Act of War: Direct Action

video game

Act of War: Direct Action is a military real-time strategy game developed by Eugen Systems and published by Atari, Inc. Featuring a detailed story written by Dale Brown, a retired captain of the US Air Force and a bestselling author, the game focuses on military action, conspiracy theories and realistic events surrounding a fictional economic oil supply crisis.

Debate concerning the World Energy ForumEdit

Avery Jones, SatCom Spotlight Anchorwoman: Mr. Corwin, I'll begin with you: What's your take on today's oil crisis and what do you hope to see emerge from the World Energy Forum?
Jude Corwin, Pemico Industries CEO: The name alone gives us reason to be optimistic about the future, it is an energy forum, it is not an oil forum. Oil has been treated as a primary fuel resource for far too long and most major energy companies recognize that fact, with the exception, if I may say respectfully, of TransGlobal. We're all taking responsibility for past mistakes, we're establishing a new, independent, realistic pricing structure, one that seeks to protect future generations. (To Kingman) We need to free ourselves, don't you agree? We need to free ourselves from our dependency on fossile energy sources.
Harold Kingman, TransGlobal Energy CEO: With all due respect to my colleague, but his logic is speeches at best. Today's prices have been artificially inflated, and I'll tell you why: Companies like Pemico have reduced output quarters, unnecessarily I might add, to create a false crisis. These companies have pursued an aggressive merger and acquisition strategy for the last couple of years, in essence creating a new, unregulated version of OPEC! They're in a position to dictate prices! We've seen the financial results of that position, and it is not a pretty sight.
Jones: Mister Corwin, how do you respond to these allegations?
Corwin: It is a conspiracy theory boulder dash, I mean, it's absolutely absurd- (To Kingman) Yes, it is! It's absurd that we think we can continue to treat oil as an inexpensive commodity! I remind you, sir, that it is a finite resource, and it is also a pollutant! It is destroying the environment, and I say again, we have responsibilities to future generations, and Pemico takes it's responsibility very seriously.
Kingman: I'm sorry, but oil combustion processes have never been more environmentally friendly, and our labs are working daily to improve those processes, and the reality is: Our dependency on oil won't be remedied for at least twenty, twenty-five years! We have a responsibility, not only to the environment, but also to our economy. To price gas at seven dollars a gallon is outrageous. Outrageous! Extreme policies like that could stall growth and create recessions world-wide. It's only through continued growth that we will be able to make oil consumption cleaner and more energy-efficient.
Corwin: I've got to jump in here, most economists, including some at the White House, sir, consider this present price disparity a dangerous sign, it is, quite frankly, a ticking time bomb!
Kingman: (To Corwin) If an united front is what you want, there is a simple solution.
Corwin: (To Kingman) Indeed? And what is that?
Kingman: Lower your prices!
Corwin: And then you have that kind of arrogance-
Kingman: (Interrupting Corwin) When our Egyptian refinery becomes operational, we'll be able to provide inexpensive oil to the entire world, not just America.
Corwin: Egypt is a perilous mistake!
Kingman: It's the largest oil vein ever discovered! It's going to completely transform the supply demand equation. Our technology is advancing at a staggering pace. Look at Houston: It's a sophisticated supercomputer compared to the mechanical calculators that Pemico and other companies use. And the Egyptian refinery will be ten times more advanced than the one in Texas. It's time for my colleagues to face facts and to prepare for the future. It's coming, whether they like it or not!
Jones: What of the recent terrorist attacks against energy holdings?
Corwin: Ah, well, yes, these isn't terrorist attacks, this is indeed another tremendous problem our industry faces. These attacks are on the rise, as you know, Avery, and they're being perpetrated by men and women who actually believe that protecting the environment is an extreme reaction! And yet, another sign, surely we can agree on this, it is another sign that energy companies must change their business practices and adapt to the future!
Kingman: Despite these growing security risks, and no company has been hit harder than TransGlobal, we've proven that it's possible to continue to provide oil at a reasonable rate. What is the issue is that companies, like Pemico, are raising oil prices. That puts people in a desperate situation, which leads to a desire for a scapegoat. Oil companies are the scapegoat! It's an unfortunate state of affairs, and it's one we mean to solve.
Corwin: I'm, I'm sorry, desperation is-
Jones: (Interrupting) I'm sorry, gentlemen, but it's all the time we have tonight. I'll see you both next week from the World Energy Forum in London. (To spectator) This is Avery Jones from Spotlight. Good night.

Military deployment to Egypt after the San Francisco attackEdit

Major Jason Richter: Sir, I'm taking the Task Force to Egypt tomorrow morning.
General Kelley: Nobody's going to Egypt! This war is happening here, on American soil!
Richter: It's happening everywhere, sir. With all due respect, this troop recall is a serious mistake.
Kelley: I just had about enough out of you, Richter. No cocky, gung-ho Major is going to tell me that protecting American lives is a goddamn mistake!
Richter: If you want to protect American lives, you're gonna listen to me! This isn't about America, is a hell of a lot bigger than that. Lieutenant, the S-49 file.

(Lt. Vega loads a computer file showing the world map with several red dots across most countries.)

Richter: These are terrorist attacks from the past twenty-four months, all over the map, all completely unrelated, right? Lieutenant, show us the groups responsible for these attacks.

(Vega now loads a file showing a majority of unclaimed attacks over those performed by environmental, political and religious activists.)

Richter: Vega, now show us the targets of those unclaimed attacks.

(Vega now loads a file showing the majority of the unclaimed attacks were targeted towards energy companies.)

Kelley: (Only seeing the obvious) Tree huggers! Tell me something I don't know, or stop wasting my time!
Richter: (To Vega) Bring up the oil numbers.

(Vega loads a graphic of oil prices on a progressive rising.)

Richter: (Pointing to graphics) The price of oil has been skyrocketing ever since the attacks began, but there's one company that's been bucking the thread. (Points directly at the TransGlobal Energy company's prices) TransGlobal's prices remain low.
Kelley: So tell that to the guy paying seven bucks of a pump.
Richter: Somebody wants those prices to go even higher. (To Vega) Show us the hits against TGE.

(Vega reloads the world map, this time with only red dots representing TransGlobal sites and a number indicating the focus of terrorist attacks.)

Richter: Over eighty percent of those hits are against TransGlobal.
Kelley: (Fed up) You're just on a goddamn wild goose chase, you got no proof! (Turns around and proceeds to pick some coffee)
Richter: (Fed up as well) My proof is a refinery exploding in Houston. My proof is a CEO, half dead in a London basement! My proof is a TransGlobal building in San Francisco which those guys used as target practice! These aren't tree huggers, these are well trained, highly equipped professionals who are under orders to take out TransGlobal!
Kelley: (Seeing where Richter wants to get.) And that brings us to Egypt.
Richter: Egypt, that's right! Now, that refinery is gonna open soon, and when it does, today's oil crisis is over! Prices will drop, and the enemy, where ever he is, does not want that to happen! (To Vega) Lieutenant, show the General the satellite feeds from this morning.

(Vega loads a classified satellite survey footage from the area surrounding TransGlobal's Egypt refinery.)

Kelley: What? Those tapes are classified! (He sees red tank icons indicating military presence approaching and surrounding the refinery. He loses his mood.) I'll be god damned...
Richter: Somebody went into a lot of trouble to get us to pull our troops out of Egypt, and he pulled it off, our pieces are off the board, and now he's got free reign! He's gonna take out TransGlobal and he won't stop there! Now I can shut this down, but I need to deploy, immediately!
Kelley: (Standing down.) How soon to organize your men?

(Vega gets up from her table and hands Kelley a military request file to sign.)

Richter: We're ready to go, we need to be wheels up by 0600, tomorrow morning, just give us the word.

(Kelley signs the file and returns it to Vega, approving the mission.)