Greg Chappell

Australian cricketer

Greg Chappell (born August 7, 1948) is a former cricketer, who captained the Australia National Cricket Team. He then joined breakaway World Series Cricket (WSC) organisation, before he returned to captaining the Australia National Cricket Team until 1984, when he retired. Even though he retired, he is still connected to international cricket, such as being a member of the Australian Cricket Board team, and a coach.


  • It's a good sign... because batting has probably been a worry for us. [Many have asked] 'Where are the next generation of batsmen coming from?' And all of a sudden we are starting to see some new names that give us some hope. It's good they've got an opportunity, and it's even better that they've taken it
  • He [Arjun Nair] started as a batsman and the bowling took over, now he's picking up the batting again, which is good because it is important he offers something [more] than his bowling. Finger spin in Australia is challenging at the best of times and you just have to give yourself more opportunities to be selected. In this professional age it is important he offers as much as possible to maximise the number of opportunities he gets. Fielding is another aspect, like all young cricketers. Arjun needs to make sure he nails that because you can't afford any deficiencies if you want to break through.

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