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Joseph Wayne McVey (born January 19, 1977), better known by his stage name Z-Ro, is an American rapper, singer and producer from Houston, Texas. He was named one of America's most underrated rappers by the New York Times.


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Cocaine (2009)Edit

  • I wake up early in the evenin round five thirty or six my Nextel beepin from all the calls I missed.
    • One Two.
  • Drop some kush in a ciggarillo and then give it a twist.
    • One Two.
  • If I see a jacker comin' my way, I load my AK,
    Don't think I won't spray, it'll be yo last day.
    • One Two.
  • Every morning I start my day off wrong,
    Firin up kush before I even get my clothes on,
    Load my glock before I even wash my face.
    • Type of Nigga I Am.
  • When I'm rollin in my ride
    It be a look on my face so cold,
    Starin at yo ass so hard
    I can see straight through to yo soul.
    • Type of Nigga I Am.
  • It gone take my momma comin back from the grave to make me love somthin.
    • Type of Nigga I Am.
  • I let my temper get the best of me and I go off, for no reason,
    Tis is the beginning of kicking in yo door season.
    • Type of Nigga I Am.
  • Imma gangsta and I spit nothin' but gangsta shit, thats comin from a five-duece hoover gangsta crip
    • Type of Nigga I Am.
  • Sittin up on 24's ridin with them big guns my 50 caliber shoot so long I call that bitch my Vince Young
    • Quarterback Vision.
  • Don't make me Floyd Mayweather Jr. yo ass like I was one Hundred forty-seven pounds one hundred AK-47 rounds
    • Quarterback Vision

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