Zeki Müren

Turkish musician (1931-1996)

Zeki Müren (born in Bursa, on 6 December 1931, died in İzmir on 24 September 1996) was a prominent Turkish singer, composer, and actor.


  • Just have a listen to my songs. If you still want to beat me up, you can.[1]
  • Fame has earned me great applause, thanks to our generous people. of course, this fortune brought my financial situation. and the increasing love of the people who did not decline for years. Everything is mutual. I liked it very much, too many listeners, my followers ... I paid my price with my heart, unfortunately. my heart is tired and said that this event comes from the stress of the scene that lasts for 25 years; doctors. And I said goodbye to the stage for 4 years. I gave my heart. I bought a lot but I gave it my heart, sir.
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