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Yu-Gi-Oh! is a Japanese manga series about gaming written and illustrated by Kazuki Takahashi. Two anime adaptations were produced; one by Toei Animation, which aired from April 4, 1998 to October 10, 1998, and another produced by NAS and animated by Studio Gallop titled Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, which aired between April 2000 and September 2004.


Seto KaibaEdit

  • Come forth, Blue-Eyes White Dragon!
  • Blue-Eyes White Dragon, attack! White Lightning!
  • [slamming his hand on the desk after Yami Yugi lost a duel to Rafael]: YUGI LOST??!! Yugi gave up his King of Games crown to some nobody?! NOBODY DESERVES THAT TITLE BUT ME!!!!

Yugi MutoEdit

  • It's time to duel!
  • Trust in your deck, and have faith in the Heart of the Cards.
  • Dark Magician, attack with Dark Magic Attack!
  • [walking home from the hospital]: What am I gonna do? I almost lost the spirit of the Puzzle in that fire, and I know my worst fear has yet to come.
  • [Shouts in horror when his Millennium Puzzle is slammed against the console by Bandit Keith] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
  • You wouldn't have caught that cold if it wasn't for Weevil.
  • [Shocked as the Exodia cards were thrown overboard by Weevil] My cards! Those were the Exodia cards that my Grandpa gave me!

Joey WheelerEdit

  • [realizing that Tristan had just hung up, he is left screaming in the phone] TRISTAN!!!!! I'll KICK YOUR LYIN' BUTT!!!!!
  • C'mon, Heart of the Cards... show me some love!

Bandit KeithEdit

  • You're goin' down, you sniveling wannabe! Nobody beats Bandit Keith! Nobody!
  • [infuriated with Bonz after Bonz lost to Joey] YOU LOST!!!
  • [running past Joey and Tristan] THIS PLACE IS HAUNTED!!!
  • [In the Duelist Kingdom Finals against Joey] Now, Launcher Spider! Demolish Garoozis!
  • [upon receiving the Millennium Puzzle] I see that the Millennium Item now belongs... [kicks the table at Yugi and Tea] TO ME!!!

Yu-Gi-Oh! (Toei original)Edit

Dark Yugi: It's game time. [JPN: Geemu no jikanda]

Season One (Duelist Kingdom)Edit

Kaiba: (thinking) I can't believe my associates would turn on me after a single defeat. Then again losing to Yugi since he had lost myself too.
Joey: Hey, Seto Kaiba, maybe we should duel sometime.
Kaiba: No thanks, I think I'll have much more of a challenge playing solitaire.

Kaiba: Draw your last pathetic card so I can end this, Yugi!
Yami: My grandfather's deck has no pathetic cards, Kaiba. But it does contain... the unstoppable Exodia!
Kaiba: What?! Exodia?!
Yami: I've assembled all five special cards... all five pieces of the puzzle!
[Exodia appears on the field before the Blue-Eyes White Dragons]
Kaiba: Exodia? It-it's not possible! No one's ever been able to call that!

Kaiba: No! How could I lose!?
Yami: If you really want to know, Kaiba, open your mind!

Solomon: All right, can you name the strongest duel monster?
Joey: No.
Solomon: You do know what a trap card is, don't you?
Joey: Kinda... I have no idea.

Guard: Hey you, what are you doing? Get out of there! Only official contestants are allowed onboard.
Joey: How do you know I'm not official?
Guard: Because official duelists aren't trying to sneak into the ship through the lower hatches.

Tristan: In another few hours, the sun will rise!

Yugi: Joey has a star chip. Didn't he tell you?
Joey: I do?

Joey: Yugi, I want to apologize. I've really been acting like a jerk.
Yugi: Oh! Were you acting?

Yugi: Joey, I don't think we should cook the candy bars.
Joey: Back off. I know what I'm doin'.

Joey: Dueling dinosaurs versus itsy-bitsy bugs? Raptor has got this one in da bag!

Weevil: I'm gonna take you out in one giant bug blitzkrieg!

Weevil: Say good-bye to Exodia!

Joey: Just look at it this way, Tea, there are two Yugis - the cool one up there and the puny one down here!
Yugi: [after he falls over] Urghhhhhhh! That's not how it works at all!
Joey: Calm down! It's just a joke, man!
Yugi: I'll show you who's puny... remember here I have the power of Dark Magician!
Joey: Uh, Yugi?
Yugi: [Turns to Bakura's monster] Dark Magic Attack!

Bakura: Check his pulse, Yugi!

Yugi: You've fought a valiant duel, my friend, and this is the hardest move I've ever had to make. But this ends now!

Yami: Exodia, Attack!!!

Tea: No matter how dark things may get, the special bond I share with my friends will always find a way to shine through! I may be scared, but that fear won't keep me from dueling!

Yugi: [Transforming into Yami Yugi] YU-GI-OOOOOOOOHHHH!!!!

(The scene shows Yugi and Rebecca dueling)
Yugi: Now listen to me, Rebecca. I'm only going to say this one more time, my grandpa didn't steal your Blue-Eyes White Dragon!
Rebecca: (angrily) You're lying! He did! He did! He did steal it! It was my grandpa's favorite and your grandpa took it from him. You won't get away with this, you thieves!
Solomon: Rebecca.
Rebecca: Now what?
Solomon: There's a story that you need to hear, Rebecca. It's the story of how I met your grandfather, Professor Arthur Hawkins and of the danger we faced together.
Rebecca: In other words, more of your lies! Forget it!
Solomon: No, it's true and be assured it's one of the most frightening experiences I have in my entire life.
Rebecca: Hmph, I'm so sure.
Solomon: It happened years ago, but it's an adventure I'll never forget.
(In a flashback in Egypt)
Solomon: I have traveled to Egypt to participate in an archaeological dig. A brand new discovery been made not far from the Great Pyramids. We all wondered what Ancient Egyptian secrets will soon be unearthed. The desert was hotter and drier than I expected. So it was fortunate that I soon made a friend.
(He tries to drink water but his carton is emptied and suddenly Arthur Hawkins decided to give him his water)
Arthur: (handling his water carton) You look like you could use some cool water.
Solomon: How could I thank you?
(He drinks the water and spit it out)
Solomon: I guzzle it down a little too quick. But my new friend Professor Arthur Hawkins was just assumed my enthusiasm, he was a kind and very brilliant man.
(Back to the duel)
Solomon: But in his field of archaeology, he was viewed as a extremely radical thinker.
Tea: How come?
Solomon: His theories, he believed that Duel Monsters may have played some mysterious part in Egyptian history. Am I'm right, Rebecca?
Rebecca: Hmm...
Yugi: I don't understand, Grandpa.
Solomon: His studies of hieroglyphics, the ancient Egyptians' writing, kept turning up one particular word over and over again. And that one word was "Duel".
Tea: Duel?
Yugi: But why?
Solomon: It was a mysterious.
(Arthur and Solomon are inside an ancient chamber)
Solomon: Using duel as a keyword, he worked towards a new interpretation of Egyptian history. And he came into a astonishes conclusion.
Arthur: It's here, my friend, in these hieroglyphs. "By the spirits of the River Nile, I combined magic and monster to vanquish my enemy in our battle this day".
Solomon: What on earth could that mean?
Arthur: If I'm correct, it has to do with incredible contests in which Ancient Egyptians participated. Contests with high stakes, I believe duels.
Solomon: What kind of duels?
Arthur: I think you'll find the answer in that inscription, Solomon.
(Arthur hands out a deck of monster cards)
Arthur: Look at this.
Solomon: Duel Monster cards.
Arthur: Now take a look at those ancient drawings.
(Solomon finds out that the monster card looks exactly the same like the one in the carving)
Solomon: The images are nearly the same.
Arthur: Which leads me to believe the Ancient Egyptians must have played the similar game to our own.
Solomon: What an amazing discovery! When you present this to your fellow scholars, you'll revolutionize the field of Egyptology.
Arthur: We shall see.
Solomon: But Arthur's colleagues ridiculed his theories and dismissed them his wild fantasy. Even in the face of such disbelieved, he bravely stood his ground and continued his difficult research into the ancient game of Duel Monsters. He invited me to join him in his work and I helped the best of I could. In time, he discovered a link between the game and the Millennium Items.
Yugi: What kind of link?
Solomon: It's still very mysterious, Yugi.
(Arthur and Solomon are in an ancient tomb)
Arthur: The Ancient Egyptians didn't play this game for fun or money, Solomon. But rather for the power to rule the world.
Solomon: How could that be?
Arthur: The inscriptions tell of a place called the Shadow Realm where terrible monsters dwell and powerful warriors battled for dominion over the Earth. Apparently, the Ancient Egyptians actually played the game in that mysterious realm and the stakes are caught in this inscription with the fate of the Earth.

(In the scene where Yugi and Pegasus dueling)
Pegasus: This dark dimension we're in is known as the Shadow Realm, a mystical place where incredible monsters can be summoned and the impossible is quite possible.
Yugi: But what you're telling me can't be true!
Pegasus: Tell me, Yugi, do you believe there is magic in these cards?
Yugi: Don't you know? You invented this game.
Pegasus: But what if I told you I didn't.
(Yugi gasps)
Pegasus: In ancient times, the Egyptians called this the Shadow Game. Powerful pharaohs would hold mystical duels in other dimensions, just as we are doing now. But not with cards, they've battled with the real monsters and real magic, magical forces so powerful the Egyptians lost control of them and nearly destroyed the entire world.
Yugi: It's a good story, Pegasus. But these monsters can't be real.
Pegasus: Tell that to my Dragon Piper! As its flute resurrection frees your Komouri Dragon, but puts it under my control.
Yugi: I have to counterattack! Silver Fang!
(Komouri Dragon destroys Silver Fang with its flame breath)
Yugi: Ugh! The heat!
Pegasus: Ha! As you see Yugi, these monsters are very real. And also quite dangerous!
(Pegasus laughs)
Pegasus: Ah, Yugi boy, you are really quite entertaining the way you stowled and sneared. So defiant yet helpless, and so completely imprudent of the power of your Millennium Puzzle.
Yugi: What?!
Pegasus: 5000 years ago, a powerful pharaoh locked the magic of the Shadow Games away.
Yugi: What's this had to do with me?
Pegasus: The pharaoh captured these vast magical energies in seven mystical Millennium Items.
Yugi: Seven Items? You're saying that my Puzzle's one of them.
Pegasus: Yes! And there are mystical energies locked within it, magic that could change your life forever if you only knew how to unleash it.

(Joey is having a nightmare where he's being chased by the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Suddenly, he trips and a gigantic Kaiba appears)
Joey: Kaiba! Call off your dragon! I give, I give!
Kaiba: Poor scared Joey. He calls himself a duelist, but he's just a little chicken cringing in fear.
Joey: I'm not scared of you!
Kaiba: Quiet! Sit!
Kaiba: Sit at your master's feet where you belong!
(Joey breaks down sobbing. Then, a drop of dew hits him, and he wakes up)
Joey: A dream! Grrrr....Kaiba! We'll see who eats chow on dis island!

Season Two (Battle City)Edit

[Marik has just attempted to regain control of Bandit Keith]
Marik Ishtar: It seems the Duel is not yet done. You can still win the match and claim my Millennium prize!
Bandit Keith: [gets up] STOP!!! STOP TALKING TO ME!!! [picks up a length of pipe and swings it ravenously in an attempt to stop Marik] Where are ya?! Show yourself!
Marik Ishtar: Obey me and duel!
Yugi: Keith, stop! No! [Keith attacks the images until Keith hits a control box, causing sparks and live wires to split, which they laid on tanks of gasoline then explodes]

Tristan: Yeah, brilliant, putting the rod in the hole and pulling really hard.
Joey: Say what!?
Tristan: Say nothing!
Joey and Tristan: [in unison] We'll be good.

Yugi: Ready or not, Spirit, this is where you take over.
Yami: [Shouting at the Millennium Puzzle] Hey Yugi... I'm not... you can't... this isn't a duel! [Sees Tea watching] Oh, hello.

Marik: Silence! No one can resist my Millennium Rod!

Mokuba: What a digital dummy!

(In the Domino Museum)
Ishizu Ishtar: I've secure the most precious artifacts here. We've recovered stone carvings that depict the earliest known games played in Egypt. I'm sure you'll find it most familiar. Kaiba, behold the origin of Duel Monsters!
(Kaiba enters when suddenly he sees a stone tablet sealed in display)
Seto Kaiba: It can't be... These carvings look like Duel Monsters Cards! Then that means your story is true!
Ishizu Ishtar: I see you've come to your senses. Furthermore there's a theory that in ancient times these monsters were real. Egyptian sorcerers summoned monsters to earth to do their bidding, but they soon realized that the monsters could not be control. They destroyed villages and brought earth to the brink of destruction. The citizens turned to the pharaoh for help, though he could not defeat the monsters. He managed to use his magic to seal them away in stone tablets and brought peace to the world. However, overtime evil sorcerers learned how to control the monsters and released them from the tablets. With their army of powerful monsters, the sorcerers were confident that no one could stand in their way. They betrayed the pharaoh and wage an all-out war against him. This is the one you must look at.
Seto Kaiba: Hm?
Ishizu Ishtar: This carving is the reason I called you here tonight. It depicts one of the main conflicts in the war between the pharaoh and his greatest opponent, closely examine this artifact. After this moment, Kaiba, your life will never be the same.
(Kaiba sees that the pharaoh looks like Yugi)
Seto Kaiba: That's the pharaoh?! But, that's Yugi! And the monster card above him is the Dark Magician!
Ishizu Ishtar: On the left is the sorcerer fighting against him.
(Kaiba also see that the pharaoh's greatest opponent is him)
Ishizu Ishtar: That's you, Kaiba! And if you still had any doubt, look at his monster. It's the Blue-Eyes White Dragon!

Ishizu Ishtar: Kaiba, do you believe in destiny?
Seto Kaiba: Doesn't matter.
Ishizu Ishtar: Ancient Egyptians thought that the true path of one's life is predetermined because history repeats itself throughout the ages in a neverending circle. They would say it was not your choice to come here for it was destined for the two of us would meet.
Seto Kaiba: Look, all that nonsense may interest you, but I didn't come here for Egyptian history 101. I came here because you said it will be worth my while, but it looks like you're wasting my time. If there's a point to all of this, let's get to it already, I have a company to run. You said you have a exclusive offer for me.
(Back to when Ishizu is talking to Kaiba on the phone)
Seto Kaiba: I know everything about Duel Monsters and there is nothing like Exodia. So quit the charade and tell me what's going on.
Ishizu Ishtar: All in good time, Kaiba. Duel Monsters is based upon a 5000-year-old game, it was played by Ancient Egyptians for power and was extremely dangerous.
Seto Kaiba: Who cares?
Ishizu Ishtar: Maximillion Pegasus did, he fell in love with the game and decided to reinvented for modern times.
Seto Kaiba: What's your point?
Ishizu Ishtar: I get it, unbeknownst to most duelists. Pegasus created a series of all powerful cards that were never released to the public. It was no surprise that he kept the best monsters for himself.

Yami: You've activated my Trap Card! A costly mistake! Chain Destruction!
Seeker: No way! He's found a way to stop the unstoppable Exodia!

[Marik appears inside Bakura's head]
Marik: Seems everything's going according to plan.
Yami Bakura: Yes, and I've already done more than I agreed to do. I took care of Bakura like you asked, so you could rescue him Marik, and gain the trust of those fools. It's your turn.
Marik: You'll get my Millennium Rod and the other items when you complete your end of the bargain.
Yami Bakura: Look, my patience is growing thin, Marik. What's the next part of the plan?
Marik: You'll obtain a duel disk and enter the Battle City Tournament finals. I'll hand over the objects you seek if you can win me the cards that I desire.
[Yami Bakura starts laughing, much to Marik's annoyance]
Yami Bakura: I guess you're not Duelist enough to win them yourself. Or is there something else you're not telling me about this scheme of yours Marik?
Marik: [Angry] Do you want the Millennium Items or don't you? If so, I suggest you do as I say. Time to enter the finals is running out. [As he slowly disappears] You'll need to obtain six locator cards in order to qualify. [Laughs maniacally as he disappears completely]
Yami Bakura: Huh. Fine Marik.

[Yami Bakura is dueling Bonz in a cemetery]
Yami Bakura: Time to begin our Duel, so get ready. [Draws a card] Are you aware of the legend of this cemetery?
Bonz: What legend?
Yami Bakura: Listen, this very cemetery is haunted by the ghost of a knight who lost his head in battle. [Discreetly places a monster card on his duel disk]
Bonz: [Nervously] What?
Yami Bakura: When the clock strikes midnight, he rises up from his grave in search of his missing head.
Bonz: [Nervously] I... don't believe you.
[Yami Bakura's "Headless Knight" monster bursts from the ground, with 1450 Attack points]
Yami Bakura: [Laughs evilly] Meet "Headless Knight"!

Season Three (Enter the Shadow Realm)Edit

Noah: So, you think I'm insane for wanting to claim what's rightfully mine?
Kaiba: No, I think you're insane for trapping me in a virtual computer program and forcing me to duel you!

Gozaboro: Seto, don't you realize I treated you better than I even treated my own son?
Kaiba: Thanks for nothing.

Tristan: [Sees Kaiba and Mokuba in their Blue-Eyes White Jet] Where does he get this stuff?!
Tea: Oh, who cares...
Joey: You mean to tell me they were safe all along?!
Duke: Let's be glad it's all over now...

Season Four (Waking the Dragons)Edit

Joey: Now why does all these weird stuff always happen to us? [Yugi is silent] You've gotta admit, it's true.
[Rebecca runs up to meet Yugi]
Rebecca: Yugi! [Hugs Yugi]
Yugi: [Very surprised] Uh, hey....you!
Rebecca: Oh no, don't tell me you forgot about me already!
Tristan: Yet another weird event to add to the list.
Joey: And this one tops them all.
Tristan: It's probably best if we don't interfere!
Tea: [Leaning towards Yugi] Do you know this person, Yugi?
Yugi: Um, I don't think so.
Rebecca: Maybe this will refresh your memory! [Holds up a card]
Yugi: [After flashback] Ah, Rebecca!
Joey: It's that brat!
Rebecca: Hi! [Big smile; waves her hand]
Joey: Wait, she looks different. Did she get a haircut or something?
Tristan: No dude, she traded her teddy bear for glasses.
Rebecca: [Hugs Yugi] I don't need a bear... now that I've got a boyfriend to protect me!
Tea: Um, excuse me? A boyfriend!?
Rebecca: [Another hug] My grandpa is also really excited to see you Yugi!
Yugi: Professor Hawkins?
Rebecca: Yeah, he's waiting at the Museum.
Tea: Grrr... [Anime vein throb]

Joey: Monsters?
Tristan: For real?
Tea: Oh no.

Kaiba: If I had a dime for every time you said the word 'destiny', I'd be even richer.

[The gang meets up with Kaiba after he defeats Alister]
Joey: So you dueled this guy on top of a moving plane?
Kaiba: Maybe I did. Don't you geeks have someone else to annoy?

Tristan: Next time, warn me before you're going to save yourself!

(Dartz, Yami Yugi, and Kaiba standing above the city of Atlantis)
Dartz: Behold, the lost city of Atlantis and all its glory. Just as it was 10,000 years ago, a perfect civilization or so I thought. Surrounded by oceans as far as the eye could see, we were isolated from the rest of the world.
(A scene depicts the once glorious city of Atlantis and all of Earth's creatures)
Dartz: Our lives were simple, we existed side by side with all of Earth's creatures and we knew nothing of violence. But, then that changed.
(a meteor shower rains upon Atlantis)
Dartz: Darkness ascended upon us and a strange substance rained down from the heavens. A substance that will change our lives.
Yami Yugi: The Orichalcos.
Seto Kaiba: Please tell me that story time is over, I like to duel.
Dartz: The tale of my past directly affects the fate of your future. So if I were you, I pay close attention.
(it seems the city of Atlantis had changed)
Dartz: Now thanks to the stones of the Orichalcos, the people of Atlantis needed advancement in technology that were never before imagine. And soon, I ruled over the most highly developed civilization the world had ever known. However, with progress comes greed and eventually violence, I knew what had to be done. But, my father, former king Ironheart had different ideas.
Yami Yugi: (shocked) Ironheart was your father?! But how?
Seto Kaiba: If you ask questions, this ridiculous story is never going to end.
Dartz: That old fool never had what took to be king and on my 21st birthday, he allowed me to take over and filled his unimpressive shoes. So as technology continues to advance and the hearts of my people continue to seek deeper into the darkness. It was up to me to remedy the situation, the citizens of Atlantis were growing more and more selfish. And if I didn't act soon, I would lose complete control, but even I couldn't have imagine what would happen next.
(The Orichalcos began to show the true nature of the Atlanteans)
Dartz: The Orichalcos began to test us, it revealed the truth about who we were.
(The people of Atlantis are beginning to turn into monsters)
Dartz: Those who were wicked on the inside became wicked on the outside.
(Meanwhile, Fiona is struggling)
Dartz: Fiona, are you all right?
Dartz: Wait, come back! What's going on?!
(Dartz soon finds out that his beloved wife also turned into a monster)
Dartz: Fiona!
Dartz: I didn't realize it first, but the true colors of my people were revealed to me that day.
Dartz: But why? Why is this happening?
(a bright green light appears in the water fountain)
Dartz: I couldn't understand how a society as perfect as ours could crumble like this.
(He picks up an Orichalcos stone)
Dartz: But soon the Orichalcos would answer all my questions. The people of Atlantis were evil and I have been chosen to wipe them out and start over again. But I couldn't accomplish such a task on my own, I was but one man so the Orichalcos gave me a gift, something powerful enough to lead my fight against mankind. For deep below the Earth's surface lives the most incredible creature ever lived, the Great Leviathan! And it was mine, and shortly that this great beast will return to finish what it began!
Dartz: I was ready to begin my task of recreating civilization on Earth, but one person stood in my way.
(A scene where Ironheart, Chris, and Skye are in the throne room)
Ironheart: My son, you know what you have to do. Destroy those Orichalcos stones so we can return the light we once knew.
(Dartz sitting on his throne with a gold eye)
Dartz: (laughs) Do you honestly believe that we can go back to the way things were. It's too late for that, Father.
Ironheart: But, Dartz...
Dartz: The true nature of our people have been exposed. We now know that the citizens of this planet are evil and must be destroy!
Ironheart: What?!
Dartz: You heard me, old man! We should be thanking the Orichalcos for showing us the truth. Not blaming it for the faults of mankind, but this mysterious substance that rained down above us had open up my eyes. Not only has it showed me what's wrong, it's given me the tools to fix it. For now I have the power to awaken a mighty creature known as the Great Leviathan! And by the power of the Orichalcos, this beast will rise up from the depths of the earth and fight by my side! And when I'm through, I shall rebuild civilization!
(The stones have summoned an army of Orichalcos soldiers)
Ironheart: Dartz! What's going on?!
(Dartz laughs evilly)
Dartz: Meet my Orichalcos soldiers!
Chris: (scared) Grandpa, I'm scared!
Dartz: If you join my side, you have nothing to fear. If not, farewell.
Ironheart: We'll never join you! Never! Let's go, Chris!
(They escape from the throne room)
Dartz: Have it your way.
(Dartz appears on his balcony and addresses his army)
Dartz: The time has come to cleanse the world of its impurities! So arise my children and conquer the people of Earth! And this planet shall be yours!
(Meanwhile Ironheart, Chris, and Skye are walking from their city and they enter a cave)
Chris: What are we going to do, Grandpa?
Ironheart: Your father is under the control of an evil force and he must be stopped. The future of our planet depends on it. Through there, hurry!
(Chris and Skye suddenly runs through an carving of monsters on the walls)
Chris: What's there? Why are those monsters carved in stone?
Ironheart: We've come here to ask for their help.
(The scene depicts the battle of Atlantis between Dartz's Orichalcos army and Ironheart's army of monsters)
Dartz: And so the Battle of Atlantis began! You see my father had opened up a gateway to the Dominion of the Beasts and he used the monsters within to form an army of his own.
Yami Yugi: Tell me, what was the battle's outcome?
Dartz: Neither side were victorious and Atlantis sunked to the bottom of the sea. My father's monster army were scattered around the world and sealed away until they be needed again. The Leviathan was drained of its power and also sealed away. It's taken me 10,000 years to gather the energy necessary to bring it back. All that's left of me to do is to defeat you two in this duel. Then your souls will awaken the Great Leviathan and my plan will finally come to past.
Seto Kaiba: Hold on! We already defeated you! Our Master of Dragon Soldier should've wipe out the rest of your life points.
Dartz: Perhaps it should have, but I'm afraid it didn't. Your pathetic attack failed short of its target, so this duel is still on.

Season Five (Dawn of the Duel)Edit

[After the Yugi won the duel against the computer in Kaiba Dome]
Joey: So Yugi, about that Underdog card... you said it reminds you of someone right?...
Yami: [Surprised] I did? Oh Yes, Um... [To Yugi] A little help here? [Winks and switches with a blushing Yugi]
Yugi: Huh? ...Oh yea well that's really mature, Pharaoh! [Still blushing; looks at Joey] Er...
Joey: [Playfully locks Yugi's head in his arms] So, Yuge, everyone else over there seems to think that I remind ya of this Underdog.
Yugi: They do huh? Well, let me think of the best way to put this Joey: that card makes me of you because even when the odds are against you, you always pull through.
Tristan: I can see it on your business cards right now: Joey Wheeler, Executive Underdog.
Joey: [Angered] Hey! Watch it!

Yami Bakura: I am a thief and a stealer of souls...

Yami Bakura: You cannot defeat me, for I am the shadows, and the shadows never die!

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie (Pyramid of Light)Edit

Joey: Kicks to the face don't work.
Tristan: Neither do kicks to the head.

Tea: Hmm... wonder what all the commotion's about?
Joey: Dunno, but I haven't seen this many people running from school since they served meatloaf surprise last year.

Joey: If you wanna get to the king of games, you got to get past the... uh... the, uh, Godfather of games, capice?

[Yugi runs from the mummies]
Joey and Tristan: [In unison] Yugi!?
Yugi: [Runs past them] Talk later! Run now!
Joey: What's with him? [He and Tristan see the mummies run towards them]
Tristan: Zoinks!

Tea: Yugi?
Yugi: [Opens eyes after his vision] Tea... would you read me the story about the bunny?
Tea: ...I'm going to pretend that was the concussion talking and forget about it.

Anubis: Shadows take life, creatures be born! Now let's see how well you play this game!
Anubis: [After he is revived as a monster] It is no longer time to duel. Now it is time to die!

Kaiba: [To Pegasus after their duel] That's all, folks.

Pegasus: [after Anubis was defeated] No one could return after suffering a defeat as thoroughly devastating as that--well, no one but Kaiba, that is--I'm sorry, did I say that aloud?

(Yugi and Tea finds Solomon in the museum)
Yugi: Hey! It's my grandpa! What are you doing here?
Solomon: Oh, it looks like great minds think alike.
Yugi: So, you've came to see that pyramid too?
Solomon: Yup.
Tea: This says it's called the Pyramid of Light.
Solomon: In all my years of Egyptology, I've never come across this relic before. But it says here it belong to an evil sorcerer who tried to bring about the end of the world.
Yugi: Well I guessed it's pretty to say his plan didn't work, right?
Solomon: Legend say a brave pharaoh destroyed him using the mystical Dagger of Fate.
(Yugi looks at his Millennium Puzzle)
Solomon: The same pharaoh who many believed possessed your Millennium Puzzle. Come, I'll show you.
(They went back to see the sarcophagus)
Solomon: See, there's the knife.
Tea: (disgusted) Can we leave?
Yugi: (looking at the inscription) What's it say here on his sarcophagus.
Solomon: Let's see, it's some sort of prophecy. "The eye that see what's yet to come, its vision shall be fulfilled, unless blinded by events predetermined, thus light and shadows both be killed".

Pegasus: You see, Kaiba thinks he got that card from me. When in fact, this has all been arranged by an evil lord who tried to take over the world five millennia ago and it's now back to finish the job. I looked it up, now this Anubis has created the Ultimate Shadow Game and he's getting stronger at the moment.
Solomon: Then the prophecy is being fulfilled.

(Anubis is draining the life force of the Pharaoh)
Anubis: (laughs) Foolish mortals, there is nothing you can do to stop my rebirth. I have infiltrated the realm of the Pharaoh and his life force now feeds mine.
Yugi: We won't stand here while you sucked the life out of others to save yourself. We're going to take you down, Anubis!
Joey: I'd stay in that casket if I were you.
(Mummies begin to rise from the dead)
Yugi: What do you want anyway?
(Anubis shows them the terrible future that is going to happen)
Anubis: Behold the future, since you won't live to see it for yourself. Soon my beasts of destruction shall annihilate all traces of life on Earth and I will finally complete that which I started millennia ago. It was by your very hand that this devastation will occur, mortal. For when you released the Pharaoh, you released me as well.
(Anubis grabs Kaiba by the head)
Pharaoh: Kaiba! No!
Anubis: You have served me well, little worm! But you have outlived your usefulness!
(He throws Kaiba to the side)
Pharaoh: Kaiba!
(The Pharaoh watches as Anubis is finally reborn)
Pharaoh: So, it's been you behind this whole duel, manipulated Kaiba all along! The Egyptian Lord of the Dead, Anubis!
Anubis: I am pleased that you remembered me after all these years, my Pharaoh. It will be my ultimate vengeance, all the sweeter. You will fall and my reign of destruction shall begin!
Pharaoh: We'll see.
Anubis: The souls of your mortal friends have already fallen! Trapped within your Puzzle!
Pharaoh: My friends.
Anubis: Lost in a labyrinth of the dead!
Pharaoh: You're wrong, I can still sense their presence. And I will fight to defend them! No matter what happens, I won't not let your evil plan come to past, Anubis!
Anubis: All I need to do is defeat you in this duel and the prophecy will be fulfilled! You will be destroyed! The magic of the Shadow Games that you locked away centuries ago, will once again be unleashed into the world and I shall finally take my rightful place as the pharaoh of this realm! With the Pyramid of Light at my command, there is nothing you can do to stop me! The Ultimate Shadow Game is just beginning!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule MonstersEdit

Tristan: [Talking to himself] Who's the man? I'm the man! I can't hear you! I'm the man!

Grandpa: Well, as those kids would say, time to kick it old school.

Village Girl: Divine One, please hear me.
Joey: I hear ya, but please, call me Joey.

Joey: You gotta be out of your turban, bro!

Yami: Sorry, slight miscalculation on my part.

[Alexander the Great tries to kill Yugi]
Tea, Tristan, Joey and Soloman: YUGI!
[Their monsters suddenly merged with Yugi's Duel Armor into the Armor of Unity]

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