Zombie Powder

Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tite Kubo

Zombie Powder [ゾンビパウダー Zonbi Paudā] is an unfinished manga which began its serialization in 1999, and the first work of Tite Kubo, author of the popular series Bleach. The series has a futuristic western setting, with four main characters: Gamma Akutabi, C.T. Smith, Elwood, and Wolfina.

Gamma Akutabi

  • Everyone get out! Unless you want to explode to death!
  • Listen, I'll explain quickly. We are champions of Justice. We crushed the gang and saved you. We are currently trying to escape to avoid the explosion. THAT'S ALL NO QUESTIONS ALLOWED!!!
  • You moron! Of course not! Stop looking at me!
  • Food, gloriuos food!
  • (In response to Wolfina's quote) "I'm prohibiting you from making jokes like that from now on!" (or in an alternate translation) "I reject your criticisms of my entrances!"
  • So why don't you carve it into our bodies already?...This so called strength of yours that is.

C.T. Smith

  • (Introducing himself to Elwood) Let's be friends! My name is C.T. Smith. Age unknown, Libra, blood type AB, favorite words are "D-cup."

Wolfgangina Lalla Getto

  • (After witnessing Gamma jump off of a roof onto a car to appear) "Can't you appear like a normal person?"
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