Afro Samurai

Japanese seinen dōjinshi manga series written and illustrated by manga artist Takashi Okazaki

Afro Samurai is a Japanese-American anime series premiered in 2007. It follows a eponymous samurai on a quest to kill the gunslinger and avenge his father.

Season 1


Unidentified Episode

Justice: With this headband on my forehead, I will rule this world as God himself!

Assassin Leader:I took this job cause I thought you were a legend. A myth. A bedtime story used to frightened little kids. But you're real. A demon who would challenge a god. But why? You ain't looking to make this world a better place. Why you gotta kill my men? Why you gotta kill me? Why you doing this for? [collapses and dies]
Afro Samurai: Nothing personal. It's just revenge.

[to young Afro after killing his father]
Justice: It's unfortunate you had to see this, boy. This moment will always haunt you. Challenge me when you are ready to duel a god.

Justice: And I thought you loved your pappy.

Thug: When you fight to finish the job

Justice: Are you ready to die like your pappy?

Brother 1: Can you dig it?
Empty 7 thugs: Yeah!
Brother 1: Then let's get busy!
[Thugs charge towards Afro Droid]

Justice: This is it, kiddo. Here's where you go down!

Ninja Ninja: Add one more body to the body toll. May God rest this poor bastard's soul.

Justice: Those headbands can make a man crazy.

Ivanov: I am second to no man.

Ninja Ninja: Watch it! He abouts to bust a two-sword move on you!

Ninja Ninja: Is that a mother fuckin' RPG?! You got a mother fuckin' RPG?! A RPG in a mother fuckin' back pack?!

Afro Samurai: You will only die again, my friend.

[To the stalker that is following them up the mountain]
Ninja Ninja: Hey, hey, hey, w- Can't you give a brother a break, yo? Can't you see the man's down? What about honor, and- and-and fairness, and shit?!

Ninja Ninja: Afro, don't fight this fucker! [assassin cocks his crossbow] He got arrows and grenades 'n' shit! You ain't got no chance, dude!

[The Afro Droid has just fired off a phallic-looking laser weapon and missed, falling over dead.]
Ninja Ninja: I think he blew his load.

Sword Master: Become unpredictable, strike from your subconscious mind, let your moves flow out of your individual essence. Even the most masterful opponent will fall from a strike that has no history or reference. The moves created from your own individual unique essence may surprise even you.
Justice: What took you so long kid? I got tired of waiting, so I was just thinking of calling and leaving you a voice mail. I've watched ya. I saw you kill your childhood sword buddy. I even chuckled when you shed that imaginary friend of yours. You've grown into a fine killer. But you're still vulnerable. Like your daddy you're soft on the inside. He couldn't handle the constant blood on his hands from the Headband Wars. He actually wanted to just hide the number one headband and seal that legend from the world. But all he did was stir up a hornet's nest of lust for power. People just kept killing each other. Death raged on for them headbands. Them headbands make a man crazy. Not a single loser who put that dumbass piece of cloth on his head reached number one, they just kept dying over each other. With no one taking the world by the reigns, a tornado of chaos of killing spun out of control. Don't you know that absolute power leads to ultimate peace? Power ain't nothing if you don't use it. I call it a sin not to rule the world if you've been blessed with the strength. The world is lost. All this chaos and pain, it's time for someone to take control. It's time for a man to use absolute power for the cause of ultimate peace. It's time for a man to rid the world of conflict and allow all men and women, young and old to live in tranquility. It is time for man to become god where god has failed. First I took the head of the most powerful samurai in the world. A man feared and respected for his sublime skills; your daddy. Then when fate lead me here, to this sacred place, a great ancient secret was revealed to me; Obtaining the number one headband just ain't enough boy. You think it's mere coincidence you don't have a father? Friend? Or master? All of them were sacrificed. You stand before me now for the same reason; Destiny designed me to possess all the headbands. Now you get it. You don't just gotta have the one; you gotta have 'em all. Then and only then will ultimate power be bestowed by a power beyond the mystery of human understanding. I think your daddy knew. I think the only reason he accepted my challenge was to prevent me from learning this truth. Now, here, secluded in this holy place, I will defeat you and take both headbands into my possession. You're here to hand me the number two headband Afro Samurai, so I may rule the world. I God!
Justice: [after supposedly being killed by Afro] Is that it? And I thought you loved your pappy. I thought all those souls you sent to Heaven behind you...mattered. But only now you see...your little anger is just a sea spray of blood in the endless ocean of this world's killing. It's got no end. And no beginning. Just the strong and the dead. Only cursed ones like you and I can stomach this truth.

Afro Samurai:Resurrection

Afro Samurai : I have come for my father...and the Number One Headband.
Sio: [Unimpressed] What a surprise. But what can you possibly do with your body so... utterly destroyed?

[Jinno rushes past Sio and punches Afro hard in the gut, causing Afro to fall to the ground]

Sio: We're going to torture you. Death will come slowly.

Sio: [To Rokutaro Clone] Kill him...kill him...kill him once and for all! [Laughs maniacally]

[Jinno thinks about the friendship he and Afro had and the good times they shared when they where younger while Jinno watches Afro being strangled to death]

Jinno: [Struggling to talk] A..Afro.
Ninja Ninja : Kill him Afro! That ain't your real father! That's it! Finish it! Do it!
Afro: I...cannot kill my father.
Ninja Ninja : Well, then this is the end...of Afro.

[After Afro seemingly died]

Sio: Did you that Jinno? We did it! We brought him to justice and it was we...we who killed him. [Turns to Jinno happily] Look! Look my dear brother!

[Jinno starts grunting in sorrow]

Sio: [Concerned] Jinno? Jinno.

[Sio gasps as she sees Jinno's hands clenching in anger]

Jinno: A...Afro...[Rips the half of his Kuma mask off revealing his whole true face] Afroooooo!!!
Sio: [Gasps]

[Rokutaro Clone was about to finish Afro off while Jinno draws his swords and stops the attack]

Jinno: [Angrily] What have you done?! What have you done to Afro?!
Sio: [Whispers] Why?
Sio: Jinno! Why are you protecting Afro?! He's dead now! It's no use!

[Jinno run's in and battles the Clone]

Sio: Have you forgetting what Afro did to us?! To you.

[Jinno continues to battle until he got his right arm cut off and pushed to the ground]

Sio: Jinno!
Jinno: [In his mind while getting up]!
Jinno: I must...protect the Sword Master's dojo. Must...protect everyone....including my brother...Afro.


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