Andrew Collier (philosopher)

British philosopher

Andrew Collier (1944 - 2014) was Professor of Philosophy at the University of Southampton.

Quotes edit

"The Masters of Suspicion" edit

in Transcendence: Critical Realism and God (2013)
  • Most atheists, if they worship anything, worship something which really exists but is not worthy of worship.
    • p. 84
  • Religion always poses a problem for capitalism because, by saying that some things are sacred, it insists that not everything is saleable.
    • p. 85
  • In order for capitalism to have a clear path, it needs to profane all that is sacred; there must be no limits to what is saleable. The totalitarian commercialism which is now the established Church throughout the West has come close to achieving this.
    • p. 85
  • Capitalism is an exploitative system, as Marx has argued so cogently, and as anyone who studies the inequalities within and between the countries of the world today must see. It is therefore a priori likely that its ideology conceals realities that if known would make the exploited militant.
    • p. 85

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