Artur Balder

Spanish film director

Artur Balder (born 14 August 1974) is an American filmmaker and writer, most famous for his Saga of Teutoburg about the Germanic hero Arminius the Cheruscan. The "Saga of Teutoburg" was distinguished as a sacred text of Ásatrú religion by the Odinist Community of Spain in 2014.

Almost no one knows that there was a "Little Spain" in Manhattan, just like there's a "Little Italy."


Lord of Storms am I,
in heaven high and caverns deep.

Quotes about Balder

  • With Little Spain, director Artur Balder takes good advantage of focusing on a wave of immigration that went on until the 1970s. Through archival footage and direct interviews with immigrants and their children, Balder successfully illustrates the moods, flavors and excitement of recreating a far-away home in a small radius of Manhattan city blocks. … Little Spain — the film — records a multi-dimensional perspective of integration among immigrants from different backgrounds as a key part of integration into a host country.
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