Arjun Nair

Australian cricketer

Arjun Jayanand Nair (born 12 April 1998) is an Australian cricketer of Indian origin.


  • So many thought processes. When I'm not playing or training I'm thinking 'what more can I do to improve'. I'll train most days, I'm very hungry for wickets and runs and that's been the main key to what I've done. I think mental preparation is the key to succeeding.

Quotes about Arjun NairEdit

  • He likes to take wickets, he likes to score runs and he likes to be in the game -- he likes to be the match winner. So, he fits very well into the mould of a NSW cricketer. We like to keep the game moving and play attacking cricket and Arjun is certainly one of those cricketers.
  • Our selection policy is pretty clear. We pick the best players and we have a bias towards players we think might play for Australia in the future. It's probably a big call this early in Arjun's career but he's a very, very talented cricketer. A very good bowler and a very good batsman as well. He's a little bit different, he spins the ball both ways and is quite hard to pick out of the hand and a very, very good competitor.
    • Cricket NSW [New South Wales] chief executive Andrew Jones, quoted on The Coffs Coast Advocate, "No hairs on Nair selection", February 25, 2016.
  • Arjun Nair is one you need to look out for, he's a massive talent. I saw him play NSW versus Queensland schoolboys and I said to Freddy [NSW state talent manager David Freedman]: 'I don't care what he's doing, he's going to be playing in my [NSW] 19s [team]'. For a guy to be able to bowl like that, turn it both ways legally ... I would not be surprised if he was here training with the big boys in the next couple of years.
  • He's one of the most exciting prospects coming through from the Thunder region and he's in our academy as well as being our development rookie this year. He still has a lot to learn in taking the next step to play in the Big Bash but he's certainly on the right trajectory.
  • He [Arjun Nair] started as a batsman and the bowling took over, now he's picking up the batting again, which is good because it is important he offers something [more] than his bowling. Finger spin in Australia is challenging at the best of times and you just have to give yourself more opportunities to be selected. In this professional age it is important he offers as much as possible to maximise the number of opportunities he gets. Fielding is another aspect, like all young cricketers. Arjun needs to make sure he nails that because you can't afford any deficiencies if you want to break through.

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