Arthur 2: On the Rocks

1988 film directed by Bud Yorkin

Arthur 2: On the Rocks is a 1988 film and the sequel to the 1981 film Arthur in which Arthur loses all his money, and his wife wants a baby.

Directed by Bud Yorkin. Written by Andy Breckman.
No Money. Still Funny.

Hobson Edit

  • [to Arthur] If projectile vomiting ever becomes an Olympic event, you would do your country proud.

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Hobson: [Arthur is conversing with the ghost of Hobson] Arthur, I've seen your son.
Arthur: [inebriated, looks stricken] Oh!
Hobson: I've told him all about you. But he still wants to meet you very much.
Arthur: Ah, old man, you're not playing fair!

Susan: Weren't we happy, Arthur?
Arthur: Of course. Then we meet.

Arthur: What can I do, Hobson? I mean what would you do if you were me?
Hobson: The word "bathe" comes to mind.

Arthur: Yesterday, I sold some blood at a hospital.
Hobson: Hospital? I should've thought a local distillery would have paid you much more.

Bitterman: Mr. Bach?
Athur: Bitterman! How the hell are you?
Bitterman: Sir, what are you doing here?
Arthur: They said I'd never make it Bitterman, they said the city would eat me alive. But not look at me, I got my own pail and my own squeegee, I showed them ALL!
Martha Bach: Arthur?
Arthur: Martha!
Martha Bach: Arthur, what are you doing?
Arthur: Well, I was...
Martha Bach: Are you going to marry Susan Johnson or not?
Arthur: I already told you Martha, I can't!
Martha Bach: Enough is enough, Arthur. Marry the bitch!
Arthur: You marry her, Martha!

Arthur: Where's Mrs. Bach? Is she...
Fairchild: Madam awoke early. She had some phone calls to make.
Arthur: Ah. Ah, well in that case, put on one of her nightgowns and come in here, would you?
Fairchild: Sir?
Arthur: Oh, come on, Fairchild. I know you want it. I've seen the way you look at me. [Fairchild heads towards the closet] Hey! Fairchild, I'm kidding! I'm kidding. God, it's the truth. Don't they ever kid each other on your planet?

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