..You are a woman Chandramukhi, recognize yourself.Woman can be mother,sister, wife or friend. When she is nothing else then she is courtesan, you can be something else Chandramukhi.."
  • "..Tum Aurat ho chandramukhi, pahchan ja apne apko, Aurat ma hoti hai bahin hoti hai patni hoti hai dost hoti hai, aur wo jab kuch nahi hoti to tavaif hoti hai, tum aur kuch ban sakti ho chandrmukhi.."
  • Translation: "..Well well some one has touched me and you burn with jealousy, but when you came back having spent night with another woman, do you know what fire burned my body and soul?.."
  • "..Accha kisi ne muze chu liya to aag lag gayi tumhen, jab tum kisi gair Aurat ke sath rat guzar aye to mere tanman me kaisi ag lagi thi, pata hai tumhen?
  • Aurat (woman) is mine of virtuous honor, of Modesty; If given a close look Aurat is confidence and faith of every man.
  • Hijjab-O-Ismat-O-Sharm-O-Haya ki kaan hai Aurat,Jo dekho gaur se har Mard ka eemmaan hai Aurat
    • Akhtar Sheerani [9]
  • Translation: "...You don't have modesty lack in love & fidelity..tell truly who are you oh are devil's daughter...Woman You are shame for your people (race)..."
  • "..Tuz me Nahi Sharm o Haya, Tuz me Nahi Mehr O Wafa...Sach Sach bata tu kaun hai, o behaya tu kaun hai? ...Shaitan ki beti hai tu...jis kaum ki aurat hai tu, us kaum par laanat hai tu.."
    • Hafeez Julundhari [10]
  • "...“Lajja, Bhartiya pehnava, namrata, pyaar, etc. etc. hi toh aurat ka gehna hota hai“, and women are supposed to play by these rules because otherwise, we have a lot of mansplainers in the house to put them in their place. And obviously, men can’t be assaulted because, well, here is another one, “mard ko dard nahi hota.”.."
  • “..Mother told me, girls should walk on the street with their eyes downcast. That’s fine, let me then walk like that, look - ing down. When I got back home, I had a scraped forehead. Well, with all this walking and looking down, I knocked into an electricity pole . ”
  • Translation : I found a rare treasure in rubble heap
What I thought was a pineapple, turned out to be a Woman!
Abstract art is ruled by one basic concept
"No better dress for human body than natural nakedness"
  • Original Urdu:
Abstract art ke malbe se ye daulat nikli
Jisko samajha tha ananas, woh aurat nikli
Abstract art ki is cheez pe dekhi hai asaas
"Tan ki uriaani se behtar nahin duniaya me libaas"
(?) in Master Couplets of Urdu Poetry By K. C. Kanda

Quotes word meaning as awrah (Intimate body parts)

  • "...The concept of Mahram is inextricably linked to the Islamic notion of 'awrah', which denotes those parts of woman's body and man's body that need to be covered. To not cover is considered unlawful. The Indonesian equivalent of 'awrah' is called 'Aurat'. Although this concept was introduced with arrival of Islam in Indonesia, it is also "Indonesianized." Nationalists and bureaucrats alike have adopted the term in constructing Indonesian womanhood. Unlike the original Islamic definition, the Indonesian notion of Aurat is mostly used when referring to "nakedness" in general.

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