An Extremely Goofy Movie

2000 American animated film directed by Douglas McCarthy

An Extremely Goofy Movie is a 2000 direct-to-video animated film made by The Walt Disney Company; it is the sequel to 1995's A Goofy Movie, and again features the characters from the television series Goof Troop. Much of the old cast from the previous show have returned.


Max: Do you realize going off to college means no more well meaning, but totally smothering, overprotective, doting, a-hyuck-ing dads?
P.J.: Yeah, well... yours, at least. My dad's been counting down the days until he can turn my room into a bowling alley

Goofy: Gawrsh, Pete. One day, you're changing their diapers, and the next thing you know... they're all grown up and leaving for college.
Pete: Well, Goof, the way I see it, it's my last day of babysittin' and I'm a free man! Oh, yeah! [laughing] Free, free, free I tell ya! [laughing] Come on, son! I can't miss ya if you don't leave! [laughing harder]

P.J.: [giving directions to the college] Okay dude, uh, south. No wait, that's uh... I dunno, man, do I look like Magellan?
Max: P.J., you couldn't even spell Magellan.
P.J.: Try hanging a Louie. Nononono, wait, that's the other Louie.
Max: Louie, Huey, Dewey, what are you talking about here?
Bobby: [pointing to the map] Yo, it's right here; this way.
Max: Yeah P.J., Bobby's right. Uh, hey, Bob, um... Who's driving?
P.J., Max & Bobby: Huh? [horn honks truck] AHHHHH!!

Goofy's Boss: Mr. Goof, and the assembly a line is for assemblin'. Stop daydreaming and get back to work, or else.

Max: Hi, dad.
Goofy: Maxie.
Goofy's Boss: Mr. Goof! And assembly aline for a assembling! Stop daydreaming, and get back to work, or else!?
Goofy: Oh, oh.

Goofy's Boss: Goofy! I warned you! You're... FIRED!!

Max: Gentlemen, I welcome you to the first day of the rest of our lives.
Bobby: Wow. That's pretty deep. Did you get that off a bumper sticker?

Bobby: [speaking with a phony French accent] Me and a little crumpet like yourself could make beautiful bongo music together.
Beret Girl: Whoa, easy boy. You're fogging up my karma.
Max: Hey, you wanna sit with us?
Beret Girl: Sure. Your cool balances out [snaps fingers] his fool.
Bobby: Okay, whatever...

Max: Look, I talked to him and laid out all the ground rules: No interfering with the "X" Games practice, no hounding us about schoolwork, no coming into our room unannounced, and no acting like a father, (swiftly) especially mine. He's got his life, I've got my life. (Max's voice echoes) My life. My life. My life.
Bobby: (pauses) Spooky.

P.J.: It is endemic of the current culture that those with large stature are overlooked-except by vultures-with no regard to the depth of their souls, the height of their passion, the beauty of their moments.
Beret Girl: Oh, wise Buddha boy. How could anyone overlook such a bundle of yes-ness? Let's dance. [yanks P.J. out onto the dance floor by the arm]

Max: If I can't even beat my father, who is probably the most athletically challenged man in the universe, how can you expect me to beat the other competitors? We're starting in last place because of me!
Bobby: That never stopped us before! You want to give that Gamma geek Bradley the satisfaction of knowing he forced us out?
Max: Well... no.
Bobby: You want to let the crowd who once cheered for you cheer for someone else? Especially when that someone else is your old man?!
Max: No!
Bobby: Are you gonna be someone else's towel boy?!
Max: NO!

Beret Girl: [after Max, P.J. and Bobby leave excitedly] Boys... will be boys.

Pete: Oh, look, Goof, it's no big deal. All that book learning doesn't prepare you for doodly-squat. It's useless in the real world. Ha! All them square roots, and circumnavigating and circumference and... bah! It's all "garbology." Lookie here. If you know that four quarters adds up to a simoleon, you'll survive.

Goofy: Oh, Sylvia, I... oh, if you'll let me I...
Sylvia: Shh! No talking in the library.
Goofy: Oh, gawrsh, Sylvia. I really care about you.
Sylvia: Well gee. If a certain someone truly cared about another someone, you would think that the certain someone would show up for a certain special dinner, or at least apologize for not showing up, or even call or... something!
Goofy: Oh, you're right. I'm so sorry. I let my head get so filled up with fiddle-faddle that I plumb lost track of everything that’s important to me - countin’ you. Can you ever forgive me?
Sylvia: [After a moment] Oh, how can I not forgive you?

Teacher: [Goofy crying] Pencils down. I said... pencils down.
Goofy: [failing the test] Wait a minute! I'm not finished! I've got--
Teacher: IT'S ...over, Mr. Goof.

[Goofy re-enters to the Gamma house to return his Gamma pin and overhears the Gammas talking]

Bradley: We'll win how we always win. And how's that, Gammas?
Tank: Skill?
Gamma: Eh, good looks?
Bradley: No, you dense dolts. We cheat.
[Goofy is shocked]
Tank: Just like we did last time, sweetheart.
Bradley: And that was a great cheat. But now...[sinister] I have a much better plan.
Goofy: [quietly] I gotta warn Maxie!

Max: Hey, Brad! What did you do with my dad?
Bradley: He didn't make the cut. See, he was never Gamma material.

[Bradley blasts rockets on PJ's roller-skates sending PJ flying into the air]

Referre: False start! False start! Both teams back on the line. Get back here.

[Max sneers at the chuckling Gammas]

Max: Wait, hold on! Bradley just blasted our third guy into the next state!
Bradley: Why, that is absurd. I did nothing of the sort.
Max: [groans] That's what my dad has been trying to tell me!

[Bradley blasted Max and Tank into the X-Games wire and fabric logo]

Tank: [coughing] Help! [coughing] Bradley! [coughing] Gammas, help me! [coughing] Anyone! 9-1-1, baby!
Max: [coughing] Tank, talk to me, man!
Tank: Over here, man! Dogboy! Am I glad to see you, sweetheart.
Goofy: Max, where are you? Where are you, Max? Maxie! [slips on Max's skateboard]
Max: Dad, help me lift this beam off of Tank! [Goofy gets up and starts to lift the beam up just as the burning debris is about to fall]
Tank: Come on! We're about to be baked Alaska here!

Tank: That's some kid you got there.
Goofy: [smiling] You're wrong, Tank. He's not a kid anymore.

Bradley: Congratulations, Max. I haven't forgotten our agreement.
Max: The bet's off, Bradley. [points to Tank] But I think you owe him something.
Tank: Brad! Hi. It's me, the guy you let down.
Bradley: [nervously] Hey, Tank! Baby! Who loves ya, baby? Huh?
Tank: [growls] You're goin' down like a four-set pair of socks.
Bradley: You and me, baby! All the way!

[He tries to run, but Tank grabs hold of him and uses him like a slingshot]

Tank: Oh, a vacancy at the Gamma house. Takin' applications.
Bradley: Okay, okay! Let go of me, you big, fat jerk!
Tank: Time to get on the last jet... to nowhere! [fires Bradley towards the X-Games blimp flying overhead]

[Goofy unwraps his present from Max revealing to be his X Games trophy]

Goofy: But... this is yours.
Max: No, Dad. This is for you. Read the inscription.
Goofy: [reading the back of the trophy] "I might not be your little boy anymore, but I'll always be your son."

[Goofy and Max embrace]

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