Along Came a Spider (film)

2001 film by Lee Tamahori

Along Came a Spider is a 2001 American mystery film about a congressman's daughter under Secret Service protection who is kidnapped from a private school. Detective Alex Cross investigates the case even though he's recovering from the loss of his partner. The film is the sequel to the 1997 film Kiss the Girls.

Directed by Lee Tamahori. Written by Marc Moss from the novel by James Patterson.
A tangled web of danger and deceit...taglines

Gary Sonjei

  • I am living proof, that a mind is a terrible thing.
  • They say that when I die, the case will die. They say it will be like a book I close. But the book, it will never close...


  • Senator Hank Rose: Mr. Cross, you're telling me you haven't a clue! Not one clue! The man walked in the fucking room and ya shot him.


Jezzie Flannigan: Dr. Cross, Agent Ben Devine. Agent Devine is security systems supervisor.
Ben Devine: Well, for now. We're going to be thrown to the wolves, as soon as they find Megan Rose dead in a ditch.
Alex Cross: Now what makes you so sure that's what's going to happen?
Ben Devine: Me getting fired or the girl in a ditch? Sorry. I'm having a pessimistic day.

Alex Cross: You do what you are Jezzie.
Jezzie Flannigan: You mean you are what you do.
Alex Cross: No, I mean, you do what you are. You're born with a gift. If not that, then you get good at something along the way. And what you're good at, you don't take for granted. You don't betray it.
Jezzie Flannigan: What if you do, betray your gift?
Alex Cross: Then you betray yourself. That's a sad thing.

[Alex and Jezzie are examining Soneji's handiwork]
Alex Cross: Wow. Imagine the patience... the dedication...
Jezzie Flannigan: You sound like an admirer.
Alex Cross: Well, he's like a spider. I happen to like spiders.

Jezzie Flannigan: Would you kill another partner?
Alex Cross: You're not my partner.

Vickie: It's time you forgave yourself.
Alex Cross: Vickie, you know that forgiving yourself is the one thing a person cannot do.

Gary Soneji: No bargaining Alex, no cheap interrogation techniques. It's transparent and it's clumsy. This is between me and you. I want you to see. [puts hand to forehead] I want you to look inside here and tell me what the fuck you see! I'm a gift to you, Alex. I'm a gift to you. And you are beyond pitiful if you cannot understand that. I'm living proof that a mind - the mind is a terrible thing. [laughs]
Alex Cross: To be brutally honest, I think you have a morbid desire to burn in hell.

Megan Rose: Who are you?
Alex Cross: I'm a policeman. My name is Alex Cross. I'm a friend of your parents.
Megan Rose: Can you take me to them?
Alex Cross: Nothing would give me greater pleasure. Could you... [she helps him up] Ah, thanks.


  • A tangled web of danger and deceit...
  • The game is far from over.


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