Zhu De

Marshal of the People's Republic of China (1886-1976)

Zhu De (Chinese: 朱德) (1 December 1886 – 6 July 1976) was a Chinese general, military strategist, politician, revolutionary of the Chinese Communist Party. By the time China was under Mao's control, Zhu was a high-ranking official within the Chinese Communist Party. In 1955 he became one of the ten marshals of the People's Liberation Army, of which he is regarded as one of the principal founders. Zhu remained a prominent political figure until his death in 1976. As the chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress from 1975 to 1976, Zhu was the head of state of the People's Republic of China.

Zhu De

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  • The Chinese people fully understand that it is only with the help of the Soviet Union and the people of other countries, and the international solidarity against imperialism, that the victory of the Chinese revolution could be achieved and can be consolidated. The Great October Socialist Revolution links the revolutionary struggle waged by the proletariat in the West with that waged by the oppressed peoples in the East, thus creating a revolutionary front against world imperialism. This revolutionary front was the most important guarantee for the Chinese people that they could achieve and consolidate the victory of their revolution.
  • American imperialism is now starting a new aggression against the People's Republic of China. The flames of aggressive war kindled by American imperialism around China are spreading. The Chinese people have a deep love of peace, but in order to defend peace, they have never been, and will never be, afraid of resisting an aggressive war.
  • The Central People's Government will certainly help the Tibetan people in wiping out the influence of imperialism in Tibet; it will achieve the unification of the territory and sovereignty of the People's Republic of China, and defend the national frontiers of our great Motherland, so that the Tibetan nationality and people will achieve liberation, return forever to the family of our great Motherland and, helped by the Central People's Government and the Han nationality, develop its own political, economic, cultural and educational work and improve and raise its standards of living step by step.
  • The Chinese people are extremely indignant at the outrages of the U.S. authorities in the Panama Canal Zone in infringing on the national sovereignty of Panama and killing its patriotic people. They pay heartfelt tribute to the Panamanian people who are fighting heroically. The Chinese people firmly support the just struggle of the government and people of Panama to safeguard their national sovereignty and dignity and to regain their sovereignty over the Panama Canal Zone. We are deeply convinced that the Panamanian people will certainly win final victory in the struggle.

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