Zorro Rides Again

1937 film by John English, William Witney

Zorro Rides Again is a 1937 12-chapter serial film about the California-Yucatan Railroad, being built for the good of Mexico, which is under siege by a gang of terrorists hoping to force its sale. Manuel Vega, aged co-owner, calls in the aid of his nephew James, great-grandson of the original Zorro.

You may call me... Zorro
Directed by William Witney and John English. Written by Franklin Adreon, Morgan Cox, Ronald Davidson, John Rathmell, and Barry Shipman.
ZORRO - Crack shot, super swordsman...known to few, his iron hand is felt by all who dare defy the law!

J.A. Marsden edit

  • Zorro, Zorro, Zorro. Can't you get rid of that man?

Dialogue edit

Joyce Andrews: Murdered! Brutally murdered by this fiend who calls himself El Lobo. He isn't human I tell you. An old man and a little boy - no employee of this company is safe!
Phillip Andrews: But sis...
Joyce Andrews: Oh, if there were only a man like your great-uncle Zorro, Don Manuel. He would know what to do with such as El Lobo.

Joyce Andrews: But what to do about it? Protest to the authorities and wait for El Lobo to choose to commit anothre outrage? Oh, I'm sorry, Don Manuel. I guess it's not knowing what to do about it.
Don Manuel Vega: There is something we can do. By signing the California and Yucatan Railroad over to Marsden and allowing him to finish construction of it, I believe El Lobo's raids will be stopped.
Phillip Andrews: But the railroad in Marsden's hands would be ruinous to Mexico.
Don Manuel Vega: Exactly! The welfare of thousands of people depend on our construction of the railroad. No, we will not sell.

Don Manuel Vega: I will be eternally indebted to you, Senor. Who are you?
James Vega: You may call me... Zorro.
Joyce Andrews: Zorro? But Zorro...
James Vega: Yes, senorita, Zorro has been dead these many years - but the spirit of Zorro will never die.

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