Yuri Knorozov

Soviet and Russian mesoamericanist (1922-1999)

Yuriy Valentinovich Knorozov (alternatively Knorosov; Ю́рий Валенти́нович Кноро́зов; November 19, 1922 – March 31, 1999) was a Soviet linguist epigrapher and ethnographer, who is particularly renowned for the pivotal role his research played in the decipherment of the Maya script, the writing system used by the pre-Columbian Maya civilization of Mesoamerica.

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This website is not active and when I look at it through an internet archive this quote is in spanish and not attributed to a particular work, and although the title of the page is the epigraphic atlas of peten phase one, that is not actually accurate as the epigraphic atlas of petan phase one only mentions yuri twice, does not contain this quote, and is not written by him. It is called the Proyecto Atlas Epigráfico de Petén, Fase I: resultados de la temporada 2013, and these are the authors:

Dmitri Beliaev Mónica de León Alexandre Tokovinine

Sergei Vepretskii

Camilo Luin Pedro Aragón Philipp Galeev Adelso Canan

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