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200 Cigarettes

1999 American comedy and drama film by Risa Bramon Garcia

200 Cigarettes is a 1999 comedy-drama film starring Ben Affleck, Casey Affleck, Dave Chappelle, Guillermo Díaz, Angela Featherstone, Janeane Garofalo, Gaby Hoffman, Kate Hudson, Courtney Love, Jay Mohr, Martha Plimpton, Christina Ricci and Paul Rudd. The film also features paintings by Sally Davies.

It's 11:59 on New Year's Eve. Do you know where your date is? (taglines)



  • These matches are dissapointing to me!
  • I've dated enough narcissistically neurotic men to know that you are all just a pack of roving babies in search of a giant teat from which to suck the lifeblood out of me until I am a hollow shell.


  • You bring me over here, and you tell me I'm the worst lover you ever had. And now you tell me it can't be helped.


  • So, how do you like your eggs done in the morning, scrambled or fertilized?
  • And I'm not gay, okay? I get that all the time. No, I'm not gay.
  • Those clothes and my clothes would look good on my floor.


  • You just stay the fuck away from B!


Jack: Look, what happened between us last night is like this ongoing problem with me. It happens all the time: I meet someone, we go home together, but then the next day it's...
Cindy: What? Next day what?
Jack: Well, they tell me that suddenly they've developed these feelings for me.
Cindy: What are you saying, that every woman you go home with falls in love with you or something?
Jack: Yes! It's like a curse! It never ends!
Cindy: A woman falls in love with you and you think that's a curse?
Jack: You have no idea!
Cindy: No! I don't! Because I think you're lucky! I mean, there are some people who wait their entire lives for somebody to tell them they feel that way about them, and you, you just throw it away like it's nothing, like it's a minor inconvenience! Well let me tell you something, Jack, you are cursed - just not the way you think you are.

Lucy: You need to find somebody that likes you the way you are.
Kevin: And who would possibly like me the way I am?
Lucy: I have no idea.

[Lucy hands Kevin a bag]
Kevin: What's this?
Lucy: It's your birthday present, fuck head. Open it.

Kevin: Look, I'm just gonna go home and kill myself. You want to share a cab?
Lucy: So I can pass out and wake up *alone* on New Year's Day?


  • It's 11:59 on New Year's Eve. Do you know where your date is?


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