Zhuge Liang

Chinese statesman and military strategist (181–234)

Zhuge Liang (181 – 234), courtesy name Kongming, was a chancellor of the state of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms period.

Zhuge Kongming Sancai Tuhui


Chu Shi BiaoEdit

  • 親賢臣 遠小人 此先漢所以興隆也. 親小人 遠賢臣 此後漢所以傾頹也。先帝在時 每與臣論此事 未嘗不歎息痛恨於桓靈也。
    • The Former Han dynasty prospered because the rulers favoured virtuous ministers and alienated petty and corrupt officials; the Later Han dynasty declined because the rulers favoured petty and corrupt officials and alienated virtuous ministers. When the Late Emperor was still living, he would often discuss these topics with me, and he expressed grief and regret when we spoke of Huan and Ling.

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