Agnes Mukabaranga

Rwandan politician

Agnes Mukabaranga is a Rwandan politician. She is a member of the Christian Democratic Party (PDC) and member of both the Pan-African Parliament and former member of both the National Assembly and the Rwandan Senate.[1] She is a lawyer by profession. Mukabaranga was appointed an inaugural member of the transitional National Assembly, which was set up following the 1994 Rwandan genocide, and was loosely based on the Arusha Accords agreed the previous year. She was one of 39 women elected or appointed to the parliament that year, compared with 41 men.she emphasised the role of women in the process, saying "Women are more prepared to make compromises, are more peace-loving and more conciliatory".Mukabaranga was appointed to the new senate following the election of Paul Paul Kagame as the first president under the new constitution.

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