Yulimar Rojas

Venezuelan athletics competitor

Yulimar Rojas Rodríguez (also known as Yolimar Rojas; born 21 October 1995) is a Venezuelan athlete, holding the world record for women's triple jump. She is the current Olympic champion, a two-time World Champion (2017 London and 2019 Doha), and two-time World Indoor Champion (2016 Portland and 2018 Birmingham). Raised in a deprived area of Venezuela, she was successful in other sports as a teenager but could not continue to practice due to lack of facilities. She moved to Guadalajara, Spain, in 2015 to continue her athletics training. She is a recipient of the Venezuelan Order José Félix Ribas – First Class.

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  • El presidente Hugo Chávez fue un pilar fundamental para el deporte en mi país. Impulsó muchos métodos para que el deporte llegara a los más bajos niveles y para que los niños vieran que el deporte era importante para la salud, para los valores humanos.
    • President Hugo Chávez was a fundamental pillar for sports in my country. He promoted many methods for sport to reach the lowest levels and for children to see that sport was important for health, for human values.
    • Original 2018; quoted in La nueva alegría de Venezuela: Yulimar Rojas, after winning the gold in triple jump and setting the world record. (1 August 2021)

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