Zhu Yizun

writer and poet (1629-1709)

Zhu Yizun (Chinese: 朱彝尊; 1629–1709) was an author and poet during the Qing dynasty.

Quotes edit

  • The mountain moon shines on a cloudless sky.
    Deep in the night the wind rises among the pines.
    I wish to weave my thoughts into a song for my jade lute,
    But the pine wind never ceases blowing.
    • "Written at Mauve Garden: Pine Wind Terrace" (tr. Y. N. Chang and Lewis C. Walmsley), in Sunflower Splendor: Three Thousand Years of Chinese Poetry, eds. Wu-chi Liu and Irving Yucheng Lo (1975), p. 477; also in The Luminous Landscape: Chinese Art and Poetry, ed. Richard Lewis (1981), p. 57.

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