Zoia Horn

American librarian

Zoia Markovna Horn (March 14, 1918 – July 12, 2014) was an American librarian and human rights activist.


ZOIA!: Memoirs of Zoia Horn, Battler for the People's Right to KnowEdit

  • Power corrupts people in small as well as big scale, I discovered. People with small powers use little irritants like flea bites, to assert control and punish.
    • pg. 151
  • How does one help change the treadmill into a road, or better still, a meandering path?
    • pg. 155
  • In Hitler's Germany, Jews were forced to wear identifying stars of David on their sleeves. Black people in the United States wore their identification all the time.
    • pg. 158
  • Those days [in prison] revealed the banal cruelties that jails create and nurture. I saw people punished not only by being locked up but then by being degraded, treated capriciously, their personal dignity undermined, with no real recourse of appeal for fairness and justice.
    • pg. 164
  • ...if you dislike something enough to criticize it, what are you going to do about it? It was like a refrain, often uncomfortable, but one that could not be silenced.
    • pg. 165

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